Zeineb Badawi

Zeineb Badawi is a cultural marxist BBC cunt.

Am ill at the moment so couldn’t sleep last night and stupidly put on hardtalk on BBC news.Badawi was interviewing a mixed race south African comedian Trevor Nah who is. Pretty liberal. Anyway she sneeringly asked him if he regretted telling racist jokes about himself. When he dismissively said no I am a comedian and that is self deprecation which is part of my act

Badawi kept quoting Lenny Henry saying he regretted telling un pc jokes and asked Trevor Noah why he didn’t agree with Henry before saying I wouldn’t ever say racist comments about myself to which Noah said yeah well you aren’t a comedian. Did this stupid bitch think she could pull the race card on a black guy and succeed? Fair play for the guy for not walking out.

I mean surely the fact she assumes that all black people should automatically agree with her and Lenny Henry is a sign of racism on her part. Badawi is a cunt and the license fee is a joke.

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

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  1. I saw that too Shaun.Fucking typical shit-stirring BBC cunt of a woman.And Lenny Henry a comedian?….I think not.And what,for fuck sake,is an African American?One is either African or American……..Baaaaaaaaaaaaah

  2. Zeineb Badawi is the result of employment quota’s a result of the barely hidden agenda that drives the BBC. She is hardly going to deviate from script. We really do need a concerted effort to remove the license fee and let the BBC sink or swim under its own commercial viability,

    • Lenny Henry built his entire career on black racial stereotyping. He now ‘regrets’ it because he no longer needs to and beside it would get in the way of his virtue signaling.

  3. I recall this Badawi person had an affair with a certain infamous ladies toilet-peeping ex- Manchester United Chairman… People in Mcr still joke about it now…

    And on the subject of leftie snowflake fuckfaces, the mong we love to hate is at it again… The Istanbul attacker has been referred to in some news coverage as a ‘migrant’… This has upset and offended (What? Again?!!) Lily Mong Features… The dear lickle spazmotron is saying that the police don’t know his nationality or name, so it’s ‘offensive’ and ‘racist’ to call the murdering sack of shit a ‘migrant’… Well, he isn’t going to be a Canadian tourist or a Dutchman, is he?… And when it is proved that the killer is a muzzie ‘migrant/refugee/vulnerable child’ will the mong hold her hands up? Will she fuck….

    Surprise… IS claims Istanbul attack… Anything to say now, Lily? Just shut the fuck bush up for good. you snowflake mong…

      • The fact that Lily Mong is more ‘outraged’ by a killer being called a ‘migrant’ than the mass murder of his innocent victims on New Year’s Eve shows precisely where she is at… Muzzies (including rapists, murderers and thieves) = good guys.. White people and anyone else = bad guys… It’s her who is the racist, the cross eyed spaz…

        • Hopefully she has pissed enough people off that they dont buy her ‘produced by others’ record. Her new demographic will not piss on her either and would probably stone her to death if they heard the ‘sexually perverse’ lyrics she sings.

      • Lily Spazmo’s ‘music’ is a steaming pile of shite anyway… Painfully forced, contrived, and trying to be smart ‘songwriting’ (rhyming Tesco with Alfresco being just one cringeworthy example)… And the ‘singing’? She sounds like some mong brought onto ‘That’s Life’ (Esther, you Savile sheltering cunt!) to sing someone else’s greatest hits like some handicapped performing seal…. Utter fucking tripe…

    • That cunt would make excuses if a “peaceful” type killed her old man. Now, there’s a thought !
      Cunts like her just don’t want to hear the truth. Anybody who points out the obvious is a racist etc. Same old shit from same old cunts.

      • That’s the whole purpose of Political Correctness, to ensure the truth is unspoken.
        And Lily and her old man are arsewipes of the highest order.

        • Lily Mong be begging God with hands folded “please let the killer be a white male, please let the killer be a white male” Samuel “Stupid untalented Cunt” Jackson all over again

          • I cannot stand Samuel l Jackson.
            The same in every filum and always right in every filum.
            He likes to act the big man, basically copying his role from Pulp fiction.
            Earlier in his career he played weedy, creepy characters, but since PF he thinks he is now the coolest bad ass on the planet.
            The worst thing for me is that its doss white cunts that encourage it.
            Just another fake cunt I’d love to have a square go with.

          • He had his moments early on but your 100% right mate. Every character he played since was basically modeled after Jules from Pulp Ficton. He got type casted but he accepts the cash for these shite films doesn’t he?!

            Yep basically in every shit film too, him and that buggering bastard, Morgan Freeman I can’t fucking stand him. Everytime I hear his voice I whince and cringe

          • This is actually a response to Titslapper but unable to respond to his comment.

            Morgan Freeman is actually my favourite actor……… there, I said it.

          • Lenny Long-Legg III@
            Okie Dokie artichokie you can have anyone you want as a favorite actor but I personally think he is a annoying shallow cunt of a actor

          • Sidney Poitier leaves Samuel . L . Jackson standing as an actor…

            And I agree that Jackson tries to do the ‘badass’ in almost every role… Great when the Emperor fried the cunt in Revenge Of The Sith… Always acts the ‘troubleman dude’ but ends up looking like a piss-poor Shaft…

      • I did for a while but they gave up after I told them to fuck off, even if they had carried on, I’m not being forced to pay for a state owned propaganda machine.

    • My ex mother in law (may she be blessed with osteoporosis,the cunt) gave me and the ex-husband a pair of Lenny Henry tickets as a present years ago. The cunt bounded on stage and his opening gambit was.”hey! White people! Pretend to be black tonight and have more fun!” Eh? A lot of people just got up and left which seemed to piss him off a bit. What a thick cunt.

      • Saw a similar Lenny Henry show and he made a similar entrance! He continued with the same shite for 20 mins or so before people stared to heckle and throw crisps. We left before the scene got really ugly. He really is a stupid cunt!

        • Well the cunt obviously didn’t learn from experience then. Now I think of it,didn’t he have a character dressed in leopardskin whose sole comic value was shouting “Katanga!” and making ape noises? As he is always reminding us he is from Dud-loy so how very disrespectful to Africans!

  4. I would like to cunt that toneless warbling slag Mariah Carey,not only is she a long term cunt that cant sing,she has now been caught out miming badly to one of her songs due to a technical fault failing to make her sound good [well better, she never was good] the stupid fuckwit is now claiming its sabotage that has made her look like the treble cunt she is,she dosnt acknowlage that she is a talentless, tuneless, horrible,nasty,plastic twat……diva twat needs a good hard kick in the snatch followed by a course of talent pills……this slapper annoys almost as much as lilly the musical mong

    • I’ll give her a good hard dick in the snatch.

      I hate everything about her, but always get horny thoughts when I see her.

      • Carey does have a pair on her… But she made me sick at the Live 8 farce…. Other acts have bottles of water on the stage or drinks on the piano or whatever… But Carey made a show of ‘asking’ for a drink while on stage, and some ‘servant’ came on with her hands full of useless stuff that wasn’t needed, and Carey took a tiny sip out of a straw amongst all the crap the ‘servant’ was obviously told to bring onstage at the right time… It was supposed to be a show about abolishing poverty (yeah, course it was!) and this daft flash bitch is saying ‘Look at me and my slaves! They do anything I say! No matter how degrading or ridiculous it is!’

        Proper cunt…

        • That’s the irony, Lenny Long-Legg lll.
          She thinks she’s a sophisticated, classy diva, but all i see is a filthy looking dirty slag.
          I hate what she does to me. Usually if i hate a tart, i don’t fancy it, but as you say , dirty slag.

          • I can already see Hilarys reaction

            Kilary Cunton “Russians hacked Mariah Careys concert see I told you the russians did it and Who cares if I hacked the DNC and ruined bernie What difference does it make?”

  5. If anybody is on right now, have a geez at lily Allen’s Twitter.
    Theres someone called “party politics” having a go and bringing them to touch. Basically telling the truth.
    Some little cunts are trying to defeat her with their ignorance, but she’s carrying on.

    I don’t have twitter so i cant back her up.

    • I had a look and had to leave after she suggested white males should be restricted in their movements

      • I know nothing about social media, but if i get a Twitter account, can i abuse the lily Allen on a daily basis ?
        If it’s that easy, I’m signing up.

        • I wouldn’t,after you’ve had a few “haters gonna hate” and “bully”,she’ll probably get the police on you.

          Hopefully one of her refugee children’ll suffer a sexual emergency,and abuse the bitch into a coma. Either that or she ODs.

          • Hang on, aren’t you just supposed to turn up at her gaff in person?

            Worked for the last bloke, and she forgave him.

            O’course, call her a cunt via TwatBook and the Blues & Twos will be at your door quicker than you can say “triggered”!

            Her idiocy knows no bounds. “Don’t you corrl ‘im a my-gwaaant!!!!”

            Ok, how about opportunist, murdering coward, cunt? Just stating a fact Lily, you can’t argue against facts, you cunt!

        • You’ll probably get banned for having the wrong opinion in the same way Azalea Banks and Milo Yiannopoulos were both banned.

      • Yeah, cos it only us whiteys that are causing trouble, blowing people up, driving lorries into packed areas, machine gunning party goers etc isn’t it.
        It’s early days but she must be well ahead in the “Cunt Of The Year” stakes.

    • It was Patty politics, and she doesn’t need backing up, she nailed it, alongside Rita Panahi ‏who got blocked by lily and treated it with suitable disdain

  6. Any fucker who cites Lenny fucking Henrys’ deluded drivel as validation for their point of view must be a fucking idiot.

    “Lenny Henry saying he regretted telling unPC jokes”… well.Lenny, I never found your jokes,PC or unPC, funny either way. The only funny thing you ever did was marry that wobbling bag of lard,Dawn French,who I rather hoped would reverse the old cannibal and cooking pot sketch and fucking eat you.

    Zeineb Badawi can kiss my fat,white honky arse.

    • That French woman has always had a gargantuan ass. I was watching the young ones the other day and she was on that, early 80s and she had an arse the size of a shed then. Imagine ploughing into her crusty snatch, I bet it’s fucking stinks like a jinglies arm pit, LH was a lucky guy hammering into her, once he had removed the old chicken carcasses and sausage roll wrappers from her gunt rolls.Carey however has a fine rack and it looks like her clacker is in good order which probably smells like rose petals.

      • Wise words, Mr Cockslammer, I wouldn’t much fancy French squatting over my face,but Carey looks like she could be a squirter.

        • I have no experience when it comes to going down on Dawn French and parting her flaps.

          But I have pulled apart a grilled cheese sandwich….

          • That’s some fucking image you’ve described.
            I’ll give you full marks, but that should have come with a warning.

            I (used to) love grilled cheese sandwiches.

          • Yeah but yours won’t have an ham or tomato sauce inside!

            Lenny Henry was alright on Tiswas, well, he was OOOOOOOO-KAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!


            Fuck me I can hear the sirens now! That was quick!

  7. Years ago, my mate had a video Lenny Henry Live and Unleashed.
    It got not one laugh from me, even though i was a kid at the time.
    Apart from it being shite, my only other memory is that he kept making a noise, aaaiiieey aaaiiieey, something like that, after every non joke.

    The cunts been on the telly my whole life, and not once has he made me laugh.

  8. Lenny Henry has never been a fucking comedian. Fucking idiot, yes, comedian, NO. He’s now considered a national treasure. We should bury the unfunny cunt then.

  9. I was watching a segment on al Jazeera about Muslims being abused in Myanmar. They where sitting in lines, and one took a couple of slaps to the head and a couple of light side foot kicks to the body.
    Imo, that’s not abuse, that’s keeping untrustworthy cunts in line.
    This made international news and they are asking for help.
    And it got me thinking.
    How can any Muslim ask a non Muslim for help anywhere, when their whole life is devoted to Allah and everything that comes their way is down to Allah.
    We are the infidels, but also their savoir ?
    Fuck off.

  10. How come the 21st century has passed these cunts by. The human brain is supposed to be quite sophisticated. So why do masses of ignorant smelly cunts still believe in fucking fairies. My old man was posted out there when he did his national service. He said they were filthy cunts. One hand for eating and the other for arse wiping. No fucking water comes into play at any time either. Dirty cunts.

  11. I dunno cunters…… but I think Donald Trump is a wizzard he is slowing making animation become real life I mean, explain this to me How did Race Bannon from johnny quest transform into Mike Pence? scary stuff we could all be animated into existence don’t know how I feel about that… https://i.redd.it/sljs33br0hcx.jpg

  12. It was nice to see the inhabitants of Virginia Water breaking into a sweat after it was announced that one of the new ‘garden villages’ is to be built close to their homes. Brexit and closed borders will suddenly become more attractive!

  13. CUNTS, CUNTS, CUNTS and I am going to cunt myself for watching the fucking BBC. Just seen an advert for a programme called Common Sense ( of which the cuntish BBC is totally devoid of). The snippet I saw was 3 old biddies chatting about Trump building a wall, 2 men talking about Brexit and 2 queer Asians and at that point I just wanted to kick the fuck out of the telly. Fucking BBC, the sooner the licence fee is stopped the better and the cunts will have to stand up for themselves.I wouldn’t fucking miss the cunts and their lefty we hate the white working class views.

    • Agree ballsac. Shocking TV. Time to start the licence fee revolution and stop funding this liberal lefty snowflake agenda.

    • Let’s hope they do lose the licence tax. The thought of all those lefty cunts out of a job will cheer me up no end.
      Why in this day and age should we have to pay for something we don’t necessarily use or want instead of having a choice.
      There is no attempt at balance and surely that must be against their charter. Whoever the Culture Secretary is should be pestered until something is done.

      • To answer my own question take a look at paragraphs 5,6 and 7 of the BBC charter.
        (Google it as not clever enough to paste a link).
        What those paragraphs describe is not what I see broadcast.

  14. Not that anyone in the UK probably cares, but Trevor Noah is a cunt as well. He took over The Daily Show when unfunny lefty liberal apologist Jon Stewart decided to step down. Noah has neither the wit nor insight to pull off hosting The Daily Show. Speaking of which, Jon Stewart is a massive cunt as well. Took me a while to figure him out because he seemed to take the piss out of the right as well as the left. Slowly but surely his true colours became all too obvious as did the slant of Comedy Central as a whole. A lefty liberal mouthpiece for the Demoncratic Party.

    Speaking of comedy, I was annoyed to read that Jerry Seinfeld has described our man Trump as “God’s gift to comedy”. I really love the Seinfeld show and have seen JS live a few times too. I can only assume he really means he’s happy to have someone in charge who can provide some material because the last 88 years have been so fucking awful that it just wasn’t funny. Bye bye Obama – you massive cunt.

      • I don’t think we’ll ever see the back of Obama.
        He’ll always be there like Gandhi, Luther King and Mandela.

        Also, the smart money’s on Michael Obama running for President. Not saying (s)he’ll win, but (s)he’ll be there.
        And then when the kids grow up, I’m sure they’ll never be out of the news.
        Hopefully for getting caught up in a drive by.

      • A full on ‘wolf man’ wife if ever there was one.

        And I meant 8 years, not 88 years. I guess my 8 key got a bit excited. I do tend to use hammer blows on my keyboard whenever I type anything related to that bastard Obama.

        Birdman is right too. The fuckface family will be living in DC after Trump kicks them out of the White House. The Clintons are toast so the Demoncrats have no one to run to to slander, defame, criticise and generally undermine Trump at every twist and turn. That’s where chief cunt fuckface Obama comes in. Mark my words, he’ll never be off the TV mouthing off about how DJT is screwing up and how he was the better President. I am assuming that DJT is playing nice while he waits to take office and after he does, he’ll be calling out chief fuckface and the wolfman wife whenever he feels like it. Seems he likes a bit of Twitter action.

  15. Er, I saw the news. There’s a tragic story in there about two girls, one killed and one severely injured, in Oldham, in a hit and run incident.

    According to our “friends” (at the ABBC) police are interviewing 5 men in relation to the incident.

    Two things I picked up on: this was the same story as it was at 10am this morning. Firstly we have “5 men” being held, all day and our “friends” are reticent to be any more specific. I wonder why…I’m just guessing o’course.

    Secondly the picture being used is a composite one of the girl who was killed (I’m assuming on the left) and her injured friend (again I’m assuming on the right).

    Now these girls are 12. I know it’s a tragic moment for their families but who the fuck picks a picture like that for public consumption of their “12yr old” dead/injured relative? I’m talking about the image on the left of the composite.

    If you haven’t seen it – and I don’t mean to judge – well you could stick 5yrs on that age and you’d belive it.

    Inappropriate doesn’t even come close! That said, I do feel for the families in question, especially at this time of year.

    • Both the children have died now. And yes the girl does look a lot older than 12. I thought 17,18 to be honest.

    • Well just seen the revised update at 10pm. They have 4 blokes now and the vehicle in question was a people carrier.

      So I’ve got evens on either a pissed gaggle of eastern-blockers, or a group of “peaceful” cunts.

      It usually takes a lot longer when interpreters are required…again, just an assumption…whether they need them or not!

    • I had the same thoughts when I saw the picture, felt bad for thinking it but you can’t help forming an opinion on the picture used. Secondly I didn’t see them as looking very Czech but maybe they are. As you say awful for the family, the kids involved deserved to be able to get to the shop and back without some total nobend ending their lives.

    • BBC have now changed it to read “apparent hit-and-run in Oldham on New Year’s Eve that killed her cousin.”

      adding in “apparent ”

      Now if someone runs over someone and drives off, their is nothing “apparent” about it.

      Give it a few days and it will be Nigel Farage driving the Brexit bus mowing down migrants

      BBC cunts

      • If they have added in “apparent” isn’t that more indicative of them getting a sniff that it wasn’t an accident?

        Given the ABBC’s reticence to give any more details than that (when they usually shit themselves to name, address and inside leg measurement any indigenous individual not of the “peaceful” persuasion) one can only assume that it’s in order to give themselves a little more time to get the nouning phrasiology correct for when it does come out.

        You know, from the same team that brought us such naming classics as “Norwegian”, “French National” and “Children”.

  16. Yes, saw this as well.
    Far be it from me to suggest that the 5 men are “Norwegians” either imported or local kiddy fiddling gang members but I wouldn’t even bet 1p against it.
    Let’s wait and see and also how the ABBC report it.

    • Google the Journalists not in the public interest test. This gives guidance from the top on how and what type of story to print/publish. It’s generally directed from the head journo of the particular agency reporting the incident. Once you have read the guidance you will see why ABBC decides not to report this type or any type of incident. It was introduced a few years back to ” protect society” or as many of us can see, to socially engineer society to accept shit that simply is abhorrent and should receive punishment..

      • The Muslims in germany set fire to a historic church, the Reinoldkirch. previously 2 weeks ago German patriots entered the church and unfurled a banner saying “Stop Islamisation” from its tower. That attracted lots of hostile media coverage. But, strangely, a Muslim mob setting fire to the historic church has attracted much less media coverage.
        One would imagine its racist to report the news this is why I don’t trust the media they are a bunch of lying rat cunts Insofar as the German media has covered this incident at all, it has tended to diminish it. Muslims attacking police? Boisterous New Year spirits. Muslims setting fire to a irreplaceable church? Fireworks gone astray. Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar!”? No doubt happy Syrians celebrating the ceasefire in their country. You get the idea. Lying Media Cunts

  17. Whoever murdered them young girls, be they Brit or foreign, they are cunts.
    They are cowardly cunts at that.

  18. The only laugh I have at Henry, is the irony that he advertises Premier Inns when he was caught cheating on his wife in one. Cunt!!!

  19. Just thinking about Zeineb Badawi up there. Didn’t Harry Hill used to introduce himself “Hello, I’m Zeineb Badawi!” in one of his comedy segments in his TV Burp series?

    Fucking racist, thick, Brexit voting, cunt!

    No ABBC work for you now Harry!

  20. Fuck me, why did I look at the BBC website?

    “Where are the black dolls in High Street stores?”

    I had a black doll as a kid it was called a golllywog and some cunt banned them. Maybe the shops ain’t full of black bolls because there isn’t a demand for them? Maybe the fact that even after mass immigration that black people are still a relatively small minority of the population there just isn’t a big call for them.

    Maybe the BBC will crowd fund IS Barbie, that’s bound to be a winner.

    Barbie suicide belt
    Barbie HGV Truck


  21. I once woke up at 7pm in a mild panic stupor after hearing the nightmarish ‘And now, the news with Zeinab Badawi, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and George Alagiah’. The immense relief of looking out the window to see Paddy the Drunk pissing on the neighbour’s paddling pool confirmed that I wasn’t actually sitting in a shithole in Karachi waiting for my bollocks to be chopped off by ISIS.

  22. Gary Barlow is due for a (another) Cunting.

    I can not stand this cunt. He cannot sing, he smarmy head is now on the Beeb boasting of his new show.

    Finding a kid that can look and sing like him when young, to play himself, in a forthcoming stage show of, Take That.

    I don’t know what smells of Peado in the making any more than this. Cunt scares me and I am well older than him.

    There is no doubt Take That is what the cunt will be saying to the kid in the dressing room once he has groomed him onstage.

    Any parent subjecting their child to this cunt should be put up for child abuse.

  23. What’s happening with IAC now? Has there been anyone appointed to the helm?

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