Still Open All Hours

STILL OPEN ALL HOURS is complete load of fucking shit, it’s Last of the Summer Wine reincarnated – I want to rip my fuckin eyes out and fill my eye sockets with shit. All I can think is old cunt David Jason has a arrangements with a big Wig at the BBC to give him a programme to keep his pension topped up… It’s utter SHIT!!!!!!!

Nominated by Harry Balls

18 thoughts on “Still Open All Hours

  1. Agree totally,another bland as cold rice pudding cosey conedy by the bloated peedo protecting corporation,never seen the fascination with Johnny Vegas neither,he gets pissed and shouts randoms on panel shows and thats his act basically,these kinda genteeele comedies just make me want to eat my own fist,beyond blandness…….

  2. Well,what utter utter “comedy” shit abounds on today”s tv.Since having been struck down with the dreaded MS,I sometimes happen along the likes of Ross Noble,Bishop,Brydon,Carr.Gervais,Brigstocke,Manford,e.t.c…………What a load of unfunny cunts…….Now where”s my Bernard Manning tape?……….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  3. I never thought much of the original except for Barker who rarely put a foot wrong, and this is much fucking worse, a pathetic ripoff attempt that’s about as funny as a vomit sandwich.
    Jason was good in Fools and horses.That’s it ,his career has been propped up by weak police shit and now this wank. He is an average actor, no more but they’ll squeeze the last drop of crap out of him because they have fuck all else.

    • The first three series with Granddad were the height of Only Fools… Last really great one was when the brothers and Albert went to Amsterdam by boat… Then John Sullivan (either pressured by ‘feminists’, a nagging partner, or the BBC themselves) decided he wanted to put ‘wiimmin’ into it and change/ruin a winning formula by ‘writing wimmin characters’… Hence the irritating squeaky daddy’s girl Cassandra, and the absolutely terrible man hating nagbag, Raquel… And we won’t even start on that little cunt, Damien…. The later stuff (a Del mafia double in Miami, Batman & Robin, that Muzzie cunt shouting ‘Gary’ all the time) was absurd and the three men against the world (and the law) story was ruined….

      Barker is why the original Open All Hours is still OK In parts… But Porridge pisses all over it… And that Scouse cunt, John Bishop, is to remake/ruin that…

          • Funny to think about the sitcom milfs of yesteryear. I always had a thing for Wendy Richard in Are you Being Served.

          • I never believed Mrs Slocombe’s pussy was always getting wet.
            When they hit sixty their cunts dry up….

          • I used to like Connie Booth in Fawlty Towers… Especially the episode with the tight top and no bra, which makes Basil answer the phone saying ‘Hello, Fawlty Titties…’

  4. I would rather eat my shit and then beg for another bowl than watch this bland, unfunny pile of cat puke.

  5. Don’t tell me, it will no doubt have had the prerequisite ABBC PC lick of paint applied?

  6. David Jason is in danger of becoming another “national treasure”,where people are afraid to point out to him that he’s past it,and just living on the past glories of a few funny episodes of Only Fools.

    Old fool would do better to retire while people still have a modicum of respect for him.

  7. Only Horses should’ve been canned in late 80’s. Ran out of material and the introduction of Raquel was a cry for help. David Jason was excellent for a time, but, don’t forget the writing and support charchetrisation; trigger, Denzel, Boycie, Slatter et al. His son (Damien) should’ve been thrown out the window for being a spoilt little cunt. I gave up after Batman and Robin bullshit.

  8. I watched about 5 minutes of Still open all hours and had an inkling it would be a pile of pants, I wasn’t far wrong, it was much worse. I don’t find sitcoms or comedians/commediennes these days remotely funny. Spike Milligan will always be my favourite and Q was fucking bonkers funny. Then the likes of Dads Army, I refuse to watch the recent film as I don’t like the cunts in it.

    • Did anyone else think it was a bit strange that the BBC commissioned those remakes of some old British comedies back in the summer?.I saw several of them and they ranged from mediocre to excruciating. The Are You Being Served was by far the worst. Who is this aimed at? I wondered. Then it dawned on’s for outdated racist lowbrow cunts like me!.The referendum had just happened and those cunts at the BBC were thinking “better throw a few crumbs to these cunts to show how inclusive we can be”.Pile of patronising old cunt.

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