Mums with pushchairs

I’d like to cunt those people who think it’s a excellent idea to go to a heavily populated area with their slobbering brats in 2-way or sometimes 3-way pushchairs, ( or even just the one pushchair).

And why they think we should get out of their way immediately,as obviously they are far superior and should have right of way through a crowd, so their precocious snot-laden offspring can be transported to, ideally, a small cafe where any small amount of room can be taken up by said fucking pushchair.

I went to Lincoln market today, and the above was fucking evident. It was absolutely fucking heaving, with literally every square inch being populated, so you’d think that there might be common-sense used, re taking fucking little Johnnie and Michelle and instead being left at home with the grandparents, or whoever……but oh no, let’s take the little fuckers to the market in the biggest pushchair possibly and then look indignant when the crowd fails to scatter out the way.

Cunts. I’d like to take your pushchair and whining brats and throw them in the fucking river.

Nominated by: Mr Sausage

60 thoughts on “Mums with pushchairs

  1. I don’t know why they don’t go the whole hog and stick razor sharp blades on the prams’ wheels a la Boedicea – what’s one more poor limbless fucker at the cost of facilitating them and their sprogs’ free passage? The entitled little brats are the cuntish , mobile-phone using , drive through regardless fuck-drivers of the future.

  2. Women with prams have tunnel vision, they think there’s only one thing that matters and that’s their kid, and they’ve done the whole world a fucking favour by having it. Of course everyone has to get out of their way, that’s the way it should be.
    Selfish deluded cunts.

  3. I’d like to add to that cunt parents who bring their equally cunt kids to restaurants in the belief that once they have crossed the threshold of the said establishment they seem to think their parental duties have been abrogated and as such proceed to sit at the table without giving two fucks while their germ spreading little cunt offspring tear around the place annoying the fuck out of everyone else and spoiling their meals. It would be a fucking different story tho if one of the little cretins ran into one of the staff with a tray of hot food in hand and dropped it all over the little shit. Oh no there would be fucking uproar. You should be more fucking careful when there are kids around they would bemoan. And then the bollockless manager would grovel and apologise to the cunts then go and take it out on the poor cunt staff member. Me, I’d tell them and their retards to go and fuck off at the first sign of any chavvy behaviour. Inconsiderate low life fucks.

    • Very true Kendo,Bring back the chimney sweep days or open the pits up for them,get the fuckers working early,It gives them a bit of backbone in life,Some fucking parents let the cunts run a mock all over the place ,Does my fucking head in.

    • Hear hear. It’s just the blatant inconsideration of these bastards. Fact is, if I went to a McDonalds for my evening meal, I would have no grounds to complain about the multitude of kids or the fucking noise they create or the germs they spread. Hence, I don’t go to McDonalds or anyplace where I’m likely to encounter bastard kids. I don’t like kids. I don’t like being anywhere near them, seeing them, hearing them, nothing. If, after a long hard day at work earning enough to pay my taxes to subsidise someone else’s fucking brat, I go to a nice, decent restaurant mid to late evening – I think I’ve got a reasonable expectation of not being subjected to other people’s fucking kids. Oh no! 8 or 9 o’clock at night, there they are in those stupid fucking wooden/plastic restaurant supplied high chairs, squawking at the tops of their bastard voices, ruining the ambience and dining experience for everyone else. Two things happen. (1) The rest of us are just expected to tolerate it and go “ahhhhh…but it’s a baby” and (2) if you say anything then you’re immediately cast as the bastard villain. WTF?

      That shitty kid should have been in bed hours ago and you, dear parents, have no business being in that kind of establishment with babies/very small children. If you want to eat ‘up market’ then fine. Ever heard of take away? Oh no! Let’s just inflict our bastard kids on everyone else just because we can. You people are scum.

      • A free and easy retaliation tactic IY is to start swearing at full volume. Then, when one of little Mercedes parents come over (usually the drippy father) and say “Keep it down mate, there are children in here”, respond with “I will when your bastard does”. Then witness the internal conflict on the cunts’ face, as he wrestles with the idea of actually having to parent the screaming, snotty, little turd, versus having his teeth kicked in because of the screaming, snotty, little turd.

      • Totally true yank. I don’t like kids…the last one gave me indigestion. The main problem with today’s little spoilt bastards is that their parents are just as bigger cunts as their vile mucus-spraying offspring. Nobody wants to see or hear the results of their sofa-fuck.

        Kids are to be expected in places such as MacDildo, which is why I stay away from them…but when it’s a decent looking pub and myself and Mrs TV are out for an evening, trying to have a relaxing drink and a meal, and there’s fucking cunt wailing bastard kids and their cunt space-prancer hipster parents laughing at their little fucks running amok and causing chaos, the little snotgrubbers should be shoved outside in the snow and their selfish entitled Audifuck parents should be twatted with a fucking rolling pin for being cuntish and then chained up in the fucking cellar overnight. What in the hell happened to common courtesy? Manners and courtesy are fine qualities, but sadly lacking in today’s run-down society.

        If it’s way past their kids bedtime, they should fuck off and go home, not have a fucking mumsnet or finebeard pissing contest over who’s the best parent. What a crock of cunt.

  4. Slightly off topic,but I want to rant about those other menaces that you get in shops….Old Cunts.

    I went into a tesco yesterday to get something for my dinner. In front of me in the queue was a husband and wife team who looked older than the fucking pyramids. The dothery old bastards only had a handful of items, catfood,chicken portions and, for some bizarre reason, a large box of Nicorette chewing gum..What possessed the gummy old fuckers to imagine that giving up smoking at their age would help, I can’t imagineThey already looked like they’d been to the gates of heaven and the gates of hell,and been told to fuck off and not come back.

    First they decided that they wanted chicken breasts instead of thighs,so the till-lass rang for someone to swop them.Then the coffin-dodging duo scratched about in his pockets and Old Mother Shiptons handbag for 5 minutes looking for a carrier bag,having finally found one they started to pack their buys,even that took forever after Old Daddy Whizz had,apparently,put the chicken breasts under the catfood,when he should have put them on top.

    Finally the lass told them the total. Only then did the old biddy start looking for her purse, and scratching through it to find the right money. Unable to get it spot on,the old fella then had to scratch through his wallet looking for coppers,when the cunt had a fucking wad of notes anyhow.

    By this time I must admit,I’d just about lost it,and murmured,under my breath “For fucks Sake”,…whatever ravages time had inflicted on the crusty old pair,it obviously hadn’t affected their hearing. Their lugs went up like a labrador hearing a fridge door,and I had to put up with their “ill-mannered oaf” comments as I finally got served. Gave the old fuckers a toot as I drove out the carpark,and the old fella,to his credit, gave me the V-sign.

    • Worse still are cunts on mobility scooter blocking the aisles. Often fat fuckers, rather than old. Just as often eating fucking pies and smoking at the same time in the shopping precinct.

      • Here here!!
        We’ve got shit loads where I live, must have spent thousands of their dla on their pimped up scooters.
        Not one’s under 20 stone or over 60.
        Utter fucking cunts that won’t think twice about running you off the pavement.

    • Any cunt who has a driving license which shows their date of birth to be sometime during the Triassic period should not be driving, or at the very least, re-tested every other day.
      The type that have never had an accident yet have seen dozens.
      Those old fossils that believe a green light means slow down 100m before the lights, just in case it turns red.
      And worst of all, the cunts who start indicating because they’re turning right……in five miles.

    • These old cunts are a problem as they love telling the bank teller/supermarket cashier or whoever their age, what they had for breakfast and their latest medical problem.
      But, what about said cashiers telling them to fuck off as they are holding up others who have got lives to get on with ?
      So come on you banks and supermarkets get your staff trained to get the coffin dodgers moved on quickly.

  5. Thumbs up from me, Mr. S. The problem with stupid fucking think-as-pig-shit parents these days is (a) their attitude of entitlement and (b) their mistaken belief that the rest of us give a flying shit about their revolting offspring.

    It’s the same mentality with those cunts who put stupid ‘Baby On Board’ stickers in their cars. What are the rest of us supposed to do? Drive extra extra carefully because there’s a small infant in the proximity of our vehicle? Yeah, I was going to go around this roundabout on 2 wheels, but since I saw that sticker I’ll play it safe and refrain. Fuck right off. I don’t give a shit. I’m going to drive carefully and safely if there’s a bastard kid in your car or not, so fuck right off. If your sprog mobile flipped into the air and crashed down on its roof mashing all occupants including your bastard tax burden kid, as long as I can drive around the wreck and be on my way, I don’t care. It doesn’t affect me and I could not care less if there’s a baby on board or not. Not my problem.

    And what is up with those wanky family stickers some cunts put on the rear windscreen of their cars? You know the ones, white outline figure of mum, dad and however many bastard kids. What is the point of that? And don’t get me started on fucking parking spaces for ‘expectant moms’ (Yanks can’t spell as we know) right next to the shop entrance. Walk the 100 yards in the wind, rain, ice and snow like the rest of us you fat cow. Apparently it’s not enough to shovel my tax dollars into your back pocket just because you got banged up, you need preferential parking as well. Boils my piss.

    • Too fucking right, why should I slow down because some slag forgot to take the morning after pill ?

  6. Driver of the car that killed those 2 girls an Eastern European, he was driving without a licence. Are there any actual English people living in that area?

    • Sounds like it could be a Pikey ghetto.One of the girls had 7 siblings.Eastern European Roma go in for large families,especially when free housing,health-care,benefits etc. are dangled in front of them,it helps the begging and stealing money go further.

  7. Why was the 12 year old wearing full makeup? Lipstick, eyelashes , plucked eyebrows, the lot caught myself finding her very attractive. Tut tut.

    • Hmmm. I think the fact that she :
      a) was 12
      b) is now dead

      would probably make you want to have a think about your morality, Richard! 😐

  8. I see that the fucking protests have begun in Bradfordistan – preventing people in their cars, that had fuck all to do with it, go about their business. I’d drive through the fuckers.

    ‘Stop the Killings’ say the banners.

    How can a protest that states ‘Stop the Killings’ be justified when;

    1. One cunt with a gun is shot.
    2. By reading about the history of the twat, the cunt probably deserved it.
    3. His death has probably saved someone from getting killed by this cunt. It would have only been a matter of time. See countless Mark Duggan bollocks all over t’internet.

    Fuck that cunt who got shot dead. Give the cop who killed him a fucking promotion.

    Good job the cunt was a fucking asian. Otherwise the black lives matters fuckers would have had a fucking snowflake premature ejaculation.

    I see on the ABBC that those commenting have used the word ‘community’ a fucking load of times. Just fucking say it as it is you cunts. They’re Pakistanis.

    These cunts will no doubt make the dead wanker a fucking victim in all of this.

    Also, where the fuck does a 28 year old get the money to buy a new BMW M3?

    Fucked me right off that has.

    • I don’t envy the Americans much,but I do envy their police forces’ robust approach to uppity fuckers. I’d shoot on sight with fuckers like these,before they had a chance to commit even more crime.

      • We have a contradictory/two-tier system here though, Dick. Some wog holds up a grocery store, runs from the cops, is told repeatedly to surrender, draws a firearm and is then shot by an evil racist white cop, we get waves of protest by Black Lives Matter. Some wog kills a bunch of other wogs in a drug related drive by and Black Lives Matter seem to be washing its hair that day and can’t protest. The selective outrage is a wonder to behold.

    • We await the Lily mong response to this murder by fascist, racist police of a mum loving family man, father of two.

    • Fucking good that “Stop the Killings” suppose they mean all those poor fuckers in Turkey and so on …… Shit, no they just mean some cunty drug dealer got slotted. I really hate the “I can dodge Karma twats” nothing is their fault blah blah and more bollocks. Well you cunty fucks sometimes you get shit on big time and well tough. I blame video games and unlimited porn for this cancer in our midst. Though I would be sad if the porn was banned.

  9. A lot I’d kids in Spain stay in their buggies up until primary 2.
    They look like royalty, the lazy little cunts.

    • A lot of them stay in their mums beds until they are 30 the lazy sweaty little cunts

  10. sorry to bring him up again but SPIVEY has repeated his allegation that a father ‘invented’ the fact that his daughter had cancer with the sole intent to raise a lot of money for himself on ‘go fuckin fund me’ and he has. he’s raised £120,000. he’s also invited the father to sue him. he hasn’t but he has bought a lot of expensive photograph equipment for his photography business. call me soft in the head but could Spivey actually be on to something? i doubt he is but the father needs to respond to these allegations ( thats if he knows about them, after all its only some poxy website which most people have never heard of ) if Spivey is wrong about this,he’ll be up in court again.

    • I made the mistake of brushing my teeth while reading spivey just now, fucking pastefoam flew everywhere… Fuck!!

      Yeah I think he’s getting sicker with his delusions lol but its hard not to read his material as satire because its bloody hilarious “Ears appear to be manmade” shite like that. He’s claiming that Jessica Whelan didn’t die and was infact a conjob . I don’t know the whole story but heres his source

      • our cooperate filter wont let us view his site……must have tits on it or something.

  11. Andrew Simmons is a cunt.
    He was reporting live from the trial of the Israeli soldier who shot a knife wielding terrorist in the head……………eleven minutes after he was first shot.
    If anyone has seen the footage, the soldier is guilty of shooting the terrorist, but it was Simmons reaction to the verdict, he was reporting as it came through his earpiece. The smarmy cunt nearly jumped for joy until he remembered where he was.
    And all day he’s been having a go at the right wing politicians who have been supporting the soldier. Its a bit complicated, as the terrorist and his friend were trying to kill soldiers, and obviously tensions were high, so I can understand the soldiers actions but also realize that it was illegal.
    But its Simmons and Al Jazeera who are cunts for their coverage, especially interviewing the terrorists family over and over , listening to their view that the soldier should be murdered in jail. Even though their son was on a killing spree when he was “martyred” .
    How can the media sympathize with a dead terrorists family and let them wish the soldier dead , when not once did they have a go at the knife wielding cunts?

    • I think I am of the opinion that I only like (tolerate) “embedded journalists” the free lance ones get in the way, get on your tits and stab you in the back.
      They generally turn up after an event and if they are fortunate enough to arrive during an event have no qualms about filming your or your mates deaths for personal gain whilst expecting your protection and respect of their neutrality.
      As for Mr Polohead, yep I would have shot the cunt, (still would) why waste taxpayers money on incarceration, mind you I would have done it properly the first time, I think that’s where the problem comes from, not the fact he did it, but the time he took to do it.
      Who knows maybe he got fed up waiting for the bloke with the cork to turn up?

  12. i think the point probably is that we shouldnt be surprised by the evil things terrorists do but we should be entitled to expect the forces of law and order to behave better than the those low life scum but then i’ve never been in such a situation so i suppose thats easy for me to say.

  13. Guarantee if the poliss had shot a white scroat in Bradford it would have got 2 mins news time. End of.

    • The ABBC would have found out that he once dropped litter thus making him a scourge on society and consequently ripe for a shooting.

      • Just looked the axe wielding cunt up. For some reason the Daily Mail had to mention that the father of 1 was on his way to sign his job seekers allowance when he wielded the double headed axe, and was shot by the polis.

        WHAT THE FUCK ?

  14. I lived in the West Yorkshire area for quite a few years and was glad to leave.

    In Bradford or Leeds there were ALWAYS Audis and VW’s being driven by fucking lunatic Asian males. If you went out a dinnertime, you would see them (jobless I assume aside from the drug dealling, house braking and dangerous driving) driving like demented assholes.

    I thin the Audis were the worst but it put me off all those cars for life.

  15. I’d like to cunt Currys PC World

    I’ve waited in all day for a delivery and the cunts have not only not bothered to deliver what I’ve ordered (they’ve taken payment of course) but haven’t even bothered to phone me to update me on what the fuck is going on.


  16. Talking of PC’s, my laptop has been repairing a disk error for the last three hours. It says it should take over an hour.

    I know nothing about computers, is my laptop fucked ?

      • DVD player stopped taking instructions from the remote the other day, so I can only watch porn from the start , with no pausing , fast forward or rewind.
        The remote works, but any button pressed comes up as chapter 2 every time.

        And now my laptop is fucked.

        Thank fuck for my old Escort and Fiesta mags from about ten years ago.

        Or i could maybe try and root the missus.
        Nah, it’ll probably be Jacquie from Bradford age 42 who fantasises about getting her pussy licked by other women and getting both holes filled.

        • Those old video rentals you used to get in the 1980’s, when it went all fuzzy and wobbly over the naughty bits, because some fucker had it on pause for about 12 hours or so

  17. Just watching Spurs/Chelski. That Alan Smith commentating is a speech impedimented cunt. Does my cake in listening to the cunt (Gavveff Bavvy for fucks sake). Cunts should be given elocution lessons before they’re allowed to talk shite on telly. Same with red shite cunt Carragher (give it to Vaaaaaaaaaaaaardy). Wankpot.

    • Consider yourself fortunate, kendo. Over here we had that massive wank stain Arlo White commentating. When I say commentating, I actually mean just reading out a massive long list of irrelevant factoids which have nothing to do with the game being played in front of the cunt. I hate that cunt like poison. Co-commentating was Phil Neville. Jesus christ in a hatchback, what a fucking mong he is. That effeminate high pitched squeak he calls a voice is beyond irritating. I had to put it on mute after 10 minutes or I would have stabbed my telly. And who calls their son Arlo, FFS?

      Back in the studio we had Rebecca ‘googled eyed bint’ Lowe and Kyle Martino. Who is short, applies his hair to a bucket of hair gel (rather than the other way around), talks in cliches and knows fuck all about footie – being as he is a retired Mickey Mouse League of Shite (MLS) player. Thank fuck for Robbie Mustoe who is pretty good to be fair. NBC Sports can go fuck themselves.

  18. i’ve just seen the footage of the Israeli soldier killing that Palestinian. sorry that is simple murder, no doubt about it. there is no point in combating terrorists if you sink as low as them.

    • I said was he was guilty and what he done was illegal, my point was the reporter thought nothing of the fact that the victim was on a killing spree.

    • Maybe they’ll try to pull the old diminished responsibility card like that marine sergeant Alexander blackman who slotted that injured taliban cunt in violation of the Geneva convention.

  19. It’s that fucking look the cunts give you, when you DARE traverse the path of the entitlement-mobile that holds the precious cargo of greeny-nosed, shitted-nappy whiny little brats. The cunt’s eyes wide and aflame, clearly communicating to you that “you’re no better than a fucking paedo cunt murdering torturing molesting bastard if you get in the way of MY kids!” Now, if it were some skanky slapper with a greasy Croydon facelift in a stained pink coat, reeking of fags, chips and piss, pushing around a buggy that probably first saw service back when Sir Rolf Harris was getting youth awards for running the cartoon after school club, it somehow doesn’t annoy as much, you just resignedly walk to the side and keep your gob shut rather than get your toes crushed and a load of old mouth. You expect trouble. But when it’s Phillipa or Jemima trundling around the former contents of her womb in the latest Apple I-buggy with three or five wheels, then, fuck me, it’s worth cunting the bitch when she gives you THAT fucking look.


    Have a read of this and draw you own conclusions. It’s telling that when the victim is white the authorities need to decide if the attack on the White disabled victim was a hate crime or:

    “Police Commander Kevin Duffin said the police would investigate whether a hate crime had taken place.
    “They’re young adults, and they make stupid decisions,” he said, and, in reference to the language used, investigators would seek to “determine whether or not this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving”, he said”

    If this had been white assailants and a black victim we all know the response would of been HATE CRIME and BLM would be on the march.

    • Also saw bits of this on the news. If that isn’t a race crime then there never will be one. However no one can be surprised that because the victim was white it hasn’t immediately been called such.
      Other way round and Sixdog is correct. Huge outcry to string up all white people led by Lily Mong no doubt.

  21. I am going to cunt Negative imagery!
    The government decided in its infinite wisdom to remove the glitter from all tobacco products and further more print large pictures of what could happen to you on the packaging.
    Well last night I purchased a new pouch of the deadly weed that I then opened and filled my backy tin with in the darkness and privacy of my own car.
    Today I emptied my coat pocket on to my desk and almost spat my coffee all over the monitor, from the corner of my eye I spied a piece of extreme anal destruction porn!
    What I can only describe as the throat cancer special probably presents well on say a flat pack of tailor-mades, however on a pouch of tobacco it does not, in fact after my initial shock I had to check the warning on in case it was to suggest that smoking in public could lead to legalised arse rape ( well smokers are the target of the non smoking population).
    So HMG think about what you put on the packets please, I know that you are desperate for us to stop our nasty habit, but threats of arse rape and making us buy super big packs of backy don’t help your cause.

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