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  1. I agree, Dan… That ‘I’m such a smartarse’ attitude a lot of them have south of the border have is nauseating….Cunts like Dara Ó Briain , Ed Byrne, Graham Linehan, Bono (and his wife!), Eamon Dunphy, and,of course, Conor McGregor… All smug and self satisfied cunts…

  2. Absolutely no idea in the world who he is, but if the picture is anything to go by, he’s a massive cunt.

  3. Phew. Thought that was the end. So glad it was just a glitch.

    Er………. yep, Conrad McGregor is a cunt.

  4. Manchester United FC are cunts…

    I know: been a supporter all my life, Newton Heath born and bred… But the soulless scum who are now in charge of this once great club have sinked to a new low, even by their standards…

    True United great, Nobby Stiles – who now sadly has dementia – was actually charged for tickets when he recently went to Old Trafford… A Collyhurst lad and a player who lived and breathed United and was part of the rebuilding process after the Munich Air Crash… A man who helped the club win their first European Cup… A man who is near the end of his life and also afflicted by a terrible condition is told by the suits he has to pay to get in… While some toothy yuppie cunts from the US, or some clueless moneygrabbing chinks will get complimentary tickets as part of some Glazer soul selling sponsorship deal….

    Saddest thing is it’s not even a surprise… Not these days… I can hear Sir Matt Busby’s grave spinning round… Bastard fucking cunts… And Fergie can fuck off and all…

    • Some celebrity cunt will get in for free, and I’ve seen plenty of them at OT down the years: Cunts like Russell Brand, Angus Deayton, Vic Reeves, Ulrikunt Jonsson,Zoe ball, Ginger Bollocks Hucknall, The Spice Dogs, Olly Murs, and many more… But Nobby Stiles has to pay?… Get to fuck…

      • Utterly shameful. I’m not remotely into football but even I know who he is and that he deserves much better treatment than a load of minted celebricunts.
        Imagine all those pricks in the VIP box together and a bomb going off, like in that last Batman film.
        (Tom Hardy with a bucket over his head optional)

    • I wonder how the huge investment that the Chinese are putting into their domestic football will affect the overseas investment in the English Premier League.

      • I’d prefer it if they fucked off and it went back to the old days of Divisions 1 to 4… Safe standing should be brought back too.. Fuck the Scousers, they caused the whole issue about terraces in the first place… Cunts..

        • Newcastle used to have Gorden McKeag as chairman. He was a local,decent man. Then it was that cunt Sir John Hall,then fat freddie Shepherd and finally,Mike Ashley…probably get Philip Green next.

          • Louis Edwards, then his son Martin were hardly perfect.. But they at least were Man United supporters and they ‘got’ what the club was about… Busby took a near bankrupt club with a bombed out ground and he made them great… Then there was the crash and he had to rebuild all over again…Then came the golden era: with Law, Best, Charlton and Stiles… Cunts like the Glazers, Woodward, Arnold etc will never get what the place is or what is is for people in Manchester and Salford..(fuck all those bogtrotters and far eastern cunts)…

          • I remember when Michael Knighton looked like he was going to buy Man U. Now that would have been interesting.

    • There is no loyalty in football outside of the fans dumb enough to finance the spectacle. Jimmy Greaves is an example of that, I was kind of hopeful Arsenal would of paid for his therapy and show Spurs a little class.

  5. No doubt that he’s a cunt,but I’d make fucking sure I had a good start on him before I told him that he’s a cunt.

  6. Yea it’s back!!!

    I couldn’t get is a cunt. Com for the last few days! It’s my favourite site so I started to worry.

    Thought we’d been shut down by the lefty’s or the US military! I actually like the yanks but there was a cunting about them so thought they’d maybe shut us down to piss us off.

    ….probably just my spasticated Internet!

    • I was just about to explode about the BBC’s coverage of Trump’s inauguration and nowhere to vent my disgust.

      • I avoid the BBC like the fuckin plague now after brexit.

        Biast cunts every man Jack of em!

        Did u see that total cunttard Michael Moore bitching and Alec (I’ve got the most pointless job in the world but I still think I’m important) Baldwin cunting trump? We’ll still fight!! …good luck u cunt. He’s the most powerful man in the world now….try it! …dare u!!! Ha ha ha

        • De Niro was worse, he looked like a fucking tramp and he had the nerve to call Trump a bum.

          • Wonder how much he got payed for that performance. Deniro looked like a parody of himself acting all tough from his wiseguy Goodfella/Casino days. What a out of touch cunt he is

  7. Now you can all stop sending me emails and posting over at my blog! 😁

    The Eye says the latest WordPress update was a total fuck up. Not really surprised as it happened a couple of times on my watch – tho’ it has to be said this was a lot worse…

    Well done to the new Admins for not panicking and heading for the hills. Shit happens 😕

    • Didn’t post on any of your blogs but did a couple of searches on dioclese. Just to see if the site had gone with u.

      You’re very much loved around the world apparrently.

      You’re cast into an eternal pit of hellfire but GOOD ON YA!!

      see u there mate.

  8. Once again, the snowflake cunts proves that they are all talk, they weren’t even going to attempt to screw with a bunch of bikers.

    Shame though, I would have loved to see a few dozen snowflakes get…… melted.

    • Would have been ace to see a Hell’s Angels and Snowflakes meeting… Like Altamont Part2…

      • Yeah that would of been good, the Hell’s Angels 303d Air Expeditionary Group could drop some hardware on the cunts, that said the Hells Angels (note the missing apostrophe) could also lay some pain on the cunts.

        As for Altamont maybe if the silly cunt hadn’t of been waving a gun around the silly cunt wouldn’t of got his head stoved in.

    • I hold no brief for Trump but he was the least worst candidate and won the election fair and square.
      The lefty Killary supporting cunts (like the remoaners over here) just can’t accept what happened.
      He has tapped into something that is clearly a problem in the good old U S of A where the so called political elite don’t give a shit. They need to look at themselves but of course won’t.
      His inauguration speech today has been roundly slagged off but at least he has been consistent and what’s wrong with putting your own country first.
      Baldwin is a past it arsehole and Di Niro did indeed look like a tramp.
      The man has not been in the job for a day yet Baldwin is calling for people to fight back. Fight back because of what ?
      I have a feeling Trump will surprise a lot of people who will not have the good grace to apologise because cunts like that are self righteous cunts who can never be wrong.

      • I hear you, but – Trump did promise to “drain the swamp” of the corruption that prevails in Washington – but look who he has appointed to his cabinet: a whole new super league of swamp-dwellers, many of whom profited from the banking crisis/property foreclosures and now appear to have lied to the Senate about the extent of their investments and wealth… He’s also rowing back on other key promises (the nature of “the wall” and who will pay for it, neither jailing nor investigating H Clinton, the “Muslim ban”), and that’s leaving aside the investigation into his illegal conflict of interests and the clandestine contact between Russia and Trump and his team. What happens when some extreme rightwing fanatics or the KKK start to feel duped by him? He’s already pissed off the FBI and the CIA so no one there will be keen to take a bullet for him. Let’s just hope Melania has a pink Chanel suit that drycleans easily….

        And if Putin really does have a video of Trump enjoying golden showers, then the entire world is fucked, not just America.

      • I do hope there there are plenty of Youtube videos showing hippies, student cunts and celebs shitting themselves, in front of a mass of large men with beards and tattoos.
        Coming soon from the ABBC…
        “Tonight on Panorama, evil Right-Wing motorcycle clubs exposed”
        Interestingly, I was told that in Merkel’s Germany, the Angels are forbidden from wearing their patches in public areas.

        • He was enjoying golden showers Fred? I thought the disputed claim was he paid russian whores to piss in obamas bed or something? You’re fake news Fred!

  9. Thank fuck we’re back up and running. I nearly caved and started talking to the wife instead.

    • I’m in the shithouse with the wife at the moment

      Sent my out to get some crisps, I purchased a bottle of wine and forgot about the crisps

  10. I think it was Breitbart who invented the popular new term of abuse “snowflake” to denote whining cry-babies who are always having their oh-so-delicate sensibilties offended and can’t help posting self-righteous strops on social media (as if anyone cares) – and what a brilliantly inspired insult it is too.

    But the huge irony about this is that most thin-skinned, easily offended, biggest thrower of childish Twitter tantrums and hissy fits on the planet – and therefore technically the biggest “snowflake” of all – is none other than that small-handed, big fat orange cry-baby and balding Breitbart poster boy Donald Trump, President Bullshit.

    If I cared enough about Americans, I would pity them. The choice they had in November was between eating dog shit or eating horse shit. Neither candidate was remotely credible.

    Perhaps I should also take this opportunity to introduce myself as Shaun’s co-admin (junior partner)… 🙂

    • I would like to point out that I was there around the time of the birth of the word “snowflake” and what it actually means, and has somewhat been bastardised, is not someone which is necessarily soft but who thinks they are an “individual” – as there is no snowflake in the world that has the same geometric properties as the next.

      • But Breitbart and rightwing politicians in the US and UK (Gove used it yesterday) do use it to insult those who they feel are quick to take offence. I guess it works better as insult in that context. Calling someone who celebrates their individuality a “snowflake” would be something that the snowflake in question would be quite happy and comfortable with, I’m sure.

        • Oh yeah they do, not disagreeing with you and it works well in that context as you say. It was always used sarcastically in it’s original sense anyway, which is probably how it got bastardised to what it means now. Either way, all cunts.

    • Kudos to you then, Fred. Anyone who helps to keep the cunting train rolling is a legend in my eyes. 😃

  11. Hoooooooooooooooooooooray Is a Cunts back, I was worried in case the PC police had been to shut it down. I was itching to cunt a programme on BBC 2 last night hosted by Jack Dee literally doing a comedy outlook of disapproval about Donald Trump, that Indian looking cunt with the wonky eye was on it, along with 2 women and a mixed race lookin bloke, basically a tricky box quota of correct people for a comedy/polical programme about Trump.

  12. I’m loving the reaction of the left liberal cunts. Their ideology has fucked the world. Since Brexit and again with Trump the liberal left has exposed itself and proponents of tyranny and one party states. Trump may not be the best of people but he does provide an opportunity to kick the current left\right paradigm into the long grass.

    The US constitution is actually a wonderful and almost beautiful document and the Americans have been fooled into letting their government move away from it over many years.

    We don’t get fucked by the political class because e are innocent or naïve, we get fucked because we are distracted by shiny things and bullshit.

    Most Americans don’t even realise they do not live in a democracy but it is in fact a constitutional republic. The founding fathers realised their has to be a balance to pure democracy which at its worst is mob rule and the power of the executive.

    Of the people, by the people, for the people…….

    along the way the people decided their responsibility ended with the occasional trip to the ballot box, many of the cunts cant even be bothered to do that.

    One thing for sure if people actually got involved in politics and self reliance and personal responsibility were social norms the world would be so much better and socialism would be consigned to the dustbin.

  13. Fuck me, been expecting a knock at the door from the PC polis, was gonna blame me mrs anyways. Nice to see the peaceful lefties smashing shop windows and knocking over bins is U.S of A. Fuckwits.

  14. The funny thing about these taig cunts is that they are all so proud to be fucking oirish yet as soon as they have 2 punts to rub together the cunts can’t get the fuck out off there fast enough

  15. Sky’s coverage of trumps inauguration was the usual biased bollocks these Cunts are getting known for, resident cunt Kay burley had the facial expression of somebody who had stepped in dog shit, hadn’t noticed and got back into her new car and covered the carpets with it! Scowling thru the whole event, always looking to get a sly dig in, meanwhile back at SKY HQ they had lined up the usual suspects who bleated on about this and that, only interrupted when they managed to interview trump haters like Bernie Saunders for what seemed like a weekend!! Back at HQ they showed videos of Cunts like Alec Baldwin mocking trump, even ageing actor Robert de Niro saying he wanted to punch trump?? ( as with most fuckiin actors they end up believing the parts they played) at 75? Odd and looking frail I doubt he could open a tin of soup unassisted, but how they smiled at HQ ,bathing in the cozy warmth of negativity, by the time trump was swearing oath burley had the look of a woman who had been given the news her family had been wiped out in a plane crash!! Biased Cunts

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