Ashley Judd

Ashley Fudd is in India just now and her tweets say she’s loving it.
Is she aware about the way a lot of Indian girls are treated like shite ?, and is she going to start and speak at a march for women/girls who get raped in front of onlookers in public ?
Most probably not.

She has also defended Muslims for aiding people who’s religion sounds like flewish ( trying to get by moderation there) in the second world war.
Good on the Muslims that aided them, but it means fuck all today, when muslims are the enemy and are hell bent on spreading their filthy shite everywhere.

Talking of Muslim shite, the local parkies have had to cut back the eucalyptus trees coz the Moroccan cunts that are infiltrating my town go under them and take a shite. Dirty cunts.
If you go to the park, quiet back street, car park corners or down to the old ruins of an old fort by the beach, you will find dried up pitch black Moroccan shite with the odd bit of skid marked toilet paper lying around it.
That to me is a major reason these cunts should be sent back to north Africa. It proves they are animals that cant respect their new “home”.
The park used to have a tunnel made of eucalyptus trees in a row that was lovely. Not anymore.
Why can’t we have a nice park and just tell the cunts its not on ?
They’re just going to do it somewhere else.

Ashley Fudd to Moroccans shiteing in my park, how does my mind work ?

Nominated by Birdman

63 thoughts on “Ashley Judd

  1. I thought this ugly bitch melted in The Wizard Of Oz…
    Shame she fucking didn’t… Feminazi abomination of a cunt…

    • Ashley Fudd looks like she is herself taking a dump under a eucalyptsus tree in that pic.

  2. Was watching Match of the Day earlier and some Woman was commentating on one of the games! What the fuck? Ruined the whole fucking show for me. The cunt got all excited when Raheem cunt scored like most commentators do when a goal is scored but it felt wrong. It’s not the first time I’ve heard a woman commentate but it was shit, like the Liverpool performance. Lucas, Ejaria, and Moron’o can all fuck off before the end of the transfer window. Useless cunts

    • Lucas is a sack of shite, I agree…
      Watched a documentary on Sky Sports about Souness in his Pool days on Sky Sports… What a player he was…

      • Those were the days where players would play every game barring genuine injury, none of this “resting” players for the big games shite. Back then every game was big so you’d play the same team against Newport County in the FA Cup as you would against Real Madrid in the European Cup.

        • If Souness was on the pitch he would not have put up with that performance. I’m sure he would have had a ‘word’ with some of those useless ‘players’.

        • I remember in the 80s Big Ron putting out his best United 11 three times in a week regularly… An FA Cup game on Sunday, european tie on Wednsday, then a Division 1 match Friday evening (when MOTD Live was on Friday nights)… They’re soft bastards these days…

          • Yes Norman,
            Lovingly referred to as “Kruger Ron” Akky, Macari once said he would love to get to see him about a pay rise but you couldn’t get near his office door for Mercedes salesmen. The good old days at United prior to GGMU and actually winning things. The odd day out at Wembley – the real one, was a treat for we United fans in those days. Until my daughter cropped up – the result of me working in the US for 3 months – came home and not only nudged the wife around every room in the house on her all fours for a week but left an unintended parcel of prime contents of my overfull ball bag in her – result was an unplanned sprog after the rest had all grown up. Reason I share this intimate detail with all my cunting associates is that there was a decision to be made – a new car to ferry round said sprog and the rest of the brood or / and renewal of my beloved season ticket to see my beloved red devils. Well she got the car and I was a bit fed up of Sky dictating stupid KO times that I surrendered said ticket and cry myself to sleep most nights. What really pisses me off is that the wife is now the ex wife, the cunt cleaned me out in the process – towards the end of our wedded bliss she once said to me “I think you love United more than me” I said no, you are wrong, I love Liverpool more than you. It ended shortly after. Oh, the sprog? Made a great (now) 33 year old globetrotting dentist who settled in Chamonix – she supports United too and, she learned from my lesson – no sprogs 😉
            I cut my United teeth on the real United – well in my lifetime anyway. To steal a line from the film, “Troy” – I lived in the time of George Best. For me the greatest ever. I cried like a baby the night he died. I had the pleasure (dubious) of getting streaming with the Belfast lad a few times and found him as charming off the field as he was gifted on it. Fuck me, is that the time? Apologies to my fellow cunters for the waffle but I am sure you will indulge me.
            Oh – Souness was a dirty cunt and a shit manager too. Nobby was hard, Paddy Crerand was hard, Tommy Smith was hard but Souness was just a dirty devious cunt – and a Scottish one too.

  3. Judging by that photo,she looks like she could be an expert sword-swallower. She might care to have a gobble on my glans,I’ll blow her tonsils out the back of her neck.

    • Shes a washed up shit… far as I’m considered! I can’t honestly think of that many films of hers that I cared for or even enjoyed.

      Probably cause shes a two shade actress with limited capabilities and I keep confusing her with annie macdowell for some reason

  4. Ashley Spudd is a delusional attention seeking cunt! She wishes to replace Jane Fonda I guess btw where is she staying in india? I imagine shes in a deluxe posh hotel or is living in some guru’s palace sucking him off and drinking martini’s and shoving champagne enemas up her arse

    Women are treated worse then dogs in india gangraped in broaddaylight but shes enjoying her time there? well whoopty freaking do ,you boing entitled cunt maybe she can shit on the side of the road there as a memento

  5. Who are we cunting here? Ashley Judd the actress, or some bint I’ve never heard of called Ashley Fudd?

    • Fudd is a Scottish word for fanny/cunt and as her name is Judd i thought it worked well, but doesn’t when you have to explain it to bogans.

      • I’m sure it was written in the best of intentions, and I apologise for my lack of knowledge regarding Scottish colloquialism. However, please don’t refer to me as a fucking bogan. For bogan, think redneck cunt, who drives a shitty modified car. Typically seen wearing a black vest with black jeans, and sporting lank, greasy hair. Thats not me, not even close.

  6. Emergency re-cunting of prince Charles.
    This parasitic, interfering, hypocritical half wit is now threatening to lecture Trump on climate change. The cunt should be dropped down a mineshaft along with the rest of his in-bred family.

    • Would that be the same Prince Charles who owns an Aston Martin and a Range Rover by any chance?

      • I’d guess that the jug eared cunt has filled his homes with those low wattage bulbs that take an hour to come on, and give off very little light, so he can do his bit for the planet.
        Some of the LED type are OK but cost a fortune.
        That aside, his family probably have a carbon footprint to rival a small town.

        I couldn’t trust the judgment any cunt who allegedly talks to plants and why would anyone want to fuck that bloke Camilla…..

  7. Probably still bitter over her racing driver ex-husband trading her in for a younger model.

  8. Another Z rated celeb reinventing herself as a political activist? What the fuck does she know about the world? Tired of celebrities using fame as a platform to tell the world how it should run.

    Fuck off love, too old for the casting couch and not enough talent to get any work. Just fuck off.

  9. It just occurred to me that we can start cunting again I kinda forgot about it for some for a while. That and the fact I had a huge backlog of cunting nominations but I’m wondering if they were wiped when the new admins took over? or what cause haven’t seen one of mine for awhile

    • There is a long backlog I believe, so many cunts the admins can’t keep up, a daunting task for just two people and so many cunts.

    • We are uploading the noms but I am doing it from most recent backwards but I am still only looking through the most recent files as I have been incredibly busy at work.Will try and rectify this but in the meantime feel free to copy and paste old nons in new threads or request an emergency cunting and tell me which thread your nom is on.

      • I’ll second that. You’re doing good Shaun. It is time consuming as I know only too well, mate!

        Sure Fred could help out with scheduling a few if asked nicely (nudge nudge Fred) 😀

        Incidentally the weather here in Madeira ain’t fantastic but then in the Gambia there’s still army on the streets so I do feel a bit safer…

        • Fred has been. preoccupied recently and has informed me of this but has told me he will be posting more frequently soon.

  10. The term “moslem ban and deportation” in the media is a Cunt CNN, BBC, and all the other Lamestream media networks are using this as a negative term. This is not a muslim ban its a terrorist ban! plain and simple, USA doesn’t want another Pulse, Boston Bombing,or that one in california It’s to keep out radical Islamic terrorists amid numerous ISIS threats since and before the elections and concerns of moslem community being openly unamerican and hostile.

    And the wall on the southern border is to keep out radical Catholic burrito wrappers, La Razza and the Cartels which has america completely hooked on drugs and the countless deaths and destructive senseless addictions on both sides are always escalating.

    Also what happened since the ban Liberals/Dems were all like “All Muslims will hate us if we were tough on them and more homegrown terrorists will emerge and kill us!!!” First tough action happens with Trumps vetting process and all of a sudden they immediately respect him and love him funny how that works huh cunters?

    • Funny how liberals go on about how Islam is such a peaceful religion yet say oh if we offend them they might blow us up out of anger and resentment.

  11. Muslims helped the four by twos in WW2? Please, she’s having a giraffe, the mussie “Grand Mufti” was a collaborator who openly backed Uncle Adolf and provided troops to fight in Russia. Rather gives the lie to religion of peace…

    • And all this fuss about Big Don banning towelheads, deodorant denouncers, and other ‘peaceful’ types… Doesn’t almost every muslamic country forbid Israelis from entering?… But they don’t like to mention that though, do they?…. A bit like Madogga and her ‘feminist crusade’…

      ‘But she simulated rape on camera for kicks and did a record with a convicted rapist and wife beater!’

      ‘Sssssh! You’re not supposed to mention that!’

  12. By misrepresenting The Donald’s electoral pledge to place a ban on Muslims entering the USA , and subsequent implementation of said pledge , as a purge of Islamists both outside and within the States , it is the meejah and outspoken assorted celeb tards and ‘activists’ who have actually served to heighten a sense of undeserved , but eagerly grasped sense of grievance among the Muslim communities in America.
    If and when a homegrown terrorist action occurs again , the disingenuous libtards will doubtless wring their hands in anguish , whilst pointing an accusing finger at fascist Trump. In actual fact it will be the actions of said liberal nonces who have presented carte blanche to disaffected , cynical cunts to perpetrate whatever horrors they care to .
    The meejah are disingenuous and cynical in their manipulation of the peoples’ opinions and the liberal no account celebs who peddle their views are just self seeking cunts.
    Either way they will be secretly preening their feathers while ordinary citizens fall victim to some terrorist atrocity . They just won’t give a fuck.

    • Guess whose idea this came from. And as a clue, in 2011 Iraqis were subjected to the very same conditions.

  13. STILL OPEN ALL HOURS is complete load of fucking shit, it’s Last of the Summer Wine reincarnated – I want to rip my fuckin eyes out and fill my eye sockets with shit. All I can think is old cunt David Jason has a arrangements with a big Wig at the BBC to give him a programme to keep his pension topped up… It’s utter SHIT!!!!!!!

    • Dead right… Ronnie Barker saved the original, but this ‘new’ version is a pile of crap… Somebody should point out to these cunts that British corner shops don’t exist any more… They’re either run by pakis or shops that solely cater for Iron Curtain white w*gs… Jason was great in early Only Fools (till they ruined it with that Raquel cunt), but this series (and him) are a dead horse well and truly flogged…

      • In the Only Fools box set extras, there’s an interview with the two tarts. The said they were worried about taking on the roles in case fans of the show thought that they would ruin the dynamic of the show, but luckily they never, and everything worked out lubbly jubbly.
        Did it ?
        That programme stunk with them two cunts in it.
        Young Del boy was a lad/geezer and then he met a sour faced bint and he was instantly henpecked, with most storylines being about him and Rodders avoiding their cunt wives and making excuses to enjoy themselves.
        In fact, I’d call Raquel and Cassandra a pair of horrible controlling bitches, but as they are women, that’s alright, but if it was the other way round, the show would of been cancelled.
        Thank fuck for Uncle Albert and Trigger.

        Remember when Trigger got a medal from the council for having the same brush for over twenty years ?
        Its had x amount of new handles and x amount of new heads.

    • Agreed Harry, boring as. Actually I can’t think of any good comedy shows on at the moment. While I’m on could I just give that annoying shouty bitch Caroline Quentin a fucking good cunting. What the fuck qualifies her to present a show about extraordinary homes. Fucking over excitable pretentious cow. Fuck off to Loose women. Cunt.

      • I remember Caroline Quentin from years ago… She played a single mum… And she also played a another single mum… Then there was the ‘gutsy’ divorcee (and single mum!)… Not forgetting the ‘feisty’ and ‘independent’ errr…. single mum, who stands alone, but yearns for a bit of cock while blubbing, drinking wine and guzzling chocolates…

        Undoubtedly a cunt…

        • I have seen that Dick. It is fucking funny as hell. It’s not really what we would call a mainstream comedy show tho. It’s a bit like the Tourettes prog with John Davidson. I feel really sorry for the lad but I would fucking love him as a mate.

          • My local council undertook a new programme which involved employing people with behavioural problems or social skill inadequacies.
            The library took on a guy with Tourettes, so I decided to test his customer service skills and asked him if they had the latest book on Tourettes research.

            He replied. “Fuck off you cunt!”

            I said. “Yeah…that’s the one”…

    • I thought David Jason died a year or so ago, seems not, so now I’m thinking just who was it that croaked that I mistook for Jason.

      I’ll not sleep a wink now thinking about it.

        • Old George was Flash Harry in the original St Trinians films.
          For the remake they got… Russell Fucking Brand!! What an insult…

  14. I can’t believe it’s broadcast, it’s a Last of the Summer Wine replacement, I thought Citizen Khan was bad, but Still Open All Hours is shit. Unfortunately comedy’s are ruined now by having to be PC friendly, last why I have to watch Alf Garnett on YouTube!

    • Put some Worzel Gummidge on YouTube.
      Absolutely no pc there.
      He’s always threatening to give men, women and kids a right kick up the wotsits.
      And its still funny.

      Also , as you like Still Game, try some Limmy’s Show or Burniestoun.

      • And Aunt Sally was a complete cunt… But she was brilliant with it..
        Love the one where Worzel has the Hun Helmet and the handlebar tache… Well takes the piss out of the Krauts… ‘Achtung Schweinhund! You Dinker Dumbkoff!’

  15. This is not a nomination coz i really don’t know much about her, but Viola Davis is an annoying , cant act, can’t smile, racially abused, everywhere cunt.
    When black actors get uppity and call everyone racist, just remind them of how much “work” gets thrown Viola Davis way. Fuck, even auto spell knows to put Davis after i type Viola. Auto spell doesn’t recognize Cowell , it puts Cowbell, but it recognizes the name of a shite moody actress .
    The reason I bring this up is coz she’s everywhere and yet claims black slebs are ignored.
    And she’s the same non smiling moody bitch in each role and keeps getting more plaudits, yet she’s average at best.
    In all my life , all I’ve ever noticed about black stars is that they moan about racism in their industry but to me they are more famous and get more roles than their white counterparts coz of the colour of their skin.
    Again, not a nomination .
    Truthfully, i don’t really like my cuntings being nominated, so if you have any more of mine in the pipeline, feel free to discard them Shaun of the Dead 69.

  16. I am happily ignorant of Judd or Fudd or whatever the cunts name is but she looks to me like another has been or never was desperate to jump on the indignant bandwagon without actually thinking the argument through.

    • Ye must know her, she gets her arse kicked in every filum she’s in, but still manages to stab or shoot her way out of it.
      Every filum.

      Actors who do the same thing in every filum,

      Brad Pitt, always eats, chews or drinks in practically every scene he’s in.
      George Clooney always looks up and looks down then squints when conversing.

      Anybody got anymore ?

      • Hugh Grant….a mumbling, stuttering, posh cunt in every fuckin’ thing he’s done…

        Samuel L Jackson…although I don’t dislike the cunt, in every film he plays Samuel L Jackson…

      • Anyone notice how Charlie from Casualty never looks at people when hes talking to them? Rude cunt.

  17. This is an emergency cunting for the BBC and anyone else in the media who refers to President Fuckwit’s new executive order as a “Muslim Ban.”

    The orang-utan-in-chief has signed an order temporarily banning nationals of several countries from entering the United States. The usual suspects are squealing that this is “racist” against “Muslims.” Now, let’s just calm down a bit and look at this objectively.

    In one way, I agree strongly with BBC/PC cocksuckers in that it is important to use words carefully and correctly to avoid giving needless offence to people based on characteristics over which they have no control. I think back to my childhood and blanch at the way words like “nigger” and “Paki” were mainstream. I dislike racial prejudice and think it wrong to hate someone based on something as minor as the colour of their skin. I believe, and I think most people here would agree, that you are a cunt because of what you DO not because of what you ARE.

    So, does the Orange Idiot’s executive order count as racism? No, a thousand times no, it does not. To assume that everyone from the countries covered by the executive order is a Muslim is just as racist as assuming that everyone from those countries is aa terrorist. To look at someone’s race and therefore to “know” their theological leanings is just as racist as saying they are a rapist or terrorist. Muslim is a chosen identity not a racial characteristic.

    Some people will argue that (for example) Somalia is 99% Muslim so the ban is racist against Muslims. No, sorry, that doesn’t work. There is no society on Earth where 99% of people have freely agreed on anything, ever. The Scottish Nazi Party claims to speak on behalf of the Scottish people with 45% of the vote in the 2014 referendum and 50% of the vote in the 2015 election. Both Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher claimed legitimacy for their radical agendas based on about 43% of the vote. Anyone claiming that 99% of people agree with their ideas is either deluded or standing at the apex of an extremely repressive society.

    As I said, words are very important. Thus “Muslim” is not a race and nor is “Islam.” It is impossible to be racially prejudiced against either.

    Now, for the double standards!

    Remember it is fine and dandy to refer to “Muslim countries” and to do so makes you a principled, left-wing anti-racist. However, when the repellent Benjamin Netanyahu refers to Israel as a “Jewish country” or revolting Marine Le Pen refers to “Christian France” it is proof they are xenophobic, far right racists.

    How did we get to the point where fascist theocrats can claim victimhood but the women, gays and minority religions who are the true victims of militant religionists are dismissed as “racists”?

    Note to the BBC/PC fuckwits who love Islamists. We hate religion in the West! Our entire history has been trying to prise power away from people who discriminate against the people their imaginary friend dislikes – Henry V’s persecution of Lollards, Mary Tudor burning Protestants, Oliver Cromwell’s Puritans banning Christmas. I refuse to bow down to religious maniacs because you feel guilty about the colour of your skin.

    Religious fuckwits hate being laughed at – look at the way they reacted when that gymnast got pissed up and mocked the way they grovel in the dirt before their imaginary friend. Therefore, we should laugh at them and their delusions.The BBC used to let Dave Allen rip into the Catholic Church on a Saturday night and Channel 4 still show the excellent Father Ted. The Life of Brian is considered Monty Python’s finest hour. (Incidentally, every time a freakshow like Bruce Jenner or Bradley Manning is on the telly, I am reminded of John Cleese ranting at Eric Idle that he “doesn’t have a womb; where’s the foetus going to gestate? In a box?” It would probably be banned as “transphobic” these days.) It is time to laugh – openly and unashamedly – at the delusions, violent prejudices and general fuckwittery of Islam.

    To conclude, I dislike all varieties of religious delusion, I don’t want to live in an Islamist prison society and I have read the Koran and dislike the primitive morality espoused therein. I support equal rights for all and special treatment for none – AT ALL TIMES AND IN ALL COUNTRIES. None of this makes me a racist or an “Islamophobe” – it makes me an enlightened liberal in the true Western and democratic tradition.

      • Thank-you C m C for a cogent , thoughtful piece. It is time people stopped conflating the issues of racism and Islamophobia . For those with a modicum of wit it is just opportunistic to do so . The rest who pursue this argument are just naive (thick).

  18. I’m FUCKIIN sick and tired of these Hollywood Cunts bleating on about everything, the likes of Alex Baldwin , madonna, Lohan and talentless b lister judd they just don’t stop complaining!, and in most cases like judd they really don’t know what they are talking about, they just want to please their liberal leftie democratic mates, which cunt can be the most thoughtful, have the highest social awareness, they fall over themselves trying to hop on the next big one!!, instead of grandstanding and for most of the time talking shite maybe try putting their FUCKIIN hands in their own pockets ,then go and do what they are supposedly good and act!!, sing or whatever they FUCKIIN do….
    apparently all these Cunts were gonna leave America when trump became president??? I will have a guess that virtually none of them have, instead they hang around acting like politicians, here’s an idea !! Take the lead from business man and TV star Donald trump!!, he fancied being president so instead of griping and moaning got off his FUCKIIN arse and ran for president!… just saying

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