Dead Pool (45)


Congratulations to Uncle Dickie who correctly predicted that old Groutie, the man with the most menacing stare on telly, Peter Vaughan has expired at the ripe old age of 93.

So we wipe the slate clean and move on to Dead Pool 45…

A reminder of the rules (especially the first one):

1. Nominate who you think is the next cunt on the way out. You can have up to five choices.
List your nominations in the comments of this post. It’s the current Dead Pool. Comments not in this post (e.g. in the previous one or other posts) will be ignored. Please wait for the reset when a pool is won and we move on. That way, we all know where we are!

2. You win if your Cunt dies first.
Then the slate is wiped clean and we start again. Of course, you can always be a cunt and steal someone else’s dead cunt candidate from the
So we wipe the slate clean and move on to Dead Pool 43…

3. It helps admin if you nominate one name per line, no numbers in front or comments afterwards. Comment what you like after your five names! A request – not a hard and fast rule – but it speeds up the list making if we can do a straight cut and paste to a spreadsheet.

Any cunt who tries to cheat by nominating the World’s Oldest Man or Woman is a cunt and will be ignored. Any anonymous cunt who can’t be bothered to make up a name for themselves will also be ignored. Oh, and the usual “Our Blog Our Rules” thing applies.

I’ll stick with the same Dioclese five for this time round : Javier Perez de Cuellar, Kirk Douglas, Peter Lord Carrington, Bob Dole, Paul Gascoigne. The buggers must peg out eventually!

So nominations are now open. Off you go and good luck

97 thoughts on “Dead Pool (45)

  1. June brown
    Elizabeth Windsor
    Rupert Murdoch
    Alex Salmond
    Kenny Samson

    Got in quickly this time, so doublers i hope..
    Surely i cant fuck up this time…….

    • Murdoch’s mother died at the age of 103, so Rupert may have another decade or two in him, unfortunately.

      • I’m sure Jerry Hall cant wait that long. If i were him, I’d be looking for empty bottles of anti freeze…….

  2. This time around;

    Dobri Dobrev
    George P Schultz
    Mary Wilson
    Clifton James
    Emperor Akihito

    That’s Mary Wilson Harold’s widow, for clarity

  3. Ricky Gervais
    Keith Chegwin
    Tim Westwood
    Robson Green
    James Blunt

    Same as usual please.

      • Fucking hell I thought she was never going to die.her husband is a cunt for keeping her artificially alive so long.I think that is all 5 of my original picks dead.

      • And again I missed Jimmy Carter. So in summary as I am a cunt :

        HRH Price Phillip
        David Rockerfeller
        Vera Lynn
        Bob Hawke

  4. Congrats to Uncle Dickie…

    George A Romero
    Colin Dexter
    John Carpenter
    Hal Holbrook
    Ron Jeremy

  5. Tommy Mair
    Tim Farron (Minor Fart)
    Gina Miller (sniper)
    John Redwood
    The Duke of Kent

    • After reading your dead pool I just found out who bahar mustafa is!

      What a cunt!

      I pray to the God of cunts that you win this one!

    • I think you are being a bit parochial with your choices, Kiwi. How the fuck will we know?

  6. Fuck me – 15 years ago! And I’ve had him in last three pools.

    Okay – Foster out for Albright.

    Thanks SotD.

  7. Quick question Dio. What if dead cunt is cyrogrenically frozen? Is the pool held over until they apply the jump-leads?

  8. Dammit Greg Lake is dead No one has him right?! should of bagged him myself. Especially seeing how his anti-christmas song will get slotted into every radiostation in the universe this christmas

    But I didn’t think he would die so soon considering keith emerson died not to long ago, blasted oh well these things happen… BigFan of King Crimson & ELP so this is a bit of a upset

  9. Happy Christmas to whomsoever has Ian Brady who apparently is claiming that he is dying.

    • Wish I had picked the evil cunt!Hope his death is as painful as is humanly possible.

      • Heard it all before…Brady is always talking shit… I’ll believe the sick cunt is dead when I see it… And I hope I do see it…

        • Tis me, I have the scumbag, hoping the cunt slips away and makes me a winner, and the world a better place at the same time. But, you are right Norm, the cunt loves the publicity, and he haven’t been in the paper for a fortnight, so he had to come out with something. Hasn’t the evil cunt been on hunger strike for years? I can’t go four hours without grub!

  10. Anyone have Michael Nicholson?
    He was a proper news reporter who reported real news…
    Not like the ‘look at me’ Twitter reliant cunts we have today…

  11. I would like to no nominate the cunt Jay Kay or Jaminquia the little short arsed cunt for dead pool, along with Kerry Catona, Michael Barrymore, Cunt Eddie Izzard and Roland toss pot Riviron!

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