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A mega cunt for sure and here is another that needs a really heavy cunting. Ta Da the labour mp Ben Bradshaw. Just read an article in which the cunt claims that Russia had a hand in the brexit vote being bigger than the stay in cos I’m a cunt vote.

Thinking back to that fateful day I seem to recall fuck all about anyone or anything making me vote out apart from the tsunami of cuntishness that is drowing this poor wee isle. I do not need Russians telling me that so many of my country men and women are fucking ‘tards the fact is obvious when I leave the house. This arsewipe is drawing a massive salary paid for by you and me direct action anyone?

Nominated by: Black biscuit

Ben Bradshaw needs a cunting. Not content with being a bat shit crazy, immature, loser Remainer, Bradshaw has made the most outrageous claim yet as to why Brexit won the Referendum. Russian hackers skewed the vote in favour of Brexit. I mean, what the actual fuck is Bradshaw on? He was ridiculed in the commons today, and rightly so. He was also challenged to provide proof, which he couldn’t do, because there fucking is none.

I know that those Remainers who haven’t resigned themselves to the fact that Brexit WILL happen are generally mentally unstable, left wing dickheads. But even by their standards, this claim is so outrageous that I would not have blamed any MP who had jumped from their bench, and repeatedly beaten Bradshaw upside the head with the despatch box. What…a…fucking…dildo.

The fact is, Ben, the majority of British voters opted for Brexit, because we’re sick of being treated with contempt, and as a cash cow, by a bunch of unelected, unelectable, ignorant, arrogant, shit eating, incompetent assholes at the EU commission. Manuel Barosso recently said that if the EU had actually listened to the concerns of the British people and acted upon them, we never have voted to the leave the EU. And he’s probably right. The British are known for their tolerance, but that tolerance only goes so far. And being treated like shit for the past 20 years has pushed us over the limit. THAT is why we voted to leave the EU.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. So pleased that this mega cunt has explained life to me… its all about the russians of course. I dont think for myself, I just log on to the russian embassy website for advice… Bit strange really that the New Left dont like the Russians now, although I sort of find them Ok, particularly the bit where Frontal Aviation bomb terrorists ( and hopefully Cunting BBc journos although you would be hard placed to hit them as the nearest they generally get to current affairs is Cyprus. ) BTW, does anyone else on here find it odd that HMG seem to prefer hard line islamist groups in action in Aleppo rather than the Russians? Not buying into it anymore gents. I did the Cold War. Bit worried about the White Helmets though? Anyone else noticed the absence of this front organisation for terrorists? Wonder who sponsors them? What do you think…????

  2. Trying to start a red scare I see, god damn I loathe these fucking cunts. Refusing to take responsibility for decades worth of shit, self serving policy. Sore loser, resign you fucking cunt!

  3. OK, so Putin wears stacked heels, may be a batty boy, and look like the bird who posed for the Mona Lisa painting, but I’m sure the cunt had enough on his plate and couldn’t give two fucks regarding the outcome of the Brexit vote or anything said by slapper Kilary…..

  4. Indeed… but Vlad is in Crimea and the Donetsk ( much appreciated by the locals by the way ) and the West’s favorite Fascists , the Ukraine (West) Govt has to suck it up. Could lead to war of course. The Daily Mail will of course be queuing up to send their Cunt Snowflake kids Tarquin and Melissa to fight in the Donetsk Basin on behalf of… What Exactly?? But of course they wont. They’ll send the usual mugs, like me and you. And in 25 years time put you on trial for War Crimes. Which part of this do you think is a fairly Cuntish Idea??

  5. Bradshaw is nothing but an (alleged) expense-fiddling poove who is shacked-up with his BBC producer civil partner.
    I hope Putin Litvinenkos the cunt…

  6. It’s the same in the states trying to deligitimise Trump’s election because Russia were responsible for getting him elected through hacking, rather than face the truth that in the battle of the lesser of two evils the yanks decided fuck it, let’s give him a go, we’ve got fuck all to lose!

    I would very much like Ben Bradshaw to explain exactly how the Russians affected the Brexit result?

    I don’t know how anyone else voted but for me this involved taking my voting card to my polling station, receiving at piece of paper with Leave or Remain on it and I put my ‘X’ in the Leave box (in pen that I took with me so that it COULDN’T be adjusted by any remain leaning counting cunt).

    This was done in a little privacy booth and of my own free choice – there was no Boris with an AK47 in there forcing me.

    The piece of paper then went into a sealed ballot box. This box was then transported to a local counting centre where the papers were sorted and counted manually, the counts from each box tallied and the resulting final counts recorded and phoned in.

    So Mr fucking Bradshaw, at what point did the Russians have any sway or influence on this 100% manual process from the vote being cast to the final count being tallied?

    Cyber attack maybe?? You soft cunt! Think before you speak you fucking idiot! A blind man running can see you’re talking shite and trying to cling to leaving not happening (and why is that, had some EU gravy lined up cunt)?

    This is not even speculation, it’s just utter bollocks! Now shut the fuck up and run along you cunt!

  7. Now we have the jug eared fuck in the White House claiming that the Russians hacked the Democrats during the election. Bollocks. I’m sick of left wing scum trying to piss on democracy and steal the White House from Trump. They are fucking dangerous bastards, who seem intent on starting a war with Russia that does not need to be fought.

  8. No its not hard… you tell them your gone and cancel your standing order, as in any bad relationship. Have you seen the state of Europe these days? Spain for instance, or Italy? At least France seems to have a modicum of self respect left. God knows what happened to Deutschland. Drank too much of their own bathwater. Do you really want to be in bed with these sad Cunts. Cant Fight / Wont Fight R Us. The Germans in Afghan had to have the quiet bit and didnt go out after it was dark. You think I’m joking dont you??

    • I think the Krauts are worried they start fighting again, they will go into full on Waffen SS mode

      • Like your thought process but sadly not I think… they are a nation that has sucked up PC till it hurts. I think if it comes to it they will offer to buy the opposition a Macchiatto and when they get a 9MM in their face as response look a bit surprised. Oh, Ozimandes…..

        • I will take your word for it , but I dont trust the Germans one bit.

          As far as I am concered, Germany should have been flattened after WW2, everything that could have been carted off should have been taken, if it could not be moved, destroyed. 100,000 officers executed day 1, no fucking about

          Morgenthau had the best idea

          • They cant and wont fight. Their army is as much an exercise in PC as it is a military formation.
            Their performance in Afghan was laughable ( or a disgrace depending on your viewpoint. I doubt anyone from say the Groosdeutschland PzGren Div would be casting admiring glances… )
            I suspect they have the selfie generation/ Snowflake disease. A bit like us really. Still, at least you can selfie yourself when they climb in your fighting hole to killl you,,,, Enjoy the future, Its yours not mine.

  9. Barra McGrory needs a cunting. Barra, or Barry as I’m going to call the cunt, is the, Northern Irish DPP who has decided to prosecute the two 1 Para veterans for the entirely justified killing of IRA cock sucker Joe McCann. Interestingly, McGrory is the sack of shit who represented McGuinness and Adams at the Saville Enquiry into ‘Bloody Sunday’. And his short time as DPP, he has already had to remove himself from at least SIX other cases due to conflict of interest. He was also instrumental in securing the infamous amnesties for IRA filth, that formed part of Blair’s Good Friday agreement. Not a good Friday for North Ireland veterans like me though, because no such amnesty exists for former soldiers.

    The two former paras involved have TWICE been told that they would not face prosecution for the killing. And I have to wonder why a cunt who has such clear ties to the IRA was allowed to bring prosecutions against these two men, when he put so much effort into ensuring that terrorists would literally get away with murder. Except for McCann’s family, who could all die of Bubonic plague as far as I’m concerned, there is NO public interest in bringing these charges against two men who are now in their seventies. This shithouse is clearly motivated by politics. Cunt!

    • How strange you cant see the obvious … I will send my commisar to “remove” you shortly..
      Only joking.. but this is no different to what has gone on in mainland “Great” britain for years… any police officer daring to use force on violent offenders is on a fast track to court.. So what would you do?? Answers on a postcard to: “”

    • The IRA / INLA and other republican terrorist groups waged an evil , morally bankrupt campaign that had no basis in honour or valour. Both the terrorists and their apologists felt that a bogus moral imperative allowed them to obliterate unarmed civilians as well as police and army personnel – usually in a way that posed minimal risk to themselves.
      Were these cowards ever to be outsmarted by the security forces and killed or injured , they would inevitably cry foul . It seems sadly , based on the latest judgement re the McCann killing , that there still exists a sanctified bias against the poor fuckers who displayed themselves in uniform and in favour of the faceless death merchants who peddled their odious crimes.
      By all means let us protect the sensitivities of the Republicans and Nationalists by releasing psycopathic fuckers , ostensibly to safeguard the peace process whilst simultaneously chipping away at the despised security forces doing an impossible job in horrendous circumstances.
      Presumably it would have been preferable to let let McCann kill somebody , anybody , and then shoot him .
      Any self respecting IRA volunteer should have had the balls to fight on an even playing field . As an RUC man I would gladly have advocated a shoot on sight policy against known provos. After all prevention is better than cure.
      Surely to God , enough is enough . A perverted sense of justice , which allows a skewed liberally-minded ethos that effectively vindicates the actions of evil is simply wrong.

  10. So, IRA cunts get a letter from Blair saying they won’t get prosecuted even in cases where there is evidence but wear the Queens uniform and you are fair game for ever. Absolute bollocks.
    McGrory (of whom I was happily ignorant until today) is a Feenian cunt who supports feenian cunts and clearly has a vested interest in taking this on. Cunt should not be in that job in the first place. More political correctness. Blair’s handprints are all,over this.

    • Blair turns up like a maggot at the center of all the problems facing the UK

      I hate that person, with a passion. Cunt

  11. Indeed Sir!
    The PSNI are using this as a point scorer…” just look at my impartiality, I prosecute the organisation that stood up to a murderous clique. ”
    Not that there is anything familiar about having a police force so beaten down by PC that they lose total sight of the prize of course. Look out of your window.
    Any society that is so debased that it will send volunteers on its behalf to perform a difficult and dangerous task and then both abuse and seek to destroy those volunteers is both immoral and Stupid.
    You put people in harms way on your behalf you support them because 1} If you dont your fairly much a Sick Cunt and… 2) Because the people you have sent will figure this out and wont fight and quickly your on your own and the Monsters will eat you.
    Why anyone would join the military or the police on behalf of this sewer quite frankly alludes me.
    Winter Is Coming.. Dont suck it up Guys.

    • As George Orwell (or possibly some other clever cunt) said – “People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”

      • Indeed he did Sir,,,
        The ultimate irony is that I understand the bbc ( I refuse to capitalise) propose a statue of Orwell outside their “Ministry of Information”… Orwell would have thrown up.. or shot them ( served in the Spanish Civil War and knew all about Creeping Socialism… )

  12. Quite, the oirish have already announced that NO members of the IRA will be investigated for any of the civilians murdered but especially NOT in the case of those members of the Armed Forces tortured and murdered
    Now we have the IRA reps inside Comrade Corbyn’s orifice as “Stakeholder Manager” (WTF one of those is…) The joke is that even Fat Boy Abbott is losing patience (Safe seat down the drain perhaps?)

    • IRA Scum. Just one big shitty gang of organised criminals and murderers, who tried to legitimise their crimes with religious and political excuses. And Blair surrendered to them. Cunt.
      It’s one area I agree with the apologists of the peaceful cunts, when they bleat that if a honky kills people, he’s a murderer, but if a peaceful cunt does it, he’s a terrorist. I think it’s wrong to legitimise their murdering by giving them an excuse, however wrong the cause is. Fuck them, treat them all as murderers. It would annoy the shit out of them, less Che Guevara, more Ian Brady. Then, bring back capital punishment…….

  13. Career Politician = Cunt
    Labour MP = Cunt
    Even if he didn’t qualify on two counts above he would still be an absolute total cunt

  14. I have had the misfortune of donating to the IRA.
    I used to live in Lucan (work) , and one night we had a pub lock in , and a couple of Londonderry cunts came round with a bucket.
    The Irish good guys i was with signalled to me that I’d better, so the cowardly , non combative bomb leaving cunts got 20 punts out of me.

    Fenian cunts………

    • Look on the bright side,,, they might be dead now courtesy of the UVF. Think nice stuff and it happens.

      • The only reason the UVF cunts would kill the Ra cunts would be to get their greedy filthy red hand on my 20 punts.

        All these Irish terrorist groups became about the money.
        Basically just a bunch of shoot their own neighbour for a few quid mafioso wannabe cowardly cunts……..

        • True Sir..
          But I do believe its fair and entertaining to use a Cunt to slot a Cunt. Sort of social darwinism. And when their gone the worlds a better place,

          Sure the “independent” Ulster DPP wouldnt agree. Cunt.

    • Typical Fenian filth…. And what were the bogtrotters doing during the war?
      Not fighting Hitler and allowing U-Boats to dock there, that’s what…
      If old Adolf had got to Potatoland, he’d have gassed every tinker in sight and done a deal with the bent left footer church… To be sure, now…

      • Do you mean to say if Hitler had invaded Ireland we wouldn’t be blessed with the travelling community that bring their own inimitable “culture” to our fair land?

      • I was thinking about the southern Irish in WWll earlier.
        Rarely is their role in WWll mentioned in any documentaries when all the other cunts who sided with Shitler , the Vichy French, Spain, Italy, Japan and Austria are are mentioned frequently .
        The southern Irish portray themselves as downtrodden, but they’ve also got a history of being sneaky cunts…….

  15. Michael Sheen needs a cunting after saying that he’s putting acting on hold for the time being as he attempts to get political.
    Apparently….. “Brexit and Trump’s victory have added massive urgency to the need for change.”

    Brexit and Trump’s success are the change you thick cunt….

    • Well Sheen the cunt did portray Blair the cunt, maybe they are the same person. Is it a coincidence that Blair has said he wants to get back into politics and be this countries saviour. That fucking, lying wankstain should be hung for the utter shitty mess he has left this country in with his fucked up ideas. It should be Blair and not our forces who have to face prosecution for his actions, why oh why over the years have these cunts asked our soldiers to go to foreign lands and fight evil only to face cunts who have never been to war and our leaders that don’t have the backbone to back our soldiers should be fucking ashamed. I am proud that over the years we have had the best forces in the world.

      • Fucking good point, troops that served in Iraq would never of been there without Blaire and Liemore. No British troop could of committed a war crime without Blair committing his crimes first. These troops are being held accountable for acts committed in a war zone when every civilian was potentially the enemy.

        If there is accountability for servicemen where is the accountability for the lying cunts that sent them there?

        Tony Blair the Middle East peace envoy who now thinks he can walk away from his crimes.

        Cunt is a compliment for that piece of shit.

        • Once Sheen realises that being a deceitful sack of shit politician is a lot different to playing a deceitful sack of shit politician, he might try his luck as a shit football manager. Or a fucking werewolf. Not so long ago, he was walking around Port Talbot pretending to be Jesus. It was supposed to be a street performance of some bollocks called the passion, though that may have been his management covering up his messianic complex. Mind you, I’d think I was king shit if I had banged Kate Beckinsale.

  16. Trouble is Sixdog for some reason Teflon does seem to be getting away with it. He is one nasty fucking cunt and I don’t think we can cunt him enough.

  17. Just look at Blair’s eyes, he’s a fucking lizard.
    David Icke talks shite, but when untouchable cunts with that look and demeanor constantly get away with murder whilst becoming super rich, i see shape shifting lizards.
    Look at a picture of him and his wife. Freaky looking cunts the pair of them. Lizards……….

    • Just checked out the Blairs and their fucking fortune the mega cunts of champagne socialism.

  18. How’s dead pool getting on? I’m gonna predict my own death in 2017, 40 years old now, lost me job, depts I cant pay, no pension, no savings, still living at home with a slight alcohol and gambling habits……..quite good odds, happy Christmas!

      • I was divorced, debt ridden, skint and back at home with my old folks at age 40.
        Hardly a wealthy man 13 years later but much happier and contented (and debt free).
        The best revenge is living well…

    • I’m not going to like your post, because if cunts like Blair and these SJW cock smokers can mince around claiming free speech and act with impunity, then you should do everything you can to carry on just to make sure their lives are deeply unpleasant too!!!

      That Sheen actor cunt bangs on about change being needed, how about a change from ignoring your fellow Englishmen and maybe throwing him a helping hand?

      Don’t let your head drop, revolution is on its way.

  19. The left wing need a good cunting. Those fucking do gooder cunt seem to think they can spit on democratic votes, but fucking say democracy is great, only of they got their way. Fucking monumental cunts.

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