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I would like to cunt ‘The Voice ‘ newspaper.

Let me get this right , your main gripe is that blacks aren’t treated equally, so what do you do? You set up a newspaper for a group of people who only have 1 thing in common, they are black. Isn’t that a bit racist? What would be the reaction if someone tried to set up a newspaper catering solely for white people? What could we call it? Fucked if I know.

Someone mentioned Darius Howe, what a pillock that man was. I Bet he woke up in the morning thinking ‘ right what’s gonna upset me today’

Nominated by: Richard I

16 thoughts on “‘The Voice ‘ newspaper [2]

  1. People moaning about the new £5 note containing some Animal product in them are cunts,

    Been listening to some soppy cunt on LBC whinging about the new fivers containing animal product in them. He was saying that some Hindus are complaining now, I ain’t got a problem with vegetarians as it’s their choice but these vegan cunts are the taking the piss. I’ve said on here before they are pale as fuck (due to lack of protein) and that’s the Black vegan cunts the White vegan cunts are paler than delux pure brilliant white.

    Seriously this cunt was saying he refused to accept some change from someone because it had a new fiver in it. He definitely needs a kick in the bollocks, and a bit of beef for dessert. As for those Hindus, I bet they’ll accept it in their shops, if it’s their religion that’s offended then fine I respect that but what if these cunts walk past a fried chicken shop do they hold their breath and then have a shower, and what about touching a door handle some cunt has touched after eating pork scratchings. They are probably touching meat residue many times a day the dumb cunts.

    We need an uprising against these cunts, they are getting out of hand. With all the poor cunts struggling to heat their fucking houses and putting food on the table you get these cunts who are offended by anything.

    We need to set up an educational facility for these snowflake cunts, it would begin with a kick in the bollocks for breakfast, beard shaving for dinner and a Twatter and Cuntbook ban all day. What the fuck is going on with these Vegan cunts. The fucking cunts.

    I need a Bacon sandwich.

    • “Excuse me, waiter. Do you offer a vegetarian alternative?”

      “Indeed we do sir, it’s called malnutrition…”

      • I’m a vegetarian and I don’t care what the notes are made of as long as I’ve got some. But can you imagine the uproar and the rush to withdraw the notes if they included pork product.

  2. The Voice was started in the 80’s when Black people needed a voice in this country, like the Gleaner paper it kept Caribbeans up to date with wah gwan in the Caribbean. Its now pointless as there are loads of black cunts and you can check what’s going on online.

  3. People eating on public transport is a cunt,

    I hate the smell of some cunt eating chicken on the tube, or some posh cunt eating some stinky overpriced shit then there are the Pakistanis or Hindus in East London who don’t wear deodorant an do sweat the fucking train out and theres a nasty pong of curry. Have some consideration you cunts otherwise I’ll starting eating boiled eggs and gherkins and start breathing in your space you ignorant cunts.

    Fucking ell there are too many cunts.

    I need a holiday.

    • I have steam cleaned cattle trucks that did not smell as bad as a Friday afternoon Circle line carriage. Do people still shit on the floors like they used to back in the 70’s? never bothered me that much cos the train went out of service so “break time”. Two weeks ago I had to travel on underground, first time in 19 years. Not so much litter, not much English spoken either. Glad I was passing through. Has anyone noticed that Miller bint is a right cunt reckons she has been getting “threats” etc not a surprise, what does she expect! attempt to fuck up peoples lives something has to give.

  4. These cunts unhappy with these fivers should march on Parliament wearing their leather shoes.
    Alternatively they could use their cars, the manufacturing process of which uses many animal bi-products. Almost all tyres are formed using stearic acid most commonly taken from animal fat.
    I take it these whingers only use Apple products in their IT world as nearly all other products in the market use animal products during manufacture including the smart phone in their hand.

    Cherry picking cunts…don’t eat the fivers and you’ll probably be ok…

    • Vegans are a massive pain in the arse and attention seeking cunts in my opinion but what about the food allergy brigade? There is a cunt at my work who says he can’t eat hardly anything or he will go into a coma or drop dead and will tell this to anyone who will listen whilst stuffing his fat face with Cheesy Wotsits or some other shite. I saw the cunt eating a Battenburg cake the other day,surely full of food colouring,fucking things are the devils work I reckon but no, he shovelled it down. Now I think of it at least half the cunts I work with consider themselves a special case one way or another,drives me up the fucking wall.

  5. The Scottish have their own version of The Voice news paper called the Daily Record.
    Because the national papers don’t report much on their homeland, the Record becomes a lifeline.
    Without it, where would they hear about Scottish current affairs, like Mrs Mackay losing her reading glasses, only to find them later.
    Mr McInnes, who’s gardening sheers became blunt.
    Mr leven, who’s new Scottish fiver wasn’t deep fried.
    Or some famous slebs who have a distant link to Scotland or visited there once…………

  6. The Voice?

    Tom Jones the editor with a headline about how me knew Elvis everyday or am I just confused?

  7. I think we’re all being hoaxed by that great and good cunt Geoffrey Elfwick. Not even a Veggy (cunts to a man, or woman) could be such a cunt as to whinge about a bit of tallow in a fiver…could they?

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