Remainers [2]


Remainers are mostly unknowingly but without doubt when it comes to the political class selling global corporate fascism as a good thing. These people are without doubt enemies of the people and despise democracy.

Our economy will only fail if there is a deliberate internal and external attempt to undermine it. Tony Blair is one of the loudest voices calling for another vote, we know Tony like a sheen of a democratic mandate but really doesn’t give a fuck as along as the plan goes ahead.

Cunts to the last.

Passing sovereign rights and control to a foreign power is the definition of treachery.

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55 thoughts on “Remainers [2]

  1. The blue haired crusty in the pic says it all. Thick cunt, the lazy trollop probably lives from one demo to the next, living on benefits. Shamefully, her vote counted for the same as mine, and she lost. So, fuck off.

    • Couldn’t agree more about the smelly, plug ugly, blue haired fleabag in the pic… Either a welfare sucking soapdodger, or a rich ‘daddy’s paying’ student cunt… Wants shooting either way…

      These Remainer cunts can call Brexiters ignorant racists, but when they are challenged or questioned, they cry like babies… Joke is though all the ‘high profile’ figures for Remain are all doing it for their own self serving motives… Whether it’s Wee Burney, Rough Snatch Miller, or celeb cunts like Fanny Izzard and Benedict Cuntbercunt, they all do it because it’s what’s ‘they’ personally want, and what others want has nothing to do with it… Miller and Krankie-Sturgeon care nothing for people or how they have to work and live… They are both self publicising opportunist bitches… And most celebrity knobheads like Izzard, Hairy Mulligan etc either ‘go Remain’ to appear ‘liberal’ and ‘cool’ or because it suits their dodgy tax activities…. They’re all cunts…

  2. Well said, Remoaners are the same cunts that demand Migrants Welcome.

    I had the misfortune to travel by Scotrail train this morning, and shared a carriage with two couples both Interracial couples. Both were white male and ethnic females. The guys both had that look on their face like look at us aren’t we progressive. Both chaps were not good looking cunts but the females were top notch. Call me a cynical cunt but this made me think the ethnics had hold of a local progressive ticket for attaining asylum. I can guarantee that these cunts would be remoaners and no doubt Scottish Nazi Party Cunts.

    • Sounds like the old visa when married then fuck off after three years and bleed the stupid cunt dry. The reasons that a good looking women would choose a below average looking man are. 1 Visa, 2 Money 3 Born blind. I have seen geezers that look like hillary clintons gusset walking out with foreign women who were so stunning, almost caused me an accident in the trouser department! If such a women gave me the come hither look I would up the meds co’s I do not believe in magic.
      How many of these “love” matches last?

      • Nothing against the missus, but i hate it when i see a better bint than my own going with a guy way uglier than myself.

        But then again , i am a cunt and should be grateful that someone puts up with me.
        She actually says I’m more chilled out since i discovered ISAC……..

    • A few friends of mine are from the Greek Islands.If you said the phrase Migrants welcome to them they would probably smack you in the face.Europe is being flooded yet the media only want to focus on so called refugees and not the natives whose land they fuck up.They tell me that they are overun with migrants and that the crime rate is through the roof.

  3. I have just read that Jimmy Krankie aka Sturgeon has been given permission to address the supreme court regarding brexit. So she is now able to effectively derail plans for article 50 being instigated alongside her fellow leftie cunts.

    Remain fucking lost!!! – GET OVER IT

    • I’ve not heard anyone ask her what she will do if she is instrumental in Brexit being halted. Before she attempts to stop Brexit she should be making it clear whether or not the SNP will renounce any future referendum on Scottish independence.

      How can we accept the possibility this nasty fucking trot can derail the democratic wish of the majority as given in a democratic referendum and then call for another referendum on Scotland unilaterally breaking a legal treaty which is the basis for the UK based on the outcome of a referendum if the results suit her.

      The hypocrisy of the SNP in general and wee smells of piss Nicky is so massive people seem to be unable to comprehend it.

      To top it all she will surrender any faux independence Scotland wins directly to the EU.

      The lunatics really are running the asylum.

      • Devolution is an utter cunt.
        We are either the UK or not. These devolved parliaments are bollocks. Another layer to the gravy train. We should have councils/local authorities and Parliament. End of. We are The United Kingdom.
        There should also be a vote for the rest of the UK on Scotland’s independence. Hopefully we will vote them out and little miss Krankie can take her bankrupt, booze and drug addled, benefits dependent little shithole to the EU. Who will also tell them to fuck off because they need no more failed economies.

        • …. easy tiger …. don’t forget the majority of Scot’s voted to remain as the UK in 2014, and over a million Scot’s voted to leave the EU. As I’ve said before, I’m sure many Scot’s voters in the EU referendum voted to remain because … ‘ it’s the right thing to do .. let’s not rock the boat’ … ( and regretting it now with Sturgeons take on things ) … believing the vote would be to remain, and nobody want’s to be on the losing side. Watch the arse fall out of the SNP’s vote in the next Scottish elections. Don’t tar every Jock with Wee Burnie Sturgeons poisoned brush.

  4. Second vote my arse.
    These cunts have to accept the will of the majority.
    For those with second thoughts or a change of mind, your actions are both badly tlmed and pointless.
    If you’ve ever had a wank minutes before driving the baby sitter home you’ll know what I mean….

  5. If we were invaded by the russians these cunts would be stood there throwing flowers at them,and cheering them on,traitors ,thats wot they be sir.

  6. The old cunt with the glasses on the left of the picture is holding up a sign that says “We’re here for our kids (and yours)”

    Peado? Or Hitlerjugend recruiter?

  7. I don’t know what they’re getting so upset about. There seems to be no urgency from the government to even start the process,never mind actually enacting it.
    We’re still letting endless migrants in,sending money to Brussels,and following every dictat that they issue.
    The mix of a government who don’t really want Brexit and a few court cases will drag the process out for years. If,and it’s a big if,we ever get Brexit,it’ll be a watered-down, half-arsed version of what was promised.

  8. Cunts cunts cunts. I have given up now that we will get any rightful decision regarding the Leave vote. Everyone knew when they were voting what was at stake, from keeping immigration down to self rule, but no all of a sudden it was claimed the referendum was actually only advisory and not binding. The public that voted to leave were just a bunch of bigoted, racial thickheads that were the lowest form of life. I find it most depressing that Leave voters have been kicked in the teeth, dragged through the mud and then told we are going through a democratic process. How very fucking gracious of the remoaners to say so. Well fuck off you cunts and fuck democracy if that is what it stands for. I have a best friend in Jack Daniels that always comforts me in times of sorrow.

  9. One of them placards reads ” we’ve all been lied to”.
    So is she admitting that the lefties are dishonest ?

    Prickola sturjin.
    I’ve told you all before. She’s scotch and female. Those two things create a beast that cannot be reasoned with.
    Whatever she wants today will be different to what she wanted yesterday and definitely different to what she wants tomorrow.
    The scotch , like many minorities are just mouthing off for the sake of mouthing off.
    I grew up there and I believe its one of the most beautiful places on earth, but the locals are cunts. Anything scotch is amazing to them apart from Ian Brady and Denis Nielsen. They hate England loving England, but will revel in anything connected to Caledonia.
    They never get tired of mentioning that the only place in the UK that Elvis visited was Prestwick airport on his way to Germany.

    We should annex the cunts , send them to Ireland ( prods north, Tims south) and we can have the beauty without the beasts.
    Patrick Mcgoohan said it best.
    “The trouble with Scotland is its full of Scots”

    Cant wait for trainspotting 2 though,.

  10. These vermin are of the same ilk as the reptiles currently whining about Trump’s election victory the other week. The latest mock outrage being directed at Trump’s insistence that ILLEGAL immigrants who are also violent offenders, be rounded up and deported. What a bastard? What about their ‘human rights’ and right not to be discriminated against by a cruel and uncaring administration? It’s an outrage! Oh wait….they have actually raped and killed law abiding US citizens so maybe getting rid might be the best thing. OF COURSE IT IS!!!! How can anyone disagree with that? You’d have to be clinically insane to want to protect such scum.

    Notice how the lefty liberal tree hugging cunts have swapped the term “illegal immigrants” to “undocumented migrants”? No doubt the same bed wetting genius who came up with “climate change” instead of “global warming” is responsible for this latest piece of cak.

    These do-gooders who seem to be on the side of the illegals really boil my piss. Picture the scene. An illegal immigrant breaks into their nice, posh, comfy home. Takes food from their fridge and cupboards, mooches around the house all day, sleeping in the owner’s bed, watches the owner’s TV, drinks the owner’s booze. You get the general idea. The owner was going to let his son mow the lawn to earn his allowance, but the illegal did it then flogged the mower. No mower and the son doesn’t get his allowance. Then the illegal decides to rape and kill the owner’s daughter. Now, at any time do you think the liberal, lefty, illegal loving cunt would call law enforcement and have the illegal arrested and thrown out? You fucking bet they would. But if several million of these illegal scum suckers do the same thing to the country as a whole, that’s OK? The only fucking difference is scale!!!!

    When I think back to what I had to go through to be allowed to live and work here in the US, it really fucks me right off. People who just show up unannounced, take any and all benefits – which people like me are paying for – then go around committing crime and then cunts defend them? Jesus christ on a bike, what the fuck is wrong with people?

    • Build the wall, build the wall, build the wall, build the wall.

      Did you see the footage of very young school kids chanting it in the canteen? The media were outraged, saying they had been brainwashed and this proves Trump is dangerous.
      It was the whole canteen ffs.

      Maybe the kids ain’t so bad after all……..

      • I didn’t catch that, Birdman. That sounds awesome! I went to a Trump rally during the campaign and enjoyed several rounds of “build the wall”, “lock her up” and “drain the swamp”. It was ace. Loads of people wearing ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ t-shirts too. Funny. Got to get me one of those. And yes, those kids do sound ace. Maybe there’s hope for us yet?
        Cheers – I.Y.

      • He isn’t using bricks he’s using the bones of filthy dope pushing mexicans & bean backing rapists.

        Various mexican items like sombreos will be glued together, taco seasoning and taco shells will give its added weight to strengthen the wall

  11. I was surprised Newcastle voted to remain, it’s typical of the geordies who loud mouthed and all talk, temperamental and bad loosers – ie punching horses in the face when getting beat off sunderland… Sunderland who are full of people with common sense who were first to vote LEAVE! Mainly because we in sunderland are sick of been the poor relation to Newcastle all the time and have the piss taking out of us! Long live and prosper the people of sunderland.. The first City to tell the EU to piss off!!!

    • Sting is a geordie or should I say was a geodie(accent is practically gone).., does he punch horses in the face? and should we call the police?

  12. The best thing May could do is call a general election and a fucking Scotch referendum at the same time. The porridge wogs would fucking shit it.Even if they did vote for independence they would have to apply to join the EpUke and Spain would fuck em off cos of Catalonia. And then even if they managed to get past that they’d have to adopt the Euro and pay massive fees towards all the lazy cunt bureaucrats pensions. How in the fuck in hell would they survive with an economy that’s worth jack shite. They trade a hell of a lot more with England than the EU so that in my mind make Kranks a damn site thicker than the gruel she scoffs in the mornings. As for UK election the Torys would piss it. Labour so out of touch with their voters, the Lib cuntz deluded into thinking all the remoaners would vote for them soppy fanny rags. The leavers would be out in even more numbers after being insulted to the Nth degree by the head in the clouds, I’m alright jack deluded PC wankers. So lets get it on and shut these ringpeice wallahs up for fucking good.

  13. The picture just about sums up what these cunts are. Unwashed dirty looking cunts who should have a wash before coming out in public. As for the signs, what lies were told and by whom. If they are making reference to the £350m going to the NHS then that was not actually said as a definite proposition. The Leave side said that money COULD go to the NHS. It could go anywhere but they won’t let this fact get in the way of their view of things, inconvenient though it may be.
    Bunch of spoilt brat types who spit the dummy out when someone says no to them. Get used to it cunts, we are out and are staying out. Suck on that.

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