The Labour Party [3]


Is that really what labour was founded on? workers rights?!

I thought they were founded on the notion of flooding perfectly peaceful countries with violent brown people in hopes of killing off the evil white devils

Yeah thats a party I wanna vote for…. Corbyn and his retarded fat Jamaican pet should piss off!

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  1. Fireworks are a complete cunt.
    And more to the point, cunts that set the cunting things off are, unsurprisingly, monumental cunts.
    What makes it worse here is that is doesn’t get truly dark until 8-30ish, so just as young children and shift workers (including yours truly) want to settle down, fizz/whizz/KA-FUCKING-BOOM go the completely pointless fucking fireworks, until midnight at the earliest.
    This shit will go on nightly from now until the new year.
    Inconsiderate cunts.
    P.S. I had a similar (unpublished) rant last year, and was met with a wave of comments telling me to fuck off. Anyone who thinks fireworks are just people having fun are cunts.

    • Fireworks are indeed cunts. And any cunt who pays money for the fuckers is a mega cunt.

    • I am totally with you on this one KiwiCunt….see my rant in the Diwali post.
      On Wednesday night, some fucking dickhead, decided to let off bangers at 20 minute intervals until 4am.
      Obviously the work shy kind of cunt.

      It upset the dog and woke up the whole household. My other half works conti shifts and had to be up at 4.30am.

      Because of the inconsiderate cunts, both my son and I overslept and was late for work.

      God help them if I find out who is was, I’ll shove the fucking bangers up their arses and shove them in a locked garage with the rest of their fucking fireworks……see how they like them onions! Cunts!

  2. I was at work all day yesterday when I heard the news with regards to brexit.

    What was patently obvious was that the Al-Be-Be-Cera news “service” were absolutely loving it.

    When the news was announced one of the blokes in the office had the ABBC websites homepage on his screen, the caption banner about the decision was as big as I have ever seen and all of the ABBC radio pundits had a mirthful “YESSSSS!” tone in their voices.

    Travelling home I dared suffer Question Time on R5L and all the obligatory apologising feminist Labour representative could say on brexit was: “They [the Conservative Party] have no idea of what brexit is!”

    They may have no idea but no idea is better than any idea from a bunch of Labour fuckwits!

    Brexit is simple: we want to work with Europe just not the EU. We want to have sovereignty over the laws we make not those made by the EU, nor have legislative decisions made overturned by the EU. We want to have the right to allow or deny entry into our country whoever we wish based on merit rather than being told who we must allow in by the EU.

    That’s what the people wanted. The sideshow on trade, etc., within the EU is a detail which the greedy bankers at the top of the EU want to use as a punishment – by means of tariffs on exports from the UK – but tariffs cut both ways and it would be very easy to make every German/French car so expensive to buy in the UK that it would be cheaper to buy an Aston Martin!

    Ok that’s bit of an extreme example but that’s basically the gist of it: quid pro quo.

    If we allow interfering busy bodies from the Labour party, etc., who basically are a bunch of useless liberalistic idiots to shove their oar in then by the time we get round to invoking article 50 what we end up with will be the worst of both worlds – a crap trade deal to go alongside with having to pander to EU law while still being lumbered with the lunacy which is the free movement of the EU workforce.

    We had an opportunity to rid ourselves of the economically corrupt and morally bankrupt EU and organise direct trade deals with both Germany and France (who the EU would hardly veto as France and especially Germany IS the EU), and a few select others.

    However with Labour’s “help” I’m sure we’ll end up with the worst possible deal we can get. Well if you want the experts on worst possible deals then you can’t go wrong with the Labour Party, they’re the past masters at that.

    Kinnock (useless cunt) was banging on – yet again, change the record you cunt – about the “boom and bust” politics of the Tories. Well that might be the case Neil me auld EU gravy monkey, but at least with the Connies we did get an occasional “boom” rather than the “bust and bust” politics of that shower of shite known as The Labour Party.

    • News is a bit fuzzy here regarding Brexit. I read RwaC’s post but still: Are you staying in or are you truly leaving?
      On an unrelated topic, some mad cunt on TalkBack radio was saying if Trump wins in America, our NZ economy will fall down dead.
      How the fuck will that happen?

      They’re not our predominant trading partner (China), nor are they the biggest provider to our tourism industry (China). Stupid Killary loving fuckwit.

      • WE voted to leave, but now the High Court is saying that MP’s should vote on whether to stay or leave, completely undermining the peoples vote to leave.

  3. A slightly rejigged cunting, because this cunt really does deserve a nomination…

    Arnold Sube is a cunt…

    This human leech of a ‘vulnerable’ ‘migrant’ has a free 425 grand house for himself and his litter of mini ‘migrants’… This sack of shit has done nothing for, or put nothing into, Great Britain… My old man – a lorry mechanic – bought our house in 1977 for ten thousand pounds… He worked his bollocks off (as did I after I left school) and we finally paid of the mortgage in 1994… My old man could only dream of affording a house worth nearly half a million, yet this so called ‘migrant’ gets one on a plate because he’s a foreign ‘migrant’, a muslim, and the dirty cunt can’t stop shagging his wife like a fucking rabbit… And cunts like Lineker and Lily Mong wonder why people don’t like or want migrants… Fucking bastarding cunts…

  4. Tory mp Charles Walker is not a cunt for telling cunts to get a clue .
    When speaking up for apologist Louis Smith he said
    ” when people make fun of Christianity in this country it turns the other cheek.
    ” when a young gymnast makes fun of another religion he is hounded on twitter and suspended”.
    ” this man recieved death threats and we all looked the other way”
    ” what is going on in this country? Because i no longer understand the rules”.
    Now all he needs to do is get some other mp cunts to think along the same lines , and we might find the light at the end of this long ,suffocating tunnel……..

    Labour are cunts.
    Rather than have policies that fit with the voters, they changed the voters to fit with their policies……..

    Cuuuuunnttsss …..

    • Didn’t someone famous once say “When people disagree with the government, it’s time to change the people”?
      No idea who it was tho…

      • When the government declares war on the people, the people are absolved of any further obedience.

        John Locke.

        I have been on a war footing with the house of traitors for years.

  5. Indeed, bin your birth certificates, stop paying taxes and stop identifying as Mr or Mrs A.Nonymous.
    Take back your divinity and sovereignty, fuck governments, fuck banks, fuck the system.

  6. We need the Labour party, else we would have nothing to line the bottom of the barrel with.


  7. totally agree with kiwi cunt,i think cunts with fireworks should all be strapped to rockets and shot into space and land in allepo if they like loads of constant banging,fireworks are for bonfire nite and new years eve,not for the last 3 months of a year,its to celebrate a terrorist and we heve enough of those cunts here now and will be worse if they u turn brexit

  8. The Labour Party and firework fuckers are cunts. However if people with fireworks stuck them up the arses of the Labour Party and let them off I would change my mind about firework fuckers.

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