Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman leaves Newsnight

Jeremy Paxman is a grade a cunt….”have you no compassion” the bulling old hypocrite cunt asks UKIP’s Suzanne Evans.

Whilst our own orphans are kicked onto the street to live in squalor on their 18 birthday, this bag of shit claims we should be responsible for the entire male progeny of some illiterate spunk bag call Fatima in Sudan who has kicked out 20 wogs in twenty years.

We are bankrupt and can barely afford our own poor let alone Islamic wogs that breed luke cockroaches. The home office claims dental checks are invasive and immoral….no such charity with our own poor us there? Where dustbin content checks by some old bint at the council and welfare sanctions are the norm. Paxman was investigated for paying his Romanian cleaners less than the minimum wage in 2007 to clean his London mansion, at the time it was reported he was earning nearly £1 million per annum from the licence fee.

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27 thoughts on “Jeremy Paxman

    • The bell end that is Paxman, has the annoying habit of answering the questions for his witless “guess” and can even interrupt his own answers. He is genuinely a cunt of the first magnitude and causes much irritation to the point that I can vomit profusely in very large amounts. Cunt.

  1. ‘Paxo’ is indeed a cunt and he should be stuffed with it…

    Altogether… Shit Brian Walden! You’re just a shit Brian Walden etc….

  2. The cunt needs a stripping and placing in stocks at a barrymore pool party ,no doubt the cunt will be a swaggering and a strutting around at the BBC christmas party fucking boring every cunt to death,pure cunt that he a be.

  3. I would like to cunt Emmerdale

    More specifically the character called “Kerry Whyatt”. The character is pretty much your average chav slag you get in this sort of programme, loose morals and an even looser vagina.

    The difference here being the character played is a Type 1 diabetic, which means you must inject insulin to be able to function.

    I’ve been diabetic for over 50 years now, and it’s no trivial matter to deal with. I must be very careful what I eat, monitor my blood sugar and take injections. If you keep your blood sugars within a normal range, you can lead a normal, productive life.

    If your blood sugars go too high, it fucks your kidneys, eyes and feet up.

    If it goes really high, you go into a coma and die. If it goes too low, you go into a coma and die. This can happen on any given day. So, nothing trivial about this condition.

    This character eats all day fucking long all day long (sweets,cakes etc) , drinks like a fucking fish and never ever checks her sugar levels, . Oh, she went blind in one episode, but the Sainted NHS managed to sort it all out of course

    Recent episode, she broke into a sweet factory, downed a bottle of whiskey and eat 10 chocolate bunnies, all with no ill effect.

    To trivialise type 1 diabetes in this manner is fucking unacceptable. Cunts

    • My best mate at school (lad called Michael) had type 1 and the school had to make sure he was looked after (because Mike’s parents were total cunts who didn’t give a toss)… He collapsed on more than one occasion and it is not to be trivialised or used for soap bollocks, I agree…

      And that Geordie slag off Emmerdale is also a crap actress with plastic tits….

    • Had a mate with Diabetes who never looked after himself.
      He said he knew things were deteriorating after falling asleep on the sofa and woke up to find the dog chewing at his big toe.
      The toe was amputated a month later and the leg from below knee the following year.
      His eyesight was also terrible and organ failure finished him off.
      I’m aware of how serious this shit is.
      Look after yourself.

  4. Not a joke.
    My gran had diabetes and was having major problems with one foot.
    She basically was housebound with pain,with everyone visiting her and helping out.
    I lived away, but i got a holiday and went to visit her. She was well made up to see me for the first time in a year and agreed to come down to her old local with her grandson on her arm.
    As we were getting in the taxi i stood full weight on her toes.
    Never seen the poor women so helpless with pain, and the day out was off.
    Now i don’t know if its my fault, coz every cunt blames me, but within the year she had her leg amputated and then died.
    To this day, many a family member blames me and maybe they’re right………..

    I loved my gran and named my daughter after her (you’ve got to after that) but i can still see the funny side….

    Go on laugh, no offence taken…

    Yours, Birdman granny killer……….

  5. My mate”s mrs is diabetic,poor girl;and on a visit to our local Indian restaurant with said couple,she piped up to her hubby…”I don”t want anything that”ll fill me up too much darling”;to which I interjected…….”That”s why you married him”………..Cunt………Baaaaaaaaaah

  6. A friend of mine who is a bus driver used to pick up Paxman in London.He was a massive grade A cunt and always brought £50 notes on and used to shout at people “Do you know who I am?”

    • He also incidently used to pick up the actress Gwyneth Strong who was not a cunt and actually bought him a gold watch for standing up to members of the public who bothered her.

  7. Good cunting there.

    The Royal Navy will soon be without anti-ship missiles and there’s no promise of a replacement (forcing our surface ships – all 19 of them – to rely on their guns instead) and our new, super-duper shiny aircraft carriers (which may or may not come equipped with planes) won’t even be able to dock in our bases because the naval infrastructure is 80 years out of date, but we can afford to house “refugees” from such war-torn hellholes as Morocco.

    This government’s priorities are all bass-ackwards and risk leaving us defenceless on the high seas.

    • The first duty of any government is to protect the country. Instead of that they allow immigrant terrorists in and leave the front line, in this case the RN pretty much unequiped.
      Priorities all upside fucking down.

  8. A cunting for those self-styled “wacky” jokers who think that they’re being hilarious by quoting bits out of fucking t.v ads.
    “Should of gone to Specsavers” or “Simples” tagged onto the end of their fucking lame pronouncements.
    It’s just not funny,you sad wankers.

    • What about when friends was on?
      All these smart arses going “eh, nooo”

      In a way, i blame Friends fir making everycunt a self pitying, soppy cunt……..

      • Or Wayne’s World with ‘Awesome!’ ‘Later, dude! ‘ We’re not worthy!’ And every cunt saying ”Not!’ I recall one really irritating bitch I had the misfortune to work with… Every time a Rod Stewart song was played on the radio (didn’t matter which one), this daft smug cow would say ‘Do Ya think I’m sexy? Errrr…. No!’
        Every fucking time, this was… Thought she was dead clever, when she was just an irritating cunt…

        Cunts who do this sort of shite should be tarred and feathered…

        • That’s the trouble,they just never know when to let it go….they must have got a pity laugh sometime in the dim and distant past,and so think that it’s still funny on the 500th telling.
          I also detest people who introduce themselves as being “wacky”. It normally just means that they’re attention-seeking retards who should be choked with their comedy dicky-bow ties or “hilarious” slogan t-shirts.
          Utter,unmitigated cunts.

          • Couldn’t agree more… Another cunt I used to work with was this real twat who thought he was ‘fufn’ and a ‘character’…. He did all this jolly jolly shite at this introductory meeting, and then he said (to everyone in the room), ‘I’m a great guy, and if any of you can’t get on with me, there must be something wrong with you…’ The lad who was next to me said, ‘I already hate this cunt…’ Of course, the ‘zany funster’ could never be disagreed with, had more issues than The Beano, and he eventually got deservedly headbutted in the canteen… That’s ‘wacky characters’ for you…

  9. Who cares? Last had a TV around 1990 though Crapita who deserve multiple severe cuntings keep threatening me. Last time I was in the phone book one of their fuckweed droids phoned me up to threaten me.

    Backed off a bit when I demanded her and their Chief Fuckweed’s home addresses for the summons for libel.

    And pointed out that under Jock Law they’d have to get a warrant from a Sheriff in that jurisdiction. And would be liable to arrest if they didn’t. Funnily enough the only Sheriff prepared to sign warrants out of hour was my late father.

    Strangely the Crapita call centre weenie hung up on me.

    Crapita deserves all the cuntings it gets.

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