Green Day


Green Day are cunts and American idiot cunts at that. In particular the lead singer: Two quotes from this punk rebel below:

Rock group Green Day say they “fully support” the protests against US president elect Donald Trump.

“I don’t think any of us were prepared for Donald Trump to be president,” singer Billie Joe Armstrong told the BBC.
“I think there’s going to come a time when the protests get larger and larger – and that I fully support.”
The star, who has been an outspoken critic of Mr Trump, said he felt like his “country is being set on fire”.

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong publicly supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, branding her the only choice while calling Donald Trump “evil.”

He tells Beats 1: “There’s only one choice for me and that’s Hillary Clinton. What a lot of liberals need to understand is there’s never been a candidate that has come this far that has had this much of a liberal and a progressive agenda.

“Just because she has just got this baggage that comes along with her, and it’s not even really baggage, compared to Donald Trump she is basically a school teacher.

Wall street establishment child rapist defence council Hilary either did a really good job of pulling the wool over your eyes or your a paid up establishment shrill.

By the way your music is a parody of anything potent and your a massive cunt.

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48 thoughts on “Green Day

  1. I’m not familiar with their music but going on the singer’s comments and the fact that a member of the group has blue hair, they must be cunts.

  2. To be fair, Green Day were – and remain – total cunts regardless of their political sympathies. As are all their fans, of course.

    • The only green day I know is the day I put the “green” garden waste bin out front for collection of contents. I fucking hate this wanky chore and therefore green day is a cuntish day. So to me a group called green day must always remind me of a cuntish day that occurs once a fortnight but not after 18th Nov as collections are suspended till March 2017. Ipso facto green day the group must be cunts and if they are moaning about a democratic result that was not to their liking then they are even bigger cunts. By the look of them they fit the bill big time.

  3. Green Day music is just depressing bollocks sung by grungy cunts, still I suppose if he didnt get his way at the elections he can write even more depressing shit about the new presicunt…..I recken Trumps going to do away with all these whinging cunts slowly but surely

  4. Green day are mega awesome, dude.
    Absolutely brilliant for dancing in the parlor to when nanny’s not looking.
    Total fun in the common room when the big boys aren’t there.
    Really good for making me look crazy when i really want to dress up in my maters clothes whilst getting groped by the gardener.

    Green day are shite, i don’t care about opinions on this one,they are ssshhhheeeeiiiittte.
    I’ve never understood Brit bands trying to break America apart from the money.
    IMO, even shite Brit bands are better than their yank counterparts.
    My whole life I’ve been told America is cool.
    No it’s not. Look at movies , programmes, music videos etc.
    Not one person in your town had hair or dressed like that, and if they did , they’d be a joke ( unless they come from Wales).
    Germany was famous for the mullet and tache, but you still see it in American shite today.

    The only americans i listen to are The Doors and Sixto Rodriguez.

    Saying that, Morrison was Scots/Irish and Rodriguez is from a Mexican family……..

    • American bands I like: The Doors, Creedence, Love,The Band, The Byrds, (Brian’s) Beach Boys…

      Fuck all of musical standing has come out of the US since Talking Heads… Nirvana were whiny slacker shite, Weezer are crap, Foo Fighters are a bunch of wankers, Pavement (with that Malkmus cunt) are a musical turd, Green Day are the Joe Strummers of American ‘punk’ (ie: fake activist manufactured cartoon punk shite), and Jack White is a cunt in any of his guises (especially when he’s with that one arm drumming inbred mong in The White Stripes), not forgetting all the talentless slags: like Lavigne, Swift, Perry, Gaga, Cyrus, Beyonce etc…

      • I forgot Talking heads again.
        Maybe coz i keep remembering that David Byrne is Scottish, i was born in the same town.
        I also like creedence, even though they were fake. Singing songs from the bayou when they are from San Francisco.
        Also that eighties centrefold shite…..

  5. PS. The little billy goat cunt sings in an English accent.
    I suppose it makes a change from all the Brit acts singing in American accents.
    I cant listen to any cunt singing in a yank accent if they are from Watford.
    Even when Elton John sang, I was made in England, he sang it in an American accent.

    They all sound like American idiots…..

  6. Absolute bag of fucking shite. It makes me fucking larf when you listen to these cunts whining and a’wailing and a’head slapping. They can’t compute in the sheilded, cosseted little minds that some people could have a different view to their self righteous, luvvy dovey, marshmallow cloud little world. Well I’ve got news for you fucktards it’s a fucking rough world out there where it’s dog eat dog and people sometimes decide enough is enough. Look after your own citizens first and the rest will take care of itself. Soppy cunts!

  7. I had never heard of the little gits and I’ve managed up to now. Suck it up buttercups, Trump won, Killery lost… Grow up and get over yourselves you poor little snowflakes.

  8. I’ve just Googled, Cliff Richard is a cunt.
    What i found was that in July 2009 he was cunted for being a shit singer and it gained seven responces. Wtf.

    Cliff Richard is a cunt.
    When he was younger , he was the wholesome teen that even the minister wouldn’t have minded his daughter to court.
    Then a few years later it was lame disco shite that came out after disco had died.
    And then it was all festive shite spreading the joys of Christianity.
    And then , when he is of pensioners age, he becomes a rocker, complete with biker jacket and convertible mustang or a classic motorbike.
    The only constant things in his life are that his musics utter shite and he’s an utter cunt.

    Cant say anymore than that , in case i get sued.

    SPEEDO wearing CUNT.

    Free tip, Speedo usually makes it past moderation

  9. Went to fill up with petrol today and thought I would join in the national craze at the counter to please the assistant.

    So he told me it was £55.25 and I did this shocked look and then I did the mannequin challenge and held it for 2 hours and 42 minutes.

    Other customers were going ape cos there was only one till.

    Thought everyone would appreciate it as its so trendy.

    Cunt called the police

  10. Who ever came away from their concerts whistling a tune from it. And who gives a flying fuck about wankers like them ?. We seem to give publicity to some celebs because they are celebs. That makes us giant cunts!
    All celebs bar a few are socialist leaning because they know that the labour party will always support their efforts and who better to support than anyone in the public eye.
    How many more cuntings on here about no – nothing guitar playing or feeble acting wankpots that no one with any spunk gives two shakes of a dingo’s dick about. Stop it .

        • I’ve never been there, just heard of it.
          I was just advising other “unsatisfied” cunters that there are other options, or just appreciate what cunters have to say , without telling them to stop it.
          They don’t have to like the nominations, sometimes i have no opinions about a nomination, so I leave it alone until in find something i have an opinion on….

          • I’ve got an opinion on just about everything,it’s just a shortage of synonyms for CUNT that stops me.

          • Used to be a blog like this one but then they changed it to a forum. Anyone can start a thread and then people jump in and say what they like. Strikes me as unregulated and haphazard although I may be being unfair.
            To each their own but I find it a bit hard to follow and pretty undisciplined. I try here to !imit the worst excesses – mainly libel, slander, race hate and attacks on other contributors. Preferably a light touch before anyone accuses me of censorship. I call it editorial privilege and we get around 4500-5000 hits a day so clearly I’m not too over the top?

            Feel free to disagree. It won’t make any difference 😉

  11. The cunt did say that he wanted to be an American idiot. Nice to see him achieving something.

  12. On the subject of cuntish ‘musicians’ (I use the term advisedly) Kuntye West is in hospital. He was put in handcuffs and taken away on a stretcher and is said to be suffering with exhaustion. Probably overdoing the anals with Kim.

  13. Stella Creasy deserves a cunting. She recently clashed with John Redwood over social mobility, and make the completely bollocks claim that the England football are shite, because they all went to public. You know, places like Eton, Gordonstoun etc. They’re shite because they’re all posh boys. There’s just one problem there, it ain’t fucking true.

    I mean could you imagine Wayne Rooney or that clown, Raheem (must give the ball away) Stirling going to a school like Eton? They’d be mistaken for shoe shiners. This comes at a time when that fuckwit ape, Diane Fatbot, claimed that UKIP voters were the same who voted BNP. I’ve never voted BNP, neither have any mates, especially the black ones. I vote UKIP, because not one of the main parties has any respect for me, my friends or and British person. All they want is our votes. Something that has been proved with their treacherous behaviour over Brexit. Unfortunately, a lot of people in this country are thick enough to give them that. Especially the pakis.

    • I also vote UKIP because I also have no faith in The Tories or Labour (LibDems aren’t even on the radar), and I’m also sick of feeling like I am in Albania, Syria, or Somalia…. I too have never voted NF or BNP, but when I see some paki cunt jump a hospital queue ahead of a young mother with her baby and an able bodied Eastern European cunt refuse to give up an elderly/disabled bus seat to an old man (both witnessed last week!)… A joke is a fucking joke, right?….

    • Flabbott is a fucking racist cunt. Everything is black, black, black with her. It’s an obsession. If you can bear to listen to her shit then no matter what the subject the cunt will sooner or later move her answer round to making some comment on race. witness her response to being asked about her views on schools and squaring that with sending her own kid to a private school. She said that West Indian mothers will do anything for their kids. She couldn’t just say mothers could she.
      Said it before with her and cunts like her they reach for the race card far too quickly and also pretty much tar any opponents with the same brush.
      Intellectually lazy cunts.

      • “West Indian mothers will do anything for their kids”.
        Well start by stopping them mugging and shooting tourists in Jamaica.
        And stop them mugging and shooting innocents in Britain…….

        I hope she wasn’t implying that British mothers don’t want the best for their kids……….

        Horrible, horrible thing…….

  14. Why are those BBC cunts paying a gushing tribute on their online sports news site to convicted rapist (and mental thug cunt), Mike Tyson? He’s not dead (shame!)… Is it part of their ‘Proud To Be Black’ campaign? So what if he was good at boxing? Rolf Harris was good at cartoons, but I don’t see any ‘tribute feature’ for him, and Tyson shouldn’t get one either… Maybe the ‘Beeb’ will start a new movement: Black Rapists Matter… For it seems they can get away with absolutely anything…

    • Tyson.
      Black parents abondon him,
      Black neighbours bully him,
      Black classmates beat him,
      White boxing coach takes him in and cares for him whilst training him to be world champ/chump.
      End result,

      Mike Tyson hates whitey

      • Tribute… how is a MBE or OBE for tribute norm?! Painting and music was his specialty, fondling and abusing children was his passion he also looks like Mr.KFC

        • Rolf does look like Colonel Sanders, I agree… But after Rolf Harris’s trial and conviciton he’s been rightly (and some might say conveniently) swept under the carpet by his former employers, the BBC… But convicted rapist and ear biter Tyson is lavished with praise in a full blown tribute?! Oh,I forgot,Tyson is black… That explains it… He’ll get a part in Doctor Who next…

  15. There’s YouTube footage of Tyson”squaring” up to a paparazzi, conveniently being held back by his minders.
    He looks like he’s shitting it.
    When i was young, i had him down as the hardest cunt on the planet, and still thought of him as a scary cunt until I saw that.
    His face even got paler……


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