George Osborne [7]


Gideon Osborne is a patronising cunt.

Saying now that he wants the closest possible relationship with the EU post Brexit. He claims that Theresa May should remember that Britain did not vote for a “hard Brexit”. How the fuck does he know the motivation of the electorate when he misjudged us as idiots who would blindly believe his propaganda of financial armageddon which has proved to be complete bollocks.

I really wish TM would release a statement saying that if she gave a toss what Gideon thought she wouldn’t have sacked him. This cunt talked down the economy so much during the referendum that when the vote came in the economy took a temporary nosedive.

Osborne should apply to be a PA to the snarling arrogant cunt Schultz. He would enjoy being his bitch. Say what you like about Cameron at least he had the decency to quit!

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

I wish Gideon Osborne would take his Northern Powerhouse and shove it up his arrogant little arse. Kicked out of number 11 he’s got himself a nice little slot oop north as chairman of the Northern Powerhouse Trust whatever the fuck that is.

I now hear he’s biding his time until Brexit gets all fucked up and he can challenge May for the leadership. The little shit actually believes he can still be PM and that people will actually vote for him.

Deluded little cunt!

Nominated by: Dioclese

18 thoughts on “George Osborne [7]

  1. I despair about us ever actually leaving, it seems easier to get dog shit of your shoe than let our EU overlords know we are leaving.

    You just know that recent court case will go to the supreme court, get the ok, then it will be referred to the European Court of Human Rights and drag on for fucking years

    I’m really, really pissed off about this. Really pissed off

  2. We all know this is just typical elite tactics. The European Project has always been about manipulating the people in order to push through a United States Orf Europe without the people realising what is actually happening before it is too late. Except it is never too late. Time to do a frog, man the barricades and do massive demos in the streets.
    As an old cunt I remember all the shenanigans with the Common Market/EU bollocks from the beginnings in the late fifties/early sixties to date and me old cunt sniffer continues to give dark intimations orf the future. When I can be arsed look oit for me cunting orn the whole EU deception and how it is actually a frog plot to rule the world (believe me the krauts get a bad press in that direction).
    Storm the bastions orf power me hearties. ‘Tis the only way.

    • “…Storm the bastions orf power…”

      Nope. Burning them (with all inhabitants) is quicker and tidier.

  3. I’d have much more respect for him if he just stuck to cocaine and dominatrixes. But no, the pallid doughy faced little shit stirrer wants to run our lives! Gargantuan cunt!

  4. Wasn’t Gideon just paid some obnoxious amount (100k + expenses for about 4hrs “work”) for giving a few bollocks laden speeches in the US.

    What a complete and utter cunt. Mind you the Yanks must be bigger cunts for hiring the useless twat in the first place!

      • I suppose if you are about to shove your country down the toilet, he could give you tips on how best to flush it away….

  5. Urban myths and those who make them are cunts…. Myths are for cunts who want to appear ‘different’ and posture about pretending they don’t like what everyone else does… Usually they are either total bollocks or bigging up some crap cunt who never made it… Like these:

    Christopher Marlowe was better than Shakespeare (when he wasn’t)

    Mary Seacole was great and Florence Nightingale was crap (PC revisionist bollocks)

    Robin Friday was better than George Best (was he fucking fuck!)

    John Lennon saying ‘Ringo wasn’t even the best drummer in The Beatles’ (when it was Jasper Carrot who said it)

    The Hollywood Brats were the ‘great lost band’ who ‘invented punk’ (when they were useless cunts who were totally crap)

    Michael Caine saying ‘Not a lot of people know that’ (he’s never said it)

    There’s a lot of bollocks out there, and a lot of cunts…

    • I’d never even heard of Mary Seacole until about three years ago. Turns out she was a black woman who lived around the same time as Florence Nightingale, and treated wounded British soldiers. So in todays PC world, Florence Nightingale = Evil WHITE bitch.
      Mary Seacole = Divine BLACK woman who must be canonised fucking yesterday!!!!

      And you can guarantee that the cockwombles who come up with this bullshit are white, middle class, far left arseholes, who live off mummy and daddy, and know FUCK ALL about the wider world.

      • Agreed, QDM… Same goes for the snotty cunts who weren’t even born then going on about how’ bad’ and ‘dark ages’ and ‘un-PC’ the 1970s were… Usually some posh cunt born in the late 1980s with a shitty media degree who ‘works’ for the Grauniad or Sky Arts… Well, if I was asked to choose between living in 1976 or 2016, I would choose 1976, no question…

        And these cunts will attempt to rewrite as much history as they can and make it ‘black’ as much as possible… In years, decades, to come Obama will probably be portrayed by the official state PC history department as a great president of vision and strength (and they will constantly mention him being black of course)… When in actual fact he was a useless, ineffectual muslim apologist cunt…

  6. “On Saturday evening, detectives charged 44-year-old Mohmed Dadhiwala of Chester Street, Blackburn, with taking a child in order to remove them from a person having lawful control.”

    Since when did a trip to Morrisons mean you take a 3 year old child home?


  7. Ok, so I’m nominating stores that are already selling/advertising Christmas goods and services. I mean…FUCK RIGHT OFF YOU CUNTS!!!!! According to the carol, or whatever you want to call it, there are TWELVE days of Christmas. Ask Asda, Tesco, Morrisons or any of the other superstores and they’ll tell you that there are ninety to one hundred days of fucking Christmas.

    Now I’m no Grinch. I love a good a piss up as much as the next man. Even if the next man happens to be Oliver Reed, Peter O’Toole, Richard Harris or George Best, (may they all rest in glorious peace). But there comes a time when you have to stand up and say enough is fucking enough. As I type this, the time is; 00:10, 6/11/16. At approximately 23:55 on 05/11/16, I saw my first Christmas advert from one of the big stores.

    Do you know what my overriding memory of LAST Christmas was? Standing in a queue at Debenhams in Manchester City centre, behind a woman who smelled as though she hadn’t bathed/showered for at least a month. And this was around 20th of December 2015, and it was pretty fucking cold, so you could probably add another month to my estimate. I would have walked away, but I really wanted my jar of boiled sweets. Along with excessive alcohol consumption, they’re the only thing that keep me sane.

    I quite like the Christmas market we get every year. The giant bratwurst hotdogs bring great memories of being stationed in Germany. What I absolutely hate, is the recent tradition of the likes of John Lewis, Debenhams etcetera, doing these “tear jerking” adverts. I mean fuck……off! I will not be opening my wallet in your stores because you show an advert in which a paedo on the moon is spying on a young girl. In my view, Christmas is from the 14th December to the 26th, then it’s over for another year, and I can begin planning the fucking awesome New Year party for my mates, in my Man Cave.

  8. ‘It wasn’t a Hard Brexit’? As I recall Gideon and his Etonian bottybashers didn’t get a proper majority in the 2010 General Election, so they got got that whore Clegg to drop his political keks and be dry buggered by Cameron and Co… Didn’t see Gideon moaning about it not being a ‘Hard General Election result’, did we?… The man is excrement, end of…

  9. TBH I had almost forgotten this fluorescent jacket wearing toffee nosed cunt till he reared his annoying mug on the marr show, he was actually trying to do a little humble pie but after a minute or two saying he had misjudged the people, should have listened more etc etc he revealed his true self!, apparently we must stay in the single market, customs union etc etc , so little Caesar hasn’t really listened to the working masses at all, its business or should I say big business as usual!!
    The prick has now formed an unholy alliance with ( stay at any cost) super cunt cleggers, TBH this pair are well suited, both have been not only rejected by the British electorate but their own parties too, a couple of bitter old remainiacs who skulk around plotting blocking Brexit, I always thought clegg was the standard bearer for CUNTS , a man of little self awareness but George has beaten him hands down, apparently he still harbours ambitions to become British PM!!, if true were dealing with a mentally unstable and deluded individual, Osborne should just carry on taking the dosh talking to any CUNT silly enough to listen to him……

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