Generation snowflake


Generation snowflake, of which Lily the musical mong is emblematic need a cunting.

The millennial generation have been given their own way first by parents who have spared the rod and a society based upon instant gratification of any and all desires. This has led to a generation who think they can stamp their little feet and shed a few crocodile tears and they will get their own way.

What a pile of cunt.

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

40 thoughts on “Generation snowflake

  1. in 1991 I visited a little country that had a similar problem, the majority had voted one way, the minority another, but unfortunatly the nextdoor neighbour chucked a lot of ordinance accross the border as “aid” for the Minority, the “civil” war that ensued is now history.
    However I can tell you that the minority lost even with their shinny new tanks and aircraft against a population armed with hunting rifles and a bit of ingenuity.
    So it dosent matter if you have “smart lawyers”, great twitter platforms, or support from high flying (normaly drug related) celebs, you are pushing against the majority and your coercion tactics are simular to a pedophile with a bag of sweets.
    You are going to loose.

    On a sub note I listened to a Hilary suporter complaining that Trump would probably deport her friends (who were ilegals), I then pondered the effect her ilegal friends were having on her Parents income and earnings and came to the conclusion that she had very little concept of the realities of the world around her.

  2. Bring back the birch,thats a what these cunts need this country needs national service and quick the russians could take this country over night fucking is could take it from inside it the normal populas dont have a fucking clue.

    • Maybe some cunters with military connections can confirm or deny this; I heard from a mate of a mate with mates in the armed forces that it was a kind of open secret that if Clinton got in there was going to be a war with Russia.

      Personally I don’t have anything against the Russians, at least Putin has got a pair. In a square go I reckon he could gob any other world leader easily.

  3. Every single one of the rioters kicking off in the US are snowflake cunts. Not one of them over 25 and 90% white. They have been told NO! by the grown ups and the dummy has been spat right out. They should get the national guard in and shoot the cunts.

    They argue that Clinton won the popular vote, i.e. she got more votes than Trump all together. But all the votes are not in yet. Arizona and Michigan, both presumed Republican states have not reported and neither has New Hampshire. I’ve no idea why they have not reported their vote tally yet, maybe once a winner has been declared they stop the count. But until the true vote tally has been reckoned the snowflakes need to shut it and get back to doing their homework. Cunts.

    • And all middle class, never done a hard day’s graft in their lives, always get their way cunts…. Not unlike the remain cunts here in Blighty, these Clintonlickers have a go at Trump and his supporters, when it is them who are acting like spolit kids and behaving like a mob…

      Surprised that those old hippy cunts, CSNY, haven’t done another crappy ‘protest’ song about Trump and inustice… Wait a second, they’ve fallen out: fighting over women (again)..I don’t know: if it isn’t passing round hippy slapper, Joni Mitchell, it’s bickering over that mermaid from that crap Tom Hanks film… Hippies, eh?

    • Skid, They can not do homework and exams have been canceled because the cunts are too upset and must go to a safe place and and cry, then go out and act the cunt by blocking traffic at rush hour. Cunts one and all.

  4. This one sums it up beautifully.

    About 1/2 way through, top political advisor and economist Miley Sirus, offers (through a flood of tears) to sit down with President Trump to help him with “all those things” he doesn’t understand…

    To be honest Miley I don’t thing Big Don has time to learn how to twurk his arse, which is about as much as a foetus such as yourself has in the “life experiences” stakes.

    All this shit which is out there on TwitBook and YouTube, etc., it’s there forever, so I hope these cunts look back in 20-30yrs or so time and then realise what petulant little shits they were.

    It would make a decent TV show: “SJWs, 20 Years on, Where Are They Now?”

    Where reporters dig out the videos of these snowflakes acting like spoiled cunts on whatever meejah outlet aged 16-22, decrying corruption, etc., as they now sit behind their bank managers desk. Or being filmed crying in the jungle at the abject destitution of the (iPhone 7 carrying) children, etc., as they sit in their Kensington Mansion (as mummy & daddy are now dead) with their two kids in Uni – one at Oxford, t’other in Harvard, both as thick as castle walls, but hey money talks lounder than intelligence these days – while complaining that their snowflake kids just have no idea what’s its like to be grown up. Oh the irony.

    • The video is hilarious but it’s frightening to think that there are millions of these cunts in the States, Britain and all over the world. If they don’t grow up an start to live in the real world then we are all truly fucked.

      • …. but when you see, in this country, the BBC, people ‘in authority’, politicians and people in ‘respectful positions’, going against democracy ( the Brexit outcome ) … then these type fuckers think it’s okay to go ahead and protest. Monkey see … Monkey do. ….. Cunts

    • Oh how I would love to sit down with Miley and discuss all those things she does not understand.

      • That crabs riddled pea brained slattern, Miley Cyrus, doesn’t even know how to use a light switch… Wouldn’t be great if Old Don did a McCarthy style ‘celebrity hunt’ and put the fear of fuck into all these debauched gobshites…

        • What I find hilarious is these celebrity slags like Cyrus who are going on about ‘morals’ and ‘standards’ and Trump being so classless and crude, when most of them have flashed their cunts, arses, and tatties all over the web (and then call in the FBI when some hacker cashes in on their narcissistic stupidity!)… Media hungry slappers who would strip for a bag of crisps getting all holier than thou and taking a moral stand?…Ha fucking Ha….

          • This openly being an illegal immigrant and taunting America & UK shite needs to be shut down immediately now that Trump’s president. If you have dissenting views and start saying “Uk is now ruled by moslems,get out white britains”.

            Your arse should be instantly deported or your head should be on a stake. No 3-5 yr long delayed court decision to determine their “true intentions”

  5. that’s what happens when you cant smack your kids,they grow up to be cunts,and if miley sirus can advise anyone on anything I’m shocked,she has about as much credibility as lilly the retard

    • … but then Miley’s breeding could be a bit dodgy from old Billy Ray … from their neck of the woods, it could be … from Billy to his wife … ‘Honey, if we get divorced … will you still be my sister ?’ Cue banjo player on the porch ….

  6. Generation snowflake are a direct result of the cultural Marxism which has been force fed to the kids for 30 years in schools all over the western world.

    -Multiculturalism is the only way forward.
    -The more diversity the better.
    -If you are any shade of non white, then you are a more deserving and worthwhile human.

    The west is now in the process of doing a three point turn after the indigenous populations have wrestled the steering wheel from the liberal cunt who was driving the car toward the cliff edge.

    The brainwashed youth can’t deal with it as it is counter to what they have been told is the only way.

  7. The Snowflakes have just coalesced into a steaming . festering heap of tepid shite.
    Their only redeeming quality is to motivate us cynical realists to defecate on their ickle-wickle presumptions and dweams.

    • These are the cunts who ‘no platform’ anybody who might say something which offends their rigid ideas. I see that some cunts have withdrawn from Uni Challenge because of some innocuous off camera remark from Paxo.
      What pathetic, gutless cunts.

  8. SJW snowflakes are what happens when there are no winners or losers at school sports days.

    They just aren’t used to losing because they always had everything their own way.

    Basically a bunch of spolied cunts who need slapping back into reality with a cricket bat.

    With Lily Allen at the head of the queue.

    • A daft thought, but I sometimes amuse myself wondering how these fucktards would cope in a post-apocalyptic world. I mean it wouldn’t be easy for most people, but I would derive great pleasure in seeing their inability to adapt. Evolution in action, mwah ha ha ha ha ha

    • That’s true. Some fucking rainbow warrior decided to invent a “non competitive sports day”. What in the name of ten types of shit is that? If sports cease to become competitive, they cease to be sports. It defeats the whole object. The trouble is that these hippy cunts are so blown out of their minds on weed and alternative lifestyle magazines, they’re not even in the real world and never were.

      “Now remember boys…competition isn’t allowed here. You’ve all got to throw the javelin the same distance as each other. We don’t want anyone to be traumatised with hurt feelings. Don’t forget to run the same distance and all cross the finish line together. I’ll make you a cup of hot milk later”.

      Hmmm not exactly ancient Sparta really? Fucking unicorn saddling cuntishness.

      If Generation Snowflake regards Mileymong and Lilymong to be high-intelligence role models and paragons of reason, then not even the theory of Christ can help them. This planet needs a fucking good enema.

        • … TV .. I think you’ll find that would be ‘warm milk’ … HSE wouldn’t allow ‘hot’ milk.

          • That’s true BMP. A nice dainty fine bone china cup with lukewarm soya milk in it, just in case it offends the cottonball hipsters, their manbag nail accessories kit and their “You Can Be A Rainbow Too” life-handbook.

  9. These kids have been overprotected and mollycoddled to the point that many of them are quite useless and can’t cope with the simplest of dilemmas. They need a bit of toughening up and to be allowed to fail at times so that they know what it means to not always get their own way.

    The education system is feeding them all this leftist crap and needs purging. Kids need to be taught to think critically for themselves instead of being fed this cultural Marxist PC feminist intersectionalist crap.

  10. I was bloody lucky my two sports masters( yes we had to call them masters,)were not into PC at all. One was an Aussie the other a bitter South African who grew up in 1950/60’s SA. We as a school rugger/cricket and football were not gifted, but by fuck were we hard and evil. They taught us fuck the oppositions feelings and well being, WIN at all costs within the rules. Be hard but fair. Would not happen these days esp th Aussies nick names for people he called the two black twins chalkie and snowflake, they both loved it as it was the first nick name they had ever received. Never happen now. I saw them both last month and they both smiled and responded in a positive manor to their names.

    • Fuck me we must’ve gone to the same school mate.

      We had two as well, one who was a cunt and another one who was an absolute cunt!

      If it was pissing down and freezing in winter out came the footballs. Snowing rugby balls. 100deg in the shade, cricket? No circuit training in the oven known as the gym.

      Woe-betide any snivelling “Lucy” who didn’t want to train. No “oh write a story then” in my day, no, this was the deal: “Ok you don’t have to play football if you don’t want to so instead you can do reps of 10 push ups followed by 10 star jumps followed by 10 sit-ups for the duration of the lesson and the three lads off for their 5 minutes will be keeping an eye on you and have my permission to throw mud at you if you stop. Ok.”

      I only ever knew one kid who got to the stage where they got hit with any mud. Cunts soon joined in when they realised that footy/rugger was better than cardiovascular any day of the week! And – now here’s the kicker (are you listening PC molly coddler cunts?) – after a few weeks they started to enjoy it! No fat cunts in my school (well not like the fucking weebles at aged 10 we have today). I’m a fat cunt now but I still like me sport and taking part and loved it at school (apart from fucking basket ball).

      Nowadays if they did that, said PE teachers would be put in Broadmoor alongside the likes of Brady and Sutcliffe! Fucking libbo soft arsed cunts!

      • Well we did have half a dozen fat kids in each year! every scrum needs three fatties in it. They were both cunts to the fat kids though, making them run and exercise. I can recall the SA bastard telling a fatty if he spent a greater amount of time running as he eating life would be easier, no need for special diets then just less of the current diet your are on.

  11. Something on telly last night got me thinking about how times have changed and the modern plague that is generation snowflake… A 1982 Top Of The Pops episode showed a John McEnroe spoof called ‘Chalk Dust’… Now, as records go, it was pretty fucking awful and not particularly funny… The ‘Mac’ character gets ‘shot dead’ by the umpire with a prop machine gun at the end, and back then it was just seen as a daft bit of fun and no bugger batted any eyelid…

    But if the same thing was done today about, say, Andy Murray… There would be hysterics and loads of snowflakes and twittermongs taking offence and acting like the real Murray had passed on… Insane mock outrage ranging from ‘Total disrespect for a sporting legend!’ to ‘World’s No. 1 subjected to vile (they love that word) murder threat (even though it’s only a joke)!’… You know the sort: cunts who enjoy being offended and complaining, treat crappy celebrities like gods, and would kill themselves if their precious social media closed down… Let’s hope it does and the suicides begin… Snowflakes are cunts…

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