Any sort of socialist is a cunt. It is not the job of the government to decide who gets you wages or how much of it you get to keep. Government should be minimal and as localised as possible.

Fairness is nothing to do with socialism and vice versa. Can’t afford kids, don’t fucking have them. If you are desperate to be a parent you will do what it takes to get yourself in a position to be able to give them a life without stealing out of the pockets of others.

There are a lot of issues with a free society promoted by a free economy but socialism is not the answer to any of them.

There is no entitlement, it is a myth. If you can work and provide for you and yours then you should. Society should take care of those who really do need it not those who will steal their living from the pockets of others.

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Socialists adhere to an outdated and frankly doomed to failure dogmatic belief system. Name me one country which has benefited from being under socialist control. USSR? North Korea? Any of the former Eastern European states? Angola? Venezuela? DRC? Vietnam? Cambodia? All shit holes. Only China has had any economic success, but that only came when they adopted a form of free market capitalism while retaining the old iron grip on the population.

Socialism damned near killed the UK in the 1970s and the EU is a form of socialism too. All utter utter cunts. And what really gets on my tits is how they assume a high moral ground, as if they are the moral crusaders and free market capitalists are the cunts.

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  1. ” cant afford kids don’t have em”
    Not all pregnencies are planned.
    I can honestly say i never wanted kids but thank fuck i made the mistake which is my daughter.
    Some people also planned a family only to get laid off and never get a decent paid job again.
    The rest of what you said was bang on, and i know there are dumb cunts who breed at an alarming rate., but some people had a child with the best intentions of meeting their needs only for some capitalist cunt to toss them aside………

    • Did you walk away from the unwanted child or did you hang around and do your bit to raise her and work to support her? People do lose their jobs and they have paid in which means they are able to take out whilst they get back on their feet. The socialist model enables welfare to be a lifestyle choice where popping kids out means you get a bigger house and a pay rise.

      As I said the free market economy and unregulated capitalism have faults but the socialist alternative has never proven to be an answer to the ills of either. Socialism depends on a healthy economy which it always strangles and then everyone is fucked.

      • Not once was i defending socialism, i said i agreed with you.
        But i was also saying that some people played the game from school to work to marriage to mortgage to babies and then had the rug pulled from underneath them.
        I don’t think breeders should be rewarded for having kids ,but i also think that single mothers who were lied to by some love rat who promised them the lot and then left them hanging should be penalised. The same goes for men who have been left holding the baby.
        Also I did take responsibility and am lucky enough to provide for her and her mam…..for now anyway….

        • Life isn’t fair and it’s part of the problem of our society that you can or should make it fair. Bad shit happens to good people and vice versa. Some couples try hard to have a baby and it doesn’t happen, some people pop them out without a thought. Wasn’t knocking you, clear in your post that you did the right thing.

          It would do us all good if we were taught early on that the main drawback to a fuck is the possibility that you might create life. Creating life isn’t viewed as a big deal in the world but it really ought to be.

          Same as you I also made a kid I didn’t intend too and I like you also took responsibility. That’s how it should be. Don’t think it makes us good people, just means at least we live up to what society should be able to expect as a minimum.

          My original comment about not having kids you can’t afford was squarely directed at cunts who pop out kids without a second thought knowing full well the responsibility will fall on the rest of us.

          You can extend that to the third world where no matter if the crops have failed and the livestock are bones in a dust bowl the fuckers still pump out kids like they have no responsibility for their plight or the future those kids will face.

          Shit if the kids lucky it might get used as a photo op by Sir Lenny or Goboff.

    • Life is a shit sandwich but at least with free market capitalism you get ketchup with it.

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    • Weren’t they on 80’s telly had their own short lived version of Top of the Pops called the Roxy circa 1987? Mick had a mullet….Was the redhead Sonia?

  3. ‘” cant afford kids don’t have em”
    Not all pregnencies are planned.’. Spelling aside, have you never hear of abortion or the morning after pill?

    • What the fuck are you talking about?
      So you just kill all unplanned kids ?.
      No you take responsibility.
      My spelling might be shite ,but at least I’ve got a clue…….

      • Socialism has led to a reduction in the birthrate, not an expansion.

        Prior to the welfare state, people had lots of kids as they were their insurance for the future. Your kids looked after you in your old age or when you were sick. When that role was taken by the state in a cradle to grave social contract birth rates started their slow decline to the levels they are now. This has led to two unforeseen consequences.

        Firstly the welfare state is a Ponzy scheme, you need increasing numbers of young people entering at the bottom of the pyramid to pay for the people leaving at the top. Without an ever increasing birthrate the ponzy scheme will collapse, and with it the state becomes bankrupt.

        This leads to the second unintended outcome. In an attempt to prevent the inevitable collapse immigrants have taken the place of the newcomers at the bottom. This has led to a failure in social cohesion which also inevitably leads to a breakdown in society due to ingroup bias, which I touched on in a previous post regarding the formation of nation states.

        Socialists had nothing but good intension, but they fucked about with the natural balance of things. Socialism is based on a false premise, that people are altruistic. They are not, they are selfish. Sure, people will co-operate with their own ingroup, but only so long as it benefits them personally. Free market capitalism recognizes this fact and exploits it to benefit not only the group but the individual too.

    • “Spelling aside ,have you never HEAR of abortion……….its shit being a dunce innit? …sorry isn’t it……..

      • Fuck off birdman. He is right. If you cant afford a child and need a hand out from me then don’t have kids. I’d rather see your 4 year old working at Tesco packing my bags then knowingly pay the lazy and stupid + their moronic offspring. And you should have learned more at school/college/uni to save us the pain staking chore of having to decipher your text based understanding of English. Cunt.

  4. The US is actually the most Socialist government in Human History…not the commie cliches like North Korea. The state budgets of the Pentagon, Wall Street,Bank Bailouts and TARP, US department of Agriculture farm subsidies and Food stamps, prisons, Medicare are costing trillions and make Brezhnev’s Soviet Union GOSPLAN (state planning agency) look like a tea parrty. The Soviet Union actually turned a small profit in the 70s from energy and mineral exports and advanced military hardware exports.The US government is trillions in debt.

  5. The tyranny of socialism is that it promotes a planned economy and state intervention in absolutely everything. I couldn’t see much difference between Hitler and Stalin, the Gestspo and the NKVD yet both states claimed socialism. In the 80s though Mrs Thatcher advocated a minimal state, yet the size of the state grew under her years in power. Whether we like it or not there is a mix of socialism and capitalism at work in our country and with the ideology of socialism in the ascendancy, there’s an obsession with fairness and positive interventions. Employers, or those who take the risks, can’t employ who they want without a tick box exercise because of employment law. Indians and Pakis have taken plum jobs in local government because of positive intervention. The need for qualifications in these jobs, i.e. GCSEs has been abandoned. The BBC is the biggest wankstain for this. Take Cbeebies and the Balamory programme for toddlers, a project in blatant social engineering. The characters are an old white woman, middle aged white woman, young white woman young black man, young black woman, young female dark spaz In wheelchair, young ginger white bloke in pink kilt, young white mincing copper and absolutely no fucking where is there a middle aged white, straight, bloke. Life is not fair and nobody wants to own this and the state tries to put it right. It shouldn’t, it’s wrong. Shit happens and people should get used to it. Local councils, QUANGOs and similar have been dumbed down by freeloaders for the career and pensions. There isn’t the talent there should be. Pursuit of fairness is tyranny. Positive intervention is tyranny especially the promotion of thick talentless goat fucker wogs in councils, housing associations and the like. Thatcher spouted Hayek who advocated a minimal state with a safety net for the poor. The size of the safety net we have now is colossal. Nozick, I think, advocated 4 rules. No force, no fraud, no violence and keeping your promises. It was the state’s role to enforce these rules, nothing else. Where for years there were churches and others picking up welfare, where the community centre was a commonly owned building, councils built community centres alongside existing voluntary provision so it became politicised. Along the way white men have become marginalised by such organisations as the BBC and local authorities all of which are happy to take the taxes of the disenfranchised to pay themselves and the undeservingly promoted wog workforce. The head of BBC religion and ethics is a camel botherer. Doesn’t have a proper job; it’s political. Socialism including Cultural Marxism is the politics of envy and it’s robbing us blind of our hetitage, culture and esteem. We’re worth better and its the very political party supposed to represent our interests that promotes every other fucker than the white working class and white men in general.

  6. The big criticism of socialism , real socialism which is what the Cuntcorbyn believes that it has never worked. Always involved hardship, military force and spying on the population and putting anyone who looks like disagreeing in a camp or in the ground.
    It can’t work because it stops any real form of enterprise and hates people who want to be different. It’s total shit,just look at those who believe in it. Utter wankers who have never had a real job.

    • Nowhere else in the world has a system like the NHS for a reason, because its does not work in the modern society, not as the socialists intended it anyway.

      The NHS as is needs to be put down forthwith. And a good start for the new NHS would be the charging for using forced purchase of birthing plans and early years child care paid for by private insurance companies or the individuals who want to have children. You want it? You fucking well pay for it, and for the schooling too. Now thats a proper socialist construct, start off by taking away entitlement and returning the state to a support net and not an all cosseting hammock.

      You get exactly what you pay for, and if you don’t pay for it you can’t have it. Their is no such thing as ‘Government Money’, only taxpayers money. If you can’t earn enough to be taxed, then things like the NHS go bye bye. And all the bleating on about how good it is and it must be saved is a waste when you let all and sundry use it without paying fully for what they receive.

      Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

    • Tranny operations on the state and free hormones, a huge immigrant workforce to keep it rolling on. Its not a sacred cow that can’t touched. I was in the hospital with my son and the black child with sickle cell anaemia opposite bed was from the fuckin Congo. Now why weren’t the Belgians picking up the tab? Because the Congo was a colony of an EU country. The NHS needs reforming and we do not forever have to be grateful to socialism.

  7. Altruistic principles of Socialism promoting egalitarianism and popular welfare ….great . Unfortunately , the true proponents of Socialism have been royally pissed on by the power hungry , avariciously cuntish super power regimes who care only for their elitist agendas.

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