Black history month


It’s been black history month on the Beeb. Even Morgan Freeman got annoyed at this whole black history shit, as he said “Isn’t it just part of history as a whole?”

Fuck the BBC.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

81 thoughts on “Black history month

  1. We dont need a month for black history as it it is already taught in the school cirriculum much like white history.

  2. A couple of days a go Kent University Students Union faced a backlash when they used Sadiq Khan and One Direction singer (?) Zane Malik as poster boys during Black History Month. They were a bit embarrassed when it was pointed out that the pair are not black but of the paki persuasion. Probably an easy mistake to make when you don’t have much interaction with the ethnic folk.

  3. Stamp out racism.
    Celebrate the back race.
    I’m confused.

    How come a black person from Baltimore has the same accent as a black person from Florida.
    Somewhere along the line a black kid has to learn to speak like that.

    The same with poofters .
    A fag from Auckland has the same mannerisms as a fag from Sheffield.
    It proves how fake all these minorities are .

    “Don’t treat me different, but I’m gonna act different”

  4. Sky news. Again. I can’t watch for more than 5 minutes without having to go for a nice lay down in a darkened room. They had some yank cunt on Murnaghan ( who deserves a cunting of his own. Stop mumbling you cunt!) who said “Trump is clearly insane”. Did the presenter jump in and say “Yes, but clinton is a rape facilitating crook and a liar” Did he fuck, it went totally unchallenged. And yet they say they are balanced.

  5. I’ve always wondered what native Americans think of all these moaning blacks.

    America is made up of people from all over the globe .
    Why are African Americans the only ones still having a moan.
    Every “community” has its bad elements , but the majority have got on with shit and live their lives.
    But black people seem to demand things for no other reason than they are black. And not one person is saying enough is enough.

    When Asians and Europeans went there , they had to pay their way and find accomodation and work.
    These Africans got a free boat ride with work ,food and accommodation laid on for them.

    Stop the whinging ,and integrate you racist cunts……

    • Be great if the Sioux and Apaches went for all these chippy ‘the world’s against us, bro!’ noisy cunts ‘custer style’… Then they would have something to moan about…

      • Googled 25th hour and the first thing that came up was 25th hour rant.
        Fucking excellent clip.
        And that came from Spike Lee, a cunt i avoid like a beef burger…

        Cheers Allan……

  6. This ‘Black History at the BBC’ bollocks is nothing to do with documenting history, it is black people and culture taking preference and priority above everything else… It’s everywhere at the Savile Sheltering Corporation… Some very shite dancer who is black gets kicked off Strictly Cunt Mincing and it’s because voters are ‘racist’ and nothing to do with the dancer (that noisy fat momma off NeverEnders) being shite… That Nadiya cunt was guaranteed to win the Great British Cunt-Off before it even started…. Her stupid headgear and her skin colour sealed that, and now she will never be off our screens… And now we have a black companion for Doctor Who, after the BBC shamelessly auditioned ‘black actresses only’…. And that Steven Moffatt cunt said that he wanted a black companion AND a black Doctor Who…. Nothing to do with acting ability or enhancing the story/show, he just wants one to be PC and shit on white actors and actresses so he can be worshipped by the left wing Twitter mob and Grauniad reading cunts…. It’s apartheid in reverse and the BBC are racist cunts…

  7. Black History….get uppity, develop a sense of grievance,celebrate the invention of fried chicken,expect “whitey” to kiss your ungrateful black arse.

    • Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket delivered a classic line…

      “What’s your name scumbag?

      Sir, Private Brown Sir!

      Bullshit from now on your name’s Private Snowball…do you like that name?

      Sir, yes Sir!

      Well there’s one thing that you won’t like Private Snowball…they don’t serve fried chicken and watermelon on a daily basis in my Mess Hall!”

  8. The fucking BBC will have black history year next these cunts live on a different planet i think they do it to annoy every one they should all be strung up in public staff as well cunt is to good a word for these cunts .

  9. A black guy did invent peanut butter.
    I’ll be forever grateful for that.

    Can’t think of anything else…….

    • They claim to have invented a lot of things, including chips. Non of it is true though.

      To give credit where it is due, they did invent AIDS and Ebola.

    • Nope. Didn’t invent either.

      The Mayans did. Centuries before blacks got anywhere near the Americas.

    • Who is this Paul Joseph Watson?

      Is he always as good as that?

      Cheers skidmark for introducing me to him…..

      How many times did he call him a sack of shit?…..f a f……..

  10. The last time I tried to show my appreciation for white history month I was unjustly barred just because they didn’t like my dresscode they said “they didn’t want my kind around” My kind really?! sound familiar?… damn biggots

    Mum always did tell me to keep my whites bright. Say what you want but The only thing I’m guilty of is using Calgon water softener to keep my whites white 🙂

  11. Motorists need a fucking good cunting. Bagsy I’m the one to do it…
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a driver. Kind of. But even nice fellas become utter cunts once they sit too close to an internal combustion engine. All semblance of courtsey and consideration for others goes right out the fucking window.

    Oh, and while I’m at it, you know when the lights go amber? Well, that means prepare to stop, not drive as fast as you can to get across the lights before they go red…


    • What about the cunts that speed up to the zebra crossing and slam the breaks at the last minute?
      I don’t know how well your brakes work, cunt………

          • I find it hard to figure out what tone things are written in myself sometimes.

            When I wrote it i thought it might look like i was talking directly to you….

            We’re just a pair of cunts……

    • Oi! Mr Driver sort of. Bollocks to that. Just because some cunt from the council thinks it’s a good idea to install traffic lights to inconvenience me on my travels, then bollocks! I especially try to go through them just as they are turning red, just to cunt off the cunts who are predicting the change the other way by jumping the change in anticipation!

      • Well, you’re a cunt, aren’t you…? Glad that the lights incovenience you so much. After all, that’s what I pay my taxes for. The system works. Walk, ya lazy cunt…

  12. NFL
    Now I don’t really have anything against the NFL as such, but which soppy cunt came up with the daft idea of playing regular hand egg games in the UK? Are they going to start playing cricket across the pond? Are they fuck. So why is it all of a sudden such a blinding idea for us to have them play pansy rugby in England.

    Money grabbing yank cunts!

    And, by the way, how the fuck is it football when they run around holding the bastard ball…?

  13. Brixton Carnival, Tottenham Carnival, Southall Carnival, Toxteth Carnival…………………….or riots as we know them.

  14. Most of them have done fuck all except sing, put their hands out or sweep the floors, what fucking history? I make a big exception for jazz which is my thing ,but after that they make their own way in this world and stop demanding we pay them any special respect just because they are black.
    Putting up themselves as a historic subsection is bollocks, there are blacks in every side of life in the UK,right up to the top. Get on with it because most of us are not interested.,

  15. So we have Black history month, Music Of Black Origin Awards and Black lives matter. Try replacing the word ‘Black’ with the word ‘White’ in any of those, and watch how quickly lefties start shrieking “RACIST”! Recently, a group of people actually did try to stage a White Lives Matter demo. Anyone care to guess what happened? One of my old neighbours was a left wing arsehole, who saw nothing whatsoever wrong with these events. But if anyone even attempted to point out how racist they actually, because they exclude anyone who isn’t black, and his head virtually exploded.

    And THAT is the problem with this bullshit. The fucking dipshits on the left need to get into their tiny fucking minds that racial equality means celebrating the history of ALL races, White, Black, Asian, Oriental. To only have Black history month whilst condemning attempts from other races to do the same is, itself, racist. To accuse others of racism for daring to want a Music Of White Origin awards, whilst celebrating the MOBO’s is RACIST.

    We need to start standing up to lefties, who generally tend to be White, middle class, “trustafarians”, who have NEVER had to deal with the problems that unchecked immigration has caused. They have never lived in the White, working class communities that have been decimated by an influx of foreigners, be they Africans, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Syrians, Iraqi’s, etc. They have never seen the communities they grew up in torn apart by alien cultures. They just have a false, rose tinted view of immigration.

    Until THOSE dickheads start to acknowledge that WHITE music, WHITE history and WHITE lives are as valid as their Black counterparts, then as far as I’m concerned, Black history, Black music and Black lives can all go fuck themselves with a lit stick of dynamite.

    Oh yes, and to those ignorant fuckwits who scream “CULTURAL APPROPRIATION” whenever they see a White person wearing dreadlocks, go read up on ancient history. You’ll find the earliest depictions of people wearing dreadlocks date back to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Neither of whom were fucking Black. Screeching wankers!

    • Whites say anything critical about any other colour, that is racism. Other races criticism is called cultural differences. A cunt is a cunt, regardless of ethnicity. It’s how many cunts you have in that particular group that matters.

  16. Why?? I bet black people themselves must get sick of this sort of shit! The BBC are patronising cunts. what’s next, transgender history month? Eastenders history month, Ant and Dec are Cunts History Month?

    Can we have a White Skint, balding, no job, no pension, no savings living in poverty Man History Month.

    • I know a few black folks and they are pissed at other people taking up the cudgels on their behalf. No one asked if they felt aggrieved about a certain subject. The cunts just assumed they would be and bashed on regardless.
      Utter cunts who see racism in every nook and cranny where it clearly doesn’t exist. It just shows that the word is overused and misunderstood.

  17. Funniest thing I ever saw, was when the other half and I went to Dublin for our wedding anniversary.
    We stopped off, from sightse…..I mean shopping, to a pub for some refreshment.
    The jiggaboo barman was serving a jack(the pak) and they had the thickest Dublin accents.
    It just didn’t look or sound right, it was really fucking weird.
    Jolly nice chaps tho…..

    …The mist of Doolaly has descended upon the shiresheer…

    • Who remembers Nigga brown wool? My old mum knitted me a jumper with that.
      I recall, also, those cunting do gooders trying to get ‘Nigger the dog’ name changed in the classic film The Dam-busters because the blacks found it offensive. Fucking tough…..cunts.
      What a utter fucking cunting outrage! It’s OUR culture.
      Do we try and change their fucking culture? Fuck me, we do that and were cunting racist.
      We’ve lost the Gollywog toy too..fucking cunts.
      Then there’s the rhyme, eni, meni, mini, mo, that got brought up recently too and don’t get me started on Noddy and Big Ears……cunts.

      Well, I’ve still got my Gollywog toy AND Gollywog badge that I got for saving all the labels from robinsons jam jars, when I was a kid….haven’t got the nigger brown jumper tho…..thank god.

      • …I forgot the Black and White Minstrels.
        …I’ll go a million miles….never see them on the MOBO’s do you?

        • The black and White Minstrels were my introduction to the coloureds. Their cheerful demeanour and flamboyant fashion sense was always a delight although the way they were always singing and dancing could get on your wick.
          The Brixton riots came as a big shock,where did it all go wrong?

          • Alan you’ve got to stop watching it. Once it’s inside your head you’ll never get rid of it. It does deserve more than 9000 the hits it’s received but political correctness stands in the way.

      • The thing about Guy Gibson’s black Labrador, was that he actually was called ‘Nigger’. It’s a simple historical fact. You can’t erase history simply because some over sensitive pussy finds it offensive.

        I sometimes wish I could do something that would make world famous for eternity. Because I promise you, I would tell everyone who would listen, that I have a dog called ‘Pissflaps’, who played a major part in my life. Just to fuck with the heads of soft, left wing pricks.

    • It was the same when i was younger.
      The Pakistani guy had his accent, but his daughter had a right Scottish brogue.


      The Scots/Italian chippy owner was even funnier.


  18. Thing is though all these cunts they see as ‘black icons’ and worship are scum… Kanye West, Jay-Z, ‘Queen Bey’, Mike Tyson, Snoop Cunt, Naomi Cuntbell, etc… They have either committed criminal offences of varying nastiness, or they are connected/married to someone who has…

    These scumcunts also promote gun culture, misogyny, violence, and rub their wealth and excess in people’s faces, yet other blacks seemingly worship them… If the thick cunts want to celebrate these glorified pimps, hoods, psychopaths and rapists that’s up to them, but count me out…

    • The way that rapist cunt Tyson was mobbed and revered when he went to Brixton was sickening… Had whites turned out to hero worship, say, Max Clfford or even Ched Evans in the same way they’d be viewed with disgust and derision… The fact that Tyson being a rapist and a psychotic animal (biting ear off etc) doesn’t matter to them is despicable enough… But worshiping someone just because they are black?! How fucking dumb and undignified is that?! One can imagine the excuses: ‘Sure, he done bad tings… He raped a girl… But, hey, he’s a brutha!’ What a load of warped gang mentality shit… I don’t hero worship people because they’re white or English, so why the fuck should they?! More to the point, why do the cunts get away with it? Anyone who defends or turns a blind eye to a rapist is as bad as the rapist themselves…. Cunts…

    • She’s calling herself “Queen Bey” now? Fuck me, the arrogance of these dipshits never fails to amaze me. Just like Rihanna, she’s completely lacking in class. Dressing leotards, flashing her fat arse to the entire world, and grabbing her crotch. She’s a fucking talentless slut.

      • I think I first heard her called ‘Queen Bey’ when that prize cunt, Bono, referred to her by that ‘title’ in 2008 (he is a well known arselicker to celebrity/black ‘royalty’)… Now everyone uses it, including the fat arsed hyposcritical class-free coconut herself….

        And Rihanna is known by the media (aka online cunts and tabloid scum) as ‘RiRi’… If they were more on the ball it would be ‘SlagSlag’…..

  19. We call all look forward to the Tranny being followed around the US joing her/his sisters erm bothers uh fuck knows in their fight to be able to use any toilet they want.

    Will be we surprised when some good ol boy with an assault rifle explains the facts of life to one of them? The rest of us use the toilet as suited to our gender, why can’t these cunts?

    The rest of us have to learn the world wont change to suit us, how comes the world has to change for LBGT cunts? This isn’t the same as racial segregation, this is a case of if you have a penis you use the boys bog.

    • Been and gone Alan. LGBT month was back in February. And the answers no if you were wondering if I celebrated it – I just looked it up.

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