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  1. Was at an arena gig once and there were fuckers in flipflops everywhere. Imagine what injuries st johns dealt with that night?, who wears flipflops to a gig ffs?..
    I once bought a cheap pair from the market and got ripped off , they turned out to be flopflops….

  2. I managed to get a date with a stunning Dutch girl.
    A real looker but had a strange fetish for wearing inflatable footwear.

    She never turned up for the date, a bit sad really…..apparently she popped her cloggs………..

  3. I can’t back Rebel on this one. With the exception of work, I wear nothing but jandals (flip flops to you lot) come rain or shine, as do a great many people down here, young and old alike. It’s nice not to have the old feet cooped up all the time.

    • Colonials often revert to savagery. Try to think of the Mother Country and the example you are setting the natives. Patent brogues or riding boots are recommended.

      • DF … couldn’t agree more. To add … having done more than my fair share of flying, decent airlines and otherwise, I do feel since the price of an average flight has been within the reach of the great unwashed … the requirement to show respect of the fellow traveller has plummeted to great depths.
        Appearing smart but casual … yet comfortable for ones own flight … why should some have to suffer the bare feet of some other fucker for however long the flight should be. You’re not in your fucking living room now !!! ( a bit like those shlumper cunts that do the school run in their pyjamas )
        In a perverse way, I often wanted my flight to crash in an Alpine or jungle terrain, only to hear some survivor fucker cry … ” I’ve only got on me flip flops” .. Yes you Cunt … let’s see you march 50Km’s out on those … Nothing but a sharp pair of Shepherds Boots for me when flying …Cunts.

        • … although I must also add that if you are in a hurry, which many people find themselves during airport travel, that due to the heavily ‘tacketed’ nature of Shepherds Boots … they are not really ideal for travelling while passing through security checks.

        • THIS.

          On a plane home last week from Spain, the number of great unwashed cunts that think its perfectly acceptable to wear a sleeveless t-shirt or a vest top, and board a plane, that’s got another 150 of you cunts wearing similar attire, after having spent all day in it in a hot climate. Yeah, I really enjoy having your sweaty, B.O. armpits about 8 inches away from my nose, you fucking apes.
          Not to mention the fucking flipflops, how you plan to drive home with those fucking things on? You’re not in Costa Del Cunt now, you pricks !


          • As someone who despises the sight of other people’s feet and also hates the idea of having a toenail unexpectedly ripped out by the shoe of those more prepared for urban living, my comfort choice of footware are Altbergs.

            I wear these whenever I fly, along with a certain kind of casual look that marks me out as a sky Marshall.

            The musrats (the enemy within) at the security Gates hate it in England, but everywhere else around the world I just get wafted through.

            I also have my security check regime down to a fine art.

            Really pisses off the chavs and Muslims.

  4. I’m actually wearing flip flops right now… boy do I feel like a cunt. Don’t worry I never wear them outside because I enjoy my balance, my mum asked me the other day if I’d prefer to wear my sandals to my stunned rhetoricial response “Why the fuck would I want to wear something thats more accident prone? I’m only wearing them now is because I’m too lazy to put on socks

  5. Shorts and flip flops; only just acceptable if you are on the beach or on your way to or returning from said beach. At all other times they should be arrested for indecent exposure.

  6. What really gets me is people who dress by the calendar. Doesn’t matter if its freezing the Calendar says its spring on with the shorts.


    • Number of cunts who, as soon as the sun makes the briefest of appearances, decides they are going to go out wearing their shorts and flip-flops. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5C, out they come, walking around the shops, or, even worse, driving around at 7am in the morning, with their convertible top down on their car, thinking they are looking like soooooo cosmopolitan and european.

      No, you ain’t. You’re looking like a cunt.

      • Two seater convertibles are fine, four seater convertibles are not.

        Driving to a stag do with two mates, I lose the toss and have to sit in the back.
        Felt, and probably looked like a right cunt, and this is confirmed when a bloke in the street shouts “fuck me, it’s Mussolini”….

      • The chav tossers I see in winter wearing shorts are cunts… It’s January and fucking freezing, and it’s like these mongs can’t be arsed to dress properly… For a northern English winter I have a hat, thermal vest, long johns, double socks,the lot… Then there’s some cunt dressed like Harry Enfield’s ‘Kevin The Teenager’ and their legs are turning purple… Serve them right if they get pneumonia or arthritis… Cunts…

  7. Incredibly vulgar footwear, designed for the very barrel bottom of cuntments.
    Good cunting here, I hate the things ,unless the wearer has good tits.

  8. Only one thing worse than a woman wearing them and that’s a bloke wearing them. I once interviewed a girt who turned up in shorts and flip flops. I saw to it she didn’t get the job.

  9. I know that cunt in the picture,his name is Phillip Phillop, anyway, I dont look very good in these things as I got 2 right feet so i have to wear flop flops.

  10. Is anyone watching newsnight.Some tranny compared Brexit voters to soccor hooligans in their attitude to race.What a cunt!

  11. I must wholeheartedly agree with the above cunting. But there is one type of flip flop wearing cunt who deserves to sit on the throne as the King of flip flop wearing cunts. That my friends is the gargantuan cunt that thinks it’s cool to wear jeans with flip flops. “Surely not” I hear you cry….. But it’s true I have seen this absolute fuckwittery with my own fair peepers. It’s not cool and it’s not clever it just makes you look like your a fucking bell crease.

  12. Does going down the shop for my morning paper in flip flops make me a cunt ?
    Shorts as well so a double hit ?

    • Unless you live above the shop and your walk is all indoors, I’m afraid it does Johnson.

      Shorts and flip-flops are strictly for the beach. Bare chests (on men) are strictly for the sea and swimming pool.

      I understand that driving in flip flops or bare feet is illegal in Spain. this is not in the name of safety – it’s to keep cunts indoors.

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