The Hajj

Muslim pilgrims perform the final walk (

I’d like to cunt the hajj.

A bunch of delusional peaceful ones will go to this wankfest and end up throwing pebbles at a wall representing the made up Satan. 21st century and people go for this primitive bullshit. Just a few days ago a space probe started to orbit a planet millions of miles away.

No fucking wonder there’s only been ONE Muslim Nobel science prize winner.

Nominated by: Chris Horner

44 thoughts on “The Hajj

  1. I know a guy who was sent there last year by his family, when he got there he said there was no fucking bingo, he queued for hours and when he got to the front the restaurant was shut and the place was full of fucking foreigners. He’s back at Butlins next year.

  2. There’s a slight error in my post, it’s one science prize winner THIS century and three in total. That’s the same number as New Zealand which has a population of 4.5 million compared to over 1 billion Muslims.

  3. Emily Thornberry needs cunting. Who is she? Well she’s shadow foreign secretary, well according to her Dermot Murnaghan is ‘sexist’ because he asked her to name her French counterpart. Why sexism you may ask? Well she couldn’t answer the question so like many women cry ‘sexism’ to hide her ignorance. How the fuck is it sexist to ask her to name someone she may have to discuss things with if Labour ever got back into government.

    • Seems to be a thing for lefty losers to target male Sky news presenters.
      Mark Longhurst was “moved on” after whiney wanker Owen Jones threw his dolly down and stomped off when confronted by the realistic appraisal of the Florida shootings as a terrorist attack rather than a “homophobic” one.
      Now the unpleasant dimwit accuses Dermot Murnaghan of being sexist , due to the fact she is thick as pigs poop.
      Just what we need eh? More Kay Burley

      • That cunt only likes other carpet munchers and despises the working class most of all. She may have a great intellect but she doesn’t know how to use it.

    • She is the epitome of the modern politician.. Out of touch with the voters,condescending,ignorant,self-serving,blinkered,biased,untrustworthy,weak,venal,perverse,perverted,anti-British,two-faced,stupid ,selfish and to top it off….as ugly as a butt-fucked warthog.
      A pox on the whole stinking bunch of them

      • Typical career politician, don’t give a fuck as long as I get paid cunt… If I asked the daft bitch who won the FA Cup in 1977, or who the bass player in The Jam was, I’ve no doubt she would call me sexist… Not Murnaghan -or anyone else’s – fault if she is as thick as fuck and doesn’t do her research… Fuck me, at least Maggie knew who was who….

  4. Almost anything to do with the muslim religion is worth a serious cunting. It is fucking Stone age behaviour that makes the Catholic church look progressive.
    What is it with these hopeless women who live here and still wear this absolute bollocks, and men who think raping young children is somehow OK?
    If it was a cult we would ban it but they live in their little world, refusing utterly to become part of the country they have chosen over the total toilet they left and where their God has left them a miserable existence .
    Because its a FUCKING DESERT, that only oil has rescued from eventual ly being a dead zone and you poor no account cunts do not have the oil!
    Our politicians who are wanked out cunts do nothing, desperate to keep these numpties on our side so they don’t cause trouble. One thing Westminster will not do is ask the poor bastards who live next to the Flintstones how they like it being surrounded by people who have no desire to join in the society they have chosen to stick themselves to.

    We are seeing the beginnings of right wing revolution in Germany and it will be here and if the cunts beginning with the Mekon cunt Blair had had the glimmerings of concern about this country, it would have not been as bad as it is and will be,
    Leaving us to be the cunts.

    • The Flintstones were an advanced civilization compared to these medieval barbaric cunts.

  5. It may be difficult to get a drink in Saudi…..but their hash and weed must be top quality.
    Apparently you can get stoned to death……

    • I like the smiley, happy cartoon faces on Burkah babes in the background, like they were signing up for a game of Blind Date!

      Q1: Are you looking for?

      a) A soul mate.
      b) A friend for interesting nights out and conversation.
      c) Someone who will legally rape you in between knocking up a few IEDs – when they can be arsed – but who generally will beat the living snot out of you on a daily basis, treat you like a slave, and expect you walk around like a pepper pot.

      ‘A’ selected.

      You have chosen ‘C’! Please wait…

      You have been matched with Mr. Abu Hamza. Mr. Hamza is very good with his hands – well was – and we’re sure you’ll see eye-to-eye on many subjects, even the good one.

      Until Mr. Hamza is released (following a “Free Abu Hamza” concert in his honour hosted by Eddie Izzard with readings by Jude Law and that Toby Whatshisface cunt) Mr. Hamza expects that you will behave as his servant and help his other wives and their xylophone of future terrorists in their Kensington Mansion (rightfully paid for by the UK benefits system).

      Once released you will become yet another “pea sheller” knocking out even more “peaceful” citizens (but don’t worry, the UK benefits system will pay for those cunts as well).

      Your selection is final and is non-refundable. You will be eligible for a stoning under UK Shariah Law should you choose not to comply with this selection or have any sense of individuality whatsoever. Good luck and Allah Akbar!

  6. Thing is, voting for brexit and daring to be repulsed by the activities of the “peaceful” ones is now enough to be classified as right wing in this day and age.

    If that’s the case, some fucker better get in touch with that opportunist cunt Wayne Hemmingway to see if he has any spare pairs of Union Jack Dr Martens, cos there’s a shitload of retirees across the country who are “right wing” based on that BBC/liberal luvvie classification!

    • I am right wing, well I would be described as such, if anything I am a libertarian. I know that my life and country has been dominated by left wing polices for the last 70 years and it has fucked us all over.

      The current labour party make me want to projectile vomit the lowlife scum sucking cunt bastards.

  7. Nice little con going on here, every Muslim has to make this pilgrimage once in a lifetime, over 1 billion people will hit town once in their lifetimes. Talk about nailing down the tourist income. It’s like every smack head having to visit Govan once in a lifetime.

    When they het there they have to kiss the black stone or the fallen star, some equate this as to being Satan. There is a whole theory about this if anyone cares to do a little out there browsing.

    However it is worth doing a google images search for the black stone.

  8. I’m looking forward to the fatal stampede this year to wipe a load more of the fuckers out. Fuck me in my day Mecca was the local Palais de Danse. We’d never heard of muzzers or seen them. You’d got the odd Arabic word like shirk for lazy bastards or bint for a bird. Now it’s like a fucking cancer and the cunts are out breeding us. In the war Germans in Britain were interned. What’s happening with the so called war on those peaceful ones who pervert a crackpot medieval religion? Tougher security in a police state whilst giving their brothers wth British Passports every peaceful benefit and consideration known. Why do we make a distinction? Our culture and way of life is dying and we’re sleepwalking into it.

  9. I’d like a quick cunting to go the way of Renee Zellweger. I know she’s been cunted before, but I’m dropping this in for the moment as she’s going to be constantly on TV interviews with the release of the latest Bridget Jones tosh … so just some food for thought. A couple of years back, if you remember, she appeared in the press at a red carpet affair with a whole new face look, so much so that with any amount of attempts you would never have guessed who the fuck it was. A big fuck off face change .. I’m sure you can google a before and after. I’ve only just been reading her ‘explanation’ as to why she looked so different … She totally denied any cosmetic surgery having been carried out …. but put it down to ‘having been pre-occupied’ thinking about a friend of hers having just been diagnosed with a neurological disease. ‘ Having been pre-fucking occupied ‘…?
    I’m only nominating her for a cunting for treating the rest of the world as cunts in expecting us to believe a fuck off story like that.

    • Celebs are a bit of an open goal for cunting really although I see what you say, yes she’s a cunt, but I’d give her one. The whole pregnancy baby thing is a cunt. Alex Jones of whom I’d never heard is a celebricunt and should be cunted massively because she’s been noising off about how she didn’t think she could conceive as she’s nearly 40 and now miraculously, she’d have you believe, she’s up the duff. And out go the tweets, snapchats and Facebook postings, noising off to the papers, and in come the congratulations and the bubbly is broken open. You can almost hear the oohs and ahs and the well dones and the little bastard ain’t landed yet. Shakespeare said “there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip.” It’s tempting fate to open yer trap before any event and those who celebrate just being pregnant are massive cunts and should keep fucking quiet. No sooner have the piss flaps shut than the gob flaps open. Cunts.

  10. Once again we are all talking about Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikh’s, Mormons add fuck knows how many other religions are coexisting in this country daily going pretty much unnoticed.

    Islam however cannot do that? Why? Because Islam is the last and final word of God and Islam must become dominant. Islam isn’t targeted because its alien, or because some of them dress funny.

    Islam is in out thoughts because it wants to be, because it is setting itself in a position of conflict with us and our way of life. Any Muslim saying Islam doe not want to dominate and become the law is lying,

    Islam states this in black and white.

    • Us cunts who have to live near these bastards know it all too well. They are changing the face of this country like nobody else.
      The only people who don’t see it are the politicians and do gooding luvvie types who regard the rest of us as fascists.

    • If you look at the life of mohamed, may a pox be upon him, it is difficult to see what he did that ISIS doesn’t. Evil fucker and evil followers. Cunts to a man.

      • The politicians and celeb do-gooders know full well what is happening. They want it to happen, such is their hatred and contempt for those of us who don’t…

  11. My father in law told me when the Shah of Persia was overthrown in 1979: “You watch and wait, I’m not joking, Muslims want to take over the world.” I was in my 20s and thought he was cracked. The old buffer also told me the BBC was left wing as well, the daft old bat. Now I’m the daft old bat and know he was right back in the day. Growing up in what is now Saudia Leicester you could see it in action. I remember the pub being built in the sixties on our council estate and named in honour of a well known local fat bastard. When trade fell off this century it closed down. I drove by it on a visit several weeks back and they are now building a three storey mosque on the site. Firstly it was several portacabins as a “community centre” complete with minarets and arched plywood onion domes round the windows because they didn’t have planning permission for a mosque, and now the soft corrupt twats at the city council have given permission for the monstrosity of a huge mosque overlooking and overshadowing white residents’ council houses. It’s a fucking massive abortion. The Hindu shopkeeper across the way is well pissed off with it. The non Muslim people of Leicester, whites, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Poles, Italians, West Indians etc rub along but all get fucked off with the Paki Muslims. The bottom feeders though are the Somalis; arrogant thieving grasping bastards. I fucking loathe what they’re doing. I don’t live there now and won’t go back.

    • I worked at an education centre and then a college in Manchester in the 90s and early 2000s, and after that cunt, Blair, got in both places were swamped with Somalis… And because of the preferential treatment these entitled mentality, thick as fuck, thieving cunts got, I resigned… I saw decent and intelligent British students (black and white) being pushed to the back to cater for these human rats… And I said ‘Fuck this! I’m off…’

  12. Shouldn’t laugh I suppose but it was kind of funny that the loyal pilgrims of Mohammed were rewarded at last years HAJ by having 2000 of them crushed to death in a stampede. Did it give them pause for thought? Course not.

      • No they were the virgins on their way up. All blokes. All 18-26.

        In the Jihadi Manual of Peace it just says “virgins”. It doesn’t classify the sex of them.

        Besides the only two career virgins I know of are SuBo and Anne Widdecombe – you go and enjoy those “lookers” my “peaceful” friends!

  13. I for one would feel a lot more comfortable if Mecca was selected as ground zero for a fifty megaton live fire exercise…..

    Just to remind the stone age goat botherers who really runs things.

  14. You forgot to add that during the stone throwing the delusional cunts will work themselves into a homo erotic frenzy and end up stampeding themselves to fucking death.

  15. They’ve always been uncivilised cunts… If there was a protest, say, against South Africa or Cruise Missiles in Britain back in the day (before people abandoned real protest to wet themselves on Twitter!), it would be be a proper demonstration… But if any country says one word that these muzzie fanatics don’t like, they’re running around screaming like banshees, firing guns and setting flags on fire…. They even couldn’t behave themselves at the funeral of their beloved Ayatollah… The cunts virtually took his coffin apart and then took his body apart… Savages…

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