Tania Farah


I notice Farah’s missus is blabbing to the press about how her ‘Olympic Champion’ husband was ‘humiliated’ by US airline staff… She claims he wasn’t believed when he said he had a first class ticket… But it was probably him just being told to wait his turn…

Full ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ routine automatically deployed… ‘You can’t do that! That’s Mo Farah (drum fucking roll) Olympic Champion!’….. They’re going to dine out on that for years…

As the late Mrs Merton would say: ‘Tell me, what first atracted you to the millionaire, Mo Farah?’

Nominated by: Norman

I feel for Tania Farah.

Having been forced to wait in the queue with all the other scum when you’ve bought a first class ticket is just not on.

Just because her old man is a plastic Brit born in Somalia does not excuse this sort of disrespect…

Fucking jumped up tart!

Nominated by: Dioclese

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  1. Every time the little mud flap wins something,he’s always wheeling his white Brit bint as if to remind everyone that he’s not a plastic Brit . came in at no21 in the mirrors 50 best of British. Anyone see that shit? Beckham 36,Jessica anus34,multiculturalism 30ellie simmonds 49, among other shite .i don’t know what the best of British is but i don’t need a shit newspaper and a survey of about 100 people telling me what is…

    • are you sure she is white? looks like she has got a bit of a spud nose to me, also a splash of perma tan, not that I give a fuck I just question your statment.

      • You’re right @lord Benny,just searched her and her parents are Yemeni. Still looks white next to that cunt though.. She’s not in the picture, that’s his slaughters…

        • I know, I had a little look into their back ground, both equally rabid.
          I notice abu hamza’s first wife (the one he got the passport from) has vanished from Google, I was going to use her as a perfect this is wrong example, any way with his speed and her national determination the kids could become the first islamic cruise missiles!

    • True. Came back from Australia with them last year in business class.
      Air New Zealand are not bad either but I still like BA despite their many faults…

      …and the Air Miles are useful. Has 5 days in Malta with them last year. Cost me bugger all!

      • British airways are fucking shit and deserve a cunting. Whats with all the backward facing seats shit? They manage to get 8 seats in a row where other airlines only get 6 in and some only 5. Now it was some time since I was at school but if you divide something by a larger number you finish up with a smaller piece . And all the cabin crew are either sour faced old boots or wincing mincers. B.A. Cunts.

    • @fred west. Can’t comment on Singapore airlines but Qatar airlines take some beating. They even have flunkies to carry your bags for you. Ethiad are good too. Their business class seats are like a tiny private cabin. Virgin are shit, just plain rude trolley dollys and I can’t stress this enough; BA ARE CUNTS. Though Dio is right about their air miles scheme, very good.

  2. If she’d tried that shit with me, the reply would have been; “Well at least I don’t make my living on my back”! I’d probably get fired for it, but I wouldn’t fucking care.

          • SamCam?? Christ,even I wouldn’t want to dip my wick where Cameron’s been ploughing. I’m not fussy,hell, I’m not bothered a pulse,as long as they’re still warm. Not no,no no.

          • Always wanted to fuck princess Beatrice, i know she looks startled all the time and is a royal cunt literally, but it would be good to fuck the royals for once …maybe her whore mum could catch us? Dirty cunt i am…

          • @birdman, she’d look a sight more startled if I porked her. Wonder if she’s ever had a common dick up the old Kyber Pass?

  3. Good grief but that bairn is ugly. It looks a bit mongy too. Shes nothing to write home about either.

    • Maybe they’re breeding a new type of monger,capable of outrunning the rapeugees to the benefit office.

  4. is it possible to do an “anti cunting” if so can I nominate the Brownlee brothers in particular Alistair Brownlee With all the self centred crap of professional football, olympics etc it was refreshing to see the actions of Alistair who was second behind his brother Jonny the race leader when Jonny about 1 kilometre from the end basically almost collapsed with exhaustion. Alistair could have gone on to win the race but instead chose to stop and help his brother across the line ensuring that Jonny finished second and Alistair third and keeping alive his Jonny’s chance of winning the overall 2016 title. Total respect to them both. Neither overpaid premadonnas, obsessed with their own self importance. That’s what sport should be about.

  5. There is a history of arrogance and the culture of ‘Do you know who I am!’ with that illegal immicunt Farah.

    A few years back the Starvin Marvin lookalike got stroppy with a human and his missus pushing a pram in a public park.

    Apparently things got a bit slappy and the (ho)mobot thinks he came out best.

    Try that with me and my missus you useless streak of dogshit and the next thing you will be entering is intensive care.

    Fucking worthless fleeing cunt. You’re not worth a cold cup of piss to anyone, so please stay in the states where they have history in dealing with uppity shitbags like you and your coalburning bitch of a wife.


  6. Mrs Farah is welcome to take Mo back to Somalia and see if they like the service there any better. They might learn to appreciate that the odd niggle at the airport isn’t the end of the fucking world.

    • If you worked for an airline and a Somalian cunt with his arms up in the air making some sort of sign tried to board any plane ,you wouldn’t be doing your job if you never stopped the cunt ….maybe they thought it was his brother.

    • Cowardly piece of SHITE . fucking spell check, you take time out to try and write something press print then read back only to discover you look like a cunt

      • Shore could work Birdman. A sort of portmanteau word of shite and whore. Yeah, that’s good. You got it right the first time.

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