Hillary Clinton [5]


After weeks of speculation about Killary’s health and after she had a coughing fit last week, today she fainted at an event to comemorate 9/11. I’m sure you will all join me in wishing her a full and speedy recovery

Nominated by: Skidmark Eggfart

Ah poor Killary, something serious I hope. The stupid cunt is actually making Trump look good except I can’t take him seriously because trump is synonymous with fart where I come from. I might proudly wear a basket if deplorable T shirt though.

Nominated by: Alan Fistula

She is the epitome of the modern politician.. Out of touch with the voters, condescending, ignorant, self serving, blinkered, biased, untrustworthy, weak, venal, perverse, perverted, anti-British, two-faced,stupid, selfish and to top it off….as ugly as a butt-fucked warthog.

A pox on the whole stinking bunch of them

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

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  1. Her PR team is shite.Instead of announcing she was ill on Saturday then the press would be able to have spun it as her valiently carrying on but no she hid the fact she was ill and only came clean to shut up her dissenters.Something very shady about her.I reckon she is more ill than she is letting on.

  2. I saw the video of her alleged brain injury head wobble. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s had either a TIA or stroke. She reminded me of that mad cunt Gordon Brown. He was always working his jaw like he’d got face ache from sucking off his fellow war criminal Bliar. The only time I’ve ever seen similar was a bloke who was on anti-psychotic drugs. Brown was mentally ill and Clinton’s not far off. No wonder Bill was putting wank stains on interns.

  3. I’m not wild on Americans, ignorant,overweight wankers in the main,but even they don’t deserve that crooked old bag.
    Now I’m no doctor,but I’ve watched a lot of videos and I reckon Bill’s left a cigar stuck up her and she’s suffering from nicotine poisoning. I know I didn’t feel too chipper after plastering myself in nicotine patches while continuing to smoke 40 B+H a day. If they can find a doctor brave enough to have a squint up her growler, who knows what they might find. Think I’ll ring the American embassy and give them my diagnosis, I sense an all-expenses paid trip to the land of the free beckoning.

  4. So David Cameron is standing down as an MP and off to collect his spoils. I would think he will be getting a bit less given he fucked up the referendum thing for them but he was a faithful servant to the elite and will I am sure be well rewarded.

    At least you gave us a referendum DC, although given you expected the opposite result I will not give you too much credit.

    I think worst of all though when all is said and cone you’re not worthy of a final nomination for a cunting, you have ended up just being a bit of a cock. Your footnote in history will probably read.

    David Cameron, PM of Gt Britain 2010 – 2016 – a bit of a cock

  5. Hillary is dodgey as fuck, she should either be in prison, in hospital or in a wooden fucking box. She should be more like JFK. Fucking dead. Cunt.

    • Where’s old Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him?…. Or let Mark Chapman out of the nick and let him have a go at Kilary….

      • They just let John Hinckley Jr out for the Reagan botched assassination. But I don’t want to se Hilary harmed I want to see her exposed along with sick Willy and get the sentence they both deserve.

        Death would make her a martyr, she needs to be seen for the rotten wall st whore she is.

  6. The touchy-feely PC planks that are referring to the deceased Alexis Arquette as an ‘actress’ are hypocritical cunts… Just like that daft bitch politician on Sky News, the ‘sexism’ card is only used when it suits these bellends… All we hear from these feminazi lefty cunts is that female actresses should be called ‘actors’ because the term ‘actress’ is ‘sexist’…. Yet when some actor who was born with a John Thomas has a sex change, they want people to refer to him/her as an ‘actress’… Meaning it’s only alright to call a ‘female’ actor and actress if they used to have a hairy chest and a knob… Fucking wankers….

    • Top cunting Norm. PC luvvies make me puke. It’s a serious case of double standards. I’d never heard of the cunt until I saw the “news.” You’d have to ask yourself why it was felt we needed to know. It looked like Red Rum in drag. Plasterers’ radios are more feminine. Also going out to Starman by David Bowie, how fucking nauseatingly sickly shallow. Actor/actress you wouldn’t know. I would bet it auditioned for Warhorse or Seabiscuit though.

    • I never realised a non speaking background extra appearance in “Pulp Fiction” could, years later, raise someone to the position of a much missed celebrity. Probably credited as “cunt in Bar #3”.

      • Apparently he/she/it had a part of a Boy George impersonator in crappy 90s American comedy, The Wedding Singer….

        As for the Bowie bit. what pretentious, puke inducing, self indulgent shite…

        • Yeah this is just more proof that being a tranny will shave 10-20 years off your life, that and he had aids apparently.

          Anal sex might seem like all fun and games but there is serious shit you’re dealing with no pun intended. The bowie thing does seem a bit shallow and out of place.

          Personally I would rather go with something a little more lighthearted . He was only in pulp ficton because rosanna and patricia arquette was in it

  7. Time to renominate the arrogant sack-of-shit that is Emily Thornberry.

    When I was young, the Conservatives seemed to specialise in these arrogant, born-to-rule types. I recall a Tory Defence Secretary walking out of an interview because he didn’t care for a journalist asking him questions. Now these same people run the Labour Party.

    What did Lady Nudgee do when she was a barrister? “I’m sorry, Your Honour, but you are being sexist in asking me for evidence in support of my client.”

    Mao was wrong in saying political power comes from a gun, as least as concerns 21st Century Britain. Political power comes from a private school and Oxbridge education, preferably in law. Look at Parliament, the BBC, the newspapers, acting, etc, etc.

    These cunts even run this website! ( Sorry Dioclese, couldn’t resist.)

    • I used to go to a school (just a normal high school/comp) and one of my classmates was the daughter of the (North West) sports editor for the Sunday People… He was on good money and was mates with the likes of Ron Atkinson, Tommy Doc, Malcolm Allison, John Bond etc… But I bet today that not one newspaper editor or journalist in the UK sends their kids to an ‘ordinary’ school…

      Also, after the explosion of working class talent in the 60s (Albert Finney, The Kinks, Small Faces, Ken Loach,Tony Warren etc) the arts now exclusively belongs to the toffs and spoonfed wankers… Cunts like Jude Law (go and suck Calais Migrant cock, you cunt!), Benedict Cumbercunt, Cara Delevigne (talentless slag), Damon Albarn, Mark Ronson (twat) and so on….Sad to think the last ever working class band to ‘make it’ was Oasis… Because we deserved to go out in better style…

    • I would presume that Emily, rather like Tony and Jack Straw, did nothing as a Barrister. The woman is thick, like Tone, but knows the right people. Unfortunately, while you can get into chambers while being thick, court cases are real money, so no one is going to let you loose, and you can spend your time plodding up the Labour party staircase, while your colleagues look upon you as a long term investment, as did Derry Irvine.
      A real concern is, given most people marry someone not too intellectually dissimilar to themselves (trophy wives excepted), that there is a very senior judge thick enough to find Emily stimulating.

  8. That bitch is just plain evil. I’m actually delighted it’s ill. In the words of Basil Fawlty, “Let’s hope it’s nothing trivial”. Vomit inducing, rancid, ugly, lying, deceitful, greedy, two-faced, corrupt, ignorant, arrogant, odious, poisonous dwarf. With bad hair. Please, please, please Donald – landslide this bitch into oblivion.

  9. Fuck the wicked witch of the left, someone finish the miserable builderberg cunt off with a bucket of water. “I’m melting, meeeeelting aaargh” (*fizzes and pours smoke)

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