Black Lives Matter UK


Black Lives Matter UK are cunts.

Imagine saving for years for that holiday of a lifetime, or just putting up with a shit job all year, looking forward to a week away from it all, to remember what life is all about. Then, a couple of yards away from the airport that is the start of your holiday, you are stopped in your tracks, and your holiday is ruined because some pathetic student and dolescum types are having their five minutes of glory.

Any sympathy that people may have mistakenly had with their non cause has evaporated with only the BBC to trumpet the cunts cause, which is bullshit. Radio four had it as it’s lead article on the PM show, with the usual bollocks stats and figures but no story. Next time the cunts do it, and they said there will be more protests (yawn), let’s see how many crusties we can jump over in a challenger tank, Eddy Kidd style……

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

31 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter UK

  1. Anyone delayed by these protesting arseholes should be within their rights to punch and kick fuck out of them, without fear of arrest. Unfortunately, the boys in blue are not known as PC for nothing, so will, as usual, aggressively remove any counter protest, to allow these Black Lives Matter cunts to carry on their disruption. I can’t believe the authorities allow the scumbags to get away with it. Vigilantism is the only solution.

    • “Vigilantism is the only solution”. They are the vigilante’s . people like us (able minded) seem to get attacked for any thoughts we may have . I have said before that i have a daughter and every day i have to try and reeducate her after school.”da the teacher says this about oomfoofoo ,the teacher says that about Aziz” then the look on her face when she hears what dear old Da has to say . they are the vigilantes ,trying to lynch us from every angle and i fear they are winning……”round them up Tobias”….

  2. If any of those dozy, white, middle class trustafarian chimp fanciers chain themselves across the Heathrow approach road when I’m going on holiday they can expect to ‘become one’ with the fucking tarmac.

  3. i think this is bollocks,this isn’t helping black people just as they have equality some wankers usually get all fired up and will use any excuse to bang there metaphorical drum,and the result is people affected by this think its all down to blacks and therefore care less about black lives…..
    on a tangent I would like to nominate aftermarket automotive warranty companies and the wankers that buy them wrongly assuming if their car fails they will get it fixed using their warranty [WRONG CUNTS] after spending hours on hold to find they are not paying due to a spelling mistake or any other excuse they can find not to pay boils my piss….warranty companies are usually cunts,usually you don’t get paid,and usually your mechanic has to spend half the day on the phone,so don’t cry about being charged a £30 admin fee you tight fisted penny pinching cunts,if you cant afford a merc don’t buy one but whatever you do don’t think I can buy a warranty and never pay to have a repair job done again,reality check people warranty companies are there to make money not to help you get your car fixed,they are iron clad ubacunts

    • The warranty that came with my brand new car was as much use as a Johnny for the Pope. Cunt of a handbrake keeps slipping, brakes squeal when you pull away and the radio cuts out. Oh, and one of the seatbelts doesn’t clip in. Fiat’s answer? £300 fucking quid. The car is 6 months old, you Italian fucking cunts

  4. Utter cunts. This is the shape of the Corbyn labour party. Futile protest without policy or substance.

  5. If these cunts are so committed to causing flight delays. .. why cant they do what most cunts do…..go and work for Easy Jet.

  6. The reason that this bunch of cunts were all white was because the blacks were all too busy eating fried chicken,claiming benefits,smoking or selling drugs,mugging people,shagging “da white whimmin”,or running in Olympic sprint races.
    And in case anyone thinks that I’m racist, I also hate the rest of the global population. Black or white,rich or poor, male or female,or anything in between,it’s a fair bet that I can’t find a redeeming feature in any of them.
    Not just a bunch of cunts…an entire global population of cunts. I’ll probably hate the Martians too,when they come to colonise the world. Little green bastards.

    • Ha ha good one, I have to admit I was busy that day selling drugs outside the Jobcentre. Bought some nice Fried Chicken with the profits. After scoffing my face the Old Bill turned up, having some unsold drugs left I ran off, not even Usain Bolt couldn’t have caught me.

  7. 4 of these wankers brought Nottingham City to a standstill for many hours the trams and buses all had to be stopped. and it caused mayhem 4 bloody people. was the best they could manage in a city the size of Nottingham. Meanwhile bugger all the money it costs in council tax with traffic, police to monitor these morons, etc. Scum buckets are not interested in the law abiding black lives just the law breakers and drug takers who want to do wtf they like with no consequences. Cunts.

    My son shared this video and it’s spot on

  8. The cozzers are too soft these days… Whenever I used to go to Forest for an away fixture the Nottingham Police were always no-nonsense tough bastards… Now they can’t even sort out four spotty student cunts… They should use watercannon (especially in the cold weather) and even let the dogs have a go at the lank haired, trust funded, pimple ravaged, WKD drinking knobheads…

    What also boggles is how these ‘Black Lives Matter’ shithouses believe (and expect everyone else to) that every black person who has trouble with the law is as pure as Snow White’s snatch…If the cops shoot someone, it’s usually for a damn good reason… These protesting pricks are basically saying that a specific skin colour puts certain people above the law, and even rape, murder and brandishing a firearm at police officers is acceptable if you’re black… Total bollocks…

    • I like PJW but he isn’t doing himself any favours hanging round with that conspìracy theorist and snake oil salesman clown Alex Jones. Sleep with dogs and your going to get fleas.

      • I concur, Eggy. Alex Jones is an utter cunt.

        A few years ago, the Bird Flu thing was, according to him, “a scheme by the State to enable them to put millions of Americunts into FEMA camps. Those camps have been built and very soon they would be full of gullible citizens”.

        Well, the fucking camps are still standing there empty, if they were ever built, so that was a lot of cock, along with everything else he says. The only thing I agree with is the 9/11 conspiracy, that was so fucking obviously fixed to happen that even Mr Magoo could see it.

  9. Black lives matter? well they do if you happen to run a branch of KFC or Nandos.

    These places fucking swarm with them, all gnawing chicken of bones like a bunch of tracksuit wearing, phone tapping cannibal savages.

    Gives me the fucking creeps.

  10. ‘Will i am not’ is a cunt ,anyone seen the coffee ad with the blackened eye piss crapper in it. Fucking about on the dock of the bay. “there’s nothing like being creative than reinventing a classic” the cunt says. Now I’m not the most eloquent cunt on the planet,but does that line make any sense? Once i read in a rag that he was a” HUNK” , come on he’s all of two foot tall. Remember when the cunt and his band of homies/os first came out with ‘where is the love’ all hippy dippy and pleading for everyone to share the love and then a couple of songs later they’re all gangsta. Seriously, who buys this shit ?coz they’re ducking loaded… .

  11. It’s down to soft southerners, if this had happened on the A19 in the north east, we’d of got out our cars and kicked the living shit out the cunts, the police wouldn’t of been needed, the same at Newcastle airport, we’d of dragged the smelly, hippy do-gooders off the run way and fucking twatted the shit out of them, when they appear in court, people who missed flights and holidays because of them should lynch them when they turn up for sentencing, that’s if they turn up because these cunts will be still in bed in there squats after a night on the beer and pot noodles – cunts!!

  12. Once again black lives matters, go to a black ruled, majority black nation and see how much your life matters.

  13. Black lives don’t matter, never have. Neither does any other kind of life unless the owner is doing incredibly wonderful things that we all benefit from. It’s bullshit from those sad minibrained cunts who think someone cares what they think.
    We don’t care, just like your wanky cuntish friends don’t really care what you think because you are a cunt and standing with other cunts does not make you important.
    Years ago ,long before the best part of you ran down your mothers leg, the entire world [or so it seemed] protested about nuclear weapons, about shutting coal mines. We still have nuclear weapons and the coal mines are still shut.
    So keep looking at your phone and exchanging utter bollocks with your equally cuntish friends and fuck off and get a job ,if you can mange a broom.

  14. One of those tennis playing mingers (something Williams) is now ‘taking a stand’ over ‘police violence’ towards black people… Someone should tell the daft cow that if a person is aggressively in a cop’s face or waving a gun around smacked up to his eyeballs, the dibble aren’t going to take kindly to the cunts in question…. Neither is there an excuse for the mass rioting (aka pillage, looting, arson, assault and property damage) these cunts get up to because of so-called ‘injustice’… Behave like savages, they’ll get treated like savages… Also makes me laugh/puke how cunts like Williams, Beyonce, and others preach about ‘their own kind’… Do any of these celebrity types live with or near these reprobates? Would we catch any of these ‘stars’ gettin’ down in da hood? Nah, they all live in private roads in big mansions and have rich white neighbours… The blacks in America (famous or otherwise) are like Scousers: always the victim and never their fault… To blame for nothing, offended by everything… And find fault or criticise the cunts at your peril…

    • Chances are they never lived in da hood in the first place. Just like the BLM UK cunts. If they ever got near da hood they would shit themselves and run a mile. Self serving bunch of cunts who fuck up other people who are just trying to get on with their lives.
      First of all plod at City airport taking hours to get rid of the cunts now Nottingham. I just wonder how long it would take them if a WLM group stopped a city functioning or an airport.
      A quick clump round the head with a “fuck off and stop wasting our time” message ringing in their ears is more likely.
      However the likelihood of some student cunts actually standing up for their own is pretty remote.
      I am all for hosing them down in tramps piss after a good kick in.

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