The Burkini


Now the Burkini was banned in lots of French seaside resorts. It was enforced by the police.
The libtards got their leftie pants in a twist and decided that to ban this burka for swimming was an acronym to feminism.
The left wing uk media kicked and screamed about how it was the first step towards nazism and now the ban has been over turned.

So you have the media and feminists sticking up for Muslim rights. On principle.
If these utter cunts, particularly feminist cunts took a moment to climb down off their very high horses, they might realise that Muslims are the biggest mysoginists on the face of the planet. Islamic ideals are about as far from feminism as you can get.

The media cunts have dressed it up as being about freedom.
“You can’t tell women what they can and can’t wear”
The ban isn’t about dress.

It’s about one simple thing that the media refuses to address….
The pervasive encroachment on everyday life of Muslim religion.
This has to be stopped.
This is a line in the sand and will indicate which way we are going with this invasion.

It’s a political game of football and if the Muslims win, they know it’s game on and sharia law is the next battleground.
They will inevitably dress that up as something else ie- freedom, to get their way too.

You Gotta hand it to the cunts.
Studied our weaknesses to use against us.

And while I’m at it- that cunt Muslim mayor Khan- his first action as mayor was to ban pics of birds in bikinis on London transport advertising.
Dressed it up as protecting body issues of course.

Turbo charged dangerous cunts the lot of them.

Nominated by: Lord Ferrigno

43 thoughts on “The Burkini

  1. I bet you could train sharks to attack a burkini.

    In other news the FBI have developed a prayer mat woven out of C4. They are selling like hot cakes, prophets are going through the roof.

    • Not in the Med! The sharks there are more useless than Gums in the old Buster comics!

  2. The worst thing is the fact Allah doesn’t exist. If he did he wouldn’t let England spank Pakistan for 444 runs today.

  3. Seeing as they have the right to wear whatever they want, I plan to use the same right to wear my Peppa Pig outfit while selling bacon sandwiches outside the local mosque.
    I feel sure that the peaceful people will show their famous tolerance,and join in the fun. Although,incase their is any bother from Norwegan or Swiss mentally-ill non-representitives of the moslem religion, I plan to have Plod on speed-dial. They’ll defend my rights,you can always rely on the good old British bobby to stand up for the white,working-class man.

    • Spotted a cracker in the press this morning – some wags in Germany decide to brick up the entrance to the mosque and leave a note telling them to fuck off home!

      Who says the krauts have no sense of humour?

      • They’ll need a fucking good sense of humour by the time Frau Merkel has completed her mission.

  4. Has anyone else seen the Burkah lollipop woman uniform? Most kids would be frightened to death of this fucker (and I dare say a few adults too)… These cunts are an infestation…

      • So this peaceful person is going to go stand in speeding traffic wearing a high visibility burka so you will be able to spot the target from miles away? I don’t think they have thought this one through….

      • For fucks sake,what the fuck is that,you could spot her from the fucking moon,funny as fuck.

      • Fuck me with a marrow that’s insane. Looks like a dayglo Christmas Tree with a viewing-slit. Once again this is proof that today’s world has gone fucking batshit mental.

      • looks like a fucking shuttlecock. This has to be a fucking wind up, not even the biggest cunt would go out dressed like that.

        • The new sport of Burkminton…practiced by invading, non integrating, infiltrating, mass breeding, agenda monkeying, myth following, dangerous shifty cunts everywhere in the UK. This country is heading for a titanic proportioned fuck up…fast style.

      • Remember in Only Fools And Horses, when Del Boy painted his mum’s monument, and discovered the paint was luminous? Say no more…

  5. The burkini ban has nothing to do with telling women how they must dress. The burkini, along with the burka, hijab and whatever else they use to keep their women hidden is a clear sign to the outside world that says;

    ” I am different. I am not like you. I do not accept your way of life. I will not integrate, I will not assimilate into your culture. I will form large groups of similarly minded people and we will form cancers within your society. Eventually we will take over and your society will die.”

    Meanwhile the cloggys are fighting back. Geert Wilders is running on a manifesto of closing down mosques, banning the koran all together and outlawing the burka and hijab in public places, and it looks like he may win.

    Read all about it;

  6. THE-BURK-IN-I, fucking says it all really. Yes love The burk in you shows in that picture, you look like a fucking liquorice allsort. Look at her all sexy showing a bit of wrist.

  7. “The left wing uk media kicked and screamed”

    Just out of curiosity, what do you classify as the “left wing uk media”? I’m guessing you don’t mean the Morning Star? What else is there? The LibDem-supporting Guardian moves further right every day (Cameron’s former speechwriter is currently writing their rightwing leader columns) and the BBC News channel couldn’t be any more pro-Tory if it tried, run as it is by a former Murdoch editor. I’m genuinely intrigued as to what you mean by this phrase since the UK media is overwhelmingly rightwing, not leftwing.

    • Fred-

      I genuinely mean the likes of James o’cunting brien on lbc who has also now been given news night.
      He was “outraged” by the ban.

      Obrien stated-
      “It’s no different wearing a burkini than if you decide to go on the beach in a tracksuit”.

      Completely avoiding the point as to the aim of the burkini and the burka and the niqab as so eloquently stated above by skidmark

    • Where are the real right wing media Fred? The Conservative party are left wing from what I can see, Labour have had to lurch to the far left just to look like they are the socialists. Gay Marriage, Ethnic quota’s, embracing every other culture but our own are now conservative principals.

      This country wouldn’t recognise a true right wing ideology if one fell on it from space. Right wing means national SOCIALIST to most of the politically unaware morons we call voters.

      The left right paradigm is in full force in the UK, more of the same no matter who’s elected to lead in the puppet show.

      • Fred can never answer that he always pisses off when it comes to this topic, meaning hes either thick as cow shit or trolling as usual. I agree with you completely SV couldn’t have said it better

  8. An explosion occurred this evening at the Guardian editorial office, terrorism was quickly ruled out when it was revealed a Guardian journalist had reached hypo-critical mass when faced with a story about the burkini ban and actually read some facts about Islam.

  9. Sorry….

    by Skidmark…

    The BBC, the guardian, channel 4, the independent are all overwhelmingly left wing.

  10. What pissed me off about this true French farce was that the media blew it out of all proportion and got their facts wrong.
    The cops weren’t asking her to remove the burkini, they were asking her to remove her veil ffs! It’s illegal in France to conceal your face in public. Wouldn’t have made as good a story tho’ would it?

    • And the PC media made a point of saying they were armed police. Of course they were fucking armed, all cops in France are armed. Cunts.

    • Yep! That was exactly it. The woman (at which time was still to be proven) was asked to remove the face covering or leave the beach because of security reasons. Not unreasonable given it was in Nice and less that two months after a “peaceful” one accidentally drove through a crowd in a lorry killing 80+.

      The French police were also ARMED when they asked. They are armed anyway. So a nothing statement but it sounds good to the SJW cunts with too much time and too little life on their hands in order to kick off a protest on some other cunt’s behalf.

    • Mate you don’t want the covering removed from that one. It’s Bruce “Double Cunt” Jenner under there!

    • You can see her snackbar, between her jihadi hatch and her arsehole, or as we call it in the west, the chin rest. ?

      • Her snackbar looks a little more beefy then usual, most muzzies have a circumcised box obviously not a genuine terrorist so a fake.

        What pisses me off about the burkini thing is how our batshit crazy governments are fine in allowing these bomb fuckers roam on overcrowded beaches. Hasn’t there been enough bombings and various other peace related incidences?

  11. Wouldn’t this burkini thing be a perfect nonce cover in pools and on beaches? And the authorities want to encourage this fucking shite? Rotherham Mark II here we come….

  12. People who say ‘I don’t care what anybody says’ are cunts…

    When someone voices an opinion on something or somebody, and some cunt who disagrees doesn’t have the nerve to address the person with the opinion, so they use that irritating term, and usually a few days later when the conversation is about something entirely new…

    Demonstration (cue ‘Open University’ music)

    Person 1: ‘I think Justin Bieber is a cunt…’

    Person 2 (a week later when talking about something else): ‘I think Justin Bieber is great!
    I don’t care what anybody says!’

    These people are cunts!

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