Tanni Grey-Thomson


Tanni Grey-Thomson is a whinging cunt.

She seems to think that paralympics should be given equal coverage. Although you’ve got to respect the paralympians, I personally find watching some of them bloody hard going. Good luck to them,but it’s not my idea of fun. Think I’ll put Stephen Fry on. That way I can swear as much as I like at the screen without being called a callous bastard.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

Just when you’ve got shot of the Olympics, along come the Crippleympics!

Seems there’s no money left to pay for it so Baroness (FFS!) Tanni Grey-Thomson is calling on the richer nations of the world to save her pathetic games. She seems to have missed the fact that Brazil is one of the fastest growing major economies in the world. Plus they’re hosting this shitfest and can’t be arsed to pay for it.

Frankly I don’t blame them. Who the fuck can be bothered with something that wouldn’t even exist without the PC generation pushing it? Personally, I fucking can’t show even a remote flicker of interest!

Bollocks to her and her fucking stupid games…

Nominated by: Dioclese

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  1. It’s not the Paralympics themselves that are the problem. It’s the fact it means a new series of The Last Leg. That programme doesn’t even try to be funny any more, just Adam Hills going off on several self-righteous rants.

  2. No wonder this shite fest is on Channel 4. Unless the bbc have stolen it. Then again both channels are utter wank

  3. Don’t forget the “special” olympics. We are due one this winter in March 2017. Put a note in your diary if you are interested in seeing mongs sliding down hills.

  4. Wait one darn rooting-tooting minute! Sorry to interrupt this excellent cunting, but it has come to my attention that not only has Mrs Browns Fucking Cunting Shit Boys been voted the greatest British sitcom OF ALL TIME! Which is an absolute fucking abomination which defies belief, but, and this is stupefying, the fucking BBCunt have created new Porridge episodes (fucking blasphemy for a starter) and in the lead role………………….John Scouse Cunt Bishop.
    We might as well give up on this country right now. We live among people who believe this is acceptable, and unfortunately they appear to be a majority.

    • Apparently they were planning on remaking Up Pompeii,with Miranda Hart in the lead role! Thankfully the bitch turned them down so we’re spared that particular circle of hell. Probably ask Angela Eagle next.

        • Haha! You had me going for a minute there, I thought you said Mrs Browns boys had been voted the best British sitcom of all time and that they are remaking Porridge with scouse ubercunt Bishop. It must have just been one of those waking nightmare things….

      • Yes, I stand corrected, it was a vote on the best of the 21st Century. Still, bullshit.

        • Best comedy since 2000? I’d say The League Of Gentlemen… This poll that Mrs Brown’s Cunts has won is laughable… They’ve only done it so that so many classics can be excluded and the current set of BBC schlongs can blow their own cunt trumpets… Best comedy of a century that is only 17 years old? That is like doing a ‘best of’ poll for the 20th Century and leaving out everything after World War I…

          Total bollocks…

    • Mrs Brown’s Cunts isn’t even anywhere near as good as Father Ted, The League Of Gentlemen or Alan Partridge from recent times…And as for that paddy tranny shite coming above Porridge, Steptoe & Son, (early) Only Fools & Horses, Fawlty Towers, Rising Damp, Till Death Us Do Part, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum etc, what a fucking joke…. Mind you, we now live in a country where Tulisa Cuntostavlos was voted as the sexiest woman in the world and The X Factor and Strictly are seen as compulsive viewing… The place is fucked, I agree…

      Even On The Buses was funnier than Mrs Brown’s Boys….

      • Lolwat!

        Tulisa is a sad old coke head slapper who wouldn’t even have a career (ha ha ha ha ha! Career?! sorry) without autotune.

        A tattooed chavster with a very dodgy choice in male companionship and no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

        Who the fuck gets paid to make this bullshit up?

    • Best British Sitcom of All Time? What in the name of painted wank? Things in this country have taken a massive 3,000ft nosedive into the earth and exploded on impact. How in the red hell has that pile of shite been voted for that title? I bet there’s probably been a secret underground Twitter fanbase of Brown’s bandwagoners drumming up support or something? I can see it now…”Yeah I’ll vote for it, even though I’ve never seen it because I’m too busy playing with my phone and can’t be arsed anyway because I’m an idle sheep”.

      As to these wank remakes….just no. Just show the younger generation the original ones and let them see what TV was like before it went PC shit.

    • It’s not over yet.
      Are you being served has been bastardised and re served.
      The lefty queer trans cunts should not be allowed near our crowns jewels.

      Unfortunately, they see it as an easy tick box toward their next step up.

      That bunch of cunts really upsets me actually

  5. I’d like to nominate the BBC for a cunting. One of the headlines today for the 6 o’clock news is the mythical pay gap. This time it’s mothers getting paid less for the same job.

    Another lie that is immune to facts. There is no pay gap for working the same job. If you take time off to have children of course those people will earn less money than those who work continuously. Fuck off with this shit you cunts.

    • Sky news was at it again today too. There is no gender pay gap, if a woman does the same job as a man, works the same hours, does the same amount of overtime, has the same seniority and the same productivity then she will be paid the same as the man. If she is not then she needs to go see a lawyer as that shit is against the law and has been since the equal pay act of 1970, 46 fucking years ago and incidentally before we joined the EU so the PC shite talking media can shove their ” you will loose all your workers rights if we leave the EU” lie straight up their arse and all.

      Yesterday was just as bad, the nonentity PM of dago-land was hosting a mini conference with the frogs and the Bosch. On the agenda, and I quote from Sky’s man at the scene “ways of tackling nationalism and fascism after the brexit vote”. Says it all…..

    • The BBC is unfit for purpose.

      I suppose it keeps all the lefttard cunts in one or two buildings, but that is just the only positive thing I can think of

    • Women also take more time off sick, generally to look after a sick child and they also tend to do part time, less well paid jobs out of choice.

      It’s also men who invariably do the dirty and dangerous jobs and never seem to get credit for this by man-hating feminists.

      I’d rather see true equality for women AND men, not just privileged treatment for women. There are many areas where men are disadvantaged in our society which should be addressed and not sneered at by many feminists as in this clip by the odious feminist MP Jess Phillips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XX6ATwQv7Q

  6. Yep, some bint was on radio refugee four earlier, whining because she used to get the same as her husband, but got less now, because she missed training while off breeding and she was also part time to look after the little fuckers. Boo fucking hoo.

  7. Tanning Grey-Thompson is a bleedin’ heart mis-shape. Who wants to watch the spazzalympics? They can’t sell seats because it’s not sellable. She gets to be a fucking baroness for winning a few wheel chair races funded by lottery players. And what’s with the double barreled surname thing? Used to be you were posh and monied with one of those. Now it’s the right on leftie cunts keeping it ‘equal’ in the ‘partership’. Hence Jessica-Ennis-Hill (cunt) and the most laughably named (cunt came ninth), Katerina Johnson-Thompson. What was her mother thinking of, the tramp. What’s the betting when that shitwipe Tom Daley “marries” his fiancé, Dustin Botty-Boy he won’t change his name to Daley-Botty-Boy? Yes the Olympics are a cunt, the spagalympics are a cunt, the BBC and Channel 4 are cunts and cultural Marxism which perpetrates the tyranny of equality is a cunt. And yes the shit-mouthed tranny mick prick and his missus are CUNTS!

  8. The media are cunts, pushing bleeding heart morality into our homes day in day out. This week for some reason (entirely not stage managed and organised) every time I see the news there is a bleeding heart story about refugees or scrounging economic parasites in common parlance.

    Fuck off media, give me the news not the agenda, my concerns are taking care of my family and my responsibilities first.

    My responsibilities don’t include Somalia and Nigeria, they don’t include any cunt from Albania Afghanistan or any other fucking stan. I have a bit of sympathy for Libyans, Syrians and Iraqis but that doesn’t mean everyone of them has an instant invite to come here.

    Hard hearted? Maybe that’s a trait required for self preservation, my family, my nation first. There’s a reason why these people come from shitholes and there’s a reason why wherever they settle turns into shithole.

    Media patsy cunts.

    • It’s not hard hearted, just plain realism. As much as these cunts would have us believe, all the worlds problems are not our fault, or our responsibility either. With finite space, and even less resources, the is a limit to what our country, and the western world can accommodate. If a thick cunt like me can work it out, there must be something wrong for it to be allowed to continue.

  9. I see British Airways ( who are the anal cyst of the airline world ) have put their most attractive cabin crew on team GB’s flight home from Rio. Normally they are a bunch of middle aged swamp donkeys or prancing old queens.

    • Too right there. I had to do two trips to Nice back in the 90’s (pre “peaceful” van killing, Bono dodging shite) and flew BA one time and Air France t’other.

      The BA desk & lounge (it was paid for through work) had very professional staff – male and female who could’ve come from a GQ magazine.

      On the plane it was Christopher Biggin’s camper comedy lookalike, his stooge and some Brunhilda with a she-devil hairy wart on her chin.

      The Air France staff were just elegant all the way through and even the more mature staff (again both sexes) looked like movie stars.

      Not saying that’s indicative across the boards it was just my experience.

  10. It wasn’t long ago when a coach full of wheelchair paralympians careered off the road and crashed into the ravine below.
    Apparently took nearly three hours to get the coach out of the wreckage…

  11. Anyone else remember the Laff-A-Lympics, featuring Scooby Doo, Dynomutt, Captain Caveman and all that lot? Well, Auntie Beeb could give the upcoming event a slapstick angle and call the coverage The Spakka-Lympics…

  12. Firstly Baroness Grey-Thompson has a chip on her shoulder so large it’s a wonder she doesn’t tip over. I was in a Question Time audience in 2001, she was alongside that waste of lard Lord Charlie Falconer and she came across as a chippy cunt even back then.

    Secondly no one in their right mind would ever dare think that the Olympics and Paralympics are on an even keel. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. I don’t mean to be nasty or belittle anyone’s disability but the main people who do have a huge interest in the Paralympics are those people with disabilities themselves and their families, and therefore are in the viewing and ticket buying minority when compared to the Olympics. No one is trying to be unfair or callous, it’s all about the numbers. Sorry.

    Finally I too would also like to nominate the BBC for a cunting. Tonight during my travels (which are now 1.5hrs longer each way courtesy of the Highways Agency shutting every major artery down between 8pm and 6pm and then proceeding to do nothing on them, cunts) I listened to The World Today at 10pm.

    It was basically the stories mentioned above as well as Jeremy Corbyn having to sit on the floor of a train when (as they reported) there were plenty of seats. Yes the BBC are cunting out Jeremy now in favour of their new bum-chum Owen Smith. Well BBC, having had to do that ball-ache of a journey between Newcastle and London and back again, I can attest that there are usually fuck all seats available until Darlington (or if you’re really lucky Northallerton). There are loads of empty fucking seats which some cunt has reserved but fuck all non-reserved seats and woe betide you sit in a reserved one and nod off! Under Shariah Law in the next few years they’ll have your hand off!

    Anyway, if the leftist shite couldn’t get any worse they drag on that droning waste of pen, paper and ink Pam fucking Ayres to giver her best “Farmer Giles” accented rendition of a poem she wrote for the retuning GB Olympians.

    After 2 minutes of this shite and trite poetry I looking for a Wilkinson’s Sword razor blade to do me wrists in when the whole thing was wrapped up with the following line:

    “Brexit gloom dispelled; by your success we are united!”

    Pardon!?! No gloom here Pam me ‘arty, just pure fucking joy! What a cuntish thing to chip in you cunt! Oh and by the way, what fucking uber deal have you got going in Europe with your utter shite and cringeworthy (so called) poetry? I would imagine that 99.9% of your sales come from blighty because no other European country would put up with it!

    However, the reason the BBC are being cunted and not Pam fucking Ayres, is because after it, in literally a 30 second soundbite the news reader then states: “And North Korea have just launched a balistic missle from a submarine in the South China sea bringing the strained relationships with South Korea and their ally the United States even closer to armed conflict. Good night.”

    Two and a half turgid, boring, unfunny and leftist twat shite minutes of Pam fucking Ayres and 30 seconds of “duck and cover”. Unbelievable!

    I’m putting that Pam fucking Ayres on the next Deadpool list but knowing my luck she’ll be like Jason Voorhees and never fucking peg it!

    • I remember that Pam Ayres cunt used to be on telly all the time…
      And that other cunt, Max Boyce… What a cunt he was…

      • Wasn’t he the bloke who was famous for being Welsh, that’s it, just being Welsh?

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