Like, you know, cunts…


I would like to you know, like nominate all the cunts like that repeatedly say “you know”, and the word “like” all the like time, when you know like being interviewed like.

Shut The Fuck up you cunts! If I fucking knew what the fuck you were banging on about I would not be listening to your shallow fucking drivel in the first place.

Kids that say the word like in any interview repeatedly – I don’t want to know what they think they can’t put a sentence together in the first place without like in every third word.

And the fucking Yanks “ya know” yea I do, you’re cunts so fuck off and speak English not that trashed up American version.

Stop talking as if you’re sat on the wall outside the local cheap cider supply shop in your hoodie, put your fucking brain in gear and think before you spout your shit drivel. It’s quicker that listening to all the “you knows” and “likes”, you’re going to blurt out, and you might even sound like you have an IQ above a fucking stick insect, you cunts.

Nominated by: xBrit Cunt

82 thoughts on “Like, you know, cunts…

  1. ……cunts who say “I”m good” when you ask them how they are…..The correct reply should be……..”I”m very well,thank you,and how are you?”………..cunts………..

    • Yes I agree. I cringe every time I hear someone say “I’m good”. English people adopting American phrases need shooting with shit. And what’s all this raising the pitch at the end of a sentence the way the ausies do. Speak fucking English you cunts !

    • No the correct reply should be ‘ I’m very well thank you and how are you… cunt ?”

  2. We are picking up, you know, like American like patterns of you know, speech? Its, like because there is so much, like American you know shite on the TV?

    The superfluous interrogative is another example? The inflection at the end of a sentence which makes it into a question? Are you asking me or telling me something? Make your fucking mind up?

    There is also the croaky voice craze, properly termed vocal fry much beloved of young women doing media studies courses? This is like you know a croaky nasal monotone? It makes them sound like Marge Simpson?

    If that wasn’t enough, one of the gobshites on Sky “news” has taken to saying “often times”? It’s just often you fucking twat, the suffix of times is completely redundant, but hey? It shows you have been to the States on vacation and I bet you say gas station instead of petrol station and Fall instead of Autumn too you gormless shallow cunt?

    As soon as they start saying gotten instead of become I’m buying a boat and fucking off?

    • Fucking off to where? It will be the same crap in a different cuntry

      Even in quiet rural towns they are bringing in buses of migrants as there is no space in the shithole known as londonistan

      • Floating round the Mediterranean seems like the best place, only come into port to get fresh supplies. I’d need a decent shot gun or two to take pot shots at the migrant boats though…

    • You know like… is a popular form of cuntspeak with chavs, art students, intellectual types and musicians is what I observe. I’ve noticed the beatles always said “you know like” alot(george and paul being the worst)

      Perhaps this speaking evolved from liverpool?. I know the merican beatniks used variations of “you know like” to seem hip with the in crowd.

  3. i think its retarded cunts who are sub consously stalling for time while the brain processes the question asked and they can reply…..should have concentrated on the queens English in school cunts….same as I should have concentrated on my spelling….I would also like to say fuck you to the burkini wearing monsters on French beaches who are being told to remove the headgear……this is what you get cunts when you attack a country like france,you get treated like the cunts you are….if only the police cunts had the balls to do it here……ps charlotte church is still a load mouth retarded cunt who say like and you know all the time…..cunt with bells on

  4. Gotta love “…you do the math!”

    What do you mean, “math”?

    Well, er, like you know, er, as in mathematics.

    So, shouldn’t that be “maths”?

    • Being one of the those who benefitted from a public school education, I can confirm that those of us what speak proper would recognise that ‘math’ is, in fact, grammaticality correct.

      We also know that ‘orientated’ is correctly ‘oriented’ although we also realise that one is pissing into wind by trying to educate the flotsam generation…

    • It should actually be ‘Do the arithmetic’ unless of course the answer requires some vector calculus, differential equations or fourier transforms and such like. Stupid cunts.

      • I find that most things can be solved by the use of quadratic equations or matrix algebra.

        Anything else can be resolved by quantum theory. You can prove just about anything with quantum theory, even quantum theory itself apparently.

        And that Steven Hawken is a cunt too…

  5. Today’s generation of young cunts make me sick

    The men wear women’s jeans ,have ridiculous homo hairstyles
    ,take “selfies”,take photos of their fucking food, speak in annoying catchphrases,attention seeking cunts

    These cunts are so easily offended, if you make the mildest remark they threaten to call the police or get you sacked

    Also why do these cunts wear geek glasses?

    • These young cunts with the giant, ludicrously expensive, Mickey Mouse ears headphones are also cunts… They walk around the town centre with them on, they might as well have ‘I’m a cunt’ written on their backs… I was in my local Co-Op the other week, and some young lad came in: he had the bird’s jeans on (like you say) and he had one of those stupid fight with a Flymo tosser haircuts, and he also had spray tan and diamond studs in his ears… They fought on the beaches, so cunts like this could inherit Blighty… Fuck me…

      • Don’t forget the cunts who wear massive sunglasses,they say don’t judge a book by a cover ,but 99% of the time if someone dresses like a cunt he is a fucking cunt

        • Empty, vapid and uninspiring… yep, the book cover gives you a window into the world inside…

  6. It’s the wiggas that piss me off, why the fuck do these infantile cunts want to speak like a backward immigrant, innit?

    • That’s a combination of virtue signaling and victim hood appropriation. Victim hood is equated with virtue these days so associating with victims makes one virtuous. Cuntish behavior to be sure.

      • Victimhood… Scousers in a nutshell… The bindipping cunts are also overfond of the term ‘like’… With all their
        ‘Friggin compo for de 96, like!’ ‘It wozzn’t uz at Heysel, like!’ ‘Macca pleaded wiz us to join der Beatles, like!’
        and ‘Ar Cilla woz one of our own, like!’

  7. Football fans who refer to their club as “we”

    We’ll challenge for the title, that was the year we did the double, we were unlucky there….

    Fuck off with the we, you did fuck all and probably watched 99 percent of that success from your living room on Sky Sports.

    • Agreed… Arnchair fans and Five Live phone-in munchkins are cunts…. I especially hate all the cunts from Bogtrotter Land and the Far East who claim to be ‘lifelong fans’…

      Ex-players who do the ‘we’ routine are also cunts… Like that Judas Cunt, Schmichel… Says he can’t play top flight football any more, then he fucks off first to Villa and then he goes to fucking City! While there he revels in a City win over United, encourages their Munich chanting scum, and now the Danish cunt has the audacity to refer to United as ‘we’…

      Roy Keane is right: Schimchel is a cunt…

  8. My Daughter went through a phase of this a few years ago. I said OI CUNT didn’t I teach you how to speak propper you chavey tart. Speak the fucking queens Engerlish slapper.
    She soon realised mother was v v unimpressed and pulled her self together but saying “what is it like” every time she said “like” helped and every time she said “ya know” I’d say “well no clearly not as you appear to be telling me” that little phase lasted about as long as her goth period …No in fact I lie it was considerable shorter than the goth phase. It must be another generation thing because my 29 year old doesn’t do it and finds it just as annoying as I do.

  9. Football fans in general are cunts. They buy overpriced club shirts, bore the tits off anyone stupid enough to listen while they talk about the latest wog that their club has spunked millions of pounds on,witter on about players as if they were “mates” with the cunts, hence the Giggsy, Scholesy, Becks etc. crap,get shit tattooes,and worst of all,give a platform for those cunts Lineker, Shearer and Ian Wright to spout their utter tomcuntery.
    Rugby,cricket and horse racing are the only sports worth following.

      • And the funny thing is these twats call us gay because we have better things to do with our time than watch overpaid sissies kick a ball about,and these cunts waste a hell of alot of cash getting footie subscriptions ,not to mention the flabby cunts who spend £80 on a football shirt

  10. The post Brexit vote spike in racially motivated “hate” crimes is a total myth and anyone who believes it is a 24 carat solid gold cunt.

    The MSM with it’s cultural marxist agenda has jumped on the story with glee, headlines such as “Hate crimes surge by 42% in England and Wales since Brexit result” and “Post-Brexit racism: ‘There are good Britons and bad Britons’ ” and “UK faith leaders unite in condemning post-referendum rise in xenophobic abuse” are commonplace ( courtesy of our good friends at the Independent, BBC and Guardian )

    What is being reported as a fact is actually only an increase in so called hate crimes being REPORTED. Until the incidents being reported have been investigated and if necessary been prosecuted then they remain unsubstantiated allegations.

    One such incident which was widely tweeted and re-tweeted ad nauseum picture of a Spanish tapas bar in Londonistan ( where else?) which had it’s window put through. This was attributed as a racist post brexit attack and was widely reported as such by not only the twitersphere but also local and national media with the caption “The ghost of Sir Oswald Mosley now stalks the streets of England”

    It actually turned out to be the latest in a string of burglaries in the vicinity which had been going on for months, the Met said “These offences are not considered to have a hate-crime motivation.” But does the truth get tweeted and reported in the media? Does it fuck!

    What we are looking at here is a classic case of confirmation bias. That is the tendency to interpret evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories. The culturally marxist MSM and the mongs who inhabit twitter already believed anyone who voted for Brexit were stupid, white, working class racist mouth breathers and so instantly jumped on anything which confirmed that opinion. Yet another sad example of the utter contempt the elite of this country has for the rest of us.

    Thankfully we are not as stupid as they think we are. Cunts.

    • To true SE and most of these hate crimes are just mean words meger insults, nobody is getting blown up or killed. On the other end of the spectrum a whitebloke was recently stabbed 10 times by a moderate muzzie no mention of hate crime there. Great job auntie muzzie for burying that story in MSM

      • most crimes are “hate crimes” and I think that deep down you realise they are too, when was the last time you beat the shit out of a jolly good mucker you deeply respect?
        point proven

        • I note that lately most of the “hate crime” in London seems to be perpetrated by Negros on Muslims and Jews, well according to the London Evening Standard anyway. How the hell do the cunts at the Met measure those figures I bet they don’t have a “super hate crime” section on their paperwork…YET. and I suspect they won’t be broadcasting those figures too loudly ! Hate crime like Islamophobia is a leftie invention . A crime is a crime is a crime, it has bugger all to do with gender, race, religion, disabilities or colour. What does hack me off though is if a white person attacks a black person it’s hate crime if a black person attacks a white person it’s “CRIME” whats the fucking difference you leftie twats!?

    • How can there be a surge in ‘race hate crimes’ by Brits,’ when every other voice is from Eastern Europe and they don’t speak English? You forget you’re in England until someone speaks to you in English at the till or the bar…

      Funny these leftist arseholes are so obsessed with this Brexit smearing, yet they haven’t mentioned the three Romanian cunts who mugged that 77 year old lady in Wirral… Funny that the white wog gyppo cunts didn’t bank on the old dear putting one of their filthy cunt heads into the cash machine…

    • Its actually worse than that, a reported ‘hate crime’ can be anything a fucker’ percieves’ to be a hate crime. As you can see this opens the floodgates for any spurious load of nonsense to be recorded as a hate crime.

  11. Cunts who don’t know the difference between the ground and the floor are cunts, especially when they are highly paid pundits on sports programs or supposedly trained fucking journalists. Examples ” (insert absurdly overpriced wog name here) was bought to the floor in the penalty area” or ” Jeremy Corbyn was forced to sit on the ground on the train”. FFS, what is wrong with people these days?

    • This is something that drives my husband mad with rage lol That and gramma, spelling and punctuation in journalism (well so called journalism) further evidence , were any needed of the dumbing down of our education system.

  12. Top tip for dagos; why not house all those illegal immigrants you were stupid enough to rescue from Davey Jones in an Earth quake zone in building made out of balsa wood stuck together with spit?

  13. I’d like to nominate the people swept out to sea this week for a cunting. What did people tell you about climbing cliffs when the sea is rough due to high winds? Don’t do it. Did you listen? No. Are you dead? Yes. Do I have any sympathy? No.

    Give these cunts a Darwin Award.

  14. Don’t forget the cunts who say ‘literally’ incorrectly.

    “I was literally in the pub last night”

    No you WERE in the pub last night.

    You are not ‘literally’ a cunt, you ARE a cunt.

    • And because of those ignorant cunts the meaning of literally has been changed in the dictionary. Literally !

      • I recall top cunt Simon Cowell saying he had “literally died” after he had heard or seen some fucking cuntish act. Unfortunately he was lying.

        • I would pay good money to see that Cowell cunt kick the bucket… The man is the antichrist of popular music…

          • Looks like that cunt who left One Direction might be spilling the beans on Cowell and his bottybashing antics in a tell-all book…

            But don’t be surprised if it suddenly reaches a ‘hitch’ where publishing it is concerned…

          • I always wondered if he fiddled any of the boy bands he manages. You’re right Norman anti-christ of music is the best to describe him hes a absolute muppet. He couldn’t tell good music if he listened to it.

            Seriously fuck everyone who watches that show and enjoys it. Deaf Sheep!

          • Must be something not quite right about a cunt wearing his trousers that high. Very suspect so no surprise to see what Norman says.
            Totally believable.

          • The nonce Max Clifford is quoted as saying people paid him not to keep them in the papers but to keep stuff OUT the papers. He also said Cowell paid him around a quarter of a million every year fir over ten years. Thats a lot of stuff .

  15. What about people who say “so” before answering a question being added to the cunting list ?
    Also cunts who say “somethink” instead of “something”. It’s a g at the end not a k you ignorant I’ll educated bunch of cunts

  16. Another thing I’ve noticed are these well-to-do daddy’s girls with their affluent double-barrel surnames in their matching Audi’s speaking in their posh accents and everything starts with “And oh my God…” (Plum in one’s gob).

    Hearing a few of them the other day discussing their banal airheaded shit, the conversation was added to, with “And oh my God that was like so not right”. What the apparent fuck does that even mean? And oh my God that was like so not right? The fuck? Speak correct English cunts.

    • When I had a double barrel surname before my marriage and went to a private school, I was educated correctly and taught how to speak the Queens English. I however never had an Audi and still don’t drive to this very day. The problem is not the double barrel surname it’s A/the entitlement of new money B/ the dumbing down of all education and C/ the Americanisation of Briton born of too close a relationship with the inbred rednecks of the old colonies.

      • Very true. These were kids who looked around the 20, 21 age group. Typical bling iPhones and Bank of Daddy matching accessories. Once again it’s proof of the self entitled younger affluent generation, never taking responsibility for their own actions and when shit and fan meet, it’s always someone else’s fault. Parents will sort it out. I’ve seen it time and again. Shook my head and walked on.

  17. When people say ‘you know what i mean’ after every cunting sentence.That cunt Frank Bruno started that with his ‘you know what i mean Arry’ back in the cunting 80s,it drives me fucking loopy,you know what i mean?

  18. And all the cunts who started saying ‘dude’ and ‘Not’ after that Wayne’s World shite…
    ‘Listen, dude, I think that your shoes are cool – Not!’ and other such bollocks…

    Similar to mongs who said ‘wicked’ when they liked something, or saying ‘bad’ when they thought something was good… Paedo Jacko helped with all that crap with his ‘Bad’ album… Aptly named, because it really was fucking bad…

    • Unbelievable how the public are wilfully blind to the fact Jackson was an abuser.

  19. And those cunts who say “yeah?” at the end of every sentence, as though they’re demanding that you agree with them. A car salesman did that with me once. I fucked off and left him to it.

  20. I hate the twatmong cunts who say ‘obviously’ when it ain’t bleedin’ obvious as in: “Oh my god he fuckin’ obviously said to her, yeah right, that he was obviously goin’ out wiv me. She’s go”a nerve innit, cha”in’ ‘im up.”

  21. I’d very much like to give a thorough cunting to those people who decide they need to operate a drone.

    It’s a fucking remote controlled helicopter.
    Stop trying to give it a fancy name.

    And if you are a grown adult and you are buying, operating and going for drone flight assessment tests then you are a cunt with wings!
    What normal grown human does that shit?
    I kid u not… They are doing driving tests with them.

    How exciting to see your garden from a camera attached to a remote controlled helicopter?
    You fuclking spaz.

    You all might wish to invest some time getting out and about and try getting in the knickers of a slut or two.
    Try and con them into sucking your drone for you!

  22. Also adding “the” in front of shit makes it even more confusing.
    “His guitar playing was shit” which means it was shit, but now we have “His guitar playing was THE shit” which means it was very good, even though it sounds one and the same thing?

    The English language has been totally hijacked.

  23. Ooh
    Just saw the news..

    Can I cunt cunts who go swimming in the sea when there’s flags up saying don’t go in the water.
    There’s plod on a loud speaker telling you not to go in the water.
    There’s cunts getting dragged out of it left right and centre at deaths door.

    Yet there’s still half brained cunts who decide to jump right in and make the best of it!

    It’s Darwinism in its purest form if you ask me.
    Too stupid to live…let them drown.

    • I wish some of those nice peacefull folk wearing burkinis would get swept out to sea. No need calling the RNLI, they have real people to save.

        • During my weekly exodus I was listening to BBC 3CR where the Jonathan Vernon-Smith show was aghast that a burkini wearer on a beach in Nice was “forced to remove her burkini” by two “armed” French policeman.

          Firstly, she wasn’t forced to remove it for a quick flash of the auld “grumble’n’grunt” no she was asked to remove the veil bit, or, leave the beach for security reasons (i.e. the need to show a face in case it was a known member of a terrorist cell)!

          Secondly, all of the French police are armed and so being asked to do anything by them means you were asked by armed police. It has the same weight as saying “shoe wearing” French police asked her to take the veil off or leave the beach for security reasons, but obviously lefty beeb twats love to make it sound worse than it was.

          Finally. This was on a beach in Nice where a few weeks ago a “religion of peace” cunt laid waste to 80-odd people on Bastille Day (and missing Bono, the cunt). Let’s just say the wounds are still a little bit sore in that neck of the woods currently, so – being a reasonable person – wearing the full “pepper pot” on the beach is a bit of a piss-take and I’d want to know the face of the cunt behind the mask (just in case) also.

          In all of this though, it was when Mr Vernon-Smith said that M&S had sold out of all of their burkini stock that left me open mouthed.

          M&S deserve an utter cunting for stocking them in the first place! Fucking appeasing cunts. Still, it’ll help their shit clothing sales I suppose!

          • M&S deserves a royal cunting, I agree… It is no longer the much loved institution of the high street known as Marks and Sparks: with its excellent British made St Michael range… Now it’s just a brand: a soulless corporation with sales targets (even the ‘M&S’ name sounds Yankified!), who import crap from foreign sweatshops… No more top notch St Michael socks and keks…

            And as for Burkinis? Fuck off! They might as well go on the beach in a duffle coat and balaclava… What’s the sodding difference?! Fanatical cunts…

    • Agreed. Darwinism is the one thread of hope we have remaining in diluting dumb fucks from the world. “Those who honour the gene pool, by accidentally removing themselves from it”. Whether some of these thick fucks believe accidents won’t happen to them I’ve no idea?

      Some people really are as thick as rhino shit. It proves it with idiotic shit like this…

      Yep, mostly yanks. The one at 1:38 is priceless. Some of them don’t appear to realise guns are pretty dangerous when combined with cuntishness.

  24. beeb interviewed acouple of grils who’d just got the GCSE results this morning; they both got Bs for English but were nigh on like inarticulate when required to speak …

    • What about these cunts that say ‘get’ instead of have?..drives me round the fucking bend on public after another ‘can i get a single to…etc’. Or ‘ can i get a skinny latte?’ in cafes.Mind you,anyone who asks for this filth is an obvious cunt anyway

      • This is one of my wife’s pet hates.
        When someone asks for the said skinny latte (totally agree they are cunts for asking in the first place) why don’t the baristas (yet another fucking yank influenced word) tell the skinny latte cunt to fuck off as its his/her job and not the cunts.

        • To add more outrage,the filthy things cost about four quid..a thick cunt is easily parted from their money. I am tempted to ask one of these filth-imbibing cretins to ask for a wankachino.’hey,they’re like really great and new!’

      • Funny you should say that Mary because in Milton Keynes when I say: “Hello. May I please have…” – which I do say all the time (I am an uneducated cunt but I am a polite uneducated cunt) they look at you as though you’re a bit dim, or you get: “Wot didyah saaayyy!?!”

        I am a northerner but I have a neutral accent. I repeat myself and it eventually sinks in.

        Then the next bugger up to the counter, no hello, fuck off, kiss my arse or owt else to start the exchange: “Cannahget…arnd…arnd…” – transaction completes, goods exchanged and out the door. Not a thank you in site.

        It’s just the way they are down there, everyone of them is more important than everyone else. They are all cunts and they live in a shit, soulless city!

      • Yes, to me these are the royalty of cunts, or maybe we should make an allowance for their pre evolutionary mental level. If you want to and are able, then yes you can “get” something, if not then ask and fucking say please you cunt

  25. I had to sit on the bus and listen to two pig ignorant slippers use like every other fucking word. A level of stupidity beyond reason, dumb cunts.

    • and I bet they were talking about Big Brother or some shit like that and not the consequences of the Brexit vote.

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