Islamic State and Bono


I would like to cunt ISIS again.

Turns out, when that micrococked, bum boy adherent of the religion of piss was mowing down innocent civilians with a fucking massive truck, he totally fucked up by missing Bono.

Bono, it transpires was having dinner in a nearby restaurant with a bunch of his cunt mates when the horror unfolded.

Being the fearless eco warrior and tax evader extraordinaire that he is, what did Bonio do?
Did he:

A. Tear his shirt off and run full tilt towards the truck in an attempt at shielding innocent women and kids from the Islamic faggot’s onslaught?

B. Grab a fallen gendarme’s gun and attempt to shoot out the trucks pneumatic braking system, thereby making the brakes lock on, before dragging the muslim goat rapist out of the cab and ventilating it’s skull several times?

C. Shit himself and run full speed inside the restaurant as fast as his short little legs could carry him, while being protected by minders. Only emerging once the emergency services could stop him crying, release his grip from the leg of the table he was hiding under and bring him some fresh pants….which had to be flown over from Dublin in a private jet?

I’ll let my fellow cunters make their minds up on that one.

But, I have this to say to ISIS:
“You useless, stupid, fuckwit cunts!!! You could have made a fucking name for yourselves and actually got some fucking respect if you had just hit Bono. Nobody else, just Bono!”

Anyway, its too fucking late now, you fucked it up royally. I hope you catch goat AIDS and die a slow and painful death.

Fucking twats!

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

26 thoughts on “Islamic State and Bono

  1. I just had a brilliant idea, we all convert to islam then the bbc will have to interview us under their diversity all minority views count mandate We can tell them how done by post our children covered in blood demand free housing in germany

  2. Talking of bum boys, I’m glad to see that darling of the media, Tom Daley, has failed miserably in the Rio diving semi finals. Possibly something to do with having a really sore arse, courtesy of his boyfriend, which obviously affected his concentration. The fag hags and shag fags (sounds like a remake of the old Rod Stewart/Stereophonics number) of the BBC (cunts) will be beside themselves at his demise. Luckily there are two UK female hockey players, who both drink from the furry cup (each others) to allow them to force their pro MGBGTGOLFGTI opinions on us. An array of cunts, if ever there was one.

    • You could almost hear the whistling coming from his reamed out arsehole as he dived,hope it’s the last we have to hear from the knob-gobbler.

    • Good cunting, Tom Daley’s arsehole is so reamed out it acts like a buoyancy aid, hence why he always been and always will be shit.
      The fucking little cock sucking cunt, take away his funding and make him suck of Olympic officials and BBC execs for it.

      I did watch some athletics last night in the hope Mo Farrah fell or didn’t win, alas it wasn’t to be, but fuck me do Team GB have a hottie in their 4×400 relay team.
      Emily Diamond, I’d certainly insert my cock in her arse whilst ramming the baton up her cunt.
      She’s fucking hot!, Boaby would certainly fund her holes for the 2020 Olympics

    • A friend told me the reason the diving pool changed colour to green was because the officials put in a chemical that reacts with semen, that’s why it turned green after Tom Daley dived, all that cum oozed out of his arsehole changing the colour of the water.

      Sounds legit to me 🙂

  3. Do you not care that if the turdrag Bono had been killed by the truck and most ESPECIALLY if he had died in what could be reported as an heroic act, the airwaves ,TV, radio will be full of his earaching, gonads shrinking music from now until Corbyn grows a pair.
    Hopefully he will die of massively painful piles that grow up into his fucking throat and stop the cunt talking and singing.

    In a caring way,obviously.

  4. And for all the shite that talentless, deodorant dodging cunt spouts about saving the planet and giving to good causes, I’ve heard the cunt is so tight that he only breathes in!

    And… I bet the cunt was eating a large helping of patè de foie gras before going on to tucking into a crate of white veal!

    Fucking “do as I say, not as I do” cunt!

    • U2 wouldn’t have been a bad band: War, The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree were decent albums… But then Bozo couldn’t keep his giant gob shut… I recall one paying fan getting pissed off with Bono’s gobshitery, and shouting, ‘Stop fucking preaching and just play!’ The squawking munchkin took no notice obviously, and since he hooked up with Geldaft, he has gone further up his own arse and ruined any potential U2 might have had…

      • It was Eno and Daniel Lanois who made U2 sound half decent. Their first album for example is fucking shite.

  5. Bono, what an utter sanctimonious cunt he is. Ireland has produced two of the most pretentious, self-righteous unbearably obnoxious twats, Geldof is obviously the other one.

    • And..
      Terry Wogan
      Patrick Keilty
      Kenneth Branagh
      Colin Farrell
      James Nesbitt
      Dylan Moran
      Dara Ó Briain
      Ardal O’Hanlon
      Ronan Keating

        • And Niall Quinn, Gloria Hunniford, The Corrs, Sinead O’ Connor, naturally…

          Oh, and honourary Plastic Paddy bellends, Wor Jackie Charlton and Supercunt Michael Flatley…

  6. Bonio is a massive fucking bellend of a cunt. Pays no tax, gave the Pope an audience, a severely self deluded knob who deserves to be hit by a lorry. But only if said lorry reverses over him, twice.

  7. Bono loves the Joy Division comparisons U2 get… Don’t see the similarity, myself… It’s hard to imagine Ian Curtis kissing Geldof’s arse, telling others what to do with their hard earned money, sucking up to the ‘religion of peace’ (copyright: BBC), and favouring African ‘brown babies’ over other starving and vulnerable kiddies… Also difficult to imagine Bernard wearing stupid hats and having a ludicrous stage name like ‘The Edge…’

    • Funny joke Norm, U2 is nothing like Joy Divison absolutely nothing like them. The only reason Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree get the ridiculous comparisons is because of Brian Eno’s soundscapes. Eno can make any shite band sound avant garde, or dreamy thats basically why people hire him.

      • Fucking joy division comparisons what the fuck ? Never heard anything so cuntish in all my life not one of the paddy bogtrotting Islam loving twat glasses wearing cowboy hat first class seat bothering geldorf cock munching overlong stupid dancing live aid stage hogging utter utter cunts albums are fit to even be spoken of in the same breath as closer or unknown pleasures , fuck me even still which is a bit dodgy in places is light-years ahead of anything the strangled choirboy sounding cunt has ever produced.

        • I agree U2 is shite, absolute sellouts is what bono and the arse pirates are all about. The silly bastards couldn’t even make a decent album if they tried. As for Bonos songwriting skills absolute codswallop.

          Ian on the other hand was nothing short of a genius with his poetic jim morrison like lyrics most bands would kill for a singer-songwriter like that.

      • I think some critics (cunts) tie the two bands together because Martin Hannett produced both… Hannett was going to produce U2 on a regular basis, but the suicide of Curtis put him out of action until the first New Order recordings… Also, listen to U2’s debut album (‘Boy’) and there;s lots of Joy Division rip-offs on there…

        • What stinks about U2 is their ‘power’ over the press…
          In 1988 Mark Sinker gave the upcoming (and awful) ‘Rattle And Hum’ album 4 out of 10: calling it the worst album by a big name rock band in ten years…’
          And he was right…

          Sinker’s review never saw the light of day… NME wanted a U2 cover story and interview (and sales), so that fat cunt, Danny Kelly, got Stuart Baille to write a more glowing review, giving 8 of of 10… Kelly and NME got their cover story, and Sinker resigned in disgust… Proper cunts story, that…

  8. I realise I may be expecting too much from a site called, but doesn’t it kind of devalue the currency of cunt to use it for people as boring and unassuming as Tom Daley, just because he’s got a whistling anus? I’d like to see him pass a stool like the one staring back at me this morning, in complete defiance of the flush. Surely it should be reserved for the likes of Bono, Harold Shipman, Anthea Turner, Rose West, Tony Blair, Madonna, Ian Brady, Katie Perry, Jimmy Saville, Stephen Fry, Gary Glitter, Julian Fellowes, Peter Sutcliffe, Daphne from Eggheads, the list goes on.

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