The Westminster bubble

The Palace of Westminster, home to the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

Here we go again. As some cunter said recently, there is a lot of activity on this site at present – the silent majority is no longer silent!!

The Westminster bubble is so far up its own arse the whole damn lot of them need a really good cunting. The Bubble includes all those smug politicians, the MSM, including uber cunts the BBC, the Remainer protesters, and all the other whiners. The new round of political elections merely serve to increase their excitement, when the rest of us really want to get on with Brexit.

Whether it was the Full Moon before the Brexit referendum, the New Moon last night, or whatever has got them wetting themselves, they are all cunts – when can Westminster be divorced from the rest of the sensible part of the country, please?

So here’s another thought for you fellow cunters……normally with a closish result in the Vote there is a call for a recount, so why did we not hear more calls for one? Could it be that that the Bubble tried to rig the result with postal votes, and despite this, the cunts still lost? After all, many parts of the country had in excess of 60% for Brexit. A recount would have exposed them for the utter cunts and frauds they are.

Come back Oliver Cromwell when we need you…….

Nominated by: Big Al

21 thoughts on “The Westminster bubble

  1. Time we applied democracy with accountability from Westminster down to the jobsworth cunts at local councils. Then we need to take a look at the tax systems which rapes the average working family to finance the lifestyles of the parasites in society, from the benefit professionals to the stinking rich and global corporations.

    The Government are meant to govern on our behalf and in our best interests, they ignore this and we have forgotten it.

    Until we get a grip on democracy and engage with the system to bring it back under our control we are the cunts everyone else is laughing at.

    • That is exactly what Brexit was all about, the silent majority speaking out at last. Sadly if May gets in we can kiss Brexit bye bye. The cunts in Westminster will insist there is a vote before article 50 can be invoked and May, being a pro eu cunt will give them their way. And to add insult to injury the Westminster bubble will call it democracy. Then what?

      • As long as the silent majority remain silent they have no voice and count for fuck all. Protests in the street look great on TV and if they do try and over turn the result we should be marching on Westminster, I expect we would be greeted by riot police, tear gas and carefully planted agitators to firm up the issue that anyone voting for brexit is a swivel eyed lunatic racist.

        More to the point we should be writing to our MP’s and parliament so they feel the force of our numbers.

        If we leave it until the only response we have is civil disobedience the cause is lost. We must arm ourselves with knowledge and the law. We need to expose the game for what it is, whilst the majority take the wrong side in a war against the people nothing will change.

        No mainstream political party views the people as their masters, we must reject them all.

        • agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, well cunted the lot of you, Up the people! and up some people more than others using large wide bore bits of wood!

  2. I’m sure that deep in the vaults of Westminster there is some small print that allows an unelected leader to walk into the top job.
    It’s happened before and I’m sure it’ll happen again but I don’t fuckin’ like it.
    150,000 Tory party members voting on behalf of 65 million doesn’t seem democratic to me.
    And what a shit choice there is.
    May, a Thatcher in the making who was a remainer or Leadsom. Although a Brexit, a total lightweight who spoke like she was at a Women’s Institute cake sale. Loads of optimism but zero policies.
    If this is the best on offer we might as well all give up.
    The country is shot to shit. It’s all to late.
    Arm yourselves.

  3. May doesn’t look very well to me, very pale and gaunt. Maybe she will kark it before September. Is she in the dead pool?

    We don’t vote for PMs in UK, it is not a presidential system. You vote for a local MP of whatever stripe. The party with the most MPs gets to form a government and the leader of that party becomes PM. Maybe it should change but we are stuck with it for the moment.

    • I know that Skid but still think it’s undemocratic.
      I’m sure there are plenty of people in the country who vote not on party choice but who they like the most or detest the least.
      I just think the person at No 10 should be party leader on election day so we know who we’re getting, not some sub from the bench.

      • I know you know JR and I agree it is not very democratic. But then again having an unelected second chamber, the Queen as head of state and an electoral system which rewards a party polling 12.6% of the vote with only 1 MP while another polling just 4.7% gets 56 seats is also a bit of a cunt. But it is a cunty system we have become acustomed to while overturning a referendum which was supposed to give the people a direct say in how they want to be ruled is all new levels of cuntitude never before seen in UK.

    • At least the party members get to pick the leader not just the MPs of that party.
      And you have to have been a member of the Conservative Party for 3 months before you’re allowed to vote.

      Fairer than the Labour Party where the unions give you 3 quid and tell you who to vote for next week. Cunts.

      And let’s remember that we had a referendum on the present voting system for general elections and voted to keep it. Perhaps we should have a second referendum on that as well? (Just kidding)

  4. Noel Gallagher is a cunt…
    Since when did this Marty Feldman look-alike in a Beatle wig become a football pundit?
    Typical Bluenose cunts: turning everything into a circus… But, let’s face it, they’ve had enough experience with clowns… What’s worse than a City knobhead? A celebrity City knobhead…

    And that bald tosser, Pep, is a cunt and all… He’s only at Citeh because of all the millions of petrodollars that are being thrown at him… I bet a decade ago Guardiola never even knew that Man City even existed…. Mercenary eggheaded cunt…

      • Noel is a annoying little arse monkey he’s such a cocky little bastard too. If I was the interviewer I’d have a hard time talking to him or keeping a straight face.

        He’s thinks hes god gift to music, the ego on him and his bru’vah sums him up to be a cunt

        • No doubt that Noel has told Pep how lovable and zany the City mob are… I wonder what Pep will think when he hears his new army singing songs about air crashes? Guardiola will, very quickly, discover that these so-called blue ‘characters’ are actually cunts… Not unlike the Gallagher goons themselves…

  5. Another excellent cunting! What a bunch of arrogant pricks these politicians are. We voted for Brexit, end of! If they don’t implement Article 50 and get on with what they clearly promised us, we should take to the streets and demand they fulfil that promise. I can’t believe the huge increase in the number of cunts lately, the referendum has brought them all out in droves. The cuntometer is constantly running at full.

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