The Chilcot Report


That chilcot report is the biggest fucking whitewash in the history of whitewashes no wonder it took so long. They were thinking of a way to severely edit it then come out and say it was a big misunderstanding.

The edited Chilcot Report basically says Iraq War was Just a Big Accident by Dumbasses and they shouldn’t be punished because they are corrupt millionaire politicians so lets just let them off the hook and public are too stupid to understand any of this . Report doesn’t blame anyone for anything other than stupidity.

Chilcot portrays Blair as irresponsible and confused but loyal, failing to do his due diligence in examining the intelligence. But we know the intelligence was fixed by the Bush government and we know Blair knew the intelligence was fixed. These are both 100% established facts.

This is mind boggling How could anybody even be stupid enough to believe in the lies of democracy anymore?

Nominated by: Titslapper

The Chlcot Report. You couldn’t make it up!

Oh! Hang on! They just did…

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  1. Interesting that the yanks are saying they are not interested in Chilcot, for them old news now. Indeed they have already had three inquiries. Chilcot is on £790 a day or £205,000 pa plus expenses ect ect and his four familiars are on £565 a day or £146,900 pa plus ect ect. I wonder why the Report has taken so long……?

    • More upstanding jurisprudence. We note that old Oscar Pisso has pulled a six stretch (orf which likely to serve three) for one orf the bloodiest murders orf recent times). Wonder how he prefers to take it up the arse – with or without legs. Those Boer boys might give him the choice. As for that sweet trembling little mouth….yes m’Lady.

      • How the fuck has he got away with this? He was given five years originally, then the offence was upgraded to murder which has a fifteen year minimum sentence, and he’s only given one more year?
        His defence team say they’re not going to appeal. No kidding. It’s the prosecution who should be appealing.

    • The American government don’t like self examination at all. Too many skeletons in the closet. If they go back to 2003 that’s to close to 2001 and then people might re-examine the 9-11 half arsed commission report. I would expect behind the scenes they are telling the British government to bury it, possibly influenced the delay on Chilcot.

  2. Until we hold our politicians accountable this shit is gonna keep happening, but because the rest of the world doesn’t hold their political class doing so here would put us at a disadvantage, apparently.

    The political class are just cunts, all of them.

  3. I’d like to nominate Tom Hiddleston, for his very public “relationship” with buck-toothed mascara-eyed pseudofeminist and serial whore Taylor Swift.

    If he’s just using her as a beard or a as a grab for publicity, he’s a fucking dolt. It’s bad enough cleaning up that cunt John Mayer’s sloppy seconds, but spending a weekend with fucking Ryan Reynolds, his dimwit wife Blake Lively, 500 of Taylor’s closest friends and photographers must be like tossing off with a Brillo pad.

    If he really is, as “friends” claim, “smitten” with this horse-face warbler and her new rubber jugs, he is even more of a pitiful cunt. Apparently poor Tom is “stressed by his box-office failures” and get this- “the Brexit vote.” Maybe this Cambridge-buggered polesmoker should wallow in his misery with the fat slag Charlotte Church.

  4. Another grossly expensive whitewash,the same as all government inquiries,just a way to deflect criticism until the heat dies down,while lawyers and various “great and good” line their pockets.

    • I was longing to see The Prince of Darkness being hauled away in chains. First to The Tower for a bit of Medieval torture and mutilation, then the mangled remains sent off to The Hague for a war crimes trail. Instead Teflon Tony has as much chance of doing time as we have of the Referendum actually being honoured. Another stitch up at public expense almost certainly to be followed by a media reinvention campaign telling us what a nice chap the lying, treasonous mass murderer really was.
      What a surprise…

      • The shameless twat is already trying to inveigle his way into the Brexit negotiations. He’s obviously crawled out from under his stone for a reason,and the shame is that he’ll wash his hands of any responsibility for Iraq, and we’ll let him and his acolytes get away with it.

  5. Most interesting though irrelevant perhaps, Naid was removed from service at the beginning of the air war gulf war one, on completion and park up on the basra road cam units were returned to qms (chemical agent monitoring units) taken from troops, not that I would know, never been there myself.

  6. The long-awaited Chilcot report (more of a sloppy, dribbling fart than a “report”): move along please there’s nothing (new) to see here…

    Satan Bliar resurrected, the Messiah’s second coming; hopefully a second crucifixion, too.

    A hymn remembered from primary school days…’There is a green hill far away, without a city wall.’

    How about the supreme cunt of cuntitude struggling for his last agonised breaths nailed to a “wondrous cross” atop of Hampstead Heath, with a nice view of his beloved Islingtonia…

    Only tricky question…which cunts should go on either side? Spoilt for choice !!

    • No we can’t go round crucifying people, deforestation is a serious enough problem and we couldn’t replace the amount of trees quick enough. The thing to do would give them a sword each, dress them up as crusaders and drop them into the middle of the caliphate along with editors and reporters who still insist on calling it the so called Islamic state.

      That way they would get a close look at the result of their handy work and end up wishing they could of had a nice crucifixion at home instead.

    • Also worth noting that when setting up the inquiry, Gordon Brown handpicked a panel comprised of no one who opposed the war. Sir Roderick Lyne was an interesting choice too – a close friend and jogging mate of Alastair Campbell. Speaking of Campbell, Chilcot asserted “the government deliberately exaggerated the threat posed by Iraq” – yet Campbell spent most of yesterday doing the rounds of TV studios spinning this as “Chilcot confirmed the WMD dosseir was NOT ‘sexed up’…”

  7. God of cunt Blair thought over a million people marching against the Iraq war were just a bunch of ill informed liberal hippies, best ignored. However, a tiny fraction of that go marching against the referendum result and he starts bleating that the people have spoken! I have always hated the cunt, and he never failed to reinforce that feeling, two faced slimy piece of shit. Alastair Campbell must love the taste of his cock, he only takes it out of his mouth long enough to say how honest and wonderful his beloved Tony is. Shameless vermin who must take a lot of the blame for the ruin of western civilisation.

  8. Marvell comics are cunts, they are replacing Iron Man tony Stark with a 15 year old black girl. This is cuntish as they are afraid to create a new Superhero character and see if it gets public buy in so they hijack an existing character to inject their PC agenda. Why not go all the way and make her gay?

    Should I give a fuck? No but this isn’t about comic book characters this is about the continual assault on white culture. Black kids are more interested in shooting each other than they are in comic books, black lives don’t matter until they are ended by a white police officer.

    Dr who must have a female ethnic assistant, James Bond should be a woman. On and on it goes, the mass media indulging it programming the population.

    Instead of hijacking popular fiction to present positive images of black people how about black communities doing positive things in reality that then filters into fiction, anything else is unreality and bullshit.

  9. So Marvel Comics are changing Iron Man to Iron Woman. In my house, Iron Woman is not a title, it’s a command. Sixdog definitely got it right with his comment on the PC agenda which badly affects the whole of the Western world. Bunch of raving poofters, lesbians and outright cunts. Like to see them try it in Libya, the Middle East, Bangladesh or Pakistan.

    • I also hate the anti white, interracial bullshit I see on movies and telly its the sole reason I’ve given up on it, I’m better for it too.

      This sick filth with turning captain america black, turning thor into a woman, Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four is now black. , and turning iron man into a black negress is just mental. Who’s gonna buy this shite?

      I don’t think anyone honestly believes women or non-Whites are going to buy comics. Originally, they claimed this was a market strategy, then they came out and admitted it was all just a marxist social engineering experiment.

      • Funny enough, there was a Kojak remake a few years back, with black actor Ving “Mr Wallis from Pulp Fiction” Rhames in the title role. Now I watched the original Kojak TV show as a kid and it made much out of Telly Savalas’, and hence the character’s, Greek heritage. They may as well have just picked Rhames because he was fucking bald because everything else that made the original Kojak entertaining just wasn’t there.
        I reckon Greeks are too white for Holywood now…

        • Nearly as bad as Mrs Columbo when they tried to make a female Columbo show and then distanced it from the original Columbo as it flopped.

          Sad cy=unt that I am I still love Columbo and there is a reason Mrs Columbo never appeared on screen.

          Because of course she was a cunt.

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