Matthew Syed


Matthew Syed is a boring, opinionated cunt. Simple. Famous for being the best table-tennis player in Britain?! What the fuck is that all about? Does not deserve to act all intellectual and preachy.

Fuck off Matt, you look like an uglier version of The Kurgan from Highlander.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

11 thoughts on “Matthew Syed

    • So does tapestry, but neither are pastimes any self respecting man should indulge in.

    • ….. I’m not so sure on how difficult it is to learn….. the Chinese are masters at it, and many of them have small feat, ….. especially the women.

  1. Ping pong is a game best left to Oriental types. True Brits invent sports and then spend eternity getting beaten at them by a load of cheating foreigners. Ungrateful bastards.

  2. Ping pong balls are only good for doing Garth Crooks impersonations along with a black balaclava on backwards

  3. Went to Oxford, Labour supporter, fuck me what a cunt, never mind what silly game he plays.

  4. Never heard of him.
    He looks like he got problem’s though.
    Can’t be arsed to look up what he’s been saying, but whatever it was he’s a cunt.

  5. Who the fuck? The only famous ping pong player I can name is Forrest Gump, and he’s a made up cunt. By the look of him, if he was standing outside a shop, I would probably try to put ten pence in his head, as he looks like one of those monger money boxes from the good old days.

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