Labour Party logic

Jeremy Corbyn defiant

The logic of Labour MPs is as impeccable as ever:

They accuse Corbyn of being ineffective, yet at the same time they wish he’d played a more high profile role in the EU referendum campaign. Why? If he’s as useless as they claim, surely they wouldn’t want him anywhere near causes they care about?

They say Corbyn is a weak leader, yet their co-called coup is dragging on for weeks without any sign of achieving its objective while Corbyn continues to stare them down.

Eagle says she can provide strong and effective opposition to the Tories, yet a cursory glance at her voting record shows that she abstained on the Tory Welfare Bill, voted for the Iraq war (and against any investigations into it), voted to bomb Syria (on both occasions), voted against tighter regulations on fracking, voted against government transparency, voted for mass retention of communications data – in fact all the Left’s favourite causes she either voted AGAINST or abstained on! Meanwhile her own Corbyn-supporting constituency party has threatened to de-select her! Strong? Effective? Unifying?

You couldn’t make this shit up.

Nominated by: Fred West

15 thoughts on “Labour Party logic

  1. And while the Tories wrap up their leadership election and move on, Corbyn talks of taking his own party to court if they don’t let him stand.

    Every time I heard the words “National Executive Committee” I just know that it’ll be another cluster duck involving the unions, MPs, councillors and “socialist societies (?)” .

    Whatever their many faults, you have to admire the ruthlessness and sheer lust for power that the Tories have. The Eton and Bullingdon boys are more or less gone leaving even less ammo for Corbyn to use against them. Not that he ever does of course. Being a pacifist he’d never stoop to using “ammo”.

    The Labour Party panto will last for months now and they’ll be even more irrelevant. In-fighting and procedures will continue to bog them down. And next week’s Trident vote will just make it worse for them. What a bunch of stupid fuckers.

  2. Cluster fuck- not duck. Fucking predictive text. That deserves a cunting too.

  3. I think David Cameron needs a cunting before he leaves number 10.
    What a stupid cunt calling a referendum because of UKIP and now losing his job and forever being remembered as a cunt who caused his own demise. I voted to leave the EU, so I can take pleasure in knowing I helped the cunt to fuck off. Now let’s hope that Gideon Osborne fucks off as well. Labour are a fucking joke as well, I come from a working class Labour voting family but I can’t vote for those cunts anymore. The BNP wouldn’t want a half black cunt voting for them I guess so that leaves the Liberal Democrats and they can fuck off. What a piece of cunt.

    • I can’t see May keeping that useless dipshit in No 11. Not as anything other than a puppet Chancellor anyway. Like Brown did with Darling.

      • Speculation tonight that Hammond and Gideot will swap jobs.

        Gawd help us. You couldn’t make it up.

        Oh – hang on! The Mail just did…

        • Hammond as Chancellor? Jesus, she might as well give Blunkett’s guide dog the job.

  4. Philip Kolvin Qc is another fucking cunt. He is coordinating a letter representing a thousand lawyer scumbags who want the referendum result ‘scrutinised’. They want parliament to have the last say on leaving the EU, as these steaming piles of dogshit recon the result was only advisory. I don’t know about anybody else, but at no point was I under the impression that I was participating in an advisory referendum, and nothing in the months leading up to it, or any if the literature that was sent to me, at my expense, said fuck all about it being ‘advisory’. Who is paying these cunts, as they never do fuck all without getting paid?

    • We’ll end up paying these cunts (Cherie Blair will probably be among them)They’ll be given money by the EU Commission and guess where the money will come from originally?

      As well as coming from the money we have already paid to the EU, big business will be financing them as well. To fight it, the UK Government will then have to hire another team of highly paid barristers to fight it’s case. Both ways, the taxpayer is fucked and greedy barristers laugh all the way to the tax haven.

      Mischcon de Reya will be right at the front with their noses in the trough. Do you really think they give a shit about the result. If it had gone the other way they would no likely be mounting a challenge.

      What a bunch of greedy and unprincipled cunts.

    • Ok, time to cunt the “advisory” referendum, and Mishcon de Reya.

      Under the UK constitution, there is one sovereign power, and no its not parliament no matter how often the claim is made, it is HM the Queen. All actions made by HM government are on behalf of, and in the name of HM the Queen.

      Now, when parliament passes an act, through both its houses, is it a law? No, not until it is given the royal assent by HM the Queen, until then it is effectively advice from parliament to her.

      So, can the people, via a referendum, pass a resolution which is binding upon HM the Queen to act in a certain way? No they cannot, because the people are not sovereign, only HM the Queen

      Now, this isn’t the time of Queen Anne, and subsequent to the accession of George VI, it would be unthinkable for the Monarch to refuse to take parliaments advice, as the reality of our constitution now is that the Monarch has devolved all her actual powers to the government, but this doesn’t alter the constitution as it stands, in theory the Monarch could provoke a crisis and take her powers back. Such a case nearly occurred with the resignation of Macmillan.

      So, in reality, as in the 1970’s referendum, can parliament ignore the result? Well, no, not constitutionally. If Parliament chooses to put a question to the electors, of whom they are the representatives (ignoring the Lords, the reform of which is another subject), then that advice supersedes that of parliament to the sovereign. The Sovereign, therefore via her appointed ministers, under the constitution as it now stands, is bound to act in accordance with the result.

      As the option to invoke article 50 is specifically within the purview of the Crown as a treaty, and not Parliament as an act, it is clear that this attempt by these barristers is vexatious.

      It does beg the question, if Theresa May wont invoke article 50, could HM the Queen just go ahead and do it?

  5. Labour are fucked and deservedly so. They forgot who they were meant to represent and concentrated on the sainted poor. The sainted poor in this case being feckless benefit parasites or the entire 3rd world. Working people became the cattle the pay for all their grand plans.

    Labour are more interested in Palestine than British workers, more concerned about LBGT than steelworkers.

    Fucking socialism, sooner it’s dead and buried the better.

    • “feckless benefit parasites”

      Despite persistent propaganda to the contrary in the Mail, benefit abuse (don’t get me wrong, there’s never ever any excuse for it) represents only a tiny fraction of the DWP spend – 1.2bn (or 0.7% – much less than in other developed countries). But money lost to the Treasury through tax evasion and avoidance is some THIRTY TIMES higher than money lost through benefit abuse (HMRC’s most recent estimate is £34bn). Funny how the Mail never bangs on about tax evasion and avoidance in quite the same way. But then I guess that’s a tricky conflict of interest when you’re a newspaper owned by a non-dom who pays no tax in the UK…

      • Parasites at both end of the scale Fred, I have never read the daily mail in my life, I live among these fuckers. Half of my street is on some sort of benefit and apart from the ones with genuine disabilities they could all go out and work for a for a living but they don’t and any work they do is off the books sans tax. Useless eaters banging out kids in the comfortable knowledge everyone else will pay for them perpetuating the benefit culture for another generation.

        A parasite is a parasite no matter which end of the cow they are leeching blood from.

  6. You have to admire politicians. Tonight, the LibDems (whose policy is to reverse the referendum result) and the Labour Party (who have no leader and if they get stuck with Corbyn are unelectable) are both demanding that May calls a snap general election (despite the fixed term parliament act making it virtually impossible).

    Neither of them seems to realise that if May did call an election, they’d both be wiped out.

    And these stupid people want to run the country???

    • The last four Prime Ministers who got the job in the middle of a parliament (Brown, Major, Callaghan, Douglas-Home) didn’t call an immediate election. The U.K. has a parliamentary system not a presidential one.

  7. Labour Party Logic:

    int main void
    if (|| yes==1) {
    call antisemitism
    else Angela.Eagle==Transexual

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