Bono [11]


I think it’s time to give Bono a good cunting again….

For a start there’s his ‘Britain should remain in the EU’ shite… Like it’s anything to do with a tax dodging Irish cunt who lives in the South of France, Malibu and Paddywood (the posh part of Dublin)…

Then there he is bleating about the environment, yet he charters a jumbo jet to fly his hat to him… A whole 747 travelling thousands of miles and burning fuel for a fucking hat!

Not to mention him hounding an ex-U2 crew member and dragging her through the courts over a pair of trousers and another hat… Seriously, he more or less ruined this woman over a pair of his smelly old keks and one of those ‘Look at me! I’m a prick!’ stetsons he wears…He is a kilimanjaro sized cunt…

Bono’s wife is a fucking bellend too…

Nominated by: Norman

15 thoughts on “Bono [11]

  1. A little off topic, but I would like to cunt ISIS again.

    Turns out, when that micrococked, bum boy adherent of the religion of piss was mowing down innocent civilians with a fucking massive truck, he totally fucked up by missing Bono.

    Bono, it transpires was having dinner in a nearby restaurant with a bunch of his cunt mates when the horror unfolded.

    Being the fearless eco warrior and tax evader extraordinaire that he is, what did Bonio do?

    Did he:

    A. Tear his shirt off and run full tilt towards the truck in an attempt at shielding innocent women and kids from the Islamic faggot’s onslaught?

    B. Grab a fallen gendarme’s gun and attempt to shoot out the trucks pneumatic braking system, thereby making the brakes lock on, before dragging the muslim goat rapist out of the cab and ventilating it’s skull several times?

    C. Shit himself and run full speed inside the restaurant as fast as his short little legs could carry him, while being protected by minders. Only emerging once the emergency services could stop him crying, release his grip from the leg of the table he was hiding under and bring him some fresh pants….which had to be flown over from Dublin in a private jet?

    I’ll let my fellow cunters make their minds up on that one.

    But, I have this to say to ISIS:

    “You useless, stupid, fuckwit cunts!!! You could have made a fucking name for yourselves and actually got some fucking respect if you had just hit Bono. Nobody else, just Bono!”

    Anyway, its too fucking late now, you fucked it up royally.

    I hope you catch goat AIDS and die a slow and painful death.

    Fucking twats!

  2. Talking about cunts, I was having a look on IMDb just now, and it tells me that Bendydick Cuntypants, (as Mr McGraw hilariously puts it) is 40 today. 40!!! I knew the cunt was older than me, but I thought by at least 14 years, yet the cunt is just over three. Fuck him, luvvies must have access to some sort of time cream. The cunts.

    • It’s all those ‘soggy biscuits’ he had at private school, it beats the shit out of Oil of Olay.
      Now you know what boswelox is, upper-class schoolboy spunk

    • Benedict Cunteberdinck is a prizewinning huge marrow of a cunt…
      In years to come he will be known as ‘The man who ruined Sherlock Holmes…’

  3. Old cuntybollocks Bonio is just as much a cunt as Chris fuckin” Martin……oh,and that cunt Bendydick Cucumberpatch……………..Bring back Ozzie,I say……..bah!

    • I’d like to offer up,as a prize,my iconic Michael Jackson white glove (slightly soiled middle finger),to the first person to kick Bonos bollocks right up his whinging,sanctimonious throat.

  4. Top cunting, Norman. Bono cannot be cunted enough in my opinion. An overpaid, over-glorified conman who somehow jostled his limited talent onto the world stage.

  5. I must admit that I had to like U2 at school because Emma @$@&*$% did, and knowing about them gave me great access to her whilst we were supposed to be studying with our homework in her room. Every time I hear that cunt bono’s name, Sunday bloody Sunday jumps from my memory. Still, I have to thank him in some sort of juicy ohh aring way.

  6. Bono’s a shit cunt and so is the edge.
    What sort of cunt gives himself a nickname anyway, especially one as spasticated as that.

    Another wanker who constantly wears a hat.
    I suspect he was one of the first to have a mis-shaped head due to the Zika virus but that bonce on an album cover would scare off record sales.

    Every guitar piece he plays sounds the same as the last.

    Tea cosy cunt.

    • Worst irish band ever! the real question is who in hell listens to them?
      Q”What sort of cunt gives himself a nickname anyway” A: Edge likes to edge bono’s boner they are phony uncreative poofs thats how they got their nicknames.

      Knock Knock who’s there? No one, Edge fell from the stage but is unfortunately still alive

  7. Bono exudes cuntitude from every pore on his sweaty little body.
    I really fucking loathe the hypocrite, he really is a shit-stain on humanity.
    I hope his fucking private jet does an MH370 and disappears into the sea never to be seen again.
    I would knock-out 16 wanks on the bounce upon hearing that on BBC News!

  8. I was feeling good earlier, as the weather is great and I’d been out for a run on my bike (motorbike, I’m not one of those cyclist cunts), so I thought I’d darken my mood a little, to match the forecast thunderstorms. I went straight to the Huffington Post website, which is completely full of cunts of all varieties, including Justin Welby, who was congratulating Fatima Manji, the C4 news person (and cunt) on her professionalism. This is the professional who wore a Muslim headscarf when reporting on the Nice incident. There was a link to a website called Tellmama which stated that the lorry driver in Nice “is a picture of a broken man who had numerous issues and who was hardly Muslim in his action”. I beg to differ, as his actions are completely those of a fucking Muslim cunt with hundreds of similar examples recently. Tellmama is there to report anti Muslim hate crime and is run by and for Muslims. Have a look, you won’t believe such slanted versions of the truth. Also, the Archbishop of Cunterbury, Justin Welby, is due another cunting for his continuing stupidity and cuntish behaviour. I feel better now.

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