Angela Eagle [2]

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Angela Eagle is a cunt. By the way What is it with fat politicians named Angela? cause they all look dumb and ugly as a dog’s arse.

Angela the fat dyke is bitching and moaning because Corbyn went against his own party’s interest for the Brexit crowd at the last minute. Maybe the fat dyke needs another sandwich instead or whining like a loser?

Also I don’t know whats gonna happen Both the Labour and Tory parties are complete crap, and now that Nigel has quit the UKIP party, there probably isn’t any third party strong enough to win. Also Boris Johnson is a bastard

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The Eagle has landed…

Thankfully not on top of me!

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13 thoughts on “Angela Eagle [2]

  1. The logic of Labour MPs is as impeccable as ever:

    They accuse Corbyn of being ineffective, yet at the same time they wish he’d played a more high profile role in the EU referendum campaign. Why? If he’s as useless as they claim, surely they wouldn’t want him anywhere near causes they care about?

    They say Corbyn is a weak leader, yet their co-called coup is dragging on for weeks without any sign of achieving its objective while Corbyn continues to stare them down.

    Eagle says she can provide strong and effective opposition to the Tories, yet a cursory glance at her voting record shows that she abstained on the Tory Welfare Bill, voted for the Iraq war (and against any investigations into it), voted to bomb Syria (on both occasions), voted against tighter regulations on fracking, voted against government transparency, voted for mass retention of communications data – in fact all the Left’s favourite causes she either voted AGAINST or abstained on! Meanwhile her own Corbyn-supporting constituency party has threatened to de-select her! Strong? Effective? Unifying?

    You couldn’t make this shit up.

    • Just noticed that she also voted FOR increased University Tuition Fees – an issue for which Labour never tires of berating Nick Clegg. Yet it’s ok when one of their own does it apparently?

        • She’s great with knives though & she’s also a part time Alan Bennett look alike, in fact it might even be him without his glasses on? We’ve got Thatchers melting corpse as new PM too , apparently May has a bigger cock than Camoron, at least that’s what my pet pig inferred? God we’ve got Clinton looking to be President too. How depressingly shite.

  2. It’s always sobering to remember that hardly anyone has heard of these cunts until they stand for party leadership.

  3. Personally I think the whole lot should fuck off and we ellect or be given for election people who have actually worked for a living, not the chosen few pushed through by unseen hands for us to ellect.
    There seem to be many nameless, faceless burocrats who apply pressure for their own ends on these people, who are they?

    • That’s far too sensible & fair. Thing is power corrupts& someone has to pay for some Lord’s duck house/whore/crack addiction, not to mention the important£300 a day sleeping in the Lord’s allowance.

  4. Eagle looks like one of those minging lezzers that used to be on Prisoner Cell Block H…

      • I’m a little puzzled how you know a character in Cell Block H, to be honest I’m a little bit worried about you Norm

        • He’s talking about the show prisoners cell block h. He never said that he knows and talks to a imaginary character, thats mental

        • My ex used to watch it (Prisoner) all the time and she could have gone on mastermind about it… We’re still on good terms and I asked her who was the squat, fat bottle blonde with short hair was… Sure enough she came up with the answer to my Angela Eagle look-alike question… Old Corrie characters, I know more about them…

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