The Danish Girl


That Danish Girl film deserves a cunting…

Was in the doghouse with some bird I know the other day (why the fuck do they get so upset about such trivial and pointless shite?!)… I reluctantly watched that film, The Danish Girl, with her… What a pile of fucking crap… There she is, blubbering sympathetically, while I’m looking at my watch…. She asked what I thought of it, and I said it was crap… Cue storm clouds (yawn!)… She then asked did I feel sorry for him/her/it? I said no, and that it was his own fault if he was insane enough to have his John Thomas cut off and he knew the risks… More clouds and sulking… So I said, ‘Would you watch a film about a dog that is butchered to turn itself into a cat?’ Her reply was, ‘No, Because it’s not natural and cruel…’ So I pointed at the screen at that bad impersonation of Hinge and Bracket and said, ‘And that is?!’ Storms into kitchen… Whine, sulk etc…

Whoever made the film is a clever cunt though… They made a new type of chick-flick: which almost all silly tarts will love, and they all feel sorry and want to cuddle the tranny instead of a puppy dog… Bloody good trick, that… For those stupid enough to fall for it…

Nominated by: Norman

25 thoughts on “The Danish Girl

  1. Mind programming propaganda designed to normalise the abnormal.

    Well cunted Norman.

    • Absolutely, well said.

      The sheep buy in to all this fucking crap and copy the trend thinking they are expressing their individuality – ROFLMO – brain-dead fucking cretins who deserve everything that’s coming!
      Tattoos, piercings, sexuality, music, memes, selfies, iPhones, social-media, TV.
      Not a single critical self created thought among the lot of them, wankers

      • Was there a cock shot of the tranny,and do you swing both ways? Why would anybody want to watch this? Doesn’t the main character die after getting his dick chopped off or something like that?

  2. If I want to see a dull cunt of a bloke making a fool of himself dressing up like a panto dame then I will rewatch last weeks Question Time on iPlayer.

  3. I would like to nominate cunts on planes who, as soon as the fucking seat belt sign goes off, decide to put their seat all the way back down to the maximum, thereby squashing the person behind’s knees and making the rest of the 10 hour flight a fucking misery.

    Personally, unless it’s long haul, so greater than 4 hours, I don’t put my seat back until it’s the time of the day where most people would sleep, and even then only if have a look around behind to make sure that they have also reclined. Space in airplanes is so limited, is just so rude and cuntish to have your seat all the way back in the middle of the day. And to those who say, “I’ve paid for this flight, so I’ll recline whenever I want”, my reply is ,”well I’ve not paid to have your fucking head in my lap for the whole fucking flight, so I’ll exercise my right to kick, push and sneeze over you at every fucking opportunity”.

    I had such a cunt on my flight into Grenada last week. Sat with his slutty looking wife, (at least 58 but wearing a short leather skirt that if she’d been 40 years younger might have gotten away with), in our seats as we boarded, with no word of apology, when they moved, this cunt did just what I’ve mentioned above, squashing my wife’s knees. I said to her that I was quite happy to “have a friendly word” but she didn’t want to make a scene. This resulted in me stewing in my own anger for the whole flight, (although I did say to the cunt to put his seat up when the meals came around, in a nice way, so as not to upset my missus, whose birthday it was on that day, so that fucking cock sucker totally fucked that for her). Even the guy in the aisle opposite my missus said to the fight attendant , as he minced down the aisle, about how inconsiderate the cunt in front was, but the fag just said he couldn’t do anything.
    However, on the flight back, if we are stuck with this inconsiderate knob jockey again, I will swap seats with my missus and gleefully make sure I kick the fuck out of the back of his chairi ff he decides to put the seat back on 6ft 2in me.

    I fucking hate inconsiderate cunts!

    • Best antidote for that is every ten minutes fake sneeze over the cunt. Cough and splatter and keep saying the flight is fucking your flu and you should have taken the doctors advice and not flown. Keep buzzing the mincer asking for tissues and asprin.

      Or let the cunt think your cranking one off under the blanket behind him.

    • I’ve often wondered if these really fat fuckers you see at the airport on shorter flights to Spain, Portugal etc have to pay for two seats because the fucking size of some of them they sure wouldn’t fit into one. Perhaps they shove em in with all the luggage.

  4. Ryanair are now offering bribes to get people to remain…free flights with Ryanair!! Yay!! What a way to start your precious holiday NOT.

    If we get OUT, we could requisition aforementioned airline’s puke-smelling flying hamster-cages to drop undesirables over Brussels.

  5. I took a tranny to the beach once and didn’t even try to shag it, even after it got turned on. Instead, I listened to Radio Luxembourg on 208 metres, medium wave, until the batteries ran out. Do I have to insert cunt at any point?

  6. i would like to cunt anyone who does not bother to vote tomorrow, it’s important

    I’m staying up tomorrow night for the results, if anyone is around ?

    • It’ll be a long and nasty night, loads of Dimblebore and jc knows who else… Guru-Murphy, Peter Snow and his Crap-o-Meter. Luvvies??! Usual talking (knob-) heads.

      Not much hope of a quick one orf the wrist, I fear. I’m getting a litre bottle of m&s cheapo Italian plonk, pizza and whatever else might take my mind orf it. Pointless trying to sleep…

    • Nope, I’ll be packing my suitcase ready to get out of this draconian shithole when the inevitable rigged remain vote comes through.
      I’m emigrating to North Korea, mush more tolerant and less of a fascist dictatorship than the EU.
      Can’t decide if to tell the wife though and take her with me

      • The result won’t be declared until around Saturday.

        The corrupt cunts will have hundreds of boxes of leave votes to burn before they can announce how royally fucked we are.

  7. Fucking auto-correct, how the fuck do you decide I wanted MUSH and not MUCH – Fucking EU autocorrect cunts.

    The BBC coverage is 8 fucking hours long, 8 fucking hours of Dimbleby, Maitlis, Kuenssberg and the usual BBC cunts intermixed with wankers like Abbot, Portillo, Kahn, Kendall, and the usual journalist cunts Hardman, Williams, Oakeshott, Pierce, Maguire, Jones, the only cunts who wont be there are Jo Cox, Jimmy Savile, Michael Jackson & David Guest.

    Fuck the EU, Fuck the BBC, fuck this cesspit of a country – to quote that Scottish cunt on Dragons Den – “I’m out”

  8. Boaby, you’re absolutely right about autocorrect. I sometimes use a tablet (though prefer the 19 inch screen on my desktop computer for onanistic purposes) which has a draconian autocorrect. Please read and interpret the following example. Remainers are a bunch of rucking runts who talk complete ballcocks. They need hot pokers rammed up their arches. Complete rucking runts.

  9. My girlfriend and I had a night out (clubcard points cashed in) cinema and pizza, so off we go I am hoping for “The secret life of pets” and end up watching “me before you”.
    well he dies, she cries, my girlfirend cries, great I spent a good half an hour busting for a piss, stuck in the isle seat and asked not to finish my drink because she might want some later (reality is she knows damm well i am going to piss in the cup)
    so next film is going to be “The Deer Hunter” same sort of storyline and ending (someone dies at the end) but a lot more interesting.

  10. By the sound of it, this film desperately wants people to “think outside the box” (as some twat has named it) and get into the mind of some oddball who has his cock and bollocks chopped off, just to explore the “tortured soul” mentality, whilst at the same time revel in their own “aren’t we groundbreaking” self obsession. The simple equation of edgy, artsy and wanting to be different = pretentious tired cuntery that’s as old as the hills.

    Films like this would only appeal to boring arthouse hipster cunts and freshly graduated performing-arts students who think they know all about life, but in stark reality they have as much commonsense as a box of cress. “I’m 18 and I know everything and I’m an intellectual pioneer!” Cunt off, you’re 18….you were 10 eight years ago.

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