The G7


I worry about a group of national leaders meeting in Japan this week who can’t count to 7.

Formally the G8 until they took the oh-so-mature decision to kick the Russians out, there are now 9 national leaders in the G7. What?

Hang on though! Tusk and Juncker are there representing the EU! This makes the EU :

(1) The only ‘country’ with 2 representatives at the table

(2) The only ‘country’ there that isn’t actually a country at all!

(3) The only ‘country’ there who’s leader wasn’t elected

FFS! You couldn’t make it up!

Nominated by: Dioclese

13 thoughts on “The G7

  1. Was the photo above taken just after the “one potato two potato” to determine who fucks Merkel first.

    Cameron may be last, but looks like he gets to choose the wine.

    • Actually he wants to eat some pig before he fucks the pig and they all fuck at the same time in synchronous motion.
      As for the wine I’m sure he would rather wait when he gives merkel a champagne enema so he could bugger her better.

  2. You COULD make it up. But nobody would believe you. I wouldn’t normally quote Star Wars, but that photo perfectly demonstrates Obi Wan’s meaning when he said; “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”. It’s so appropriate when you consider who is sat around that table.

    • I salute you, QDM. I wish one of those cunts would go up to Obama and kick his fucking teeth in for me. They’re probably all scared to though because out of shot is (sticking with the Star Wars theme) Obama’s wookie wife.

      • She does look like a wookie. I keep hoping someone will smack Obama and Cameron with a Kendo stick.

  3. Yeh !! ….and you ask these fucking cunts to explain why and they’ll probably just turn round and say either:
    1) You don’t know what you’re talking about and we do.
    2)Don’t worry, we know whats best for EVERYONE.
    3)We don’t give a shit what you think, deal with it.
    4) The old favourite of the left… you’re a racist.
    What has always baffled me is why incompetant fucking retards
    always get to do the jobs that require common sense.
    Anyone ???

  4. Some cunt rang at the door and interrupted my evening feast…”Are you Hubbard Marple?”
    No, I’m fucking not!! I’m HBelindaHubbard
    Twatface from some CUNTY political party seemed to be a bit wrong-footed there…
    “Are you aware of the eu referendum on 23rd June?”
    oh jesus christ almighty…
    “Can I ask you how you’ll be voting?”
    By putting a fuckin’ cross on a piece of paper. Mind your own fucking business, cuntface, and sod orf before I set the bat onto you…

    I may well erupt anytime soon; don’t think I can wade through much more of this fecal debris…

  5. Caroline Lucas is a cunt!
    She is on question time, saying how great mass migration is for the UK. I thought the potty old bint was from the Green Party? There won’t be much green left here if we have to fit every cunt in who wants to come here! Deranged and dangerous, these idiots are drawn to positions of power like flies to fresh shit, and they only get there because most people don’t give a fuck……

    • Yes she is a cunt. For fucks sake; how is mass migration good for those of us who live in this country? I mean even our homeless are being pushed out of their doorways by some fucking east european cunts and what fucking service to our once great land are the fuckers from the horn of africa doing apart from claiming benefits. The woman is a fucktard what is wrong with these arseholes? Very glad I moved out of London the place is a goatfuck now.

      • No wonder Greens are nicknamed Watermelons. Green on the outside, red on the inside…

  6. I am now tired of the whole Brexit thing.
    I have campaigned tirelessly for the last fifteen years, calling out the EU and it’s supporters at every turn waiting for this opportunity.

    I just want to get this farce of a vote over and done with.

    We all know that no matter what percentage of the UK votes to leave, the vote will be rigged in the favour of the remain cunts. Expect thirty or forty postal votes per one bed flat in Tower Hamlets for a start.

    Just look at Austria. A total stitch up using postal votes to keep the right out of power and deny the electorate their voice.

    If that bullshit happens here, there will be rioting in the fucking streets.

      • The French have always been up in arms about something, won’t be long before they calm down, light up a Gitane, uncork another bottle of red and rummaging around in their trousers.

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