Rap is truly evil music. It should be banned outright for the problems it causes. If you need to sample a real song from a real musician to form lame beats, then it isn’t music.

Bunch or stringed together swears and the repeat use of the word nigger. A word whites are supposed to be guilty about for some mongy reason. Bloody Mong music simple as that.

Nominated by: Titslapper

It’s not music, it’s fucking shit brown noise with primary school poetry peppered with profanities.
Speaking of which, it’s fucking shit.

Nominated by: Arsebiscuit

..and Des Lynam doesn’t like it either :

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  1. I think I fucked up and posted this on the previous thread after this one had opened, so here we go again.

    Childhood Gender Identity is a cunt. Take a fucking bow Auckland, as one primary school has just installed a unisex toilet to help a six year old in their “transition”. Six cunting years old. How many infants even know what day of the week it is, let alone what gender they should be?

    Am I alone in thinking that this is some New Age fad, whereby “trendy” (cunt hipster) parents decide that, no, little Jeremy should really be little Jessica?
    My friend’s daughter would regularly dress in her fathers work boots and hi-vis jacket as a young girl, but they didn’t rush off and have her changed into a boy. My point is if you want to change sex then there ought to be some age restrictions on it, say 18 or something, not fucking six.

    • Cunts who bring their kids up as “gender neutral” must hold some blame for this mess. It’s like they had a boy and wanted a girl, so they are hoping a freak of nature will answer their prayers. Liberals will not be happy until everyone has some problem so we can all be special.

  2. And black rapper cunts shouting “nigger” at me for three minutes does not a song make, the talent free wank-stains

  3. Rap,hip hop FFS is for a fat council estate fat ugly dhss with five chimplets on baourd and they cannot dance and cannot sing !
    I blame kenny ,with come and do the bump

  4. Kenny looked like cunts, sounded like cunts and were cunts… The Bump being played mercilessly throughout every disco there ever was in the 70s…

    My favourite ‘rap’ is dear old Ian Hunter at the end of ‘All The Young Dudes’… And the only rap record I ever had was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s ‘The Message’…. I thought the Furious Five would look like real tough buggers, but when they appeared on Channel 4’s ‘The Tube’ they looked like queers with silver outfits… Rap is now like a hall of fame for cunts: Eminem, Wu-Tang Cunts, Kanye West of course, and various ex-pimps, thieves, woman beaters and drug dealers calling themselves ridiculous names like Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Ice-T and Snoop Dog/Lion/Cunt… NWA were shite and so were Public Enemy… That irritating little cunt with the squeaky voice and the gold teeth from Public Enemy.. All he did was make a ‘Ye-eeeaaahhh!’ Bugs Bunny type noise… What a cunt he was…

    • The message might be 1 out of maybe 20 positive hip hop songs with a better outlook on life besides kill nigga’s get ho’s and get high. I don’t usually have a problem with old school rap thats fine at least it didn’t promote killing people and dealing drugs to children. When gangster rap came along everything went bloody downhill quick enter MOCO music. The only rapper I listen to is moonman cause he speaks the truth lol https://youtu.be/JSXvb5LFoK4

      • I agree TS

        The message and, considering it was 1984, Old School Rap, was quite good – in the 80s. And though out there, World War 3 was a good sum up of the 20 years that followed by the song that time. It cunted Reagan and Russia, Went for 8 mins, quite accurate 22 years later, and not once did he say nigga. New York New York was good at the time as well.

        They should however have shut the rest of the cunts off from that year and point onward as they could never get close.

    • I’m happy to say that I wouldn’t know one from another of any of these cunts, because I’ve never bothered listening to this rap shit.
      I’ve heard Rage Against The Machine described as ‘rapcore’, that’s as near as I’ve got to it.

    • The only rap type sound I ever got on with was Nomad and MC Mikee Freedom from 1991, good bass line, original (not sampled) rhythms, and a mildly political yet skilled narrative. Sound of my generation, chewed the inside of me mouth off in many a field to that era of tunes.

      It became fashionable to ‘black’ around 1997 and thats when house/dance music went down the toilet.

      Being a cunt musician still transcends all genders and ethnic groups, cunts.

  5. Rap “music” is just talentless dross written, performed and listened to by the dribblers and scribblers of this world. A way for cunts with no rhythm or musical ability to make money from the music industry/thick cunts. All you need is a laptop, primary school level English, and a pair of kegs that don’t cover your no talent arse and you are the next Kanye Kunt. That is one N word that I would like to pop a cap in his ass. And his wife. And her sisters. And her mum. And her stepdad/mum/freak. And dig up her real dad and kick him for leaving it in to soak.
    Sorry, not sure what happened there, I think reality caught up with me.
    Shame the “A” in NWA didn’t stand for AIDS……..

  6. Actually, Gutstick, I think NWA’s Eazy E (another stupid name) died of AIDS…
    Shame those other cunts, Dre and Ice Cube, didn’t croak too…

  7. Music is like sweets, all good… once you’ve thrown away the (w)rappers.

  8. I’ve always considered rap as being pap although I did quite like The Shamen back in the 90s. The only white bloke I know that raps apart from eminem.

    • Eminen…..white cunt who wants to be a black cunt. Why?

      Rap…fucking shite.

      That cunt DJ Tim Westwood is another wannabe spade…….needs another drive by…..

      • Thought I’d share a memorable quote From Keef
        “Rap — so many words, so little said. What rap did that was impressive… was to show there are so many tone-deaf people out there. All they need is a drum beat and somebody yelling over it and they’re happy. There’s an enormous market for people who can’t tell one note from another.”

      • Westwood probably staged that drive by shooting, I mean who would miss given the chance to shut that fucking prick up? However these rapper gang types are never good at shooting, always shoot the wrong people or passers by.

        • sticking on the musical theme (if rap is indeed music, there seems to be some very healthy debate going on here!), …

          Eurovision Mong Contest deserves kardashiCunting. AGAIN.

          Apparently, they’ve banned the Welsh flag… Now, although I live in sunny Cardiff, as far as I know I have no Welsh bllod (am sort of Anglo-Scot with 1 / 16th Rhinelander!), for the life of me what are these CUNTS playing at??! Has Wales invaded anywhere recently? Committed a gross act of genocide? The Mong contest is just a never-ending lake of sloppy, rancid diarrhoea. No bias here, but I’d sooner listen to chubby little Charlotte farting in the tub!

    • I agree The Shamen were a class act, they were original and blended multi genres, electronica indie techno acid etc tracks like Omega Amigo Make It Mine and Move Any Mountain and still are classics, then all off a sudden the mid nineties the rot began to set in where cheese gangster (C)rap (“music” for faggots and chavs) and boring generic 4/4 thud thud fucking thud all the fucking time boring shite all sounding the same came in, no such thing now as originality style or decent production just pure boring ear bleeding shite. You ask a DJ in a crap club nowadays to play the classic stuff instead of all the wank chav r+brap toss, but they will always say sorry mate they wont know that, so your forced to listen to aural dogshit all night if you stay in the cunting place so middle finger then you toss apologist moronic “djing” finger twiddling cunts

    • It’s all about the context.

      The guy who wrote that verse 500 odd years ago probably didn’t shout it at his audience, recite it at unintelligible speeds, wave his arms around miming pistols, or have a bunch of half naked women as a backdrop. Black talent free wank-stains need to have all of those things to legitimise their “art”.
      If it was all about the message they want to convey, then surely the stupid cunts would do it in a more controlled manner.

      • Tennyson and Wordsworth got by without “bitches”….”pussy” and “ho”

        Having said that, poetry is for cunts.

        • Tried reading T S Eliot’s Four Quartets a couple of weeks ago… an hour of my life gorn dine the pan for ever. Moreover, his name is an anag of Toilets. Bit like Go Wank / Gok Wan…

    • Yes it is, its utter fucking dogshite. Who wants to look at a few ugly black twats dressed in ridiculous clothes with gay caps on back to front chatting total bollocks into a mic and trying to look tough, I for one dont.

  9. Watching a documentary on BBC2 about WWII in Burma, and more precisely about the Chindits, a force my maternal grandfather fought with. It has made me realise 2 things.
    1. My Grand-dad was fucking hardcore. Sticking it to the Japs while dripping with malaria and typhus, being taken a POW and then returning to Blighty to raise a family.
    2. That people who create and promote wars are a very special breed of cunt. Why anyone would think they are in any way productive or useful is blinded by cuntism. Sort your fucking lives out, go home and work on your garden or something. Cunts

  10. I don’t consider rap to be a legitimate form of music on the basis that it seems to require absolutely no musical talent or ability whatsoever.

    May I also extend this cunting to include DJs? Now, last time I checked a “DJ” was a person who played OTHER PEOPLE’S RECORDS. Doing so, wearing a backwards facing baseball cap, plenty of “bling” (I believe is the modern vernacular for over dressed with gaudy jewelry), trousers which are practically falling down, some form of special needs footwear not laced up properly and twirling your hand in the air like you’re holding an invisible sparkler, equally does not make you a musical genius. Even adding your ‘own’ beats to OTHER PEOPLE’S RECORDS, does not make you a musician. Neither does speeding them up or slowing them down qualify as musicianship. I’ve actually seen somewhere the defense of DJs being that a turntable *IS* a musical instrument. So, without adding a recording of SOMEONE ELSE’S musical performance, how does one play a turntable? I think that perhaps one is unable to on the basis that said turntable is not in fact, a musical fucking instrument. What kind of tripe brained spaz believes that shit?

    Also, quite why some people go mental when DJ is ‘playing’ at some god forsaken venue is beyond me. Like they’re the ‘attraction’ in the same way a band might be. One might conclude that the vast intake of illegal substances might have something to do with it.

    • Celebrity DJ’s are worthless unnecessary cunts.
      Who fucking cares what DJ is flicking a switch.
      When you go to the movies nobody gives a fuck who the projectionist is.

      • I love it when they say they are “playing a gig”, which makes you think that the cunt is in a band or something. Then you find out that he is just a DJ and a cunt.

        • You make a solid point, Gutstick. I mean, Jimmy Savile was a DJ after all. And thus, a cunt.

      • JR – Absolutely loved that comment. Really made me laugh. Thanks mate.

        The lights go down and over the PA you hear this announcement:
        “And tonight – ladies and gentlemen – please silence you’re fucking mobile ‘phones, no talking and rustle sweet wrappers at your peril and enjoy once again on the big screen Jaws with projectionist DAVE!!!!”

        Audience goes wild with chants of “Go Dave, go Dave, woah woah yeah, go Dave go Dave”.

        It’s sad to ponder there are some in this world who would think that scenario would be a good thing. And they’d also be cunts.

    • This DJ thing has perplexed me for years. “Oooohhh, DJ Yoda is a genius”. No, he’s a talentless cunt. Fuck off.

      • Exactly DJ?? the abbreviation for Dick Jockey – Fucking knob twiddling laptop fiddling fucktards

  11. Rap and Hip Hop, is this the reason so many people all over this fair isle talk a kind of dialect that my friends and I have called fuckwit. Not long ago I requested that a chap move his car off the pavement (just a little mind) as I was having trouble getting passed said vehicle. My request was met with much pointing of fingers and some frantic arm movements coupled with a diatribe of unintelligible bollocks the only word of which I understood was “down” I stood somewhat dumbfounded as he began more pointing etc. When he had finished I told him to fuck off in Afrikaans which he did not understand luckily. He then gave me another performance two words understood this time “old something something cunt” I think. With that he entered his vehicle via the passenger side hopefully arse raped himself with handbrake and drove off. I love this life!!!

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