Horrid Henry


Horrid Henry is a cunt. I guess the clue is in the name, but literacy for children should have some sort of moral thread holding the story together so the young shits can learn something. But Horrid Henry is just a cunt. A pure little cunt.

I bet new, hip mums pour this little arsehole down their kids throats because it had a good write up in Grazia or some such wank, without actually realising they’re just informing their mini-cunts in a lifestyle of being a selfish, obnoxious, camp, thick as fuck, cunt.

I have to witness my step-kids drooling over this dog shit, if I have a child of my own it will be Trapdoor, Braveheart and Chock-a-block on Youtube to entertain the pricks.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

9 thoughts on “Horrid Henry

  1. The whole idea of horrid henry was more or less stolen from bart simpson haven’t seen the show yet though I suppose not missing much

  2. Fortunatley, all my sprogs are too old for that kind of shit. Although, there was no end to similar bullshit for them to watch.

  3. “lightning strikes across europe kill and injure…”

    And the self-appointed weather tsar Hamoron says that if we Brexit, lightning strikes will home in on everyone who didn’t vote the way he wanted them to, darkness will cover the country, and there will be a plague of enormous pubic lice emanating from Flabbott…

    Tony Bliar says he may reject Chilcot findings. What a fucking farce!! Just burn the cunt at the stake and be done with it…

  4. I’ve just made a complaint to the BBC about the ridiculous programme “United States of Hate: Muslims Under Attack.”

    Watch the show and then make your own complaint too (if you want to. Unlike the BBC or followers of the Religion of Peace and Universal Brotherhood, I’m not telling you how to think.)


    I’m off to drink a non-halal bottle of wine now. The BBC are institutionally Islamophilliac cunts.

    • Ta for the link… I’ve added my threepenny-bit’s worth too, accusing them of patronising and transparently obvious bias towards Islam. Told them if they lose their Charter, it’s their fault…

      In years to come, just tune into “Voice of Belinda” !!

    • I’m wondering if theresa may runs the BBC complaint department after she said that sharia law is a good thing for britons. I mean is islamic diversity truly a good thing?
      Despite the non-stop talk about the “brutal civil war” in Syria, the number one country from whence the men flooding into Germany originate is Afghanistan.

      There is no war in Afghanistan. Just as there is no war in Pakistan, the number two country from which these men originate.

      They are coming because Merkel invited them to come and live on welfare and erodgan seconded that invitation.

  5. It’s as obvious as a Francis Lee dive that Horrid Henry is voiced by an adult… And an adult who sounds like a bender… Hardly sounds like a tough and awkward kid…

    I loved the Trap Door… Burk, Bonie and Drutt ruled…

  6. Emilia Clarke is a cunt…
    All this hype over an at best adequate actress is unbelievable… It’s only the constant stripping and shagging she does in the horrendous Game Of Thrones that has got her noticed… She was total shite in that Terminator film too… Fair enough, the whole film was shite… But compare Clarke’s lukewarm simpering as Sarah Connor to Linda Hamilton’s powerhouse performance in Terminator 2 and one can see the new media darling’s shortcomings… And as for Clarke being ‘The sexiest woman alive’ (which means she’d be beaten hands down if we were allowed to include dead ones: like the young Liz Taylor, Anita Ekberg and other past screen sirens), she looks like some sort of giant doll in Game Of Cunts… Funny what passes as sexy and talented these days….

    • I agree Game of thrones is a overrated shite show first two series was decent then it became a parody of itself. George R R Martin can piss off and hopefully he kills himself instead of all the characters he creates then kills.
      A little bit of nudity can make you a famous cunt! As for Araya Stark its another paedo attraction princess like emma watson for sick nonce bastards.

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