Frances O’Grady

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Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC, is an economically illiterate cunt of the first order!

If you didn’t see it, pop over to The Politics Show for 19th May on iPlayer and give it a look. Andrew Neil savages her over immigration. 14 times he tried to tie her down on whether EU immigration effects the job prospects and wages of the UK unemployed. The cunt reckons there’s no evidence for this and that it’s all down to greedy employers only offering the minimum wage and legally employing foreigners when they should be paying more and employing UK workers instead. Which fucking planet does this fucker live on FFS!?!

Basic economics : The supply increases, prices go down. Duh!

But not in O’Gradyland apparently. What a fucking idiot!

Nominated by: Dioclese

17 thoughts on “Frances O’Grady

  1. The Hemsley Sisters deserve a good cunting,
    This pair of privileged middle class cunts are only on TV because ‘Daddy’ knows the ‘right people’.
    They have an IQ lower than their shoe size and couldn’t boil a kettle if you showed them what switch to press.
    Their idea of food is crap and they promote bio-dynamic eggs, what are bio-dynamic eggs you may ask, well they are twice the price of organic eggs and three times the price of normal eggs.
    A total pair of cunts who are only on TV because of:

    A: Their connections via ‘Daddy’
    B: They’re arguably good looking, although they look retarded to me!
    C: They are middle-class cunts who would wither and die if they could not make a living out of boiling eggs on TV


    • Sadly the entertainment industry is full of these priviliged cunts. The music business and acting in particular.

    • nice one …. I suspected exactly this -so much so that I didn’t even bother looking her up on google… so you have succinctly saved me that chore and informed me -cheers.
      I cant help but fancy her though and so I intend to be part of her punishment regime once I get her done for being a nepotistic posh thicko who has the same abilities as harriot Harman ie none.
      glad to see you recognised her attractive qualities -she could be described as the opposite of Dianne abbot but I wouldn’t be that harsh on black shrek in a wig .

      on a different note ……
      can I say I am shocked Vernon coaker doesn’t have his own chapter of pages on “is a cunt ” I cannot abide the guy-he looks like the worst type of cop and he is one of the most disingenuous yes-men arse licking lick spittal thicko scum bags that has ever slithered in and out of parliament..
      if someone said on the internet that he spanked the raped and then murdered little boys under five years old-I would simply say ” I knew it ” this guy is pure evil in a suit and im shocked he even got elected anywhere -every time he appears on tv he is shockingly thick and deceitful and he makes my flesh crawl-he is more like a senior civil servant than an mp-he deserves far more attention on this site than he has to-date-I wish to nominate him please .

  2. Fack me, today’s a right field-day for cunting, the sky’s full of ’em…Like “Fiend without a Face”, only fishy-smelling. Where to start…

    Well, another Labour munter, Pat Glass, referring to somebody as a “horrible racist”. She apologised, but is still a cunt.

    Rhodes Scholar (Dio, I understand if this comment has to be removed, but I appreciate all the hard work you put into our forum, and I don’t want to be responsible for fucking it up) – Ntokozo Qwabe. Thank you, dear boy, for single-handedly proving with your moronic “Ladybird Books” – level of “white imperialism” rant what the rest of us have known for a long time…’nuff said. I understand that you are returning to Cape Town University to teach. I hope very much that your flight, and all fellow passengers arrive safely. You, however, can die of an in-flight deep-vein thrombosis; I shall not mourn your passing.

    Luvvie signatories to the BRemain cause. Well, just FUCK OFF to “socially inclusive, vibrant, culturally stimulating” Brussels, and you and your kids can be raped by ISIS terrorists (and, if not deemed clean enough, a quick dip in a nitric acid bath), or, just to show I’m not biased, by the local paedofidious contingent. Or, simply, blown to pieces. Oh, btw, said city is a shite-smelling hole to boot. Antwerp is much, much nicer…as is almost anywhere else in B.

    Peter Alliss – Golf should now be renamed “Colf”. This, of course, stands for CUNTS only, Ladies forbidden

    And, last but not least, British judges…apparently we can now officially NOT be told it was Come and play with Uncle Elsan’s todger and David French-Polish in the paddling pool??! Or am I confused…Is it Kate Winslet and her future husband Richard (Dick) Ragtime, a badger with a penchant for wearing gasmasks? (the gasmask was merely a defence against cruel and unusual attack from provisional members of the NFU, m’Lud)

      • Glad you cunted that Rhodes scholar CUNT, I wasn’t sure how to spell the floppys’ name. Ungrateful prick, hope you end up meeting your lesser fortunate brethren on the way home from some low rent white baiting, and get introduced to that delightful African tradition of the necklace, you know, the petrol filled tire jobbie that was all the rage in the eighties!

      • I was gonna cunt that marxist Ntokozo Qwabe but my cunting would be expletive ridden.

        Which would probably of been removed. Good cunting though another thing I would of added is that he be returned to bongo bongo land.

  3. Project fear deserves a right cunting dito the government for launching it.
    Now I don’t know about you but I have been around a bit and found at the top of the food chain a smarmy clipped accent cunt who nods, says the occasional well done then goes off and fucks you over.
    Now to me project fear (Very similar to other projects) is their get out of jail clause.
    I am so familiar with the “I don’t agree with this but they are making us do this” shit (it didn’t work at nuremburg) I think that they are shitting themselves about their own accountability if we opt out of Europe, they are scared of a parliament ellected by the people for the people and answerable to the peaple, no more of this working in your interest and doing the best we can shit.
    One of the claims was “if we leave the EU house prices will plumet” .
    Now maths is not my strong point, neither the treasuries either, but if I look at a map of the EU and its coverage, then take into account I can live anywhere I want, then look at the size of the uk, think well I can only live in a 12th of the former teritory, why is less of a commodity cheaper than more?
    Most of all stop using my money to shove pro EU crap through my front door! There must be some EU regulation on how much plasticized shit you can produce for a campaign.
    What ever happened to fish and chips in newspaper? I think the EU killed that to.

    • Unfortunately, I think it is working. The shit thick masses, who occasionally look up from their smartphones are way too under educated on purpose to make a rational decision. A study suggests people over 45 are more likely to vote out. I wonder why? Is it because we were around before it became the all pervasive super state, run by grubby, money grabbing shit stains, usually failed politicians like Kinnock, wallowing in their money pot completely unelected. Shoving around that plastic headed commie cunt Putin, to scare us into needing them is also a dangerous game, he don’t give a dry fuck for us or peace in general. Out, for fucks sake, and for those who want to stay, integrate or emigrate.

      • Did you see Paxman’s review of the EU last night? What a fucking eye opener that was! Surprised the BBC allowed it!

        Might be able to catch it on iPlayer?

      • I will have a peep at that later, cheers. More rant fuel no doubt, but old paxo was never the biggest lefty. Eddie Mair however is a right cunt, and now knowing that he gets nearly half a million a year, it’s no wonder he is so smug on the PM programme on radio snore. Chris Mason is another smarmy prick, in fact, the whole of radio fours’ news team are all cunts.

      • Watched the Paxo BBC prog. Grrrrr! He did what the beeb cannot do now, that is balanced reporting. It was those hoity toity little shits hanging around the eu, saying how those who don’t want it are thick cunts. Try saying that after you have A. Had some life experience, and B. Paid some fucking tax and watch it get pissed away. Brainwashed little cunts….

    • gutslick japseye your comments are spot on-in my opinion the remainians decided to emphasise that if you are educated to degree level or above you are mostly a remainian -which I am sure is true-equally this has been re-inforced repeatedly by the remainian media cunts and shown to be true for many obvious logistical and social reasons .
      it seems some of us are certainly more equal than others.
      folk with degrees tend to be traitors to democracy -like the cuntish doctors who simply for a few more quid threatened en mass to leave the uk if they didn’t get their way -squabbling over their tax payer subsidised gold plated careers .
      a year or so ago there was a story about a poll or survey that showed 52% of the public said they would give up their right to travel abroad in order to halt or control immigrants coming here -I believed that survey to be accurate and realistic and utterly understandable-its the bottom line basically-the reverse of that is the doctor strike narrative with its threats and total detachment from the working class and poor reality in this country .
      I also agree with you that the thicko label attached to the eu leavers has stuck and resonated and its all sad-as the arguments should have been immigration and secondly sovereignty -but they have played almost no role-mostly its been economics peace policing etc -so im guessing the outers have been plants or frauds and they have undermined the out campaign from within -notice nigel farage has been completely frozen out and treated like vermin .
      I also think it will be rigged like the scots referendum was-there are youtube vids if you haven’t seen them yet?
      if you are stuck in England-poor and uneducated and maybe even a criminal record and family then you care and it matters and the millions of child raping Pakistani taxi drivers coming here by the lorry load daily compete with you for jobs and houses and everything else-if however you have a degree or you are middle class and loaded and possibly even use child minders or nannies or gardeners or cleaners or employ fodder in some business you own or run -then why would you want democracy to play a role in this country? and if it ever does you can try threatening to leave like doctors do or simply leave and live anywhere you want in the world -this is the national divide and my reality surrounded by white working class people from outside London is never even hinted at let alone reflected by the tv big-wig scum who are certainly far more equal than me .

  4. I second the luvvy cunting – 282 of the pampered, sixth form drivel spouting quislings wrote to the Telegraph to tell us poor ignoramuses how to vote.

    Yeah – I’ll take political advice from Cuntcumberpatch and Ian McFucking-Ewan. I’d sooner take cooking advice from Paltrow.

    (BTW, this cunting doesn’t apply to Kristin Scott-Thomas, because she’s Kristin Scott-Thomas (even though she lives in cunt-filled Paris)).

  5. Gray Scott –

    Spouts little snippets of bullshit on “Ancient Aliens”
    Calls himself a “Futurist”
    Has dyed his hair silver and wears black contact lenses because (I assume) he believes this to enhance his overall futuristic appearance
    Writes teen poet sounding philosophical statements with a bizarre use of “Caps” such as “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, HUMANOID ROBOTS and AUTOMATION could set us FREE. I’m not afraid of the MACHINES. I fear that we are not ready for FREEDOM.

    And his face, just try to look at his face and not wince.

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