Ntokozo Qwabe

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Ntokozo Qwabe needs a serious cunting. He’s a South African student studying at Oxford. Qwabe is one of the leaders of a group cunt students, who are demanding that a Statue of Cecil Rhodes be removed, because it offends them. Naturally, Oxford have told them to grow the fuck up and get a life. Actually, they haven’t they’re being pussies, as left wing scum usually do.

Qwabe is exactly the type of foreigner I despise more than any other. More than muslims. The foreigner who comes to the UK, and then becomes politically active. I have to say, I’m sorely tempted to use a certain word starting with ‘N’ when talking about this piece of shit, but I won’t. The big problem Qwabe has, is that his studies at Oxford are being funded by a scholarship set up by Cecil Rhodes. Although, this uppity n…err…non-white shit house, reckons that the money was stolen from his ancestors, so he’s not in any way a hypocrite.

That aside, this jumped up little cunt has NO right coming to this country and telling US what to do. Tatchell and Greer have been allowed to get away with it. This prick should be told, in no uncertain terms, that he either shuts the fuck up and shows some gratitude for his FREE education, or he’s on the first plane back to the shit hole he came from.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

78 thoughts on “Ntokozo Qwabe

  1. I despise those foreign cunts too QDM… Those who come into someone else’s country and expect to impose their shite on everyone…. One can also tell that Ntokozo Qwabe is a spoonfed cunt… One of those cunts who gets offended at everything and anything… He thinks he’s got it hard? He should ask those poor cunts who lived in Soweto about burning tyres and electrodes being attached to their bollocks… This little fucker knows fuck all, and if he doesn’t like Oxford (or anywhere else) he can fuck off back to South Africa…. And of course an English student (as in English citizen) will have lost out on a place at Oxford because of this whinging, leftie spunkbubble…

  2. You know what we had similar issues wfrenchNato exchange officer’s in Nato,
    They would be dined at the officer’s mess and get funny about the silver (Napoleonic)
    The answer was simple “you shouldn’t have lost”
    And that is how history stays.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ungrateful little twat is here on a fucking Rhodes scholarship…

    • I think he is on some of the diamond diggers’ filthy lucre, according to the nominator. Mostly because the fucking robber baron Mugabe had fucked up the entire country in a morass of corruption, nicking back farms and turning them into spaghetti western sets (most of them wouldn’t provide for a starving fucking locust now). Apparently Oriel College have shown some vertebrae and told the meddling lefty fuckers to fuck right off, Cecil is here to stay.
      I only noticed the other day there is still a Nelson Mandela square in Leeds, tell this annoying cunt he can have that as his own outdoor shithouse anytime, if he can squeeze in between the weekend revellers chundering up in it.
      I dare say the spoilt cunt will do ok after sponging off our universities without complaint. Two faced fucking chimney sweep, fuck him off back to banana land.

  4. We seem to have a long, proud tradition of letting any human shite going into our country, then doing our utmost to accommodate their blatant hatred of us! Not saying colonialism is right, but we can’t undo it or apologise forever more to these scrounging cunts. And I’d like to nominate fucking rugby, the game not the town. 6 nations time again and I keep seeing examples of this pointless cunt sport, for cunts. At least football has finesse, but you could remove the ball from a game of rugby and it would make fuck all difference! 30 blokes running into each other for 80 minutes obviously wanting to bum or give hand jobs to anyone they can get pinned down! Fucking pointless and I just don’t get it.

  5. I reckon now is the time that the very concept of “Post Colonial Guilt” is given a sound cunting. Persons of a supposedly “progressive” persuasion would happily have us believe that the British, primarily the English, were the only people who ever indulged in empire building and colonization. French? Absolute sweethearts throughout history apparently. Spaniards? Portuguese? Dutch? Benevolence personified, never conquered, invaded or exploited anyone. Yeah. Right. I’d feel somewhat cheap taking the piss out of a modern German citizen over certain “events” of 70 odd years ago, so how come we have to take this shit and eat it constantly? Were we just that bit better at it than the aforementioned Continentals perhaps? This endless Empire Guilt crap comes out of the TV (not just Auntie Beeb either) and infests everything from the news, documentaries and even kids programmes. And always from above, from some rich and/or posh cunt and aimed at we plebs in the lower orders. Fuck ’em.. I’m off to buy a fucking Pith Helmet and a monocle, just to piss them off…..

    • No only white people are evil apparently, you can have asian pride, black pride, spanish pride, poof pride but not white pride. Take thomas dolby’s europa and the pirate twins https://youtu.be/yNWPYH-XKpI a song thats pro europe you couldn’t have a song like that nowadays the pc police would probably rename it “ISIS and the pirate cucks”.
      Plus its a great song most people probably don’t listen to the lyrics – but they should! Because it’s not just about the pleasures of conformity, and the importance of national pride, it’s also a personal statement about the band itself!

      • Pretty sure you nicked that quote off american psycho great film tho but yeah your right about everything else pertaining to political correctness. I Also like Thomas Dolby’s music, it holds up remarkably well compared to some of the other crap from the 80’s new wave scene at least it was inventive and creative.

  6. It’s like storm front on here, racists , can’t you see that a Statue of a slave trader is a horrendous embarrassment to our country ? Thickos

      • Why stop there? Lets tow HMS Victory out to sea and sink her, demolish Nelson’s Column and send the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight to the scrapyard. All to keep the visitor with the pretentious username happy. I detect a whiff of disabled toilet…..

        • Time to murder the royal family as well then, just like the Russians and then the BBC ram all that phwoar and sleaze bollocks down our gobs every fucking Sunday night. Get real, it’s a fucking statue and it’s bloody staying like it or not.

    • He would have had a tough time being a slave trader , since the British, Parliament passed the Slave Trade Act of 1807, outlawing the slave trade

      In 1833 the British parliament outlawed the ownership of slaves throughout the empire.

      Rhodes was born in 1853, 46 years AFTER it’s abolition

      • Nice one – I’m off out to lose a pub quiz before all of this goes tits up. I won’t win, all the cunts use their fucking phones now, cheating cunts.

        • Yes it did, in 1833.

          Although it took another 60 years for the Ottomon Empire to outlaw slavery (Brussels Conference Act of 1890), but hardly suprising since sharia permits slavery (if not are not a Muslim)

          I’m sorry your LeftTard version of history is incorrect, you could always do some research before you get enranged about things.

          • Oddly enough there are over two million black slaves currently being held in middle eastern countries. Many of them castrated to make them safe to have around families.

            Perhaps Ntokozo Qwabe would like to relocate to Saudi and protest at this outrage?

            No? Didn’t think so. There is no welfare or other free handouts for it to live off.

            The gobshite cunt!

  7. If it was not for the British Empire, people like Ntokozo Qwabe would still be rolling around in the dirt , trying to figure out if their grandparents entrails are edible

  8. Maybe you’re all scared to death of a strong educated proud black man, standing up to a institutionally racist country.

    • …who has already revealed himself to not be in possession of the facts regarding Cecil Rhodes.

    • So he’s come to live and be educated here just to tell us how bad we are?

      Yeah he’s a real hero and we’re all evil bastards. Well done Columbo.

    • Fuck off you cuckold cunt, no we are scared of our government and those liberal shitstains bringing in infinite immigrants while british citizens have a hard enough time trying to feed themselves. Plus every migrant who says he’s going work does fuck all and goes on welfare first thing the cunts do when they get here. Then you got bloody chain migrant formation when a migrant calls all his cousins over to live here aswell. “Fuck off with this afraid of strong educated black man’ bullshit you cuck’d bellend.

      • Oh yes every immigrant is on welfare, makes me wonder who those people are running the NHS , it is a fact that immigrants contribute financially more than they take out, only you are a pig thick racist who blames their own short comings and shit life on immigration. Grow up.

        • Running the NHS? Really? Well if they are I wouldn’t boast about it.

          I think the issue was that if people do wish to emmigrate to the UK, why complain about our history (or their version of it anyway) when they get here?

          What annoys people even more is that it seems every time a white person criticises a black person, for whatever reason, they are labelled ‘racist’. Furthermore, some black people seem so comfortable dishing out this accusation it’s hardly surprising when it becomes a self fulfilling phrophecy.

          This ill-fated campaign to remove the Cecil Rhodes statue was nothing more than a display of ‘victim complex’, supported by cherry picking certain parts of history, whilst conveniently ignoring the many great things the British Empire did for the world, including South Africa.
          It was an immature and lazy bit of playground politics and I think racism was actually shown by the black man who wanted to erase a piece of British history. History can not be changed so if does want to ‘stand up to institutional racism’ perhaps his time would be better spent by finding where it actually exists NOW in Britain, and fight that, instead of milking history as his only trump card.

          He’ll be searching for a while…

        • My Dad used to reckon when people said without immigrants there’d be nobody to run the trains, busses and hospitals that if we didn’t let them in in the first place then we wouldn’t need so many trains, busses and hospitals.

          I don’t necessarily agree with him, but you can see where he’s coming from…

    • You mean standing up to ‘an’ institutionally racist country?

      Yeah right… The same country he gains a seat of higher education from, and all the facilities and rewards that go with it… And If he doesn’t like it here, why doesn’t he piss off ? The whining cunt wants to try being working class (black or white) in Cameron’s Britain… Then he’d really have something to be offended about… Whinging little cunt…

    • I’m afraid you have chosen the wrong website for your right-on virtue-signalling “judgement.” Or can I call you Dave? Perhaps you should try the Guardian where squealing “way-cist” to impress hairy-legged, gender studies lecturers is considered the height of intellectualism.

      Incidentally, being “proud” of being black makes you a racist. And the phrase “institutionally racist” is also racist.

      Now fuck off back to your disabled toilet and let the grown-ups get on with cunting the cunts you cunt.

    • ‘Maybe you’re all scared to death of a strong educated proud black man, standing up to a institutionally racist country.’

      He’s just another ungrateful immigrant scrounger who would have tyres put around his neck and be set alight if he dared criticize any prominent figures dead or alive in his native cuntry (nope that was not a typo). I don’t see a colour…just a cunt.

    • Why the fuck come to an “institutionally racist” country in the first place then? Stupid cunt.

  9. He is a hypocritical cunt! You don`t bite the hand that feeds you!This guy should be fucking deported and lose his scholarship.

  10. Stranding up to an institutionally racist country? Some little privileged khazi rat whining about a statue that offends him, in order to grab media publicity and headlines, does not make him Rosa Lee Parks…

    So bollocks….

    • If it was a institutionally racist country he wouldn’t gain entrance. Its more like a institutionally cuckolded country where almost half the population is from another cuntry usually one that hates white people but loves handouts. Lotta these cunts play the slave/ victim card and multiple like bloody rats and if they rape a girl/women they say you’re a racist for reporting it and the bbc buys into it, blimey what a load of shite. After the rapes in germany burka merkel asked the police chief to cover it up unfucking-believable rotherdam all over again

  11. I have been a college teacher and I have seen how students from places like Somalia and Nigeria are favoured over English students… It is English people who were actually born here who are treated like second class citizens in their own colleges and universities… When one student complained when two African students jumped a queue, he was accused of being racist and called a ‘White Anglo Saxon Protestant’ (he was not racist and he was actually Roman Catholic, but that’s irrelevant)… And it was a teacher who called him that… So don’t give me any of that institutionally racist crap…

  12. If its racism your looking for, look no further than Mugabes farm grab and that cunt Doctor from Sheffield. A couple of thieving racist bastards.

  13. Judgment wrote
    “Oh yes every immigrant is on welfare, makes me wonder who those people are running the NHS , it is a fact that immigrants contribute financially more than they take out, only you are a pig thick racist who blames their own short comings and shit life on immigration. Grow up. ”
    Ok, we have been through the full gamut of LeftTard responses now !

    (1) Misrespresentation of history to fit an agenda – check
    (2) Everyone who disagrees with you is a racist – check
    (3) Everyone who disagrees with you is thick – check
    (4) The NHS would collapase withough immigration – check
    (5) Immigrants pay more in than they take out – check

  14. Looks like “judgement” is the least popular contributor since Dave escaped from his disabled toilet. A pretentious username for a complete spaz.

  15. Unfortunately this cunt is typical of black Africans. Huge chip on their shoulders and congenitally incapable of rational thought except for opportunities for corruption.
    Africa is a shithole of oppression and inequality thanks to cunts like Mr Quabe.
    Lets just see, before Europeans got there Africa had no writing, no architecture, no technology, no notion of equality, no medicine . The list goes on and on.
    When mankind left Africa there is a theory that those that stayed evolved differently, hence their present backward state.

    • In fairness the Egyptians had a hieroglyphic alphabet in 3000 BC, which lasted until 400 AD when all the non-Christian temples were closed

  16. I thought I would add some of my views being half Black and half White (hence the name Black and White cunt, you cunts).

    Anyways this Ntokozo Qwabe prick is a cunt who is happy to get his education paid for by this country and yet feels the need to criticise an historical figure who may or may not have been a slave trading cunt. This prick is apparently being funded by a scholarship set up by Cecil Rhodes which if its true and he is benefitting from it makes Ntokozo Qwabe a stupid cunt. He would have been better off refusing the scholarship in protest and then he would have got some respect, he now seems to me to be an attention seeking cunt. I am fed up with the past being brought up all the time, half my family are English from Bristol and the other half Jamaican and there is probably a chance one of my English ancestors had slaves but I’m not gonna go around feeling hard done by. I would understand a slave feeling hard done by but not someone living 150-300 years later. Every country, tribe or race has done fucked up shit in the past and they were different times and although you cannot forget you can at least move on and enjoy life as no matter how much you try you cannot change the past. I think when things don’t work out for people they look for someone or something to blame and some black people use slavery and some white people use immigration etc. All I know is its a fucking tough and expensive world out there and you got to fucking make a living legally or illegally and climb the fucking ladder (if thats what you want). If you don’t you will get left behind and become a bitter and resentful cunt.

    PS Cecil Rhodes is a cunt.

    • Good rant B and W.

      I will agree to pay reparations to Africa for slavery when the Italians pay Britain compensation for four hundred years of imperialism. Oh, and the Danes probably owe us some money because of those Viking raids.

    • I was thinking that when I saw the cunt had 61 comments in 2 days. In fact seeing that Dianne Abbot won it last year I’m wondering if this site is guilty of affirmative action.

      • Because ‘Judgement’ was a knobhead… Going on about a ‘proud black man…’ If any one of us here said we were proud to be a white man, the little toad would have squealed ‘racist!’ at the top of his voice… Judgement my arse… What a cunt…

        • Knobhead and cunt maybe but he was entitled to his opinion. Banning people like that just makes others here look as weak as piss and unable to tolerate anyone who thinks differently.

          • I seem to remember warning you a while back about the tone of some of your comments which I am pleased to see you have taken to heart. Had you not done so then I would have banned you too. Opinions are fine, but trolling isn’t. Abusing other contributors is trolling in my book.

            Our blog, our rules…

          • Then why didn’t you warn him?

            I didn’t take it to heart I found a few half decent people were posting too so gave this place the benefit of the doubt otherwise I would of told you to fuck off.
            Your my blog my rules would be better explained to newbies in a section devoted to just that…my blog my rules sounds like something a sulky child would shout as he ran off taking his ball with him because he didn’t get his own way and posting that chaps details looks even sulkier.
            If you aim is to just fill your blog with people that think exactly the same as you in some sort of ego stroking exercise change your name to spinny mate!

          • Then why didn’t you warn him?

            What makes you think I didn’t? As you can see, I’ve got his email address…

            “Our blog, our rules” is on the front page if you’d like to take a look

          • Holy fuck pagliacci let it go there is nothing childish of having your own rules on your own blog. Here unrustle your jimmies here https://youtu.be/9KFJCSgDml8 and apologize to Dioclese or don’t. But your taking judgements ban quite personally unrustle your jimmies you’ll feel better… I think

          • Dioclese, I have to say I agree with Pagliacci. I know you say “our blog, our rules” but I think judgement was being dealt with quite well by other contributors. Banning him gives him kudos with fucktards. The twatting Guardian is always removing comments that don’t fit in with their Islamophile agenda. I like this website because of the robust views I am allowed to express.

            The SNP are cunts. Judgement is merely a spaz.

          • Fair enough. My view is that disruption spoils the blog and adds nothing. It not about slagging each other off and giving trolls a platform to live out their pathetic lives.

            Meaningful comments – no matter how controversial – will always be allowed but you’re not going to convince me that posting ‘disabled toilet’ over and over again or just insulting other commenters is anything but trolling

            Plus it makes it a nightmare going through all the comments as I do to pick up nominations. For the record, I moderate not outright ban. If the comments are anything meaningful, I’ll approve them otherwise they just get deleted. I cant believe you want me to remove that sanction from Dave/Patroller/Bane/Disabled toilet?

            That’s my opinion and you’re welcome to disagree – politely of course 😉

          • My case and point exactly, my reply is awaiting moderation, what are you so afreaid of that you have to read it first Dio?

            Look firstly I know you put in a lot of time and effort to run this site so don’t think I don’t appreciate it or think you don’t deserve a certain amount of respect for doing it.

            Here’s what is written rule-wise….

            1. If you want to nominate a cunt anonymously that’s fine but make up a name, you lazy cunts, or we probably won’t be arsed to cunt your cunt.

            2. Our blog, our rules! So, we will decide who has enough cuntitude to deserve a good cunting.

            It’s a bit fucking vague mate, this is just a suggestion but on a site with a name called Is A Cunt why not put up a ‘sticky’ which remains above the target cunt with something along the lines of Welcome New Cunters or some such lark and in it mention for the newbies benefit that it is not a free for all regarding insulting other posters, slander, trolling etc and if they do you’ll ban em. I know you have covered yourself with the part about what people post is their opinion and not the sites etc but you have to hunt to see that.

            As for the Judgement dude once he first posted his opinion he got way way more insults and stick than he gave out, you want to kick him off fine, it’s your call, but as I said it makes the rest of us look weak as piss and a dare say a little thin skinned and cowardly, as Cunts mate Cunt said he was being dealt with and made to look foolish with his lack of historical knowledge anyway so I would have thought that was punishment enough.

            To me this isn’t just about the judgement incident it is more I like to read other people’s opinions whether I agree with them or not otherwise what a boring fucking world it would be, I like to see fair play too and when something doesn’t sit right with me I say so, that’s all i’m going to say about this matter, you run the site as you see fit, as I said it is appreciated.

          • Not a problem but it says my email address is not valid hence the change it username etc lol

            As I said you’re putting a lot of time in so others can have a good time so you deserve respect for that aspect alone. And if yesterday’s rant seemed excessive apologies.

          • Both comments went into spam so I released one and deleted the other – hence the change of user name. I could see you got caught and tried again but unfortunately they both got caught! C’est la vie.

            I tend to do posts in batches – but when I take a holiday and come back to 35 pages of comments that include the ‘judgement’ idiot it’s frankly a damned nuisance. I’ll think about adding an extra rule about trolling tho’ – it’s a valid point!

  17. Fuck me, I only went out for a pub quiz and looked what happened! Just shows I need to keep my eye on the curved ball. My two cats think he’s a cunt as well, they are excellent arbiters of judgement…..

      • True, fucking good job we weren’t! Just imagine where the cheating bastards’ google searches would have ended up….

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