East Grinstead


East Grinstead deserves cunting… Apparenty it’s now going to be home to that uber-tit Tom Cruise, and guess what??! It’s full to overflowing with a load of seriously loony/twisted religious set-ups – not just scientology. and, on the feminism topic, another little Emma Watson item…

“War, disease, crime and arse-banditry, Harry Potter novels, distress of nations, perplexity, dribbling gibberish and Iain Duncan-Smith will increase until the Archbishop of Cunterbury seals Emma Watson’s box

“. According to the Panacea Society (patent holders of Dr. Melveau’s Portuguese Female Pills), the box is often seen at a lay-by somewhere between Towcester and Daventry.

Or something like that…

Nominatedby: HBelinda Hubbard

15 thoughts on “East Grinstead

  1. Fucking hell did he buy L. Ron Hubbard’s Georgian mansion in Grinstead? I bloody hate that twat, a shite actor in my opinion he made a few decent films but he is mostly a overrated shithead.
    I find the whole Scientology cult creepy as fuck and potentially dangerous I’m surprised its lasted this long. There is also alot of similarities between Scientology and jehovah witnesses its like a elitist cult with douchebags. I hope Tom cruise gets Aids smiley little mong.

  2. Also Scientology cunts had a shitestorm when a cruise interview leaked awhile back. I could see why they wanted it taken off the net he was acting like a laughy little mong saying Scientologists are the only people saving the world lol https://youtu.be/UFBZ_uAbxS0
    Its funny how he called psychiatry a pseudo-science when in fact his whole batshit crazy cult is a pseudo science based off the ramblings of a science fiction writer…. irony police please arrest this man. http://imgur.com/gallery/7XSth

    • “I think it’s a privilege to call yourself a Scientologist, and it’s something you have to earn”. Not Tom. It’s something you have to pay for.

  3. Any cunts who want to attatch themselves to Tom Cruise must be looney.
    I saw this cunt jumping up and down on the sofa during an Oprah interview declairing his love for some now ex bint.
    Pathetic cunt.
    Behaved like he’d had his first pint and first wank on the same day.
    Begrudgingly give the midget cunt one point for nailing Penelope Cruz.

    • Of course the Beckhams are mates with Cruise (I have no doubt that horrendous tart put Dave up to it, because he is a bit pussywhipped and thick)… Gary Neville once met Cruise through Becks, and Nev didn’t like Cruise instantly.. Gary recalled that there was something odd about Cruise and it was like he (Cruise) had something to hide….

      Another bit of Cruise creepiness was when Scarlett Johansson and Carrie Ann Moss went for ‘Mission Impossible 3’ auditions… Cruise took both girls to a room full of grinning Scientologist weirdos… I think these freaks were sizing up a new Scientologist bride to ‘choose’ for Tom (this was just before he bagged the thick as pigshit Katie Holmes for that exact purpose)… Johansson said thanks, but no thanks, and Moss just told him to fuck off…

  4. Mind controlled, Hollywood ‘gay for pay’ cunt who now believes in Scientology.
    I thought my Ex was fucked in the head, compared to Cruise she is normal!

  5. Cruise is a dinky, creepy little cunt who is ‘good with colours’.

  6. Never liked this twat. The whole contrived thing with Nichole Kidman was as transparent as it was plastic. As for East Grindstead, I’ve been through it a bunch of times on my way somewhere else. ‘Nuff said. West Sussex trash you see. This kind of shit wouldn’t go down in East Sussex ‘cos East Sussex is ace! Apart from Brighton and we all know why. Perhaps Cruise should have moved there instead. He’d fit right in….some bloke’s arse. See what I did there? You laughed. You’re welcome. 🙂

  7. That tax dodging, upper middle class, chickboy cunt, Watson, will probably be Cruise’s next ‘Just Add Scientology’ wife…

  8. Hubbard was a shit science fiction writer (check out his books if you don’t believe me!) who was told one day “You’ll never get rich by writing! You need to start a religion to make real money!”

    So that’s how we ended up with Scientology. It’s pure fiction and that’s a fact…

    • All he did was steal a bunch of ideas off of aliester crowley(OTO), lovecraft, and a few others. Hubbard’s reflections on philosophy seem to derive largely from Will Durant’s Story of Philosophy. He was part of a book club society which included none other then james randi called The Trap Door Spiders.

      He also screwed over jack parsons (one of the innovators of solid jet fuel ,JPL your welcome NASA) stole his girlfriend and also L. Ron stole all of Jack Parsons’ material for the OTO and ran off on his boat with Parsons’ then-girlfriend Sara Northrup conducting magic ritual babalon working. Its actually amazing hubbard pulled all this off without a bloody hitch. Reading about all the people he stole off and defrauded makes a interesting sometimes spine tingling read thats forsure but yes his crime/ sci fi books suck.

    • I think the dictionary definition of religion should be:-
      A load of made up old bollocks, used to terrify, pacify and command a bunch of shit thick dullards into doing what you want. And it applies to every one of the fairy stories. No exceptions.

  9. Time to cunt Scientology for all its star shagging mind control weirdness which somehow has managed to achieve the status orf a religion with the Inland Revenue and the tax breaks that confers. Hollow chested young men are attracted to it because they think it offers penis enlargement. It don’t. Not the way Lafayette Ron’s mob practice it. Trousers doine, arses up is the ritual position at Saint Hill. Take your auditing like a thetan. One small problem. L Ron taught that Scientologists were immortal. Embarrassing rather that the cunt croaked in 1986.

    Enjoy Tom Cruise and the mind control goons crashing through your windows if you post this Dioclese. It’s a way orf bringing the stars orf Hollowood into your humdrum life.

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