Comparison site ads

Bet she's thinking "What a cunt!"

Bet she’s thinking “What a cunt!”

All adverts for anything web related are top drawer wank, comparison cunts are extreme cunts.

“Bob saved fifteen quid on his car insurance and now he feels epic”! If Bob’s life so empty that something so trivial can get him wet then he needs to fucking top himself.

Fat turds dancing, bald poof in heels twerking, who the fuck thought these shitbags would make you want to use their twatty products? What a load of cunt.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

11 thoughts on “Comparison site ads

  1. I see that twerking twat is now sharing an ad with the dancing fat cunt for fucks’ sake. Surely with two high value targets in one room, justice would be served if we could launch a missile strike on the the pricks. Then I would feel epic……

    • Don’t know why but the geezer in the shorts and heels winds me the fuck up. Does my masculinity feel threatened by him? No, it feels betrayed that he would affront men everywhere for a few quid and to get his ugly face on TV. Go turn tricks outside kings cross you cunt.

      • I hope to God the cunt in the heels and pants is being very well paid for his digusting display of cuntishness (he will need to buy an island if he wants to live in peace). When I saw the advert best part of a pint of rough cider went over my long suffering Bull terrier and I almost choked on the remainder. The fucking World has gone mad!!! The spastic builder bloke is also a cunt.

  2. The person who introduced Spivey to photoshopping is a massive cunt.

      • Dunno who Spivey is, but then I’ve never seen Clawed in the Things either. But he sounds like a right cunt.
        So the person who fucked the person who introduced Spivey to the world is a cunt.

  3. I know that cyclists have been cunted, but since one called Boris Johnson a prick to his face, I’m beginning to think they might be ok.

    Boris the Buttplug should be cunted for looking like an overgrown toddler.

  4. If only I could remember the name of the guy in the advert! There is a jogger that looks just like him on the way to work, I am so tempted to shout out the window ” you look so money supermarket” out the window, mainly because he has a fat arse.

  5. why isnt everyone on the same deal after visiting a price comparison site? go on. find the cheapest deal, switch to that. everyone should eventually gravitate to the same deal.

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