Celebrity super-injunctions


Celebrity super-injunctions – rich cunts who think they can keep their hypocrisy and sordid little secrets quiet by buying super-injunctions.

The latest has just been overturned, so hopefully their names will be soon Furnished to one and all…

(feel free to delete if you think that might land you in the shit)

Nominated by: Fred West

11 thoughts on “Celebrity super-injunctions

  1. Marriage is a commitment forsaking all others how can it be a marriage if there is no trust and faithfullness

  2. As if by magic, another “family man” bangs a whore and pays to keep it quiet. I wonder if our American correspondent has any news?

    • Well, I’m in Manchester, and I know hugh it is… He’s a right dirty cunt for getting down(ton) with that prossie skank, Helen Wood..

      • Cheers norm, I thought it might that Law cunt. Who’d have thought it!

  3. Rebel Wilson is a massive Cunt. And not just in girth.

    Anyone that weighs up to playing Adele in a movie and lives/ed with Matt Lucas – on top of being massively fucking annoying whale should not be able to escape the cunting they so rightly deserve.

    Fucking Munter.

    • Q: What is the difference between Rebel Wilson and a Walrus?

      A: One is fat, has a moustache and stinks of fish… While the other is a sea mammal…

  4. Rebel Wilson is a fat, unfunny, one trick pony cunt.
    James Corden in a dress.

  5. I was actually more interested in it when I thought it might involve a woman.

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