19 thoughts on “George Osborne [6]

  1. Bastard CUNT Gidiot… Doesn’t he look such a fucking nasty spoilt brat?

    He makes Bono look good in comparison, Old Gideon has a few million stashed off-shore in a tax haven, his crusty, shitty, cum-filled arsehole. His arsehole is certainly not the Virgin islands,
    He’s had more cock than Graham Norton, John Barrowman, Elton John and Dale Winton combined.
    Stupid posh, EU promoting nonce

    • Not sure about that, they’re both cunts alright, but where as Gideon was given a good pasting with the cunting stick from birth and knows no different, Bonio has gone out of his way at every opportunity to suck cock in order to receive a good spanking with it.

    Hazel Irvine is a Scottish snooker presenting cunt.
    Jesus Christ, she makes Steph McGovern look fuckable and her voice makes me want to stick knitting needles in my ears!
    Get this fucking old moose off my unlicensed TV now!

    • One way to reduce screen time for this one would be to give up televised snooker altogether.
      A drink and a few frames with mates is ok but tv snooker is a yawn. If I’ve seen a cunt pot the last red and the colours once I’ve seen it a thousand times.
      And why the need to be deathly silent?
      Those poor cunts in the darts have a pissed up crowd to cope with and another axis.

      • Good point, but the BBC have to broadcast some sports as part of their remit, soon the only sport you will see on the BBC will be Wimbeldon & the Boat Race

  4. Perhaps Gideon would like to explain how come his family firm, Osborne & Little (of which he owns 15%) continues to pay out massive dividends to its shareholders, namely the Osborne family, and yet it hasn’t paid any corporation tax for seven years.

    Fucking posh cokehead cunt.


  5. I’d like to nominate celebrity super-injunctions – rich cunts who think they can keep their hypocrisy and sordid little secrets quiet by buying super-injunctions. The latest has just been overturned, so hopefully their names will be soon Furnished to one and all… (feel free to delete, Dio, if you think that might land you in the shit).

    • Indeed!! Let’s CUNT… Fictitious “Uncles” such as Onkel ‘dolf, Uncle Joe &c. as they are almost always trouble, and, of course, let’s not forget our very own…
      “Get your todger out and come and say “Hello!!” to Uncle Elsan and his friend Mr. Ffrench Furniture-Polish”.
      And, while you’re at it, have a paddle in the olive oil in the inflatable vessel over there…
      Anyway, just another off-colour message from your loving “Auntie” Belinda!!

    • The super injunction is still standing not better than it ever did mind you.If this star (whoever it is) does lose their super injunction it will be a sacrifice worth paying in the name of a free press.I just hope the revelations don`t go breaking his heart.

      • Yes, Shaun. I see leave has been granted to appeal the lifting of the injunction. I reckon Saturday night would be a a good time for fighting it.

    • It’s actually the other half whose antics are covered by the injunction, boaby.

      No doubt someone will Furnish us with his name soon.

  6. I recall his education ran pretty much parallel with Nathaniel Philip Rothschild (heir presumptive to the house of) including the Bullingshit Coven; draw your own conclusions………

  7. Project fear is crawling right up my piss pipe. Knowing that most mongs will read a headline and form an opinion without checking any facts is grist to the mill for the politicunt. Watching all these cunts clubbing together to try and keep us in their superannuated post parliament scam is fucking soul destroying. Shit at politics in your own country? Well come on down to the EU parliament, where you can be shit without the threat of deselection. What cunts.

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