Designer sunglasses


I would like to nominate designer sunglasses ( well designer anything really ).

It seems that 90% of ‘designer’ sunglasses are made by 1 ITALIAN company and that includes RAY BANS. They are called Loxicalli and the owner is a billionaire!. I’d also like to nominate the twats who pay the exorbitant prices and fall for all the hype

Nominated by: Ozmandias

20 thoughts on “Designer sunglasses

  1. I bought some Persol sunglasses once – £70 – in the childish belief they would make me more like James Bond.
    I bet he didn’t leave his on a picnic table in Wiltshire.

    £10 tops these days!

    • I remember McDonalds giving away sunglasses with a big mac meal or whatever about 20 years ago in London. cheap black plastic / perspex and fully functional – who cares if you lose the bastards or sit on them

      • Summer of ’92, remember them well. Rayban style with fluorescent arms. I have photos of my mates wedding with all the blokes wearing them for a cheap laugh.

  2. Man at Millets, that’s me; and before that: Man at Army and Navy Stores. Clothes are to keep you warm, dry or just covered up to stop people pointing and laughing.

    That’s all.

    Designer Cunts!

  3. Designer baby gear has got to be the biggest waste of money ever. They puke, dribble and piss and shit themselves all day!

    But try explaining that logic to a woman….

    • and the blobs grow out of it (the expensive tat, not the bodily functions) in three months…

  4. I went photochromic with a prescription pair. Fine having a wee half or two in the bright afternoon sun until you stumble back into or near the bar like a pissed up wino. Reactolite? Reactofuck – it’s like being blind for a minute.
    Maybe it’s the booze..

    • Mine go dark in ordinary daylight. It makes people think I’m partially sighted and they let me get on buses before them.

  5. I buy sunglasses from my local K-Mart. They never cost more than a fiver and look alright. I know myself well enough to realise that misplacing or leaving items behind is part of the price I pay for wandering around the universe. I am absent minded. It is not so much senior moments, as a young man I left many of my old dad’s umbrellas on trains, in pubs, at the footy etc.
    Also, seeing the word designer on anything practically ensures that the design is bad and the cost high.

    • The reality is that everything is “designed”, but agreed, pinnacle of cuntitude for some bell-end to insist having its name on said end-product for self-glorification. Not to mention chargeing at least ten times as much for something mindnumbingly everyday.
      Burberry raincoat for fourteen hundred quid??
      Nah, fuck off down to M&S. spend 100, and the rest can go on a dirty weekend (with or without the raincoat…)

      • I wonder if sales of (fake) Burberry baseball caps has risen with the release of the new Subaru WRX STi?

  6. dont forget handbags. there are plenty of knobheads prepared to pay thousands. twats.

  7. Something is only worth what the dullest cunt will pay for it, and there are plenty of dumb rich cunts about. If some vacuous Trollop wants to spend a grand on a shopping bag that’s only fashionable for about three weeks, doesn’t mean they are any less miserable than us plebs.

    • As Cara Deleminge would probably say, “Happiness is handbag-shaped, and the more you pay for it, the better you feel” What a silly munter!!

  8. People who (over)use the word ‘vile’ are cunts….
    It seems that every fucker uses it these days…. The TV, the radio, the newspapers and, of course, every cunt on social media known to man…

    If it isn’t ‘vile internet trolls’ then it’s ‘the vile paedeophlie, Jimmy Savile’ or ‘the vile Adam Johnson’ or ‘the vile tweets aimed at Jamie Vardy’ or ‘vile Hillsborough chants’ (fucking lying Scouse vermin!) and so on….

    Why can’t hey say something or someone is shitty, nasty,snide or just a total cunt?
    Why this obsession with the word vile? It’s…. welll…. it’s fucking vile…. Fucking hell, even I’m at it now….

      • Heard the prick talking about his “music” the other day on radio 2. Typical hip hop shovel music, please stick to your fucking day job in which I have no trouble in avoiding you, chavvy fucking cunt.

  9. Fuck, I bought a pair of designer sunnies in Thailand for $4 and the fuckers fell to bits after a month. Is there anywhere I can get redress so the lazy third world kid/cunt who made this shit can get a good fucking kicking? I’ve kept the identifying numbers. Can anyone help? Perhaps they can send one of the little pricks ears so I can add it to my collection. Let’s face it, he/she won’t need them. Little cunt couldn’t afford to buy designer sun glasses, even the one’s he/she makes. Makes me so fucking angry I want to burn stuff.

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