Watership Down protesters


Parents who have complained about Watership Down being broadcast on Easter Sunday need to cunted into the stratosphere.

Fucking limp cunts, grow up.

Nominated by : Cunt O’MaCunto

Here’s a few gemettes from the Twitter twatterati —

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.56.41

Dan, your’re a cunt!
Emily, you’re a cunt!
Lucy, you’re a cunt!
Maddie, you’re a cunt, too!

In fact, you’re all cunts…

Nominated by: Dioclese

36 thoughts on “Watership Down protesters

  1. Sorry but WHO exactly is it letting their kids watch Watership Down?

    As usual, it’s everybody’s fault except the parents. So carry on being a such a great parent and let the little fuckers cry while you go and moan at Ofcom for your lack of judgement. Fucking cunts.

    ps – the easter equivalent of “bah humbug” is:

    “No I haven’t been on a fucking easter egg hunt and I’m not fucking interested in yours so piss off before I start a reenactment of the crucifiction!”

  2. It’s a fucking CARTOON anyway, not covert video footage from inside the labs at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

    • Exactly! Nobody was complaining when Tom and Jerry were shoving dynamite up each others arses.

      I say bring back Rude Dog and the Dweebs! And Beavis and Butthead too!

      • Tom and Jerry (the originals) are no longer considered suitable for UK TV viewing, due to them being “violent” and “racist”. Some of the DVD collections have had scenes removed and the black lady in the kitchen colourised white and her voice re-dubbed with a white actress. The recent re-released collection is pretty much uncut and comes with an apologetic introduction by the uber-liberal Whoopi Goldberg warning the viewer of “possibly offensive content”. I know because my stepdaughter bought the boxset and I’ve nicked it for a while to re-live the good old days before TV really started to stink…..

        • Whoopi Goldberg is a supercunt… A supercunt who sticks up for that nonce cunt, Roman Polanski…

          Racial stereotypes, eh? Well, it was OK for Goldberg to play the stereotypical sassy black mama character in Jumping Jack Flash and Ghost…. It blew her fat arse far enough up the Hollywood ladder.. the female Uncle (Auntie?) Tom cunt…

          • I got all my black racial stereotypes from watching Lenny Henrys stand up routine in the late 70s early 80’s.

          • Strangely, Goldberg is also very close friends with arch-conservative Chuck Norris as well as a registered gun owner. “Liberal” or what?

      • I thought it was Diane Abbott before she found Jezza. Really these complainers must have a list like trainspotters to tick off each idiotic type of complaint. Just eat the Rabbit, it Is good for you but always buy it with the head attached to make sure it never went “Miaow” at any point in its life. (Tip my late Gran taught my Mum and I).

    • That guy did well, that reminds me I need to pick up some Rabbit. Mmmmmmmnn Rabbit stew.

  3. Watership down. You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the film… now eat the stew!
    Pathetic cunts.

    • People have no fucking grip on reality. FFS it was a novel (fiction, geddit??!) turned into a bleedin’ cartoon… There’s always the feckin’ OFF button. TWATS. Btw, I used to keep rabbits, so…

      If you want to feel sorry for someone at Easter, how about the poor bloody priest who was crucified.

  4. What I don’t understand is: how have all these parents got so fucking worried about the slightest hint of upset to their offspring?
    Surely they all grew up in the 80’s or 90’s when they would have still larked about as kids – climbed trees, mucked about with fire, stole dad’s whiskey and fucking gagged on it, etc…
    I doubt they got molly-coddled over a cartoon.

    I reckon these complainers just want to go on Twatter and moan because they think it makes them appear moralistic and great parents and ‘aware’ of ‘issues (that don’t really exist) affecting their kids’. Fucking twonks.

  5. Who fucking cares anyway what they think; instead of posting shit comments on Twatter, just turn the cunting TV off you cunts…you can do that if you don’t like what’s on!

  6. This was all part of growing up in the 70’s, along with getting a smack round the face for being a cheeky little cunt, falling out of trees and breaking limbs (mine, not the tree’s) and nicking a can of Dad’s Hoffmeister and getting shitfaced behind the garden shed.

    Pretty normal stuff really, along with animated films that actually provoked emotion in the viewer.

    The horrible little gobshite cunts that the concerned parents are writing about here were most likely more interested in getting to the next level of Grand theft auto, killing the end boss in Call of Duty or calling their parent’s cunts on social media.

    So yeah, cunt parents with cunts for kids deserve each other.

    They do not deserve to watch Watership down, which is clearly way beyond their emotional development.

  7. These shithouses complaining that Watership Down is ‘unsuitable’ for Easter viewing… But I suppose some bloke getting whipped and nailed up (Jesus Of Nazareth, King Of Kings etc) is acceptable?… These whinging cunts who moan about a few cartoon rabbits are probably the same people who let their kids blow up and shoot the shit out of things on X-Box…

    Bring back Wile E.Coyote with his Acme TNT….


  8. I should point out that there is no evidence that most of these twats are parents. The narrative that they are parents comes from the Daily fucking Mail who produced a headline without evidence to back it up. This is par for the course for the Daily fucking Mail. Cunts.

  9. When I was a kid, seeing a cartoon rabbit shot wouldn’t have bothered me one iota.
    I’d have been more concerned about it being served up with the spuds. Rabbit is fucking vile.
    If you’ve never tried it, imaging licking Dawn French’s arse crack when she’s just done half hour on an excersise bike (unlikely I know) but that about the mark.

  10. Surely the more worrying question here is what were Lucy, Emily and Maddie doing sitting their kids down in front of Channel 5…?

  11. Stupid cunts.

    Denied wholesome telly, the kids probably went to their rooms to watch tattooed crack hos being fucked up arse by Alsations and pigs on the Internet.

    • We’ll get enough of that from Tory party election broadcasts sooner or later…

      • Just though of a new term….

        a “Tory Hole”…

        Westminster parlance for a porcine recepticle for one’s penis.

    • Peter Per, I think you will find that neither Sue Perkins or Mary Berry have any tattoos.

  12. Most of the World is turning into a seething mass of cuntyness(?) and these fucktards are worrying about their little diddums watching a fantastic cartoon classic the story of which contains more moral integrity and powerful illustrations of ethical dilemmas than most of the canon of English literature
    Give me fucking strength I cannot believe that these type of arseholes exist in the same universe as I do. I mean if we are not very careful we are going to have fucking millions of goat rapists and child rapists happily ensconced in whats left of our green and pretty fucked up land so the parents of little Soloman/Arbendego,Willowbay/Henriette or whatever better smell the coffee cos even they may find that there are more things to worry about than your kid watching the total classic Watership Down things like your kid needing a new arsehole cos dirty Abdul had a sexual emergancy in the swimming pool changing rooms. One has to tell it like it is especially when most of the population appear to have gone fucking comatose. Good night and God bless you all, quick note to the Pope, loads of room on the Pampas mate crying out for cultural enrichment.

    • ‘Although I’m from there, I hate the city of Liverpool… I hate it… 75% of the people there – at least – are scum…..’

      – Ian McCullogh (Echo And The Bunnymen)

      Looks like Mac’s quote about the Scousers now applies to the whole of Britain… It really has become a shitheap full of total cunts….

  13. If they want an animated classic they should try When the wind blows. Anyone remember that? The way the world is going its starting to look relevant again. Or if they wanted a more light hearted cartoon, how about Fritz the cat?

  14. Twitter is a platform for every shithouse, softarse, offended by anything but saying nothing, look at me gobshite cunt in the entire world… I curse the day the fucking thing was invented….

  15. The adjectives “accent” and “statement” (especially when applied to “interior design”)… These two words really need to be CUNTED right out of our solar system.
    For a start, meaningless, pretentious bollocks. Just wtf is, eg, an “accent chair”?? Anyone fancy a fake babyshit-brown leather one from DFS? Lovely…I’ll have one with a cunting scouse “accent”, like Cilla’s nasal, adenoidal whine.
    As for “statement”, Oliver and Tamsin spent 300 quid a roll on their “statement” wallpaper. Only one statement necessary here…your wallpaper says you’re total jerks…

  16. What a bunch of fucking arseholes, as if anyone gives a fuck about what these cunts have to say on Twitter.
    I fucking hate Twitter more than I hate the cunts who use the fucking thing.

    #Getafuckinglifeyoumoaningcunts #noonegivesafuckaboutyouropinion #yourtwofollowerswillreadyourtweet #twitterislikestandinginthestreetshoutingnoonegivesafuck

  17. I’d rather have watched the bunnies being massacred than a fucking useless prog about Judas, part of the bollocks the BBC flush at you to pretend to be religious (overseen by a fucking Muslim for god’s sake!).
    It was utter shite and included the usual lezzer priest crying at something completely insignificant -that silly cow from goggle box (not that I’d know, that source was from today’s Private Eye). How the fuck does the Rev Bottley (there’s a name to conjure with eh?!), manage to get through a fucking funeral rite.
    Half-baked, shallow, fawning gobshite.

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