Muzzie knobheads


As it’s Easter, time for a good cunting for those muzzie knobheads…

Apparently we can’t call that choccy egg thing an Easter egg anymore… In case it offends somebody who prays to a paedophile three times a day….

Can you imagine the carnage if Islam was a genocidal death cult and not the Religion of Peace? There would be regular attacks around the world…. (who said sarcasm was dead?)

The very same people who didn’t condemn Rotherham and Rochdale Muslim sex gangs were gagging to hear the Adam Johnson sentence,so they could say it was not enough…

As Islamists slaughter innocents in Brussels, the EU based in Brussels imports millions more Muslims… Don’t those EU cunts get it yet?

Germany and that frumpy cunt, Merkel, invited and continue to invite this cave dwelling filth into Europe. We need to get the fuck out of the EU shitheap now…

Fucking cunts… Fuck them…

Nominated by: Norman

As it’s Easter let’s spare a thought for Asad Shah, the shopkeeper in Glasgow knifed in a ‘religiously prejudiced attack’ by a knife wielding member of the religion of peace.

Shah tweeted ‘Good Friday and a very Happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation. Let’s follow the real footstep of beloved holy Jesus Christ and get the real success in both worlds.’

Naively trying to prove that not all Muslims are cunts, he was knifed to death by one of the many who actually are. I would say ‘Christ help us!’ but I might be accused of being racially provocative…

Nominated by: Dioclese

20 thoughts on “Muzzie knobheads

    • As far as the U.K. goes these Muslim cunts don’t need a Kalashnikov or suicide bombers.
      These fuckers are taking over with their dicks.
      Percentage wise Muslims are currently breeding twice as fast as any other religion.
      In 2010 eight muzzie Mp’s.
      Today they have thirteen.
      Some thought Enoch Powell was a nut job.

  1. You’ve got to remember these muzzie loving lefties have mentall illness

    I was doing a course for a job, we had 2 of these cunts wearing “free syria” badges, I explained to one of them that muslims hate Queers, then the fat homosexual got angry and punched me

    I won in the end as I got a great job and the leftie homosexual was arrested for assault and drug offences

    You should have seen the cunt,6 foot tall ,18 stone of fat,rainbow gay pride t shirt, syria badge,skin tight yellow jeans, and that gay short hairstyle

    I’m very lucky I didn’t get aids from his cum and feces covered hands

    • Question Islam, expect violence. Question Left Wing ideology, expect violence. Is there a connection or is it just me not being “enlightened” enough?

      • More Bombings recently in iraq at a soccer game some fifa twat came out and said “I’m shocked I tells ya I’m shocked that these crazy bastards struck again but they’re so peaceful when they blow themselves up” The attack, claimed by the Islamic State group, killed 32 people – nearly half of them boys aged 10 to 16 – and injured 84 others. What abunch of sick cunts killing young boys like that. Peacemaking cunts making peace, one bomb at a time

  2. If you can bear it try yesterday’s radio 4 ‘moral maze’ episode. It was riddled with fucking do- gooders claiming our liberty was being threatened by excessive security in order to protect us from these nutters.
    Top of the cunt list is Claire Fox, a fucking vile looking cunt who you really wouldn’t want to get involved with. The rabid cow was pushing hard for yet more Liberty – ship the fat old underachiever out to fucking Syria( she got a 2/2 degree in fuck all and heads something laughably called the Institue of Ideas, work that one out.)
    The most sensible arguments actually came from a Muslim chap.
    Double cunting here as the BBC broadcast it in the first place.
    I’d avoid Fox’s shithole of a website though, it’ll really make you cross.

      • I heard it, made me want to puke, as does most of the liberal bollocks that spews from the BBC. Its always the same, they usually allow a dissenting voice but it is always drowned out by overwhelming pro agenda comments whether it be the migrant crisis, islamic terrorism or the eu referendum. Thick cunts then think this is the reality and then vote accordingly. Never an even handed debate the cunts. Give me balanced information not opinion you fuckers and guardian columnist cunts are not moral overlords. And I fucking pay for it!

        • That Melanie Phillips lezzer needs a cunting as well. Ms fucking know it all guardian fifth columnist. She’s an even more genetically modified ugly fucker than Claire Fucks.

          • Remember Question Time (a show for utter cunts) just after the New York attacks? Where the usual balanced BBC audience reduced the American Ambassador (or similar) to tears? Fuck the BBC.

    • Well said. The majority of them ARE quite decent folks, if they’re over here, who can really blame them… trying to escape a sand-filled hell-hole, with nothing other than murderous, swivel-eyed gits, bluebottles and camels.

      Welcome back, Dioclese, hope you had a good break, and well spoken!! ALL “religious” extremists are in dire need of the most extreme cunting imaginable…maybe prostate milking to death by the Hamiltons…

    • The shopkeeper was an Ahmadi Muslim, which is a very tolerant sect of Islam (and therefore not considered Muslims by the mainstream!). If all Muslims had the same outlook as the Ahmadis, we wouldn’t have a problem.

      • I don’t know Serena the fact that mohammed was a paedophile doesn’t help my view of this tolerant religion. I understand there’s the oddball muslim who could be a reasonable individual but most of them I find obnoxious, predatory and dangerous. Although Ahmadi’s do seem a bit better then the other fucked up tribes in the bunch.

        • We keep being told these jihadists are a minority. Well, why don’t the majority sort the cunts out in the first place.
          For evil to thrive all it takes is for good men to do nothing.
          As soon as one of these cunts pipes up the so called community elders should be on their case and fuck them off. Do they ? do they fuck.

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