International Womens Day


It’s International Women’s Day. Surely that deserves a cunting?

Just another chance for a load of feminist lesbo klunge limpet dykes to bang on about inequality.
Change the fucking record.

Mother’s day. Womens day. Greedy cunts.

Nominated by: J R Cuntley & Cunt O’MaCunto

19 thoughts on “International Womens Day

  1. Well the woman sat next to me has just described it as a load of bollocks, so there’s the female perspective sorted. Better to call it Fat ugly Lezza day or maybe International Old Boot Day. Or even Misandryfest…

  2. How about calling it vagina day as that is all it is.I love how feminists don`t like to go on about the differences between men and women and rather want to be seen more like men..until it benefits them!Maybe they should call it make your man a sandwich and shut up complaining day to piss off the feminazi`s.

  3. I demand an international men’s day✊ men get the day off and are legally allowed to snub or snigger at menopausal angry women whose sole purpose in life is to glare at men that have no interest in them despite the fact they try and make conversation on a daily basis?

  4. Women already have equality.

    What they are looking for is the same as every other ‘minority’ group. And that would be special privileges.

    I’m growing fucking weary of all of these cunts and their endless fucking bleating about how hard done by they are by the universal fucking enemy….Men.

    White men in particular and men who go out at silly cunt o’clock in the morning and return home after a 12 hour day, just to keep a roof over the family’s head and food on the fucking table.

    Yeah, what a bunch of cunts we must be, to continue providing shelter and sustenance to a bunch of whining ingrates who despise us with every fibre of their being.

    Go and fuck yourselves, you bunch of ungrateful, sag tit, dish-faced cunts……because after 12 hours of treading on eggshells around blobstrop stricken ‘wimmin’, I haven’t the fucking energy to do so myself.

    • Exactly.When minority groups go on at me about inequality I do have to try not to laugh.I am 21 and when I look at my peers from school college and neighbourhoods and there is seemingly no correlation between success and gender/sexuality/ethnicity.The only correlation I see is that those who pissed around in school ended up with nothing whereas those who worked hard or were average have achieved pretty much the same in terms of employment and further education at this stage.In fact a friend of mine just got her own place a few months ago because she has worked hard for it.You never heard her complaining about being a woman or girl she just got on with it and made progress and if anyone said anything sexist to her she would simply come back at them and carry on working instead of going on Tumblr manufacturing this feminist victim complex.The only social barrier I have seen people face is coming from lower paid households but even that is dependent on the attitudes their parents instilled in them from experience and thus isn`t even to do with a sense of rich vs poor.People who haven`t achieved what they want always want to blame something else as it is convenient. I saw one girl blaming the government the other day for being unemployed. Now when we were at School together she was regularly on drugs chasing boys and doing pretty much no work at all.It is easier for her to call someone else out than look at herself for her own failings. It is also funny how most feminists I meet are predominantly middle class intellectuals who think that they speak for all women when in reality they don`t have a broad enough circle of contacts to be able to validate their self confessed experience on behalf of all women!

      • Thats not exactly true, I was asked to leave school, later in life employed as a temp driver in a company, moved on, moved up 6 years later as an area manager I found myself firing a nice Graduate, who was super qualified in everything but the facts of life and common sense.

        • Those were just what I have seen .I didn`t say it was an absolute fact merely an observation.I mean you clearly worked hard to get where you were still and didn`t spend your time bitching about your earlier life which is great.My point though badly worded as I am a cunt is that bitching about your life does not get you anywhere .The change has to come from yourself not an entire unrealistic change of society as feminists keep proposing.My Dad fired loads of graduates when he was a manager for the exact same reasons.He said that some were as useful as a windscreen wiper attached to a goats arse!

      • Women, 51% of the population………… that’s an impressively large minority.

        • Yeah but I am sure the feminists would make some bullshit argument about power relations.

  5. I am fucking sick to death of hearing people bleat on about the pay gap. Since the 1970s it has been illegal to pay men and women differently for doing the same job. If you choose to have five or ten years off to be a “full time mother”, fucking great. But don’t expect to get paid for it.

  6. I hope you’ve all had the third programme on today’s wireless, a 24 hour torture if wimmin composers.
    Which reminds me of that interfering smug tart who persuaded an exam board that it should be inclusive and have music by wimmin on the syllabus, along with the usual obscure Gambian bollocks, Indonesian gamelan and some take away Indian restaurant Muzak. Precious little from our great heritage.
    Nowt against the fairer sex but it does seem a little excessive to pander to some 17 year old, from a public school as one might expect.
    I see Priti Patel has received a round of fucks today from a Pankhurst descendant for some stupid connection she made. Hope the chain the dumb fuck to some railings, forever, and then send her back to India. They seem to have a different method of handling these things over there.

  7. Feminists are also advocating No borders, and millions of migrants. I’ve also seen a few of the new wave feminists advocating child pornography and sex laws too, I just read about one last week absolutely disgusting shite. I don’t believe its a place just for women to talk about equality bollock’s. It has a insidious hidden agenda that destroys and its a evil organization people underestimate its power.

    Its also looks like france is giving uk a special gift haha

  8. Logged on to get me daily dose of news today, and Hermarknee bloody Granger’s gurning smug mug was there.Apparently she’s happy to be seen as a “feminazi”… rope, bag over head (defo that!) and trap-door… I think that’s what happened in Nuremburg?? This woman is a horrible bad dream; a bit like some Russian novel… a foul-stinking minge, detached from its owner, goes on the rampage…

    Also, news about Hinckley nuclear power plant. Managed by EDF, to be built by the Chinese, who have a dire workplace safety record – did you read about them cutting off power to a knackered lift, and coming back 30 days later to do the repair? There was a corpse in it. They never checked to see if the lift was empty before powering off. Twats. Let’s all CUNT this, before this monstrosity cunts us…

  9. We all know men have it harder
    At work women are excused from heavy lifting,they take random days off for their periods,they are allowed to come in late ,finish early, spend all fucking day gossiping about nonsense and claim sexism when not given a promotion

    I blame the pussified liberal men who allow women to walk over them

    Where’s father’s day? What about paki history month? Ha ha

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