Famous, Rich and Homeless


Why on earth do we need Willy Thorne to tell us that the homeless have got it fairly tough? Have we all been taken in that they’re living the high life but choose to drink White Lightning due to the recession?

Don’t get me wrong, I have quite harsh ideas on the homeless and think a percentage of them are stupid/selfish cunts, but I’m not blind to their hardships. Waste of fucking time and a poor excuse for a programme.

Bet them cunts are getting paid too.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

Apparently this was all done for Sport Relief (another load of fucking overhyped pointless cherriteee crap!).

Apart from yobs ( e.g. skinhead football fans from the Shed end ) going round the street playing ‘kick a vagrant’ can anyone explain to me what the fuck this has to do with sport?

Another amazingly pointless and bad taste program from and an increasingly pointless BBC…

Nominated by: Dioclese

39 thoughts on “Famous, Rich and Homeless

  1. If they are homeless but also rich, why not check in to the Savoy. Problem solved and no need for what I imagine is one shit tv show.

  2. In my non professional life I have been homless twice, first time when I was 16 years old, although an adventure in its self I became very aware of stranger danger very fast, seemed like the only people wanting to help me, allso wanted to take me somewhere safe and introduce me to like minded people. Or in other words suggest I go with them to have my arse re bored.
    Second time I was 40 years old, my wife had become a little violent, you may laugh, but I have “history” so if I turned round and floored her I would be the vilan in court and she the victim (how can a 2x veteran compare to a nurse?) So I got up walked out the door and lived for 3 months in a chicken shed on a farm saving the money for a deposit on a flat to rent whilst paying the mortgage on a house I did not live in, fucking hard times, no water, no heating, no eletric, shitting in a plastic bag and burning it with the rest of my rubbish flannel washing every day and keeping my regular job.
    I survived though.

    • Had similar experience but probably not as brutal as Benny. Eight weeks roughing it for security deposit at 19. A make shift tent from plastic sheeting hidden in the bushes in a north London rec. Only discovered twice by early morning dog walkers but think they were more wary of me than I was of them.
      Got caught by the boss at work washing my hair with the stuff out the soap dispenser in works khasi, told him a bird had shit on head on the way in to work. He knew I was bullshiting him. Managed to scrounge the odd night on a mate’s sofa and grab a shower ( heaven ) I’m an old cunt now but I’m still here.

    • I don’t want to sound soppy but domestic violence against men is not a joke, its laughed at but not funny, men are often left with nothing, women gets kids then therefore gets home, man often left in shitty bedsit or worse left homeless, I know we have a laugh on here, but I think men get a very raw deal these days, when I met Daddy Bear he was left with bugger all, I couldn’t do that to anyone. Equality has gone far too far.

      • Agreed Mummy Bear.Domestic violence in all its manifestations is abhorrent but when men are attacked by women there is now the added sense of shame which makes them even less likely to come forward about these things which is very sad indeed!:(

  3. Yeah what a cunt, Willie Thorne is broke, so he probably took an appearance fee to help the homeless.

  4. Rich, hardly, famous, sort of, homeless, homeless to become famous again in the vain hope of becoming rich.

  5. Waiting to see which orf the cunts is the first to be set alight. Now that is tough.

  6. But it must make those poor, pointless celebs with their tortured consciences feel sooooo much better about themselves. Cradle to the grave? My arse! I wonder what the Indian government did with their free hand out from the UK this week?

    Celebs: Cunts!

    Sports relief: Cunts!

    bbc: Cunts!

  7. Perhaps they could go for the full experience, by getting hammered on lidl cider and shooting up some ropey smack or methadone and diazepam. I hope they get fucked and robbed by the many genuine homeless or as they are better known as, Romanians.

    • Just had a look at the header photo, and the just look like a bunch of cunts camping out for first dibs on the new iPhone. Hancock is a bellend, Bradbury us to be worth a poke but is now rough as arseholes and fuck knows who the other two are! Mario and a bruce Jenner lookalike.

  8. Excellent fucking esposure of virtue signalling, ‘cept it aint its good old fadhioned pay me some money , give me exposure, and( oxford comma you cunts) I’ll do whatever you say.

  9. Hmmm. Meh.

    A mixture of boredom and self loathing made me check back here to see if anything had changed.
    Nice and tickled to see nothing has and you cunts are still the same fucking bereft of ideas pack you always were. It’s enough to make me want top nail my shriveled scrotum to a plank.

    Talking of fuckin’ planks, why has no one nominated dribbling unfunny ginger cunt and pints sized fuckwit ‘comedian’ Josh Widdicombe?

    Firstly, anyone called ‘Josh’ is automatically a cunt, that’s a given, so there.
    Second, the fact that the unfunny prick has a TV show which is about as funny as cancer is something to be admired.
    I have rarely wanted so badly to borrow Pete and Dud’s ‘cunt kicking in boots’ so very, very badly and apply them to the side of Widdicombe’s oversized fucking melon shaped head.

    Either he’s taking a shafting from someone in return for the series or Ade Edmonson and Jennifer Saunders are bankrolling it ‘cos their unfunny ‘comedian’ daughter is also in said show.
    What an utter, utter fucking cunt-trap-fetty-wap of the highest order.

    Too harsh?

    Fuck off.

    With love.

      • Relax ‘broski’ I was just joshing around.
        I was round these parts when you were a glint in daddy’s eye.

        If you took any of the intro personally, then don’t. It wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular.
        That’s my way of saying hello.

        Notice the ‘with love’ bit at then end?

        Love and kisses xx

        • Love and kisses accepted and returned (but please, for the sake of all humanity, never use the word “Broski” again) and you are spot on about about that Widdicombe twat.

          • Pffft don’t explain yourself my man. It’s refreshing to see a fellow realist in full flow. I have a similar outlook, scathing narrative and pitch black sense of humor, sadly it seems in real life and on the interweb in general the weak as piss trollymong mentality needs regular mothering and needs constant mouthfuls of spoonfed commonsense like a starving baby bird or is sure to foam from the mouth in an outraged induced fit, that is why baby jesus cries himself to sleep.

            Agreed with Mr B, the word ‘Broski’ has been proven to cause eye cancer you murderer.

          • ‘ I have a similar outlook, scathing narrative and pitch black sense of humor’ – no, you’re an annoying illiterate cunt.

          • Without rules there is chaos, with two sets of rules it’s organised chaos and it’s every man for himself. Is fair play a thing of the past these days I wonder.

          • Without wanting to cause offence, bollocks to that. I used to like this site, now I tolerate it at best, because of pricks like pagliacci who are simply irritants. And sound like they’re 16.

  10. Sad day Keith Emerson died apparently he committed suicide(being investigated) wasn’ a huge fan but I really liked ELP’s debut,Trilogy and The Nice’s TTOED just thought I’d post a video in his honour Fun Fact Lemmy from motorhead was a roadie for the Nice and before leaving for hawkwind gave Emerson a treasured hunting knife A knife edge perhaps? https://youtu.be/TQQdYokbp4E

    • Agreed ,sad indeed karn evil 9 off the brain salad surgery album is fucking awesome but they went off the boil a bit in the late seventies , still even one of Emerson turds had more talent in it than all of the cunts that have ever been on the x factor put together.

      • I liked The Nice… Wasn’t a big ELP fan though… Still, a talented bloke and another proper musician gone…

      • @ Bunchocunts You’re absolutely right good sir ELP is Spinal Tap incarnate had such promise but instead went the other way. Their debut, tarkus,trilogy and brain salad was probably the best they had to offer. Then turned into Spinal Tap https://youtu.be/qAXzzHM8zLw just like uriah heep, fame probably got to them produced shite like love beach

        ” I liked The Nice… Wasn’t a big ELP fan though… Still, a talented bloke and another proper musician gone…” As you know norm the nice was a group name made by steve marriott who gave andrew oldham(none other) the name . They were P. P. Arnold’s backing band(another link to the small faces) .

          • ‘Nice’ is 60’s slang for heroin. Not a lotta know that…!
            Is it? well the SF song in question here come the nice actually references speed which actually dodged the beeb censors lol.”He makes me feel like no-one else could/He knows what I want/He’s got what I need/He’s always there/If I need some speed(amphetamine popular mod drug)”.
            Here come the nice meaning “nice group of mods out and about”

          • Thanks for the info norm looks like a good doc. I watched a SF documentary the other day and ronnie lane looked like hell his eyes were twisted he was shaking hopefully don arden is in hell for the shabby deal they got. Sharon arden(osborne) too is a cunt onion many layers of cunt

  11. I haven`t seen the program but sport relief is a cunt full stop. With Willie Thorne though he was broke recently hurt his foot upon filming ,is battling cancer and has suffered two strokes in recent years.Which poses two key questions:One ,why would the BBC clear him to participate in the show and 2 :Why the hell is he not a candidate in the Dead Pool?:P

  12. That utter cunt and mate of Willie Thorne, Gary Lineker, was no doubt instrumental in getting Thorne on a crappy BBC Z-Listers show… And anyone who sees Julia Bradbury as ‘thinking man’s crumpet’ is a knobend… The same sort of cunts who tried to appear intellectual by saying they liked Sue Lawley or the daft bitches who said Angus Deayton or Richard Whitely were ‘sexy…’ What a load of shit… I don’t like Rachel Riley because she can do maths, I just want to give her one… Honest, simple, no pretensions or bullshit..

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