Donald Trump [2]


Donald Trump is a cunt.

The reasons are self-evident. I could spray paint a piece of dog shit orange, draw an angry face on one side, stick a red toupe on the top, and it would look exactly like him, only better. And at least it would just sit there and stink, rather than stinking and making noise.

If he wins, I’m going to start a petition here in the US to become a British colony again, because clearly we’re not up to the task of self-government.

Nominated by: Dismayed American

(We don’t want you back! Ed.)

38 thoughts on “Donald Trump [2]

  1. He is a complete cunt. But the only cunt worse are those who support him. And to true American Style there seems to be plenty of those.

  2. Sorry, plenty of those that should have said. Fuck this tablet. Samsung are also complete cunts.

  3. I’ll not have a word said against him. Every time he opens his maw precious metals go bullish.

    Donald Trump: Good lad. Ker-ching!

  4. Donald Trump is a top trump cunt.
    Despite the fact he is clearly the result of a Plum Island cross breeding experiment involving a squirrel and a wotsit, I hope the cunt gets the top job purely for entertainment purposes.
    After lame duck president Barry Obama, cunt Trump is sure to put a grin on a face or two as he makes a complete mons of everything.
    You poor cunts across the pond.

  5. With the USA’s distinguished record in assassinating its leaders one lives in the hope that some maniac will eliminate this Broadmoor refugee asap. Time to let John Hinckley out on parole and let him demonstrate the liberty of america’s gun laws.

  6. The most ludicrous combover since Arthur Scargill, a sure sign of a massive ego and frighteningly dangerous levels of vanity. He may be right about the Camel Shaggers but does anyone really want the living embodiment of Greg Stillson from “The Dead Zone” with his finger on the nuke button?

    “Gentlemen, the missiles are flying. Hallelujah!”

  7. Black, White and in between. I fucking hate all Americans, apparently I got some Family over there. What a piece of cunt.

  8. Trump’s hairstyle is as bad as Lewis Hamilton’s beard. Goes to show, money can’t buy you everything.

  9. Anyone worth billions who wears such a shit wig deserves a cunting, and a kicking, and a being set fire to in Times Square at Christmas.

  10. On the topic of cunting Americans

    How is it that Johhny Depp has escaped a good hard cunting?

    Surely any greasy haired bling wearing cunt that walks the streets honestly thinking they are either a rock star or a fucking pirate, is certainly ripe for one?

      • Johnny Depp has basically become a shadow of his former self a highly overrated actor but some off the earlier films he was in were quite decent. He should feel like a sellout with all those pirate of the caribbean films he did. Fucking Cash Cow Cunt!

    • The last greasy cunt swanning around in jewelry thinking they were a rock star turned out to be the peado Jimmy Savile…

      Food for thought!

  11. Dismayed American is a absolute bellend and a nancy boy probably a bloody bernie sanders supporter who’s afraid of walls. Trump is still the best candidate IMO, Put to you this way if trump doesn’t win we have to look at Hilary Clintons ugly bossy mug or Bernie Sanders socialist fist pumping(mandela) shite for the next one or two terms. Lets not neglect the fact Hilary Cunton is a traitor to her own country(see iraq controversy and email scandal) and whore’s herself for goldman sachs. She should be going to prison in 2016 not the whitehouse she is basically IDS personified.

  12. I think Trump is a legend and will prove to be the best president them yank cunts have ever had

  13. Even if the cunt that is Donald Trump wins and becomes the Republicunts candidate the Republicunts won’t win anyway. It shows how dumb as fuck Americans are that the massive majority of redneck cunts vote for this twat. I know they (mostly republicans) are pissed off with the Mexicans and Muslims etc but cmon can you imagine this utter knobhead being in charge of the most powerful Cuntry in the world. He would probably bomb Europe if we didn’t buy enough Florida oranges. The cunt.

    • Another ‘Dumb Americans’ example. Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was running for Governor of Los Angeles was asked about pollution/climate/environment policies. His response “Don’t worry about that” or something similar. He won.

    • “I know they (mostly republicans) are pissed off with the Mexicans and Muslims etc but cmon…” No not mostly republicans mostly anybody with a fucking brain. When the San Bernardino massacre happened that bastard obama called it workplace violence FFS .

      That won’t happen with Trump he’ll call it like it bloody is. Obama has a disturbing pattern of down playing Islamic terror even advocating that Islam is a religion of peace. After the boston bombing the bastard of bellend called the terrorists involved “two unfortunate youths who went astray”.
      If you don’t think trump would be a good president BWC who would be better Clinton? Kaisch? Sanders? Liberals are the ones who hate trump he’s also the only candidate who funds his own campaign trail do you realise how important that is? Its almost unheard of. Also the rise of mexican illegals causing extremeviolence just read a heartbreaking story last month of a mexican illegal who raped a 6 yr old girl she’s of course dead now.

      • I think he’s ace, and love the way he makes lefties spasm in impotent rage.

        • I am not a ‘leftie’ I just think he is an arrogant cunt. Saw a program on him and his Golf course in Scotland and he was trying to bully the residents and behaving like a total twat. I don’t give a fuck if he funds his own election campaign he can afford it. He is a cunt and he won’t be President.

          • Trump is King Cunt of Cunt Mountain. Sure, Clinton,Saunders and the rest ARE noses-in-the-trough cunts, but none of them are as bat-shit crazy as Trump. If the brain-dead Mericunts vote him in, I’d give it about 2 months tops before there would be civil war in America or Trumpy decides to go all ‘Doctor Strangelove’ and hit the big red nuke button, before scampering off to his fucking nuke shelter, replete with its 5000 radiation-proof wigs.

  14. Long time lurker, but had to weigh in on this since I’m an ex-pat living in Yankland.

    Trump may be a cunt, but he’s the best of a bad lot. Plus he can say what he likes and the only consequence is he loses and has to go back to running his multi-billion dollar empire. Not a bad alternative. If the others lose, their political career is fucked, so they’ll lie, cheat, steal and say whatever they have to in order to stay relevant and get elected. It’s been hysterical how Trump has called people out, said outrageous things and basically just said out loud what a lot of people think. Check out his campaign’s latest video – fucking funny:

    In every election cycle the candidates (read politicians) always bash the current/previous administration and claim everything is fucked up and they’re the one to fix everything. Sound familiar? What’s the common denominator in every fucking election? That’s right: politicians! Could they be part of the problem, one wonders? Trump isn’t a politician, so why not let him have a go? What’s the worst that could happen? 😉

    Obviously I don’t know how this is all being reported back in good ol’ Blighty, but it’s been a laugh a minute over here watching how the ‘establishment’ can’t figure out what’s going on as Trump keeps winning primary elections and making most everyone else look like tools. Anyone who says they’ll build a fucking great wall on the Mexican border, make the Mexicans pay for it and round up the 11 million illegal immigrants and deport the sponging, criminal cunts gets my vote. Oh wait, I can’t vote. CUNTS!

  15. Lets face it, all politicians are cunts, professional cunts, and you don’t vote for the one you like the most, you vote for the one you despise the least. The problem we now have is because reasonable people have not taken reasonable measures to address the issues such as migration and terrorism, people will vote for unreasonable people who will use unreasonable measures. 1930s Germany anyone? I heard today that one of Jeremy Corbens’ fucktard women said that we should sit down and have a cup of tea with isis! You first love, you will be so full of jihadi cum you could be the worlds first portable sperm bank. All cunts…….

  16. Trouble is, the likes of Obama (with his precious Muslims) and also those here in Britain pander to scum… Like that Clayton Williams cunt, who killed PC Dave Phillips… After he was sentenced today there were these do-gooding cunts saying the government, society and the system had failed Williams and that he was forced into crime… Whereas Donald Trump would tell it like it is: and say that the murdering little piece of shite should be flushed away for all eternity…

    • Saw PC Dave Phillips widow on tv earlier this evening. Her class, spirit and dignity was humbling and of a level few could muster.
      Clayton Williams on the other hand is a vile cunt and hope his arsehole resembles a blood orange before the day is done.

      • Me too, JR… I hope Clayton Williams ends up in a cell with a psychotic bender called cuddles who has a liking for stork margarine…

  17. You don’t have to dislike everything about someone just because they’re a cunt
    (and Mr Trump is a playgirl of the month cunt) I have many cuntish friends who I need to do cunting for me ‘cos I’m too nice to do it myself. They’re the ones who can slag off arseholes who push in front of you in line ups or they’re the ones who fight your battles for you when you’ve pissed someone off. In fact my own brother is somewhat of a cunt in the right circumstances.
    Mr Trump has some of those cuntable qualities which are needed to put the arsekissers in their place, the ability to tell someone to fuck off when no one else has the balls to do it themselves ( like me!)
    It’s time for a cunt like him to call the shots for a while and get us back to where we’re not scared shitless of the LGBT, because they’re easily offended, or a time when we’re not afraid to beat the crap out of someone ‘cos they raped your sister.
    We need a cunt like him to say ” Little Johnny, it’s not because you have OCD or you’re bipolar , it’s because you’re fucking stupid and you don’t belong in a regular class where you’re holding back all the other clever kids ”
    We need a cunt like him to say ” So you’re black and you were exploited, so were my white fucking parents working to keep the aristocracy in comfort, they got over it, so should you, get off your arse and start working like I did.”
    Sometimes cunts , just like the real ones, are useful.

    • I agree with what have written, most of it anyway. And we do need someone to be a cunt and have some balls to stand up the the more politically correct fuckers in this world. But, and this is the thing, only to a point. Trump is not afraid of upsetting people, because, he doesn’t have much to lose and everything to gain. And I even agree with SOME of what he says. But the danger is that he’ll divide America down the middle, which will make the world a very dangerous place for all of us. Plus, he’s absolutely fucking crazy, I’m surprised we can’t see his eyes rolling around. Having his finger on the nuke button and in charge of all those guns, ships, planes and tanks will probably result in the sale of incontinence pants rocketing throughout the Western hemisphere.

      • Yep you’re right , he’s a nutter and if he gets in there’s gonna be fig bucking trouble. As Admiral Nelson said in the joke “Hand me my brown trousers Hardy”

      • He maybe a Cunt, but way I see there plenty of cunts running the world as it is, a new style of cunt is maybe what’s needed to sort out the crusty political cunts, but then you could just watch corrie cunty street

  18. Lots of tv programmes and interviews about Trump seem to be cropping up on British TV, but not the other candidates….

    Does somebody know something we don’t?

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