The new barbarians


There was a loud cunt on the train the other day tearing up about 7-year-olds not being allowed to have transgender surgery on the NHS.

The dirty orange slag had tattoos on its face, about 50 rings in its ears nose and tongue, and spherical rubber tits (that were hanging out and smelling bad, with DIY tattoos of names on them – “left” and “right” it looked like).

This cunt then started shouting that all migrants should be allowed ‘in’ and how ‘she’ wanted to put one up in ‘her’ student accommodation, but the university (a polytechnic day-prison for idiot filth that hands out arse-wipe degrees for £60,000 a pop) would not allow it (and the decision was racist).

Next the poxy bitch was whining about being skint, not being able to get a job as an Enrichment Officer (WTF is that!) with her local council (because they were cutting back on essential services – ‘she said’?) and how ‘she’ would never be able to afford to buy a home or even a car.

To get to the fucking point – everybody under 30 is a cunt. They have been so brainwashed by state education (“no reading today children – we are going to learn about the joys of sodomy and diversity breeding”) and the media (“Buy a £50 plastic sofa stuffed with used jam rags!) the cunts are clamouring for their own descent into miserable wretchedness and even extinction – yet they still have some rudimentary grasp of reality but illogically always go against their own interests to follow conditioning.

Fuck em all – the cunts. They do not deserve a decent life .

“Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war” on the mindless filth.

Nominated by: Oden Days

47 thoughts on “The new barbarians

  1. Well observed and a deserved Cunting.

    Climate is going back to the late Pliocene.
    Society is going back to the Neanderthal.

    Everything should work out just fine as they cross.


  2. So sad and so true, even here in the wilds of Lincolnshire this sort of cunt is becoming established; at least here, if they wanted to be an “enrichment officer” or some such shite they would have to be fluent in at least Polish and the Baltic languages; which rules 99.9% out.

  3. Spot fucking on! I’ll hold my hands up in shame as a retired teacher (yeah, that’s at least a triple self cunting for being retired, having been a teacher and drawing a decent pension).
    Nevertheless, the major reason I jacked early was exactly the state of education, riddled with PC, perverse risk-aversions, revisionist history, world fucking music, climate change geography and stupid fucking names in exam questions.
    Drugs education? Too fucking late, most of them had taken most of the stuff by the time the do-gooder empathists came in to tell them ‘it’s your body blah fucking blah’.
    RE – completely fucked with far too much world religion shit. I preferred the ‘be fucking good or it’s a red hot poker up your arse for eternity’ approach.
    Art – none of the fuckers could do a decent genital diagram, despite spending hours looking at low quality porn in lunch breaks.
    Etc et fucking cetera. If it’s any consolation I do maintain a fiercely non PC attitude with my own brood, all under 30 but, I concur, brainwashed by the state. I suppose they are at an advantage having me as a dad, bit like having the Stasi in the family.

      • ‘Beware false idols and gods’ – thus said some fucker in the good book. Thanks anyway, most of my miracles fail these days but you have to keep trying.

    • You must be the first real teacher I’ve ever heard quite refreshing really you might look at job at the dept ed in Aus we need to fuck off the cunts running it now if our kids get any dumber we’ll have to change their nationality to American

      • There’s plenty more with similar views but they are all kept at bay by the KGB masquerading as the Dept of Education, their fucking spies are everywhere. I quite liked the Gove chap, he had some nice ideas like learn the succession of monarchs and spelling. You can imagine I had to keep quiet about that.
        The current whore of an educashion minister is a fucking basket case with an arse fatter than her bloody intellect, a real dangerous slag.

  4. I thought “The New Barbarians” was a really cheap Italian Mad Max ripoff from the early 80’s. However I have met some of these “counter culture” but soon to be The Establishment cunts through drinking in various alternative pubs (that don’t get pissy about you wearing a motorbike jacket) and while they can seem affable enough at first they are usually middle class types trying to look poor and a pompous lecture/extended diatribe about the evils of Western life is never more than a slip of the tongue away. They always have plenty of cash to hand over to the evil profit making breweries though…

  5. Dioclese, How about a ‘Cunts Colony’ section on here?

    I was thinking of maybe clearing the Isle of Wight or maybe one of those Scottish Islands to house the cunts. You could fit the cunts with a GPS tracker so if any cunt tried to leave you can find them using the ‘Cunt App’ and send the cunt back into ‘Cunts Colony’.
    The following cunts would be on the first shipment there:

    -Kanye as the King of the Colony
    -Tony Blair (As President)
    -Iain Duncan Smith (Would probably be the Prime Minister of Cunts Colony).
    -Most of the cunts who have been on the Jeremy Kyle show.
    -Any cunt who ‘hates this country’ but doesn’t fuck off.
    -Ready chopped onions/carrot/cheese buyers (you know the cunts I mean)
    -Any bearded cunt who shaves his head and has a designer beard, and even worse puts hair ‘products’ in his beard.
    -Any cunt who can’t get through a day without taking a ‘selfie’ of themselves posing like a cunt. (Add to that any Facebook and Twitter addicted cunt).
    -All of TOWIE, Made in Chesea, reality ‘Star’ etc cunts.
    -Any racist British cunt who sympathises with Hitler or who likes Swastikas, you dumb cunts are traitors to the real heroes who fought the Nazis.
    -The Tory Party
    -Tony Blair
    -Dianne Abbot
    -That dumb fucking Troll from Norfolk obsessed with getting on here.
    -Majority of those Somali cunts.
    -Majority of those beard and shaved head Muslim cunts
    -Any cunt who stands outside the Apple Store for two days in the rain to get a free iPhone.
    -Any cunt who talks tough online but who really is a wimpy cunt.
    -Most of the Liverpool FC Team
    -Dominic Littlewood
    -Any cunt building a basement in Notting Hill (you fucking annoying cunts).
    -Those Loose women
    -All the Cunts from Eastenders.

    Imagine life on the colony with Kanye and Bono ‘performing’ all day, Theresa May handing out the welcome packs and Dianne Abbot talking shit all day.

    Fuckin ell there are too many.
    Imagine what would happen with all them cunts in one place? What a piece of cunt the place would be.

    I understand its too much of a cunt to set up. I am trying to be an ideas cunt.

  6. My mrs only said last week, ‘Society will eventually be back to cavemen levels because young people now either don’t know any better or they don’t care… I’ll give it fifty years…’
    Society – as human beings – is fucked, and the destruction of humanity will easily be done without the aid of a nuclear bomb…

  7. Think my teenager daughter must have caught some of this cuntitude from somewhere, just announced she is a veterinarian.

    I don’t know where she had got this from, not my side of the family.

    I hope you all allow me to still post on here

  8. Diversity is a mixture of tracer,hollow tip and steel core ammunition, I like divesity I found it very helpful in my trips abroad as a youth, strangely enough I didnt get murdered or raped either, mainly due to my diverse approach to their culture.

  9. Talking of wanky and pretentious job titles.

    A friend of mine had this on his CV:

    3 years working as a consumer goods facilitation manager for Sainsburies.

    (Truth is he worked on the tills part-time when he left school)

  10. A first-class cunting, and the comments cover other cuntitude which can never get enough cunts to cunt it. The island Black And White Cunt is looking for is Luing, off the Argyllshire coast. Only cunts live there in the first place, and it has quarries to accommodate surplus cunts in the splendour they merit. Old fertiliser bags are freely available for housing purposes. There is nothing to do there, and it is 20 miles of road and a ferry trip from the negligible attractions of the nearest town, which cuntical correcteness has not yet reached. If the move is to be crowdfunded, I will cheerfully subscribe.

    PS Tony Blair – of course – *and all his known relatives and associates*, please.
    Thank you. Cunt on.

  11. am logging on daily to Spivey. am fully expecting to see a fulsome apology to the 2 women who lost legs in the Alton Towers accident last year, he’s always telling us what a ‘big man’ he is. now he can show us by admitting the article he wrote after that incident was a steaming pile of shit. remember he stated categorically no one was injured. for fucks sake. why he hasn’t been sued is a mystery. but as i said before its probably because those unfortunate girls have never heard of him.

  12. The irony about Spivey is he is quashing free-speech with his bullshit, he claims all these things are ‘false flags’ produced by the powers that be to enslave us.
    Truth is his delusional crap he posts is bringing in laws to shut-up, silence and close down websites and forums. his actions are enslaving and curbing true free speech.
    The same applies to Twitter, all those high profile cases of people being arrested for death threats etc.
    It’s all part of the game to bring in legislation to close websites and shut people up, the whole PC bullshit all ties in to this too.
    All those fucking students out protesting about racism and PC bullshit and discrimination.
    It’s about curbing OUR right to free speech,nothing more, nothing less.
    Luckily and ironically I will be long gone but those student twats who think they are radical will have to live the next 40 years in these tyranny.
    Oh the fucking irony!

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