Squeamish foodies


The cunts who piss me off (usually women) are the one’s who get all squeamish when they see a whole Fish with eyeballs or don’t want to see a whole Chicken with legs etc and say ‘I don’t like seeing the animal like that” or “I only buy filleted Fish or Chicken breasts” in a plastic pack from the Supermarket. Doesn’t stop the cunts eating it though does it.

These cunts need to realise that what meat they eat comes from something that was alive that ate, drank and shat like we do. I say bring back the days when the women would be plucking the Chickens etc. Imagine how many of todays ‘Career’ women would do that.

The Cunts.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

15 thoughts on “Squeamish foodies

  1. Delete the above post, made an error!

    Michael Portillo deserves a good cunting.

    I Just turned on the TV, for some reason it was on BBC 1 and I was greeted with Andrew Neil on some politics wank. That was bad enough and almost had me sticking my foot through the TV but imagine my surprise to see the fat, bloated cunt that is Michael Portillo sitting there with a smug grin on his face like he had just arse raped a fox on a spring hunt with his Tory chums.

    This fucking Tory turd burglar possesses possibly the most punch-able face on TV, he is up there with Philip Schofield.
    If I won the lottery I would hire the O2 arena, book Portillo & Schofield via their agents and buy a 3 wood golf club, I’m sure you can guess the rest!

    Alas that will never happen, you have more chance of Jimmy Savile turning up on BBC Breakfast to apologize than winning the lottery these days!

  2. My wife has this issue, I would go shooting bring back various animals retire to the shed and convert them to pretend super market cuts before they would be admitted to the house.
    I remember feeling paticuly naughty one night and used two rabbits for a zombie rabbit puppet show outside the kitchen window, she didnt half scream.

    • Ahh..that reminds me of the happy days of my childhood. At primary school we’d visit the local butcher at lunchtime to see what ‘cut-offs’ he had that day. Chickens feet were good, yank on a tendon to make the claw open and close…But best of all was pigs eyes, including the eyelids complete with lashes. I kid you not we’d get these and stick them in the palm of your hand and make the girls scream. Because the eyes had a fair bit of skin and fat behind them they also used to stick nicely to the forehead giving one a horrific third eye… if only the kids of today could be exposed to such harmless fun.

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