Sir Ian Gilmore


I am aghast that ‘Professor’ Sir Ian Gilmore has yet to be cunted.

This first rate turd gurgler is all over the news this morning crowing about how Alcohol Health Alliance has lobbied the government and those other ‘arse for sale’, thieving, lazy BMA pricks into lowering the recommended alcohol consumption to 14 units per week for men and women.

Lets start off on the right footing, have these cunts ever provided any real, factual hard evidence of how the ‘unit’ level of alcohol was defined and measure? I mean, it should be very similar to calculating the molar mass and therefore strength of acids, alkalis and other gases/elements right?

WRONG. These Doctor cunts sat around a table and made this shit up. They pulled these values from there collective arses as an attempt at curbing the free will of the people to do whatever the fuck they please. The principle problem is the NHS, moaning that alcohol related illness costs it too much money. If we did away with the NHS and made people take responsibility for their own actions and ultimately the cost of doing so then these illiberal cock smokers would be voting the other way, more booze to bring in more punters…

The ‘pants on fire’ accusation won’t stand up in court, but then again the equally childish and pathetic ‘because we said so’ defence is not viable either.

And all because of a 1% risk in increase of Alcohol related cancers. You scare mongering, enemy of freedom, communist cunt.

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10 thoughts on “Sir Ian Gilmore

  1. Yes but! He’s a Professor so he must be right and it’s on t’interweb and I read it in t’Sun, is where he’s pitching his scaremongering. Rigorous scientific proof is a discipline of the past, witness: the Higgs boson, climategate, Piltdown man. Never let good science get in the way of sensationalist headlines and the chance of further funding.

    Chicken Little.Chicken Little the sky is a falling………………

    A deserved Cunting.

    You’re a CUNT. Now it’s on the web it is therefore proved.

  2. Same old goalpost shape shifting bollocks. Almost every time I go for diabetes tests they seem to move the goalposts. If the sums don’t add up then they promptly pop you another pill in the vain hope it will do the trick.
    BMI is, they say, all horseshit depending on build and bone structures, it’s a fucking guess at best.
    Cholesterol thresholds have been made lower over the past few years and I expect we’ll all be living off orozco, keenwha and fucking soya milk soon.
    I just wish they’d make their fucking minds up for once. Now we should all be living off eggs FFS!
    Ten pints and a good madras hasn’t sent me to hades just yet. And have you noticed how many fucking lard-arsed overpopulate the nursing profession.
    Mediterranean lifestyle – fuck off, I prefer plain yobs to the cosa fucking nostra.

  3. It’s a moot point as far as I’m concerned. Never followed the government guidelines before where alcohol is concerned, so if they alter them it is of no consequence to me.

    It is, however, annoying that these people waste time and money with these things. After all, it’s merely so the government and these other agencies can cover it’s arse by saying ‘we warned you’.

    Why can’t they just accept that, amongst other things they also deign to frown upon, humans enjoy getting pissed…

  4. Here’s a goodun that might have cropped up in the news. There have been two arrests oop north ‘ere involving drivers arrested for smoking dope at the wheel. The curious factoid to emerge is that they were both over ‘the legal limit of cannabis in their system’. Eh?!?!?
    I fort it were illegal to possess the fucking stuff but, eh? I’m completely confused about this in a very Father Dougal way.

  5. 14 fucking units? Maybe per day, but surely not PER WEEK! That won’t touch the fucking sides… I’m sure that tax payer subsidised bar in the Houses of Parliament will be closed down in no time at all!

  6. I really don’t know what the point is your trying to make? Anyone with a brain knows that alcohol is a huge drain on resources. Granted, no more than drug addiction, but exactly what the fuck is your point, are you arguing that alcohol is not a burden on the NHS, or are you questioning the validity of their (which you spelt wrong) “values” ???

  7. @Judge John jizz
    I think you’ll find that the point everyone is trying to make is that these fuckers have no fucking right to tell us what’s good for us and the drinker pays his tax so it’s his or her right to get pissed and expect the nhs to fix any problems

    • I am obviously taking this far too seriously, as I am a cunt myself…but if you have a rant, for fucks sake don’t just fill it with alcohol induced comments continuously ie; “turd gurgler”, ‘arse for sale’, “pulled these values from there collective arses”.. fuck off.

      You say, “the point everyone is trying to make” it isn’t everyone, it’s just the post’er. I would like to make the point that yes alcohol IS a huge drain on resources. Of course all of us heavy drinkers out here don’t give a toss about advice, but you can’t cunt someone for stating what is correct!!

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